the the normal 22 tdi contestants and 2 newbies are competing in wanakwa again but chris hasn't showed up. The camper are slowly murdered one by one by a killer. This contains swearing,sex scenes and a whole lot of blood!

Chapter 1

(After Chris introduced the campers)

Chris: *gets on a boat* Hurry up Chef

Heather: Where do you think you guys are going?

Chef: *Gets on the boat*

Duncan: Yeah!

Chris: We are going to pick up some supplies!

Gwen: For more insane challenges?

Chef: Correct *starts the boat*

Owen: Are you getting food?

Chris: Maybe!

Owen: Awesome!

Lindsay: Can you bring me Tyler?

Tyler: Lindsay I am right here!

Chris: *Starts driving the boat out of sight*

Heather: Great!

Harold: Yes!

Heather: Cut it out, geek!

LeShawna: If you be a total bitch I will seriously damage you!

Noah: Girl fight...nice!

Geoff: I know right!

Bridgette: What is with them fighting?

Ezekiel: How should we know eh?

Eva: It is because Heather is a total bitch!

(On Chris's Boat)

Chris: Chef where are we going?

Chef: To playa des losers to pick up a few things!

Chris: Alright!

(They arrive there)

Chef: You wait here while I go get something!

Chris: Ok then!

Chef: *walks inside a room* Alright got to get that

Killer: Not so fast Chef

Chef: Who said that?

Killer: The last person you will ever hear!

Chef: Get lost!

Killer: I'm not, but you are! *stabs his machete ito Chef's heart*

Chef: Why!

Killer: Because I can *twists the knife and pulls it out*

Chris: Where is he

Killer: *sneaks up on Chris*

Chris: Who's there!

Killer: Your murderer!

Chris: AHHHH *he screams and freaks out*

Killer:*Stabs him repeatively in the stomach* Shh shh shh

Chris: Fuck yo...*falls to the floor dead.

Killer: My work here is done... Now for those idotic campers!

(Back At Camp Wawanakwa)

Justin: *looks at himself in the mirror*

Trent: Dude you have got to stop doing that!

Gwen: Where are they!

Courtney: Somewhere! I am going to sue their asses!

Eva: And I'll crush Chris's skull!

Cody: Harsh

Eva: Cut it out, Cody!

Noah: *smirks*

Sierra: Leave him alone, Eva!

Eva: Make me!

Sierra: Never! *Triple kicks Eva and runs with Cody*

Alejandro: (To Heather) Such bad things... Maybe we could do some bad things...Together

Heather: Back off freak!

Alejandro: You want me chicka

Heather: Drop dead!

Gwen: *laughs*

Izzy: Hey Owen it is Chris's headquarters!

Owen: Let's go see whats in there!

Izzy: *walks in there with Owen* Wow!

Owen: Look a fridge and a buffet! I am in heaven! (CONF)I really like food!

Justin: Is there any healthy things?

Izzy: Where is Chris?

(Episode ends)

Chapter 2

(A week after Chef and Chris's disappearence)

Gwen: I think they are dead

Heather: No way!

Alejandro: Lets makeout now *kisses her*

Heather: *kisses back*

Noah: Thought you guys hated eachother!

Katie: Same!

Sadie: I totally think the same EEEE

Katie: EEEEE

Gwen: What where you guys doing all week?

Heather: Well the story is hard to explain

Duncan: AleHeather! Nice!

Heather: Cut it out, Duncan!

Duncan: Bite me bitch!

LeShawna: (CONF) The two biggest asses on the island a couple...That is not good!

Harold: There you are buttercup!

LeShawna: Seroiusly Harold you have to stop it with that!

(In the woods)

Owen: Izzy why are we in the woods!

Izzy: Perfect tatics of survival!

Owen: What do you mean?

Izzy: We forage with the beavers!

Owen: I am not sure about that one!

Izzy: Oh relax it is perfectly fine!

(Beavers start attacking Owen)

Owen: Ahh get them off of me!

Izzy: See Owen they like you!

(Back at camp)

DJ: When will Chef and Chris come back?

Tyler: I don't know man!

Ezekiel: They could be dead man eh!

Lindsay: Are you Tyler!

Courtney: Chris is obviously pranking us! I am totally going to call him!

Trent: Good idea!

Courtney: *calls Chris* Hello! Where are you and Chef!

