Twilight Sparkle is the deuteragonist of the Character What franchise, She is Shadow Joe's best friend and selves as of of the main characters of series.


Twilight Sparkle have a passion of reading and studying. She paid most of her life reading about books to learn about casting spells and study them for years to used them perfectly, She even study the history of Equestria to learn about the events that happen 1000 years. Unfortunately, Her desire of reading books prevent him from learning the values of friendship as she paid most her times studying, thus hardly paid time with other ponies, even rejecting their invitations stating that she has to much studying to catch up with, plus making ponies think that she is more interested in books than friends.

Twilight believe in Shadow Joe the most than any other characters, Upon meeting him for the first time, She burst into excitement after finally seeing in reality, She wanted to seek answers from him that are beyond Equestria.

In the first movie which set in the beginning, When she and Shadow Joe were surrounded by giant spiders, She was deeply frightened and cowardly stay close to Shadow Joe to avoid being attack, even being too scare fight back. but developed braver side throughout the film.


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