Fan Fiction

Main Characters[]

Gwen and Shuppet

Cody and Bronzor

Owen and Hairyama

Ezekiel and Skorpion

Heather and Croagunk

Ash and Pikachu

Paul and Torterra

Chowder and Gulpin

Mung and Magmar

Flapjack and Politoad

K'nuckles and Poliwhirl

Ben (Alien Force) and Skarmory

Kevin and Onix

Panini and Jynx

Endive and Magmortar

Johnny Bravo and Vulpix

Gorganzola and Nidorino

Stilton and Nidoking

Billy and Mankey

Mandy and Duskull

Grim and Dusknoir

Dee Dee and Ponyta

Dexter and Magnamite

Lazlo and Beedril

Ed and Graveler

Eddy and Cloyster

Double D and Grimer