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Back in March 2010, TheIkranRider has beaten Final Fantasy IV, the DS version. Because of that, it has inspired her to make a two-parter centering on her favorite character, Cecil Harvey. Without doubt, these take place soon after the events of the game, and highlights the trials and tribulations as the new Lord of Baron. There were also some elements inspired by other means.

Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell became Baron's new lord and lady and the sacred Paladin deals with the triumphs and tribulations in doing so. He also later meets up with a mysterious tribe and later fights both his inner turmoil and his outer darkness in doing so. Will he succeed?



Trials of a King (Prologue)

This took place within the month of June, and the kingdom had been decorated for a very special occasion. Cecil and Rosa had just completed a session with the monarchs and mages, then she asked him what day it was. He knew it was June 20th, but he didn't know it meant so much more! Rosa took out a gift from underneath her throne, and announced it was Cecil's 21st birthday; he was so preoccupied with his duties, that he had forgotten when his birthday was. It wasn't necessarily the day when he was born, since he was taken in as an orphan by the late King Odin. So by that day, they identified it as such. Then, Cid barged in, joyfully announcing he got a reservation planned for the finest pub in Troia, something that'd shake their Chocobo tail feathers! Cecil was delighted and later on that night, they took the Enterprise and headed northwest.

They landed outside the town, and they met up with Namingway riding on a black Chocobo. He greeted them, and the guys mentioned they're on their way to hang out at the most prestigious pub, in which he knew his ex-girlfriend danced there; he had 2 girlfriends/dates, and he had to break off with one of them, as he regretted on hooking with both women. One of them was well-renowned and was known as the Dancing Dagger, a metaphor that her looks and moves can let someone's heart bleed. He escorted them in, and they had their drinks, though Cid ordered a large pitcher and gulped it down no problem!

Cecil, Cid, and Namingway at the Troia pub

Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and exotic drums were beaten while thick mist covered the floor. The Dancing Dagger emerged and Cecil grew infatuated by her; he wasn't sure if it was just enthrallment or maybe he was too drunk. His head began to swim as she apparently had the hots for him, since it was his birthday and all. Then, he felt so lightheaded and dizzy, that he offered to head outside and get some air. He tried to reach a lake and wet his face, though he had a hard time, as he wobbled, collapsed, and when he tried to dunk his head, he fell in!

He kept trying to break the surface, but simultaneously sank lower. Then, he was met by one of his old nemeses, the Drowned King, Cagnazzo, mocking how easily it was he drowned the late king, and how Cecil'd meet the same fate. With his sword, he tried to swipe at it, though it kept on remaining intact. His energy and oxygen were depleting quickly, and when he nearly breached the surface, he himself drowned!!

Moments later, Cid and Namingway left the pub with all smiles, till a woman shrieked for help as she saw someone drown in the lake. Cid came to the rescue, dove in with a cannonball, and grabbed Cecil up and out! He then did mouth-to-mouth as he implored him to come to. He did, and he was out of it. Namingway apologized it was his fault for harming him, though Cid carried Cecil back to the airship and took it to Baron. Cecil wished Rosa won't find out.

Meanwhile, she just completed a session training the White Mages, then she saw Cid carry Cecil who simply stated he just had too much. They arrived at the bedchambers, and Rosa and Cecil soon slept while Cid returned home.

Chapter 1


Trials of a King (Part 1)

A day later, Rosa and Cecil completed another session with the monarchs. Then she asked him a personal question, requesting for him to have her consent. He was astonished, and she said that chances are they may need to settle, even though they just started out as the new lord/lady. She wanted them to have a child and raise it in a more prosperous life than theirs. Cecil accepted, and they took the Enterprise south to Mysidia. They'd rather not take the Devil's Road, as it'll decrease their vitality.

He wanted to ask the Elder for their blessings, but something else caught their eye. There was a mysterious group of tribal men and a woman wearing feathers, and she was tied up in a canoe! Cecil immediately steered to their destination, a distant, desolated island. They decided to rescue her, and met up with some bullying natives! They stood up against them, with Cecil taking the offense, and Rosa with defense and healing duties. They'd won over them easily, though the girl plunged into the water below a precipice! Cecil dove after her, and saved her life from drowning! He cut the ropes, and she was thankful for the monarchs, introducing herself as Dragon Rose. She's the daughter of the great Chief Abdullah of the Injukhal tribe hailing from a distant island, Tenebre. She offered them to visit her homeland, and they accepted!

