Transcendent Rise Of The 10 Senshi Primes & Ancient Great War Of The Silver Millennium--Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon Imperial Zero Crystal All Star Galaxy Extra-Terrestrial Supernatural Divine Infinity DX Primordial Millennium Storm Surge is a fan fictional series based on Sailor Moon.

This is a classic remake / retelling of the anime & manga series and a massive crossover as well.

The main focus is on The Great War Of The Silver Millennium.


The Silver Millennium, Home Of The Neo Soldiers. For Generations it has been a peaceful empire thriving & flourishing in love & life, unril an ancient force named Sailor Black Hole has awakened from her prison to take over the universe with her army of youmas. Now The 10 Senshi Primes: the ones who defeated her long ago must rise again to defeat her once again.

Moon Kingdom / Silver Alliance


Pretty Cure

Holy Knights

Time Space Administration Bureau

Battle Brawlers

Digi Destined / Fusion Hearts

Keyblade Guardians Of The Realm Of Light & The Realm Of Darkness


Sonic Heroes

TV Series


Video Games


  • Kagome Higrurashi is the elder daughter of Queen Selenity, and older sister of Princess Serenity. She took over as The New Queen Of The Moon Kingdom. Kagome is one of the 10 Original Senshi Primes.
  • Serenity is The leader of The Neo Soldiers, The True Princesses Of The Solar System. She is also one of The 10 Original Sesnhi Primes.
  • The Canon Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets.
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