This my version of Total Drama Island.

Male OC

  • Name: Yin Lang
  • Age: 15.
  • Description: Young man with brown hair and adored by girls.
  • Personality: Nice, kind-hearted, sweet, innocent, brave, and shy.
  • Family: Yang Lang (older sister)
  • Love Interest: Bridgette
  • Friends: Harold, Ezekiel, Tyler, DJ, Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Cody, Beth, Lindsay, Izzy, Owen, Noah, and Heather
  • Enemies: Alejandro, Duncan, Sierra, Geoff, Eva, Trent, Gwen, Leshawna, and Justin.
  • Likes: His girlfriend, his friends, and sister.
  • Dislikes: Bullying, being bossed around, getting yelled at, and being flirted with by Gwen.
  • Team: Killer Bass.
  • Swimsuit: Swim shirt and shorts.

Female OC

  • Name: Yang Lang
  • Age: 18.
  • Description: Beautiful popular girl with long blonde hair and is liked by other guys.
  • Personality: Flirty, perverted, mischievous, and sisterly.
  • Family: Yin Lang (younger brother)
  • Love Interest: Cody
  • Friends: Beth, Lindsay, Izzy, Owen, Noah, Heather, Bridgette, Harold, Ezekiel, Tyler, DJ, Courtney, Katie, and Sadie.
  • Enemies: Sierra, Alejandro, Trent, Gwen, Leshawna, Justin, Duncan, Geoff, and Eva.
  • Likes: Her little brother, protecting him, and making him blush.
  • Dislikes: Gwen's loner attitude, how Gwen treats Cody, and how Gwen flirts with Yin.
  • Team: Screaming Gophers.
  • Swimsuit: Yellow Bikini.


  • Not So Happy Campers Part 1 and 2: The Lang siblings make a first appearance and are liked by kind-hearted others for their good behavior. Yin is out on the Killer Bass and has a crush on Bridgette, who likes him back while Yang is on Screaming Gophers and shares a mutual attraction with Cody. When Cody into the ground, she stands up for him and calls Gwen out on her behavior. When Lindsay screams because of a cockroach, Yin calms them down and spares the bug, making Bridgette love him even more. At the mess hall, Yin and Yang don't have a problem with eating Chef's food, earning respect from him. At their first challenge, Cody blushes at Yang's swimsuit while Bridgette finds Yin adorable. The Screaming Gophers won due to Courtney's cowardice, much to Yin's disappointment. Before the challenge begins, Ezekiel unknowingly makes a sexist comment but Yin manages to get him to respect girls and promises not to tell anyone. When the Killer Bass lose, Yin suggests that they vote off Courtney for costing them the challenge and bossing them around but Courtney calls out Ezekiel for what he said earlier, making the girls mad at him. Ezekiel tries to apologize but they won't listen. At the elimination ceremony, Ezekiel is voted off and Yin gives him a goodbye hug. He is now mad at his team for choosing to vote off Ezekiel because of a stupid comment. He walks away from them and Harold informs the Screaming Gophers of what happened. Yang was angry that her little brother's friend was voted off because of a stupid comment and also now hates the Killer Bass.
  • The Big Sleep: The next day, Yin was still upset about Ezekiel's elimination and doesn't talk to Bridgette, much to her guilt. The first challenge is to run all the way to the Mess Hall but only to stop it when an angry Yang reminds him that Yin can't run due to suffering from heart attacks. Courtney accuses that as an excuse to throw off the challenge but Bridgette slaps her and calls her out on her attitude. She then hugs Yin and informs him that she didn't vote off Ezekiel because she knows Courtney was only calling him out just to stay on the show. After they complete the first challenge, Chris announces that it's time for the Awakethon. During the challenge, Yin and Bridgette start to like each other while Cody and Yang fall asleep kissing, making Gwen roll her eyes in disgust. She tries to talk with Yin but he refuses because of how she's treating Yang. Yin and Bridgette start looking at the stars and he told her about his past. Yang had raised him ever since their dad killed their mom and abused them, much to the kind-hearted people's sympathy. He then reveals that he's a dog faunas and some of the girls found him cute. However, Duncan rudely pointed out that maybe their dad was angry at their mom for making an animal and a bimbo, making Yin cry and the others to get mad at Duncan for his racist comment. Yin runs away and Bridgette follows him, so does Yang, Cody, Harold, and Noah. They find him and comfort him. They take him to the Bass cabin and Bridgette explains what Duncan said, much to their anger. Bridgette said she would never leave him and finds him adorable, making Yin smile. He then cuddles into her and confesses that he loves her. She returns the feelings and they share a kiss, making the other cheer. Sadly, the team lost but Eva is arrested for assaulting Yin while searching for her music. Luckily, Yang defeated Eva and the police came. They were given a break until Yin recovers. Courtney then apologized for her behavior during the first episodes and accepts Yin's species.