Chapter 2


Trials of a King (Part 2)

Later that night, they arrived. They followed Dragon Rose through the dense, dark forest to her settlement; a ring of teepees and a small, blazing bonfire in the center. Rosa and Cecil never saw anything like it! The people grew irritated of the newcomers, while some began to harass Rosa. Then, the head of the Injukhal, Abdullah, approached. He was grateful and impressed for saving his daughter from some aggressive rebels, even the fact the two were from an advanced kingdom. He then told his tribe was suffering from plague and chaos since the last lunar eclipse, and they remained in hiding as monsters ran amok and vegetation rotted. He prophesized for a noble warrior of light to set things right again, and when the eclipse was over, they were safe. It came to the conclusion that Cecil wields the light and saved the world from Zemus, making the second moon disappear from the sky. Abdullah declared the legend was true and his people cheered and set up a ceremony for him!

Just then, Dragon Rose came to her colleague named Domin, and he was glad she's been carrying out his plan, unbeknownst to the old man. So, the mistress got to work as she dressed up while the drums were being beaten. Cecil was greatly intrigued of their customs, and followed suit as she sat cross-legged. He then grew so infatuated as soon as he saw her, mentioning him closer to her side. He obliged, sinking more into her thrall... Rosa abruptly stopped him, sensing something was wrong, though he assured there's no need for worry, and Dragon Rose has summoned him... He slowly walked to her and watched her arousing dance. Before Rosa stood up, there were a few Injukhal enslaving her to get firewood. By the time she came back, Cecil was already watching and slowly moving with the mistress, growing more deeper into her attraction... They bullied her to get more wood, though she refused and stormed out of the village.

Cecil and Dragon Rose told of their infatuation for each other...till two smoke bombs exploded!! A small rodent pulled the Paladin away from the disarray, revealing himself to be Namingway! Cecil thanked him.

Meanwhile, Rosa was still distraught of his betrayal. Then, a Dark Knight marched up to her expressing how cold it was, as much as the air itself. He introduced himself as Dameon, and he knew about being discarded since he was too after he was one of the best warriors the Injukhal had; however since they found Domin, he took away his rank. Rosa offered him to show him her kingdom, since he's more than welcome and it changed a great deal since she and Cecil were anointed. They boarded the airship and took off without Cecil!!

The Paladin noticed and he was heartbroken, stranded on the island. Namingway offered to ride his Black Chocobo there. He did, and by the time he returned, he noticed Rosa speaking with a strange Dark Knight much like how he was!! They confronted each other, but Rosa broke them off! Cid then shouted at Cecil and his abandonment, and accepted Dameon to Rosa. Saddened, he slowly left the premises and wandered aimlessly to the Mist Cave. He met a Lobos which allowed him to pass and headed in before a storm hit. He regretted what he'd done, and succumbed to his urges. He wished for Rosa to forgive him soon, and he may then return. Slowly, he went to sleep...

Chapter 3


Trials of a King (Part 3)

Cecil woke up to a deep voice speaking to him. By the time he looked up, he noticed Fusoya, but only in his astral form. He offered Cecil to come with him to the village of Mist, as he has something he must show him. They arrived, and the sky was completely clear. They then spotted a man with dark blue hair, mustache and beard, with a little boy. Fusoya introduced them as Kluya and Theodor respectively, and they'd traveled into the past. The kid was struggling how to teach himself magic, even Cure. The father offered him he has a long way to go, and he should get some rest and set a good example.

By the next day, they found the man slaughtered and dying! Fusoya then described Cecil's mom, Cecilia, whom was distraught! Theodor tried to cast Cure but to no avail, and he assured Kluya that his teachings weren't taken for granted! No use, and the man died on the spot. Moments later, there was a baby crying, and the boy rushed to his mom, who introduced the baby brother! Cecil noticed it was himself as an infant! An elderly couple was beside them, then Cecilia was draining her energy as she sat up, wanting to hold the baby. She did, then her head drooped, and they noticed she died too. Cecil drastically casted Raise and Cura onto her, only to have them heal himself!

Through his cries, Cecil abruptly woke up with Fusoya gone and the cave alit. Day broke, and he then headed out to the village where he can hide himself for awhile.

Meanwhile, Rosa noticed that Cecil hasn't returned! She was desperate for answers, even notifying Cid.