Killer: (talking on the phone to Courtney acting like a police man* This is officer Jenky reporting!

Courtney: Why am I talking to the police?

Killer: Because we found Chris and Chef dead!

Courtney: *drops her phone braking it*

Geoff: What's wrong?

Courtney: They're d-d-dead!

Bridgette: OH my god!

Sierra: EEEE Cody!

Cody: Vacation over!

Gwen: Oh no! That only means a murderer!

(Late at night when everyone is asleep)

Justin: Oh man I forgot to take my shower to protect my precious hair! *starts walking to the shower*

(In the shower)

Justin: Where is my special shampoo? *starts bending down to look for it*

Killer: *comes in holding a machete*

Justin: Oh there it is! *picks up shampoo*

Killer: *stabs Justin in the spine paralyzing him*

Justin: *stands still about to scream*

Killer: Shh shh shh *stabs him in the skull* Now for the body!

(The killer grabs Justin's body and starts walking with it. He soon goes into the forest and throws it in a cave)

Killer: The bears will take care of you now Justin!

(The next morning when everyone is awake in the guys cabin)

Alejandro: Where is Justin guys?

Duncan: How should I know?

Cody: Maybe we should go look for him

Tyler: You are right!

Noah: Ok then *gets dressed*

Trent: Where could he be?

Ezekiel: Doing his gay body thingy?

Geoff: Then how about we go there?

Alejandro: Alright then!

(The boys start going to the bathroom)

Cody: Guys what is that in the shower?

Duncan: Blood by the looks of it

Noah: Look there is a trail of blood!

Owen: Lets check it out!

(The boys soon follow the track and it fades away and they get lost so they decide to split up)

Ezekiel: OK I guess I'll go by myself! *follows his trails and it leads him to a cliff*

Killer: It is my time to shine!

Ezekiel: Who's there?

Killer: You guess *pushes Ezekiel off the huge cliff* Oww he landed head first on a rock... tough luck!

(Back at the girls cabin)

LeShawna: Where are the boys?

Lindsay: Where is Tyler?!!!!

Beth: We don't know!

Gwen: Probably out there somewhere!

Bridgette: I wonder what guys do?

Sierra: Where is Cody

Gwen: I don't know!

Sierra: Well I am going out to look for him!

Izzy: Weirdo!


Chapter 3

Sierra: *goes out looking for Cody*

(Back In The Woods)

Duncan: Alejandro look!

Alejandro: What is it?

Duncan: *points into cave* There is more blood!

Alejandro: Lets go have a look!

Noah: Find anything guys?

Alejandro: Yes

Cody: What is it?

Alejandro: More blood

Duncan: And Justin's body!

Noah: Ewww!

Alejandro: OH MY

Cody: GOD!

Harold: What is it...Gross!

Duncan: That can mean only one thing

Alejandro: There is a physco on the island

(The guys go back to the camp grounds)

Izzy: Look the guys are back!

LeShawna: Finally!

Trent: Girls you have to see this!

Geoff: *winks at Bridgette*

Bridgette: *follows Geoff into the woods*

Gwen: Where were you guys!

Owen: Justin's dead!

Heather: No way!

Alejandro: Yes way!1

Izzy: Then there must be a killer on the island!

(At nighttime)

Sierra: Well I can't find him anywhere! I should go back to camp..he will be there!

Killer: *picks up a big rock*

Sierra: Who's there?

Killer: *pegs it at her face* dumb bitch! Well she will wake up soon.. wait no... She is dead. *disposes her body down a hill*

(in the woods)

Geoff: Oh yeah Bridgette!

Bridgette: Oh yeah Geoff!

Geoff: Oh yeah feels so good!

Bridgette: Harder baby harder!

Geoff: I could do this all night!

Killer: No you can't

Bridgette: Who is there!

Killer: The end!

Geoff: Holy shit!

Bridgette: *gets up and runs* Cmon Geoff!

Killer: *gets out his machete*

Geoff: Oh shit!

Bridgette: Noo!

Geoff:Run home baby!

Killer: *slits Geoff's throat*

Bridgette: Nooo! *cries and starts running back*

Killer: You are next!

Bridgette: Noo! *throws a rock at him*

Killer: You bitch! Oww!

Bridgette: Ahhh *runs back to camp*

LeShawna: Where is Geoff, Bridgette and Sierra?

