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13 Teenagers have agreed to take part in a contest, that has one of them winning $1,000,000. They are put on different teams; The Screaming Spartans and The Killer Warriors. They compete in fun challenges. The loser of each challenge gets kicked off the show.


  • Stephanie
  • James
  • Perry
  • Gus
  • Spencer
  • Evelyn
  • Claire
  • Isaiah
  • Manuel
  • Daniel
  • Miranda
  • Damaris
  • Tyler


Episode Number Title Original Air Date
1 A Brand New Start August 17, 2012
Total Drama has moved its venue from Camp Wawanakwa, Canada to Rancho Palos Verdes, California, CA. Chris McLean introduces 13 new competitors: Claire, James, Manuel, Perry, Damaris, Spencer, Daniel, Tyler, Stephanie, Miranda, Gus, Evelyn, and Isaiah. Their first challenge of the season is a race, that will determine the contestants' team for the season. After a grand finish, Stephanie, Gus, James, Perry, Claire, Evelyn, and Isaiah are The Screaming Spartans; whilst Manuel, Miranda, Spencer, Damaris, Daniel, and Tyler represent The Killer Warriors. Their final challenge depends on immunity. Even though the Warriors arrived first, the Spartans win since they destroyed their housing spot. In the end, Miranda gets voted off for her chattering.
2 Metal Bunny August 24, 2012
As the show narrows down to twelve contestants, their first challenge involves a tell-all trivia game about their past. Based on the negative feedback in Round One, the contestants must race to the otherside in a relay-race style challenge. Due to Stephanie and Perry's speed, the Spartans were able to win again. In the end, Tyler gets voted off for accusing her teammates (even Damaris) of costing her team the win.
3 Picture This August 31, 2012
The Final Eleven must compete in the Spot-the-Diff style challenge where they have to notice the difference between the same episode of a prior season. Due to Damaris and Daniel's collaboration, the Warriors win the challenge. After Damaris accuses an opposing teammate of helping their rival team, she tells the Spartans that Claire was the one who helped her win. Stephanie, Gus, James, and Isaiah all vote off Claire; while Evelyn, Claire, and Perry all vote for James. Even though Claire tries to solidate her immunity idol, to keep her safe, Chris says that it is too late, and she has to leave the game. This makes Claire the first Spartan to be eliminated.
4 The Guy who Liked Me September 7, 2012
In the Final Ten, the contestants must find their way out of the maze, full of riddles. Due to Stephanie's knowledge to solve riddles, and Perry's flexibility to help his team out of the maze, the Spartans win the challenge, again. In the end, Manuel gets voted off for his brashness, and the fact that he wanted to gloat about his team winning, again. This is the fourth time in which a team gets reduced to three members right before the merge. (The first was the Screaming Gaffers in TDA. The second was Team Victory in TDWT, and the third being Toxic Rats in TDROTI)
5 Wonders and Mysticals September 14, 2012
Woken up at 8pm at night, the Final Nine Contestants must search for treasure inside an abandoned Pirate ship, using the clues Chris gave them. Due to Daniel and Damaris' collaborative strategy, the Warriors win the challenge. In the end, Isaiah ends up getting the boot. Even though Perry was supposed to be eliminated (with votes from Evelyn, Isaiah, Stephanie, and Gus, due to him being a threat because of his skills), he was granted an immunity idol from The Killer Warriors. This allowed him to cancel his votes. With a known vote from Perry, Isaiah is eliminated.
6 Flirty Dancing September 21, 2012
The teams come face-to-face with a dance off, to see which team has the best spirit. Since the Warriors have three members, James and Evelyn sit out. Chef Hatchet judges the team by which dancer has the best dance move. Due to Gus, Stepahnie and Perry's collaboration, the Spartans win. Daniel gets eliminated, and James moves to the Warriors, to make the team balance fair.
7 Is this worth a Peso? September 28, 2012
In the show's final team-vs-team challenge, the Final Seven must do a Scavenger Hunt for immunity. Most people do pretty well, but Perry wins immunity for his team, for the Final Time. Even though James was supposed to be eliminated (with votes from Damaris and Spencer), Perry decided to interupt the ceremony, and declare his friend safe. With one vote from James, Spencer goes home.
8 I Know What Chris likes October 5, 2012
The teams merge, and everyone is one their own. The Final Six contestants must make a list of what Chris would like on his birthday, since he wants to order it in ahead of time, based on the "Six to Eight Weeks" delivery policy. Since Damaris wins immunity, she picks Evelyn since her niceness does not mesh well with Chris' sadism.
9 The Total Drama Show October 12, 2012
Chris interviews the eliminated contestants. They talk about the final five and who they want to win. In the end, based on a misinterpretation from Tyler, Miranda, and Daniel, James ends up leaving.
10 The Thirst Games October 19, 2012
The Final Four must complete a race in teams of two. Team One ("The Fast") would have Stephanie and Perry. Team Two ("The Furious") would feature Damaris and Gus. The race turns into a cat-mouse game, where Stephanie and Perry end up winning. In the end, Damaris gets eliminated by Chef, due to the fact that he prefers Gus to be in the game, based on his quiet personality. With Damaris' removal, the Final Three are Spartans (Stephanie, Gus, and Perry).
11 Perfect Is Never Easy October 26, 2012
The final three contestants wake up to a special breakfast, as provided by Home Town Buffet. Their next challenge involves behaving properly, and doing good deeds for ex-contestant Zoey (guest cameo in this episode). Due to Stephanie's kindness, she wins immunity. Even though Perry doubts beating Stephanie in the finale (ironically he wins in the following season), Stephanie picks Perry to leave, since she is afraid that he is a rival to her capability.
12 Season in Review November 2, 2012
Chris McLean goes over the previous episodes, the elimination order (and why they were eliminated), and shows a 5-minute preview to the Finale, where Chris allows the viewers to vote for who they want to win.
13 We Shall Commence November 30, 2012
Total Drama Redondo comes to an end where Gus and Stepahnie race in order to win $1,000,000. Isaiah, Manuel, Spencer, and Damaris support Gus. Stephanie's supporters, in the finale, are Evelyn, Miranda, James, Claire, Perry, Tyler, and Daniel. After a race filled with friendship, manipulation, and sportsmanship, Stephanie comes out on top and wins the season, and the million.