Cecil arrived, remembering the moment of when he burnt the town down by a package filled with Bombs. The population was small, but there were several survivors. Even an aged woman who showed him the graves of his family. She was the only one who knew Kluya, Cecilia, and their missing son, Theodor. Deep within the cemetery, there they were, along with a tombstone reading Rydia's mom, Serenia.

Here lies:

Kluya Harvey

Cecilia Harvey

Loving father, husband, teacher of magic/ingenuity  

Devoted mother, wife

December 25, 1945 - May 30, 1971  

May 1, 1945 - June 1, 1971

To Theodor,

please return safe and sound.

Take care of your brother. You are missed dearly.

And finally...his own.

To our beloved boy

Let your elder brother guide you home

Make your family proud. We welcome you with love.

Cecil was awestruck and he clammed up as he looked at the graves. Then, he broke down. As he was crying, Rosa noticed him. She tended to him almost immediately, assuring him it wasn't his fault as he blamed himself of losing his brother and killing his mom. He eventually pulled himself together, then he offered to head to Fabul and train himself for awhile. She accepted then he Teleported away.

He arrived outside the castle and all the monks gratefully greeted his return. By the time he got to the throne room, a few monks were ready for tumultuous training at Mt. Hobs. Though after seeing him, Yang offered to cancel it as he needed to talk to the Paladin. The monks left, irritated, though he offered him to chat. Cecil told him of the mysterious clan, his infatuation of Dragon Rose, and meeting another Dark Knight. Yang understood, and he believed that Cecil could be brainwashed as the Injukhal were rumored to have insurmountable magic; as he believed them to be extinct. Night fell, and he offered him to see Sheila.

Meanwhile, Rosa was being confronted by Dameon, he noticed her accept Cecil again despite the betrayal. He thought she was showing feelings for him, and he abused her for double-crossing! She was brutally mangled, then he threatened to kill Cecil as soon as he saw him! He left, then Biggs and Wedge aided her. The despicable knight wasn't noble, and clearly an enemy, and they encouraged her to find Cecil and bring him back.

Yang offered Shelia if Cecil'd stay, she replied he can as long as he wanted. So, he rested till the next day.

Chapter 4


Trials of a King (Part 4)

It was a sunny morning, and Cecil was on his way back to Baron. But...there was a flock of Chocobos running away from the forest. He looked up, and saw the sun bleed. The lines thickened and formed red, stormy clouds, making a dry, threatening storm! Even the earth began to burn and smell like sulfur. Cecil hurriedly needed to find shelter, but he was halted as he saw a Dark Knight! Dameon!! He wasn't expecting to outmaneuver him! He then raised the Deathbringer, only for Cecil to awaken!

The sky was still fair outside, then he gathered his bearings and headed downstairs to have his breakfast with Yang, Sheila, and the Grandmaster. He said he'll head up Mt. Ordeals so he could retain the light again and stand a better chance with the Injukhal. They hoped that Kain would meet him too. After his meal, he bathed in the nearby waterfall, leaving Yang uneasy as he sensed true darkness. Moments later, Cecil was ready, and Yang and the others wished him luck. Sheila advised him to gather some sundries at the shop before heading up, as they'd be some undead enemies.

He did just that, then he Teleported to the gloomy entryway. He saw the scarred ground where a fire was there, blocking the undead, before Palom extinguished it with Blizzard. He trekked up and fought off some Skulldiers, then came across a pack of undead Hounds. He was victorious, though injured. After he healed, he familiarized himself of the landscape where he reunited with Tellah on his quest to learn Meteor. He met a Revenant, then destroyed it with ease. He then questioned who was creating these new monsters; his mind flashed back to Dameon, but he denied it. Then, he encountered a chest with a Crystal Shield...before he collapsed. It was a Sleep spell done by the Warden. The monster's impacts caused one of Cecil's bottles to break, reviving him as the contents seeped in. He fought the undead dino with some effort, then by the next tunnel, came across some Pandora Boxes. It was a tough fight, as were the Flans, and then it was smooth sailing as he finally headed to the summit.

Chapter 5


Trials of a King (Part 5)

He then made camp at the Safe Zone, and he went to sleep after he prayed to return to Rosa soon...

Later that night, he noticed Dameon speaking to him and meeting him at the middle of the bridge! He recalled it was the same place beyond that where he was...resurrected. After Cecil became a Paladin, the dark spirit was tossed away, and it wound up stranded in a desolated island. It couldn't remember what it was, then it was taken in by Dragon Rose. He recollected his name was Dameon, he was the dark spirit manipulating others wearing the Dark armor, and he became enthralled with her and her kind, even their top warrior, Domin. He was soon enlisted as Abdullah's best men, then as he found out of Cecil, he decided to collect men loyal to Domin and make Cecil his again! The Paladin was alarmed, and he threatened to kill Rosa, making him as a permanent asset for evil. He disappeared just before Cecil took a swipe at him!