  • Dodgebrawl: After Yin recovers, him and the Bass are tired because Harold snored all night. Then Harold walks in with a mustache drawn on his face and Duncan laughed at him but was glared at for pulling such a cruel prank. Gwen then walks in tired because someone pulled a prank on her for insulting Yin last night, not noticing Cody and Yang laughing. Yang decided to make more payback by insulting Duncan's attitude and making Duncan's oatmeal hit Gwen instead. Their next challenge is to play Dodgeball but Noah and Yin sit out because they aren't good at Dodgeball. However, Duncan threatens to vote off Yin but Bridgette allows Yin to sit out and understands. At first, Harold fails to defeat Leshawna but gets angry when Leshawna insults Yin and he manages to eliminate her, earning cheers. Cody also impresses Yang with his skills and gets a kiss from her, earning cheers from their team but Duncan gets mad and jealous. In a fit of rage, Heather throws a ball at Tyler's kiwis but is disqualified for hitting someone that was already out. Eventually Killer Bass won due to Harold's help and Noah is voted off because of not helping out. He apologized to them for it and the siblings forgave him. He then confesses that he's bad at sports and didn't want them to know but the nice team members understood and forgave him.
  • Not So Famous: The next day, Cody and Yang are spending time together and hanging out with the others. They are harassed by Gwen and she keeps asking Yin out but he's getting annoyed by her. Yang notices and gets Gwen to back off. Their next challenge is to do a talent show as long as everything's legal, much to Duncan's annoyance. Yin is too nervous but Yang encourages him and reminds him of her talent, making him blush. He informs Cody and he too blushes. Heather tries to sabotage them by dropping a stage light on Courtney but Yang stops this and locks Heather in the confessional until the talent show is over. At the challenge, Yang dresses in a harem girl outfit and does the Creambee Princess Yes dance, making Cody blush. When she gives Cody a hand sign to come over, he ends up near her and they are heard having s*x, making Yin and Bridgette laugh and cheer. Yang won with a lot of points and announces her relationship with Cody, making Duncan seethe. He goes to her and demands her to have a real man like him. Cody looks sad but Yang rejects Duncan and tells him she's interested in a real man who sees her for who she is, earning cheers from the girls. However, he calls her a s**t and claims that's why all the guys reject her, making her cry. Cody comforts her and glares at Duncan in pure hatred. He then calls him out on being a bully and claims that Yang is the best thing to ever happen to him, making Yang smile. However, Duncan grabs his arm and threatens to break it. Yang becomes worried and tries to save Cody but Duncan slaps her away and evily laughs, making Yin glare at him for hurting Yang. However, an angered Cody balled up his fist and knocked Duncan unconscious with one punch. After calming down, he asks Yang if she's okay and she answered that she is. Yin thanked him for that and kicked Duncan in the groin. Chris sympathetically disqualifies Duncan from the challenge for what he did and claim that the Killer Bass lose a point because of that stunt he pulled, making the said team angry at Duncan for his stupidity. However, Yin won the challenge by playing the song Phoenix but notices that Yang, Duncan, and Trent are missing. Then everyone became eye wide and worried. When they found them, they were horrified to find Trent and Duncan r****g Yang, who is tied to a tree and gagged with duct tape. Yin and Cody angrily get them off of her and beat them up. Their partner Justin tries to run but security tackle him and handcuff him. Cody unties Yang and takes her back to the cabin. Justin was arrested for what he did and is out of the contest while Trent and Duncan are hated by the teams for their actions.
