Tyler Vamp
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider: Vampire King
Motif: Vampire, Bat
Rider Type: Hero
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 1:Vampire King Rises
Last Appearance: Vampire King's Ballot
Actor: Logan Grove
Kamen Rider Vampire King


Tyler Vamp is a shy young man who never lies, keeping to himself due to his hygiene obsession. He works at an atelier to continue his father's legacy of violin making with a dream to create the ultimate violin, using strange methods to accomplish it. But, Tyler is destined from birth to become the current Kamen Rider Vampire King as his mother is Maya of the Checkmate Four, receiving a button with a diamond encrusted crown on it from her as a baby.

He teams up with Batholomew to fight the Fangire race & protect humanity from them, only because the Bloody Rose orders him to "fight". But in time, Scott learns of his family legacy & nature as a Fangire, as well as desiring to change into someone just like his grandfather.

Evidently, Tyler is the one who inherited the mantle of Vampire King from his mother, as his full-blooded predecessor was the previous King of the Checkmate Four who attempted to destroy humanity in 1986 with Zane taking his power & using it to take him down at the cost of his life.

Fictional character biography

Left by Maya as a child to protect him from the retribution she would face, Tyler lived in the European-style manor that his father lived in. However, as the building has since said to be haunted, Tyler was referred to by his neighbors as "Ghost Boy" for his strange appearance, later donning a mask and glasses as an adult to protect him from the "world's allergies" and using a notebook to express himself without talking. His only friend during his childhood was a boy named Jaegon, who helped Tyler when he was bullied and mysteriously disappeared.

In 2008, while gathering fish bones in a third attempt to create the ultimate varnish for the ultimate violin like his father, Zane comes across Mira Pendelton, who manages to show him that his "allergies" are all in his head. He later saves her from the Horse Fangire as Vampire King, countering her attempt to kill him soon after before leaving her stupefied and later saving her a second time from the Octopus Fangire.

When a female lawyer named Satako arrives at Tyler's home with a list of the various people that Zane had victimized with his antics, Tyler is devastated to know a side of his father his mother never told him. After meeting Alberto Carusso and getting his advice, Tyler performs acts of moral obligation for his father's sins, until he learns that Satako is the Moth Fangire and Zane's most wounded victim. Unable to fight her, Batholomew is forced to summon Acurro to supplant Tyler with his feral rage in Garulu Form so Vampire King kill the Fangire.

When Alberto requests that Tyler keep an eye on Mira in his stead, he meets a young man named Jamal, who is obsessed with Mira himself. When Jamal reveals himself to be the Sheep Fangire, Tyler learns of Alberto's hatred towards Vampire King. Saddened but undaunted, Tyler manages to rescue Mira when she is captured by the Sheep Fangire, destroying him in Basshaa Form. Since the incident, Tyler took to heart what Mira learned from her mother: the same ideology Zane follows: "All humans are music". Eventually, Tyler is forced to lose all of Alberto's respect for him when he tries to protect the Frog Fangire, Jonathan. However, Tyler did learn from Jonathan that he needs to make a violin to call his own.

It was later that Tyler meets Val Buan, whose rock and roll helps him in becoming more confident in himself. Though Tyler and Val have separate dreams, the two promise to help the other out so that both their dreams come true. Tyler ensures his part by protecting Val from the Rhinoceros Fangire, accessing Dogga Form. However, Tyler's world is turned upside again when he encounters the Lion Fangire Danzan, whom he met when he was suffering amnesia. However, by meeting Victoria Erwin, a former student under his father (of which he is unaware), Tyler learns to cope with the recent Fangire events of who's evil and not by "listening to the voice in his heart."

After begrudgingly following Val to a fortune teller to find out who Vampire King really is, Tyler loses consciousness. When he awakens, he is more confident in his abilities but has a very sarcastic attitude. It is revealed that he is possessed, albeit unknowingly, by his father Zane as a result of the fortune teller's ritual. While using Tyler's body, although unable to maintain possession at times, Zane teaches Mira how to overcome her fears of using the XYZ Knuckle and she is able to help XYZ defeat the Ladybug Fangire. When Zane finally leaves, Tyler has no recollection of what has happened under the influence of his father's spirit.

