Transformazoids Eternal Aeon Fusion: The Ancient Descendants of The Primordial Gods & Legendary Great War For The Future Of The Universe, Infinite Freedom or Supreme Oblivion is a fanfictional story  crossover based on Sailor Moon & Transformers.

The main focus is on the great war between The Luster Kingdom & The Wraith Kingdom.


The Transformazoids are humanoid robotic animorphs with the ability to transform into mythical creatures, they have descended from The Primordial Gods. Now there is a war going on between 2 powerful kingdoms they have created: The Luster Kingdom & The Wraith Kingdom. This war has lasted for millions of years, now the battle has been brought to Earth. The Luster Kingdom has a desire to protect the planet from The Wraith Kingdom.

Luster Kingdom

Imperial High White Moon Queens

Neo Sailor Soldiers

Royal Guard

High Generals

Phantom Beast Masters

Elite Guard

Aerial Wizards

Kinmoku Sailor Soldier High Council

Primal Protectors

Zodiac Masters

Digimon High Generals

InterGalactic Sailor Beastials

Keyblade Imperialists


Television Shows


Video Games

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