  • The Sucky Outdoors: The next day, their next challenge is to camp out in the woods and come back to camp tomorrow. On the Gophers side, Cody was worried for Yang because of how she was treated and was getting annoyed when Trent kept looking at her. Gwen claims Yang should be voted off but Cody reminded her that Yang is still upset about what happened and wants the mean members to leave her alone. On the Bass side, Yin would not stop glaring at Duncan and was getting irritated at Geoff for flirting with Bridgette, who was also irritated. Duncan made a sexist comment towards Courtney but Yin slapped him for having disrespect towards women. DJ came back with a pet bunny but informed them that the berries are poisonous and there is no fish so they don't have any food. On the Gophers side, Izzy tired to prank her team by dressing up as a bear but Yang unmasked her due to feeding a bear earlier and the tag was on her foot. On the Bass side, Bridgette is getting scared but Yin comforts her, making Geoff jealous. Duncan tells a scary story and scares them with a hook. Yin angrily asked if his parents even like him but Duncan cruelly replied back the same question, making the team gasp. Yin sheds some tears and goes into the tent. Bridgette angrily slapped Duncan for that comment and yelled that she hates him for his cruelty. Bridgette goes in the tent and comforts Yin until they fell asleep. On the Gophers side, Gwen insults Cody for peeing his pants but Yang reminded her that he thought there was a bear and that most people do that. However, Gwen went as far as to claim that Cody just pities her, making Yang cry and walk into the tent. Cody glared at Gwen and called her out for that before slapping her. When Cody went to Yang, the nice team members were disappointed in Gwen for that comment. Cody comforted Yang and slept with her. On the Bass side, Duncan is forced to sit on a tree for his behavior. The next morning, the Gophers wake up but finds that the map is wet. On the Bass side, Duncan wanted to come down but falls down on the ground and lands on his groin, making Yin feel better. They made it back to camp but lose the challenge because Katie and Sadie got lost. They explained that they were lost during the whole challenge and had to use a bear cave until the bear kicked them out. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan is voted for by the others for his evilness but the votes were rigged and Sadie is eliminated, much to Katie's sadness and everyone's shock. Chris was as shocked as them because the votes were all the same. When Sadie leaves, Yin overhears Duncan confessing to committing the deed, angering Yin and the audience. He plans to do the same to Yin and have Yang as his bitch, becoming one of the most hated contestants of the show. He then leaves, unaware that Yin recorded the confession and sent it to Chris, who was angry.
  • Phobia Factor: At the bonfire pit, the Bass team comforted Sadie and Yin glared at Duncan. The Gophers came because Owen stink upped the cabins. They then confess their fears and Yin laughed at Duncan's fear of standees, much to the bully's anger. Duncan cruelly asks what's Yin's fear and Yin answers that he fears his father while Yang fears r**e because their father did that to her, much to Cody and Bridgette's sympathy. The next day, they have to face their worst fear but Yin and Yang didn't have to because their fears are too dangerous. Duncan protested but was reminded that it would be a low thing to do to them. The Gophers won and Yang was proud of Cody for conquering his fear but the Bass lost because Tyler and Courtney didn't conquer theirs. At the bonfire pit, Tyler is voted off but shares a kiss with Lindsay before leaving. However, Duncan and Gwen cruelly got Yin and Yang's father on the island to torment them but they are saved by Chris and Chef, who defeat him and send him back to jail. Yin and Yang are traumatized but Chris comforts them while Chef reprimands the two pranksters for pulling off a horrible stunt.
  • Up The Creek: The next challenge is to portage their canoes to Boney Island but Lindsay asked about portage, causing Cody to roll his eyes fondly but is still worried for Yang and Owen comforted him. Chris claims that Yin and Yang are excused from the challenge because of a dangerous prank on them and they are traumatized. Cody and Bridgette were worried and asked what happened. When Chris revealed what happened, they glare at Duncan and Gwen with complete hatred. Cody partners up with Lindsay and Beth while Bridgette partners with Courtney. When Chris starts the paddling, Bridgette tells Courtney that Geoff left a creepy gift for her and won't leave her alone, much to Courtney's sympathy for her. Cody warns Lindsay and Beth that Duncan betted on him to get Yang's bra or else Cody will have to dump Yang. He wanted to refuse the bet but Duncan threatened to harm her if he didn't. They understood and promise to help him out. During the challenge, Geoff picks up a cursed tiki doll due to not hearing Chris' warning about a cursed object and Chris also purposefully chose not to warn him due to also disliking him for bothering Bridgette. Geoff tried to fake an injury in order to get Bridgette's attention but Harold pointed out that it was a splinter. However, him and Courtney got bitten in the butts by snakes. Harold sucked the venom out of Courtney but blushed about it. They also had Duncan suck the venom out of Geoff and threaten to leave him on the island if he doesn't do it so he reluctantly does do it, much to their amusement. They then have to make a fire and the team was happy that Harold used a fire trick but Geoff foolishly throws the team's oars into it, much to their anger. However, the Gophers won due to Izzy's firebomb trick. They now had to paddle back but the Bass lost because Geoff cowardly left DJ to do it himself. At first, Geoff is about to be eliminated for his foolishness and cowardice but the R.C.M.P. appear and are looking for Izzy. Before Izzy leaves, she gives Cody a hug and saying she'll miss him as she runs away and is now legally eliminated due to being a fugitive now. At the Bass cabin, Yin recovers but notices the gift that Bridgette got and was irritated that Geoff made it. They break it and throw it in the fire. At the Gophers cabin, Yang recovers but is about to be sexually harassed by Trent. However, Cody saves her and breaks Trent's arm for touching her. He then warns her about Duncan's bet and she gives him her bra, ending the bet. Duncan groans in defeat but still swears to have her.
