Troy Muller.jpg
Troy Muller
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider: Decade
Motif: Barcode
Rider Type: Hero (Current)
Anti-Hero (Formerly)
Villain (Past before the Series)
Homeworld: Earth (World of Decade)
First Appearance: Nine Worlds
Last Appearance: Decade
Number of Episode Appearances: 40
Actor: Andrew M. Gray
Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider Deacde.png

Kamen Rider Decade is the main protagonist & eponymous character of the American Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider: Decade.


Ten years before the start of his adventures, Troy was orphaned, leaving him and his younger sister Emma Muller in the custody of his family's butler, Phillip. Emma feared going outside, which manifested the ability to open Aurora Curtains. Troy would exploit these abilities to explore different worlds, which upset his sister who was left in her room in their home reality.

Before long, Troy discovered he possessed the same power to manipulate Aurora Curtains and began traveling alone to other worlds. At an unspecific time during his teens, he was appointed the "The Heir Of Count Dregon's Sons" and acquires the Decadriver and Ride Booker. Using his position and power, he began his conquest across different dimensions, which would become known as "A.R. Worlds".

However, one year into his campaign, Troy suffered amnesia caused by turbulence while traveling between numerous dimensions and arrived in the World of Mia.

Disoriented by his travels through the Aurora Curtain, Troy meets a native of the A.R. World, a young woman named Mia Tong who comments on the distorted photos he's taken. Unable to recall anything regarding his past, he and Mia are separated by a Aurora Curtain. Mia is transported to a pocket dimension where she is pursued by various kaijin. While evading her pursuers, she recovers the Decadriver, an item she recalls from her dreams. Meanwhile, Troy too is transported to a pocket dimension where he encounters Tyler Vamp. Addressing him as "Decade", Tyler states Troy that his world is ending and that Troy is needed to protect it.

Reuniting with Mia, Troy uses the Decadriver to transform into Kamen Rider Decade. Using the power of the Rider Cards, he transforms into Kamen Riders Beetleborg, 555 and Oni Sage and dispatch the Worm, Orphnoch and Makamou horde. Confused by the ordeal, Troy and Mia return to find her world besieged by Kaijin. Tyler arrives, placing the world in stasis, where he offers an explanation behind the carnage. He details the status of the "Nine Worlds" and assigns Troy the task of traveling to these worlds to seek out the Kamen Riders and resolving the disturbances in each world while he and other Kamen Riders contain the convergence.

World Of Beetle Warrior X

Starting in the World of Beetle Warrior X as a police officer, Troy meets the world's Rider, Jordan Tucker who battles the Gurongi and learns that someone is disseminating rumors across the Worlds about him as the World Destroyer. After reconciling with Jordan, the two stop the Gurongi Karu-Hama from taking over the world.

World Of Beetle Warrior Z

Arriving in the World of Beetle Warrior Z as a postman, Troy reads a discarded letter meant for Jean Hill, making it his goal to protect Jean from the Unknown for the sake of Kira Hatfield, the writer of the letter. With Jordan's help, Troy succeeds in having Jean achieve the necessary state of mind needed to complete his evolution to Beetle Warrior Z before reuniting him with Kira.

World Of Dragon Knight

Then at the World of Dragon Knight, Troy defends the framed Mia in a murder case and solves it with the aid of Kit Goodman. The true villain, Malcom is revealed to have been an Undead all along and is taken by Jack to the World of Ace Warrior after his defeat.

World Of Ace Warrior

Assuming the role of chief waiter under the RIDER FORCE Corporation while being promoted repeatedly, Troy works with Jared Artlet to uncover the conspiracy between Malcom and RIDER FORCE's CEO, Kamen Rider Heart Archer, to take over the world through the Joker card which the latter used on himself. After he and Ace Warrior work together to defeat the Undead, Troy takes his leave as Jared thanks him.

World Of 555

In the World of 555 as a student of the Smart Brain High School, Troy crosses paths with a man he saw at the World of Ace Warrior who knows him, Jake Harolds . Though Jake warns him to stay out of his affairs, Troy finds 555 after confronting the Lucky Clover group, learning that he is Jason Yap as he attempts to keep his SB-555B Faiz Driver away from Jake. Troy later resolves the tension between Jason and Sabrina Jardine over Jason's identity, giving Jason the will to continue protecting the school.

World Of Electric King

Upon arriving in the World of Electric King, Troy becomes Electric King under the possession of an Imagin, before forcing him into Jordan's body. Here, he learns that some unknown force is changing the past as he is fought by the other Taros possessing Mia's body who believe Decade to be the source. Learning the Imagin possessing Jordan is named Momotaros, Troy finds him and helps him regain his physical form as they defeat the Alligator Imagin. Believing their adventures with Den-O to be over, only to learn the identity of the true culprits for Electric King World's time distortions, they prepare to travel to the World of Beetleborg until the Swan Imagin Sieg comes into the Light Studio with a manuscript showing a battle at Onigashima. Super Electric King Beginning Here Comes Super Momotaros! With Sieg's help, Troy and company travel with the DenLiner crew back in time to fight the Oni Rider Brothers, Mimihiko and Kuchihiko, before returning to the present time in the World of Beetleborg.

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