He soon collected himself and promised to protect Rosa as soon as he attains the light once more.

By the next morning, he resumed his journey, and he finally reunited with his old friend, Kain!! Cecil explained why he was at the dreaded mountain, and the Dragoon understood his purpose; they shall retrieve the light together. They went forward till Cecil heard distant Injukhal drums and incantations. He froze and was stunned. Eventually, it took over, and Cecil shown his dark prowess, exacting revenge onto Kain for his own betrayals. He wanted to fight back, knowing he wasn't himself. They both clashed, and Cecil was able to retain his umbrakinetic abilities! Being he was swift, Kain leapt, and Cecil's dark flames hit the sacred altar, causing the mountain to fall apart!

The cataclysm could be seen from the Tower of Prayer, and Palom and Porom were alarmed as they alerted the Elder. Still, Kain fought Cecil to the edge, then he decided to do the unthinkable!! He wanted to let go of the ledge and plunge to his doom! Kain refused the offer and held onto his friend, yet he still begged, wishing Kain to take his place as King. He then slipped from his grip, dropping from rock to rock, then Kain Jumped after him and landed with a large thwomp before some heavy debris collapsed! He jumped away then carried Cecil back to Mysidia.

Chapter 6


Trials of a King (Part 6)

36 hours later, Cecil finally came to as his normal self in the Elder's bed, with Kain by his side. He offered for him to try again and retain the light for the sake of fighting back the Injukhal and saving Rosa. Cecil wasn't up to it, still depressed he can't do it. Despite Kain encouraging him, he never budged. He then offered for Cecil to meet him at the summit when the time comes.

Cecil slowly rose up and went to the Crystal Chamber, where the Water Crystal shined. He then prayed, hoping to have the strength he once had. He soon went to the Tower of Prayer where the Elder awaited him. He asked why Cecil would climb up Mt. Ordeals again, he told him, and his darker self must be stopped before it shall corrupt him again. The Phoenix Pinion was what saved Cecil from death as he fell. Since he acted on desperation, Elder couldn't help. He must rely on Rosa's love to save him, and the silvery moon pendant, the birthday gift was proof. Elder then accepted Cecil's blessing, but until then, he must defeat the darkness, for their sakes.

Cecil then took the Devil's Road to a more quieter town of Baron. Cid informed Rosa has gone via Teleport. And the people were frantic on seeing the malicious Knight. Cid informed him that Rosa left before his arrival, and there was a commotion in her bedchamber saying he shall be in the darkest depths increasing his power. After a few moments, the Paladin knew where she was. He took the Enterprise and headed to the Underworld, the Land of the Dwarves!

He arrived at Giott's throne, and he informed him that Rosa was heading northwest. She was dressed in exotic clothing unlike anything they'd seen, then disappeared. He figured the Dark Crystal would fuel Dameon, and so he headed to the Sylph Cave!

Chapter 7


Trials of a King (Part 7)

He landed near the entryway, and he wondered whether it was the Dark Crystal that put Rosa in a daze, according to Giott. He gathered his sundries and headed out, before someone stood in his way! It was Rosa, complete with warpaint and tribal clothing. She offered him to follow her inside, and...Cecil had that same feeling of entrancement again. He did, as she escorted her over the toxic pools with Float. They've entered a thicket, but not before Dameon rendered Cecil unconscious!!

Minutes later, he came around, and noticed Rosa being held hostage by Dameon!! He offered a parry for Cecil to surrender to him and side with the Injukhal to spare Rosa's life! She called him to refuse, but he bowed to Dameon, asking him to let her go! He shoved him aside, drew out the Deathbringer, and Cecil clashed with his Excalibur!! It was a deadly fight, with light vs. darkness, though Cecil couldn't use his White Magic! Moments afterward, Dameon realized they were at a standoff, and he aimed for the White Mage!! Cecil got into the line of fire and absorbed the lethal darkness, causing him to lose his life!!