  • Paintball Dear Hunter: The next morning, Chris announces a new challenge and it's hunting. Bridgette was worried but Chris reassures her that they won't hunt animals and instead they will be hunting campers with paintball guns. Yin is chosen as a deer and Yang is chosen as a hunter, making a nervous Yin gulp at the smirk on Yang's face. When the challenge starts, Yin goes hiding from Yang, who announces Yin as her prey. However, Yin seems to be good at avoiding her, which upsets her since she can't catch him but still decides to hunt other campers. Meanwhile, Trent is plotting to get Yin and Cody killed by a bear so he can have her but unknown to him, the bear is loyal to Yin and manages to warn him. Yin warns Cody and they make a plan. They poke a hole into Trent's chip bag and leave a trail for the bear to use. Once Trent is cornered, he is attacked by the bear, fully defeating him once and for all. They then go back to the game but are hunted down by Geoff, who wants Bridgette to himself. However, he is knocked out by Yang but she chases after Yin and Cody. Cody sacrifices himself for Yin but Yang catches her brother and pins him to a tree. She says she'll let him go if he promises to snuggle with Bridgette tonight and he accepts, making her smirk. Bridgette arrives and also smirks but they are ordered to return to camp. At the campsite, Chris was excited that they did some excellent hunting and announces that Yin got an award from celebrities for managing to outrun his sister the longest. He then revealed the video and everyone clapped for Yin but then they noticed Trent on a wheelchair and covered in bandages. Chris reveals that Trent was attacked by a bear who was loyal to Yin and saved him from one of Trent's schemes. When the scheme was revealed, Yang was angry at Trent but Chris happily announced that Trent has been eliminated from the show due to his injuries and is disqualified, making everyone cheer. Gwen is volunteered to take Trent to the dock of shame and Yang admits that she rather have Heather than a psycho who stalks on girls. However, Heather and Duncan got their antlers attached and Duncan jokingly claimed that she couldn't keep them off him but she angrily kicked him in the groin and claimed to rather have DJ than a heartless thug like Duncan, making DJ blush. He then snapped out of it and helped separate them.
  • If You Can't Take The Heat...: The next morning, Duncan did some push ups but found some dirty underwear on the floor and fell down in shock, making Yin, Harold, and DJ laugh. However, Duncan and Geoff quickly blame Harold for it and an annoyed Harold leaves to take a shower. Duncan and Geoff proposes to teach Harold a lesson but Yin and DJ refuses to be a part of bullying and win the argument for Harold to not be bullied. They warn Harold about it and decide to give Duncan some payback. They tell the others and are given permission to prank Duncan since the girls on the team dislike Duncan. However, Geoff is bothering Bridgette again but Yin came to the rescue and Yang threatened Geoff to back off. However, Geoff wasn't scared and called Yang a sexist word but she angrily grabbed his arm and started twisting it. Chris called her off and she obliged but did throw Geoff towards a wall. Bridgette thanked Yin for helping out and rewarded him by flashing her boobs at him, making him blush and smirk. Their next challenge is to cook some food and if Chris likes it, the team wins. The Bass did poorly since Geoff was mostly bothering Bridgette but DJ was keeping him away. However, they were entertained when Yin, Harold, and DJ kept on pranking Duncan for bullying Harold. On the Gophers side, they were also doing poorly because Gwen and Leshawna kept on pranking Heather until Beth and Lindsay put them in the freezer and Heather thanked them while also thanking Yang for stopping her at the talent contest. Yang nodded and forgave her. At first, she wanted to make chocolate cake but when Heather seemed to flinch and tried to not allow it, Yang changes it to a different desert and advises Heather to talk to her later. The challenge was over and the Gophers won, making the Bass mad at Geoff for costing them the challenge. However, Chris purposefully got him on the chopping block by announcing the mysterious tiki doll on the table and have Geoff confess to getting from the other island, making the team glare at him for cursing them. Beth volunteered to return it back to the other island and Owen helped her. At the bonfire pit, Geoff was voted off but he still tried to claim Bridgette. However, Yin punched him. He then warned him to leave Bridgette alone. Geoff then went to the dock of shame but still developed a hatred of Yin and swore revenge. However, he saw some mysterious hooded robed people and looked confused but they suddenly grabbed him and he screams as they take him away, leaving his fate unknown. Back at the island, Gwen and Leshawna decide to prank Heather again by carrying her bed to the docks. The next morning, Heather wakes up screaming and covering herself but she trips on her blanket and hit her head on the dock, causing her to start drowning. However, Yang notices and saves her. DJ gives her CPR and she hugs him while crying. After finding out that Gwen and Leshawna caused this, the Gophers now hate them.