Soon after this, at a mixer that Val set up, Alberto has a waitress named Camila fired for accidentally spilling ice cream on his shirt. Feeling sorry for her, Tyler runs after her and finds out that they have a lot in common and they start dating Mira's help. However, when a berserk Grizzly Fangire tries to kill Camila, a rage awakens within Tyler that releases Tatsulot from Castle Doran who unleashes Vampire King's full power, changing Vampire King into his Emperor Form to mortally wound the Fangire. Before Camila took her leave, due to personal issues, Wataru promises Camila that he would get stronger for her. While the Fangire Hunters were being arrested, Tyler remembers Jagon and decides to help them out by him and Val joining the Fangire Hunters to battle the Crab Fangire until Alberto altered history so that the Cicada Fangire's survival negated the Fangire Hunters' crisis. But in the aftermath of the fight against both Fangires, Alberto learns that the button he gave to Maya ended up in Tyler's possession, explaining it to be an heirloom from his mother, setting up the events where Alberto learns that Tyler is Kiva.

The fight's aftermath also caused a falling out between Tyler and Van when the latter's hand was injured to the point he could never play again and Tyler was trying to keep the truth from him out of not wanting him to worry. Later, Tyler is face to face with a fully grown Jagon, only to be devastated after learning that he and Camila are engaged. This stress, augmented by Val's return as the new XYZ user, causes the Bloody Rose to crack. Though he finishes repairing the violin, he realizes something is missing from the Bloody Rose. Then, Acurro appears to him, revealing to Tyler that his father's desires dwell within the violin. When ambushed by a Kukulcan while fighting the Horsefly Fangire, Bartholomew holds the monster at bay as Tyler plays the Bloody Rose, realizing his father's desires to protect all music. Infusing the violin with his own desire to find his own music, Vampire King finally awakens into Flight Style to destroy the Kukulcan. However, this event causes the evoking of a weapon within Castle Doran, the Zanvat Sword of the previous King of the Checkmate Four.

Although confused as to why Maya never told him about any of this, Tyler slowly accepts his true identity. Wanting to share the truth, he informs Alberto that he will tell everyone in the organization that he is Vampire King. When Alberto arranges a gathering at a restaurant, Tyler also reveals that he is half-Fangire, shocking everyone. Despite this, Kenny falsely promises to help him build a world where both Fangires and humans can coexist peacefully.

Later, Tyler is approached by Jagon, who asks him to join the Fangires, and Camila, who asks him to destroy Jagon so he can be the new King. Tyler declines both of these requests, perplexed as to why both sides cannot get along. However, Tyler is persistent in getting his friend to understand his ideology that he asks the Bishop to awaken Tyler's true Fangire powers. This causes Tyler to go berserk and attack his friends, even to the extent of nearly killing Mira. When he finally returns to normal, he becomes so traumatized from the ordeal that he completely relapses back into a recluse and completely isolates himself within his house, refusing to fight as Vampire King anymore.

Though being convinced by Tyler and Alberto, it took Maya's intervention to convince Tyler to fight as Vampire King again, not as a human or a Fangire but as himself, so that he'll find his own music. Jagon, enraged by Tyler's decision, gives him time to reconsider. When Kenny was near-certain death, Jagon saved him by transplanting into him a bit of Fangire power. Tyler is appointed as Kenny's bodyguard when this is revealed, as Alberto was unable to bring himself to kill Kenny. Kenny then dies in combat with Jagon, enraging Tyler. They battle, and just as Vampire King was about to finish Bat Knight off, Camila steps in the way and takes the Emperor Moon Break as she is destroyed. However, finding her after the Bishop fatally wounds her, Tyler is left to think that he killed her and goes into despair with an equally distraught Jagon intent on killing him under the same impression.

But Acurro's interference allows Tyler to go back into 1986, meeting his father face to face just before he dons the mantle of Vampire King. Though he originally came to keep his parents apart to negate his existence, Tyler learns that it would be pointless if Camila had never met him and the only way he could honor her is to live a strong life for her sake. He would ultimately play a pivotal role in the death of the original King before returning to 2008 after receiving his father's final words. With a stronger resolve, he charges into battle against the revived Fangires unleashed by the Bishop, saving Lydia, Mira, and Alberto before confronting Jagon to settle things. In spite of interference, the fight ends with Tyler the winner though he refused to kill Jagon as he take his brother's place as the new King of the Fangires to everyone's shock. Jagon later demands Tyler to fight him again, having claimed to kill their mother to acquire the powers of Dark Vampire King.

After their fight is interrupted by the Bishop and his new army of revived Fangires, the two Vaampire Kings and the Arms Monsters quickly defeat the Fangires, as the Bishop is destroyed by Alberto as Rising XYZ. Tyler reveals that he had taken the mantle of the King for his brother's sake, shielding him from his enemies. By then, the revived Bat Fangire attacks the two brothers, defeating them easily. Tyler is thrown off of a cliff and encounters the spirit of his father near the discarded gauntlet of the original XYZ Prototype, telling Tyler that he lives on inside him and not to lose hope. With his father's encouraging words, both he and Jagon are able to defeat the Bat Fangire with a Snaking Death-Break and Emperor Moon Break combo. When Maya appears, Tyler is put at ease knowing that she was not really killed by Jagon as the two brothers are now on the same page and resume their fight to determine who will be the new King of the Checkmate Four.

