Plot Summary

The day of being in the school newspaper is coming up, and everything seems to be going right for all of Miss Johnson's 1st grade students, except for 5-year-old Bonnie Anderson who's having a real typical school day, right from not being called on when she raises her right hand, being knocked over by the 2 little twin boys, Jimmy and Leroy, not getting picked to be the team leader and also being allergic to clam shells on the paper machet will everybody else help her out through this problem? read and find out.

Chapter 1: Beginning in Miss Johnson's 1st grade classroom

1 fine lovely afternoon in Miss Johnson's 1st grade classroom, all of the 1st grade students were doing their fun work, 'til Miss Johnson got everybody's attention, and they looked right up at her.

"Now, students, tomorrow night is when you get put in the school newspaper, and you can make a giant paper machet centipede, now does anybody have any suggestions?" Miss Johnson asked as Sheldon raised his right hand.

"Yes, Sheldon?" Miss Johnson asked as Sheldon gave her a good suggestion.

"I'm gonna glue some sea shells on the giant paper machet centipede..........." Sheldon said as Miss Johnson agreed with him for a bit.

"That's a good idea, Sheldon, anybody else?" Miss Johnson asked as Gus raised his right hand as well too.

"I would like to make beautiful patterns on it as well too......." Gus said as Miss Johnson agreed with all of her 1st grade students as well too.

"Those are great ideas for the giant paper machet centipede........" MIss Johnson said as she heard a familiar silent crying and weeping sound coming from over there by Bonnie's student desk.

"That sounds just like a disturbing sound in my classroom........" Miss Johnson said while pondering a bit as she looked around to see where that crying and weeping was coming from.

Bonnie was lying her head down on her desk, crying and weeping silently and when she looked right up at Miss Johnson, tear drops were coming down from her eyes.

"Bonnie? what is it? what's depressing you?" Miss Johnson asked as Bonnie continued crying and weeping silently.

"I raised my right hand up........but you didn't call on me." Bonnie said tearfully between sobs and weeps as Miss Johnson and the others looked concerned about her.

"Oh I see what you mean, Bonnie, but what were you trying to tell me?" Miss Johnson asked as Bonnie answered her in response.

"I was trying to tell you that I can paint the eyes light blue with black pupils in them........" Bonnie said while calming herself down a bit as Miss Johnson agreed with her.

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