Trash is a British animated television series (with some live-action puppetry sequences) produced by Charles Hill Films and Jim Henson Productions for Thames Television. The show originally ran from 15 September 1990 to 8 Decemeber 1990 on the ITV network.


The story takes place on an all-trash planet and starred an alien superhero named Crash Morgan, who lived in Trashtown. Trashtown was ruled by a tyrant named Boaster T. Strut. Two aliens, en route to a vacation on the planet Bermudox, accidentally land in Trashtown instead, which sets off an intruder alert, and tiny soldiers called "nutters" are sent after them. They are thrown in jail.

Main Characters

Live-Action Characters

  • Professor Mountain (puppeted by Frank Oz; uncredited)
  • Inspector Nigel (puppeted by David Rudman; uncredited)

Recurring Characters

Other Characters

Production Notes:



Opening Credits

Closing Credits

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