Gwen: Is that Bridgette?

(everyone comes to see Bridgette)

Alejandro: What happened!

Bridgette: He killed Geoff!

Duncan: Oh no

Izzy: There is a killer!


Chapter 4

Katie: Oh no!

Sadie: That's scary!

DJ: You are damn right!

Bridgette: I can't beleive Geoff is dead!

Duncan: If anyone is missing they are dead!

Alejandro: So Chef, Chris, Justin, Ezekiel, Sierra and Geoff are dead?

Duncan: Yes

Cody: Sierra's dead! yes!

LeShawna: I wonder who is next!

Izzy: Ooh a killer!

Gwen: Izzy take this seriously!

Izzy: Blah blah blah!

Heather: Me and Al are getting a room!

Sadie: Me and Katie have to go potty!

Bridgette: Be careful! *cries*

Killer: Hides in the bathroom!

Katie: Hurry up Sadie!

Sadie: Just wait!

Killer: Sneaks up behind Katie

Katie: Who's there?

Killer: *hits Katie on the back of her head with a crowbar*

Sadie: Katie! *walks out to check on Katie* Ahh!

Killer: *hits Sadie's eyes with the crowbar killing her*

Katie: *starts to get back up*

Beth: Who is screaming!

Gwen: Katie and Sadie!

Killer: *finishes Katie off and runs out*

Gwen: *opens the bathroom door to find 2 dead idiots with a lot of blood*

(in the cabins)

Alejandro: *has sex with Heather*

Heather oh yeah bitch do it!

Alejandro: I know you like that!

Heather: Yeah i do!

Killer: *gets his shotgun and aims it at Heather

Alejandro: Oh yeah

Heather: Do it harder!

Alejandro: I am bitch yeah!

Killer: *shoots Heather in the head*

Alejandro: Heather! (Alejandro runs out)

Beth: Heather!

Lindsay: Who's that?

Beth: Heather's dead!

Izzy: Damn Killer!


Chapter 5

Gwen: I can't beleive everyone is dying so easily!

Duncan: Well at least we are not dead!

Beth: Maybe we should get weapons to protect ourselves!

LeShawna: How can we survive this thing!

(In The Kitchen)

Killer: *puts poison on some of the food*

(Back to the others)

Tyler: I am hungry though

Gwen: We should all stick together

(everyone goes to get food)

Owen: Mmm this smells delicious!

Trent: I really hungry

Owen: *gets posoined*

Trent: *gets poisoned*

Eva: *gets poisoned*

Bridgette: What the hell is heppening!

DJ :they are dying!

Gwen: Nooo!

Killer: Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay!

Lindsay: *goes to the killer*

Killer: Hey Lindsay

Lindsay: Hey Tyler!

Killer: Want to go somewhere?

Lindsay: Sure!

(At The beach)

Killer: Hey Lindsay?

Lindsay: Yeah?

Killer: Can I show you an awesome technique?

Lindsay: Sure!

Killer: *starts chocking Lindsay* Like the technique?

Lindsay: Stop...

Killer: You are dead!

(Back in the kitchen)

Beth: They are dead!

Izzy: Where is Lindsay?

Tyler: Lindsay! Where are you?!!!!! *starts looking foor Lindsay*

Gwen: No don't!

Noah: He is just going to get himself killed!

Cody: Tyler come back!

(On the beach)

Tyler: Lindsay babe I found you!

Killer: drags Tyler into the bushes and starts stabbing him to death*

Tyler: Ahhh help!

Cody: Tyler?

Gwen: He needs our help!

Courtney: Come on lets go!

Killer: *finishes killing Tyler annd runs off*

Noah: Look it is Lindsay!

Cody: Oh no!

Gwen: She's dead

Courtney: What about Tyler

Duncan: Look over there

Beth: Hes dead too!


Chapter 6

Killer: Time for Cody well I have to trick him! *writes a love note and puts it under Cody's pillow* Hehehe!

Cody: *goes into cabin* What is that under my pillow?it is a note and it says: To my true love Cody it is me Gwen. Don't tell anyone about this but meet me under the dock at midnight and if I am not there just wait. Yours sincerely Gwen

Cody: Better not tell

Cody: it's midnight sweetheart time for our first kiss

Killer: more then that sweetheart.

Cody: Gwen? Pewww 

Gwen: to easy. Now to kill heather.