Rank Name Team Episode Eliminated Reason
13 Miranda Killer Warriors 1st Eliminated in "A Brand New Start" Miranda annoyed her teammates with her obsessive behavior.
12 Tyler Killer Warriors 2nd Eliminated in "Metal Bunny" Tyler tried to reveal that Damaris slowed the team down. In order to save herself from elimination, Damaris got her team to vote off Tyler.
11 Claire Screaming Spartans 3rd Eliminated in "Picture This!" Even though Damaris won the challenge for her team, she convinced the Spartans that Claire helped the other team. This wrongfully got Claire eliminated. This can be proven by Chris in the Recap Episode.
10 Manuel Killer Warriors 4th Elimianted in "The Guy who Liked me!" His brashness cost the Warriors the win.
9 Isaiah Screaming Spartans 5th Eliminated in "Wonders and Mysticals" Even though Perry was supposed to be eliminated, he used his immunity idol (given to him by the Killer Warriors in "Picture This") to cancel out all the votes. Chris went by Perry's vote to get Isaiah eliminated.
8 Daniel Killer Warriors 6th Eliminated in "Flirty Dancing" Spencer was given an immunity idol from the Spartans, and used it to erase his votes, making his vote (for Daniel) count.
7 Spencer Killer Warriors 7th Eliminated in "Is this Worth a Peso?" James was about to be eliminated, but Perry swung in, and declared James safe, just before Chris was about to give Spencer the final marshmallow.
6 Evelyn Screaming Spartans 8th Eliminated in "I Know What Chris Likes" Damaris used Evelyn throughout the season.
5 James Screaming Spartans 9th Eliminated in "The Total Drama Show" A misconception from Daniel, Tyler, and Miranda indirectly eliminated James.
4 Damaris Killer Warriors 10th Eliminated in "The Thirst Games" Chef hated Damaris for her attitude.
3 Perry Screaming Spartans 11th Eliminated in "Perfect Is Never Easy" Stephanie, immunity winner of the challenge, got the opportunity to decide on who to eliminate. She chose Perry since she thinks that he is a threat if Gus was eliminated.
2 Gus Screaming Spartans Runner-Up in "We Shall Commence" He lost to Stephanie in the final part of the race.
1 Stephanie Screaming Spartans Winner in "We Shall Commence" She managed to outlast Gus in the race.

Team Templates[]

Killer Warriors

Damaris | Daniel | Miranda | Manuel | Spencer | Tyler

Screaming Spartans

Claire | Evelyn | Gus | Isaiah | James | Perry | Stephanie


  • First Sequel (Old vs. New)- Seven ex-contestants from TDI/TDA are confirmed to compete with 6 lucky contestants from Total Drama Redondo.
  • Second Sequel- Total Drama Doof (aka The Man Who Doofed Chris McLean)- Some lucky TDI Contestants compete with fan favorites from Phineas and Ferb.