Rosa ran to his side, while Dameon cackled. Rosa Telepored them both away, only to speak to him,

"Cecil...I've always adored you. Through better or worse, since we first met as children. I've had a strong resolve for you when I kept believing you were alive after that earthquake in Mist; my heart wouldn't ever give up on you no matter what. I knew from the moment you saved me from the guillotine at the Tower of Zot, that you'd be the one.

"Our bond faltered as you were infatuated by Dragon Rose and her people. I thought you would forever leave me, and become one with the Injukhal. But since that day at the cemetery, I know now that I was wrong. You promised me you'd return to me, because we love each other, very much.

"Our hearts have been one since our union, and I am grateful. Because you'll always be my true love, even while in death. So you see, as long as I'm with you, you shall not perish alone. I will never leave your side!"

"Arise, Cecil, my man."

She then performed her Arise spell, restoring Cecil's vitals as well as his essence free from the darkness. He felt like himself again, if not better! He was more than ready to take out Dameon! They fought each other again, to the point when the two rolled toward a precipice with magma down below!! Dameon was driving Cecil down, then Rosa struck by with her Holy spell! Dameon plummeted to the magma, and Rosa grabbed and pulled the Paladin up! She was beyond surprised he still kept on the birthday gift she gave him! They embraced and kissed passionately. Cecil wondered if they might... She then led him to someplace safe.



Trials of a King (Finale)

They arrived at the chattel house, the same place where they'd encountered the Sylphs, where they were treating Yang comatose from the explosion at the Tower of Babil. was empty this time. Rosa had set up all of it with the fairies for their intimate moment. So, they slowly got started. From discarding their equipment and clothing, to healing their scars both physically/mentally. They soon became one.

Cecil and Rosa embracing inside the citadel house at the Sylph Cave

Moments later, Cecil wound up back at the Injukhal village! Torches and bonfires were ablaze as Domin, their new clan leader, led the death ritual for Abdullah and Dragon Rose. She was the most distraught, as she was being betrayed serving Domin, and her father never knew she was working for him, Dameon, and their corruptive ways!! Cecil then saw his friends as undead! Rydia, Palom and Porom, Edward, Edge, Yang and Kain pursaded him to join them! He soon witnessed both Dragon Rose and Abdullah perish while they were tied to tall spikes, and then stabbed by flaming spears!! Everyone screamed with ecstasy!!

Then Cecil woke up in fear. He described the nightmare to Rosa, thinking it was real! He was desperate to fight against the Injukhal before they'd enslave other nations; however, she wasn't convinced. She believed it was only an isolated incident and they mustn't get involved, instead raise their heir in a peaceful world. Cecil didn't want to go back on his promise, so...he reluctantly accepted, assuring her the same.

Thus concludes Cecil's challenges involving the Injukhal and his doppelganger. However, his personal endeavors are far from done. The promise of restoring peace and showing his love both to Rosa and to his kingdom still will weigh heavily on the young holy warrior. Never-ending are the perilous and the rewarding fruits of both success and failure, provided amongst...the trials of a king.



  • Cecil Harvey is Ikran's most favorite character in the Final Fantasy series, and IV (especially the DS version) is her favorite installment.
  • She had beaten it back in March 2010, thanks to an online walkthrough from a defunct site, By then, she got the inspiration to make a two-parter; Trials of a King is only Part 1, which takes place before the Interlude. Actually, the fics were made BEFORE it existed on the PSP!!
  • The Injukhal happen to be a mashup with Injun and Khal, which the latter's the name for the savage tribal clan introduced in Games of Thrones. Ikran only read the first novel, though she wasn't a fan.
  • Tenebre is Italian for darkness, which can be a foreboding sign.
  • This does have a lot of references: including those in Avatar, Peter Pan (1958), Sesame Street's African Dance in the Park, A Christmas Carol, ReBoot (Null Bot of the Bride), Bambi, Toy Story, and other games like V and VI.
  • The enemies in Mount Ordeals were based from the ones from IV, V, and VI, just to make it different and more challenging for Cecil.
  • Domin was just a prefix and name meaning dominion, dominance, etc. His concept was based on the aforementioned Sesame Street clip. Ikran grew infatuated with him since she was a kid! Even the drums that played in the background..!
  • Dragon Rose was much like Tiger Lily, both by concept and name, meaning she's beautiful and sensuous, but also ferocious! Her father, Chief Abdullah, was based on Chief Big Red, and the name Abdullah was found on her old book of names, before she lost it later in 2010. And Dameon was a concept from her childhood ideas of having him as a Dark Knight when she first played IV for the SNES, the name itself was given by her older sis.