Toto and King Joe are the tetartagonists of Brendam: The Movie, the secondary tritagonists of Brendam 2, major characters in Brendam: Return of the Jedi, supporting characters in Brendam: Collision Course and Brendam: There and Back Again, and secondary characters in Brendam: The Rise of Bernard. They are member of the Guardians of Brendam. Joe is an inventor whose inventions go awry who doesn't talk much until Brendam 2.


  • Toto talks much in the first film while Joe has ten lines only. Toto and Joe both talk much in the film's follow-ups.
  • When Toto is seen walking, he almost always has his eyes closed, a big smile, and holds his hands up.
  • Joe speaks in a sort of broken English. For instance, he tends to use "me" when "I" would be grammatically correct (ex. "Me hungry" rather than "I'm hungry"). Also, he usually omits linking verbs, and may say things such as "He so nice" instead of "He is so nice". Joe has also been known to refer to himself in a third person, meaning that he calls himself by his own name.
  • In Brendam: There and Back Again and Brendam: The Rise of Bernard, it is shown that Toto has a slight lisp, particularly when he's excited.
  • Some fans think Toto and Joe are secondary protagonists in Brendam: There and Back Again.


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