Fan Fiction

This is about Cody and his group of outcasts seeking redemption on Total Drama.

Team Outcasts[]

  • Founder: Cody
  • Secondary Founder: Dave
  • Members: Ezekiel, Trent, Harold, Topher, Sammy, Bridgette, Ella, Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Lindsay, Junior, Heather, Beth, and Etc.

Team Traitors[]

  • Founder: Gwen
  • Secondary Founder: Sky
  • Members: Duncan, Geoff, Eva, Leshawna, Alejandro, Jose, Taylor, and Etc.


At Cody's house, he's sad that everyone is not standing up for him and made bad comments about him but then thought of something and contacted Chris.

"Hey Chris, I got an idea for you and the producers." said a grinning Cody, earning a sound from Chris.

They talk on the phone and Cody is successful in making ideas.

Around the world, every contestant was given an invitation and they are in for a surprise.

At an asylum, Cody breaks Dave and Ezekiel out of it because the people who hate them refuse to release them and the asylum is abusive. However, Cody also saved the other patients who are innocent victims.

"Thank you. Thank you." said a crying Dave as he hugs Cody.

"Yeah man, we're glad you're here." said an also crying Ezekiel.

"Don't worry, you're all safe from this monstrosity." said a smiling Cody as he is driving a boat to escape the island.

He then takes out a detonator and blows up the asylum before smiling as he hears the innocent victims cheer at this.

At his hideout, he gives them food, water, and some new clothes before they celebrate this victory.

Chapter 1[]

A few months later after the break out, a boat starts arriving at a new island.

After every contestant in introduced, the boat reveals three boys.

First came Cody, who's appearance has changed. He now wears a white t-shirt, white sweats, and white Nikes.

Then came Dave, who's appearance also changed. His shirt is now long sleeved and he grew his hair back.

Finally came Ezekiel, who's appearance also changed. He's no longer a feral monster and he's stopped using his hat.

Every girl blushed at them but the three boys didn't care, much to their shock.

Gwen was upset that Cody doesn't notice her.

Sky was also upset that Dave doesn't notice her but also wonders why he's out of the asylum that he was put into by her.

Cody, Dave, and Ezekiel make a team of outcasts and call themselves Team Outcasts.

Gwen and Sky formed another team and they are called Team Traitors.

"Why are me and Sky traitors?" asked a shocked Gwen with Sky agreeing with that question.

"Because you only used Cody in World Tour and didn't defend him from Sierra while Sky treated Dave very harshly and didn't tell him that she had a boyfriend. She even manipulated him and was upset at the thought of him winning the money." said a disappointed Don.

"But I do care about Cody and I thought that he was happy with Sierra." said a defensive Gwen.

"And it was so not my fault. Dave overreacted and wouldn't let me explain." said an annoyed Sky.

"Yeah right. Gwen, you are very harsh when you reject Cody and never gave him the time of day, despite how much he cares for you. Sky, you had any moment to tell Dave about your boyfriend but you chose not to and just continued to be harsh towards him. You even kissed him so he can help you win." said an annoyed Don, not liking how they aren't accepting their faults.

"Even for me, that is harsh. I might care about drama but even I'm disappointed in you two for your behaviors." said an agreeing Blaineley.

They just glared but accepted it.

(In the confessional.)

  • Gwen: (annoyed) "I only came back for Cody because we've been distant lately and I want to be with him now but I can't because I was harsh to him. Also, I didn't know how bad Sierra was and I would've defended Cody."
  • Sky: (also annoyed) "For the last time, it was so not my fault. Dave overreacted. However, I still like him and just want him to admit his own faults. I even came back for him and hope to burn the bridge. However, why is he out of the asylum? He was in there for his own good. Cody doesn't understand that Dave needs help and therapy."

(They both were not happy with this and vowed to be with their crushes.)

Dave just ignores Sky and could care less about the rivalry but does give a remorseful look for what he did to her and even sheds tears, agreeing with her.

Sky notices and was shocked to see him being emotional.

Shawn also notices and was worried for his old friend.

Ella also looked worried for her crush.

(In the confessional.)

  • Dave: (remorseful) "I'm really sorry for what happened in the finale. No wonder Sky rejected me, I was creeping her out. Also, I should've listened when she was trying to tell me about Keith. Don't worry, I'm not looking for vengeance but only for redemption. I'll just avoid her because I know she wants to put me back in that awful place. I want to make amends with her but she also must admit her faults too. This is gonna be hard. And Ella, I'm sorry for rejecting you. Both you and Sky deserve better than me."
  • Sky: (worried) "I've never seen Dave so emotional before. He looks like he seeks redemption. However, he needs to stay at the asylum for his own good. Why did Cody get him out of there? Doesn't he know that Dave needs therapy?"
  • Shawn: (also worried) "Dave had been distant lately. Is this because our friendship is strained? Well, I did break up with Jasmine for not caring about him."
  • Ella: (also worried) "Poor Dave. I still love him and want him to know that I do. Cody warned me about what happened and it was awful about what happened. He's not going back to that asylum."
  • Jasmine: (angry) "Why is Dave here? He shouldn't be here. What he did is unforgiveable. He's been holding Shawn back but Shawn, Sky, and Ella are worried for him. Once a creep, always a creep."
  • Cody: (glaring) "I don't care what all you haters say. He is redeemable and I will make sure that they'll never bring him back to that awful place. It's destroyed but I'm gonna make sure that it's shut down."