Days later, just as he is about to play the violin at Alberto and Mira's wedding, a young man bursts into the reception claiming to be Tyler's son Sora Vamp from 22 years in the future. He warns his father of a new threat to humanity and shows him, Jagon, Alberto, the Arms Monsters, and the rest of the reception a portal in the sky. Immediately in response to the situation, Tyler transforms into Kamen Rider Vampire King Emperor Form. With his son as Kamen Rider New Vampire King, Alberto as Kamen Rider XYZ Rising Form, Jagon as Kamen Rider Dark Vampire King, and the Arms Monsters at his side, Tyler confronts this new foe.

Vampire King Form

  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 98 kg.
  • Ability parameters
    • Punching power: 6 tons
    • Normal kicking power: 8 tons
      • Darkness Moon Break: 30 tons
    • Maximum jump height: 85 meters
    • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 6.5 seconds

Vampire King Form is Vampire King's default form, accessed through a bite from Batholomew, who status determines Vampire King's ability in a battle. He is able to see in the dark with his visor called the Omnilens. In this form, Vampire King can use any of the Fuestles, with the Wake Up Fuestle to open up the Catena Chains on his right leg known as the Underworld's Gate made of Lucifer Metal so Vampire King can use his Darkness Moon Break attack. The kick has an impact of 30,000 kg., enough to leave a crater in the shape of a bat's wings (Vampire King's insignia) on any surface upon contact; the glass body of a Fangire shatters almost instantly.

Vampire King can also perform a stronger variation of the Darkness Moon Break when engulfed in Castle Doran's fire. When the Darkness Moon Break is performed, day turns into night & a crescent moon appears in the sky.

Arms Monster Forms


Garuru Form

  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 90 kg.
  • Ability parameters
    • Punching power: 5 tons
    • Kicking power: 9 tons
    • Maximum jump height: 40 meters
    • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 1.5 seconds

Garuru Form is Vampire King's form accessed from being energized by the Demon Beast-Sword Garuru Saber. In this form, the Omnilens & Vampire King's chest/left arm armor turn a shade of blue called Garuru Cobalt which places Vampire King under the influence of Garuru. This form's power is linked to the phases of the moon, & is at its peak when the moon is naturally full.

The Garuru Form is capable of unleashing a blast of sound, has increased speed & cunning due to the form's animalistic ferocity & is able to perform the Garuru Howling Slash.

When it is performed, day turns to night & a full moon appears in the sky, as it references a human's transformation into a werewolf. Its motif is that of a Wolf Man.


Basshaa Form

  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 92 kg.
  • Ability parameters
    • Punching power: 3 tons
    • Kicking power: 3 tons
    • Maximum jump height: 20 meters
    • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 6 seconds.
    • Maximum swimming speed: 162 kt.

Basshaa Form is Vampire King's form accessed from the Basshaa Fuestle & granting him access to the Demon Sea Gun Basshaa Magnum. In this form, the Omnilens & Vampire King's chest/right arm armor turn a shade of green called "Basshaa Emerald" which places Vampire King under the influence of Basshaa.

While in this state, Vampire King loses most of his strength & agility, but gains a mastery of long range combat & is able to analyze an opponent's weak point to target with accurate marksmanship. Basshaa Form can also manipulate water, able to create rain as well as a pool of water necessary to perform the Basshaa Aqua Tornado.

When it is performed, day turns to night & a half moon forms in the sky, as it references the change ebb & flow of the tides during its phase.

Its motif is that of the Gill-man.


Dogga Form

  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 150 kg.
  • Ability parameters
    • Punching power: 15 tons
      • Dogga Thunder Slap: 30 tons
    • Kicking power: 4 tons
    • Maximum jump height: 10 meteres
    • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 10 seconds

Dogga Form is Vampire King's form accessed from the Dogga Fuestle & granting him access to the massive Demon Iron Hammer Dogga Hammer. In this form, Vampire King's entire upper body gains bulky armor & the Omnilens turn a shade of violet called "Dogga Purple", placing Vampire King under Dogga's influence.

