Travel to Sinnoh is a fictional song that was sung by Dawn, Barry, and Courtney in the Hollywood World episode of the same name. This song was played on the journey back to Hollywood from the Sinnoh region.


Dawn: It all began with a run-in
Between a boy and a girl
Then, he said that she had to
Travel to four parts of the world
Barry: It's hard to believe that she's almost
Won this whole contest
Although I guess in retrospect
It is really for the best
Courtney: Now it is time for us to go back
To where we all belong
It's a shame, too, because
This journey wasn't all that long
All: We've gone to four different regions
Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh
Although it's now time for us to go home
We'd better let everyone know
We've traveled all the way to Sinnoh
All the way from Hollywood
No matter how many obstacles there may be
We'd say that the journey was good
Travel to Kanto
Travel to Johto
Travel to Hoenn
Travel to Sinnoh
We'd say that the journey to all those places
Was good....

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