  • Who Can You Trust?: Heather was being comforted by DJ. Everyone was mad at Gwen and Leshawna for pulling a harmful prank and not feeling sorry about it. The next challenge is all about trust since Geoff screwed his team over with a cursed item and Heather is getting abused by Gwen and Leshawna, who don't believe in her change of heart. The first challenge is rock climbing and the partners for the Bass are Yin and DJ while the Gopher partners are Yang and Gwen. Gwen decided to prank Yang by ripping her skirt and the boys covered their eyes out of respect for woman's privacy. Of course, Duncan tried to peek but got knocked out when Cody punched him with his backhand. However, DJ got distracted and lost the challenge but Yang won the challenge before going to the cabin to get a new skirt. The second challenge is to cook a safe meal made out of a poisonous Japanese blowfish. Yin and Bridgette partner up for this while Yang and Cody do the same. In the end, it was a tie and no one was poisoned. The next three challenges require blindfolds and the first part is to shoot an apple at an arrow. Harold was not included due to his allergy to apples so Katie volunteered. Sadly, the Bass lost because Katie got sad over Courtney and she accidentally assaulted Courtney with apples while Lindsay managed to get the arrow off of Owen's head. The second part is catching the camper's partner over a pool full of electric eels. Yin and Bridgette completed it but Heather and Lindsay failed. However, DJ saved Heather from getting electrocuted and was given a kiss on the cheek as a reward, making him chuckle. The third part is to ride down the mountain blindfolded. DJ and Duncan are partnered for this while Gwen and Leshawna are also partnered for this. However, the Bass lost and have to go to the elimination ceremony. Katie was voted off for what happened but she is happy to be reunited with Sadie.
  • Basic Straining: Yin was just hanging out with Bridgette when Harold angrily stomped out and questioned who made smores out of his underwear. Duncan laughed, making them glare at him. Courtney claims that Duncan is so totally gross. Then they hear an announcement to report to the docks. At the docks, Chef is in charge of the next challenge and it is basic training, making Yin gulp and Yang smirk. The first challenge is to lift a canoe and hold onto it with the hosts on top of them. The Gophers lost due to Lindsay's tiredness and she was eliminated from the challenge. When they are given garbage for dinner, Duncan pranks Harold with fake orange juice but it turned out to be kitchen grease, much to everyone's anger. Yin stands up for Harold and is warning Duncan to back off or else he's the one getting voted off. Courtney comforts Harold and apologizes for Duncan's behavior. The next challenge has them doing thriller but there was no winner because Duncan turned the music off, causing him to do push ups. The next challenge is to do an essay about how much they love him but warns them that whoever falls asleep or fails the challenge will be eliminated. Duncan caused the team a point by writing a racist picture to Chef but Yin won them back points by writing an very beautiful essay that Chef loved. However, Gwen and DJ are out for sleeping and not writing. The next challenge is to go through an obstacle course but Duncan gets himself disqualified by pissing off Chef and earning a one night solitary confinement in the boat house. The Bass don't check on him because of his rebellion but decide to steal food from Chef. They succeeded and ate it but Harold was annoyed to find that Duncan drew a smile on the bed with peanut butter. However, he comforted Courtney when she was getting sick and she smiled. They then share a kiss and become a couple, making the others cheer. They decide to prank Duncan by framing him of being the thief. The next day, they go through ancient torture but then Yin lost to his sister Yang and the Gophers won. Chef was proud of her and gave her a salute, which she returned. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan is about to be voted off for stupid pranks but Courtney is surprisingly eliminated. Even Chris and Chef are shocked by this. Harold protests and claims that they didn't vote her off. However, she still leaves and gives a goodbye to Harold, who is saddened by this. The boys left but they overhear Duncan boasting about rigging the votes just to hurt Harold, angering them.
  • X Treme Torture: The next challenge is Extreme Sports. Duncan wonders why he is chosen for all challenges and it's revealed that it's punishment for cheating.
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