In this form, Vampire King loses most of his speed but gains unbelievable strength, able to overpower a Fangire easily. Dogga Form is able to manipulate electricity, using it as part of his finisher, the Dogga Thunder Slap. The Dogga Hammer can see through the invisibility of Fangires, thanks to the True Eye gaffed into the warhammer.

When it is performed, day turns to night while a hazy moon & thunderbolt form in the sky, the latter referencing its motif of "Frankenstein's monster" & how it was brought to life.


DoGaBaVa Form

  • Rider height: 200 cm.
  • Rider weight: 140 kg.
  • Ability parameters
    • Punching power: 10 tons
    • Normal kicking power: 15 tons
    • Maximum jump height: 50 meters
    • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 5 seconds

DoGaBaVa Form, shortened from "Dogga/Garuru/Basshaa/Vampire King Form", is Vampire King's rarely seen form, accessed by the summoning of all three Arms Monsters. In this form, Vampire King's left arm turns into the Garuru Arm, his right arm turns into the Basshaa Arm, & his upper body turns into the Dogga Breast. In this form, Vampire King can use all three Arms Monster weapons at once & the Darkness Moon Break. However, due to the danger it presents to Vampire King & the Arms Monsters, Vampire King can only assume this form for five minutes before its power becomes lethal to him.


Emperor Form

  • Rider height: 210 cm.
  • Rider weight: 100 kg.
  • Ability perimeters
    • Punching power: 18 tons
    • Normal kicking power: 32 tons
      • Emperor Moon Break 150 tons
    • Maximum jump height: 180 meters
    • Maximum running speed: 100 meters per 3.0 seconds

Emperor Form is the true form of Vampire King, referred to as the Golden Vampire King & the most powerful form at Scott's disposal. The fifth form accessed, the first emergence of Emperor Form comes about from the reaction to Scott's rage from the harm coming to Emma, his girlfriend, which summoned the Demon Imperial Dragon Tatsulot to awaken the form. By pulling the switch on Tatsulot's head, Scott can activate Tatsulot's Imperial Slot & activate one of several "Fever" finishing attacks through a roulette system. With this form, Vampire King can destroy both the body & the soul of a Fangire.

Because of this, Scott has gradually abandoned using his other forms in favor of Emperor Form.

Fangire Emperor

When Scott's Fangire blood is awakened by the Swallowtail Fangire, he temporarily became a Fangire version of Emperor Form, gaining the Fangire's signature stained glass appearance & becoming a berserker attacking friend or foe. This caused Scott to go into isolation until encouraged to fight again.

DoGaBaVa Emperor

DoGaBaVa Emperor Form

DoGaBaVa Emperor Form is actually a true final form when Vampire King accesses Emperor Form while in DoGaBaVa Form. In this form, Vampire King can use all three Arms Monster weapons & execute the DoGaBaVa Emperor Break.

Flight Style

Flight Style

  • Height: 1.8 meters
  • Wing span: 3.8 meters
  • Weight: 100 kg.
  • Ability perimeters
  • Top flight speed: Mach 3.4
    • Punching power: 10 tons
    • Kicking power: 18 tons
    • Maximum jump height: ∞m (Able to fly)

Resulting from infusing his own desire into the Bloody Rose, Scott's Fangire nature is triggered as Vampire King transforms from Emperor Form into Flight Style, a dragon-like form called the Emperor Bat which is similar to the Fangires' ability to become Sabbats.

Collosus uses his Legendorga baptism to turn Scott from a Human/Fangire hybrid into a full Legendorga by forcing him to assume the form in an attempt to kill his grandfather, Bram Stoker, though his father managed to bring him back with Scott reverting back to his Human/Fangire hybrid. Scott later reaccesses Flight Style to defeat the giant Rider. Ironically, the Legendorga version of Flight Style has a darker colour scheme as it's golden accent turns brown & the red colour on his wing turns from red into maroon.

Flight Style uses the blades on his wings called the Sonic Claws to perform the Demon Pliers attack & breathes the Underworld's Flame from his Big Jaw. These abilities come into play for its finishing attack, the Bloody Strike.

Bloody Rose

Bloody Rose

A unique violin, the Bloody Rose was created by Zane & Maya as the "ultimate violin", later rumored to be a product of Zane selling his soul to the devil himself, which is not entirely false, in a sense. The Bloody Rose only sounds whenever a violent Fangire is detected in the area, its music only heard by Batholomew & Tyler, who hears it as a voice commanding him to "Fight", as it pinpoints the exact location the Fangire could be found. When played, the Bloody Rose can also disrupt a Fangire's activity. However, the Bloody Rose is sympathic to Tyler's mentality as it cracked when he fell into a deep depression. However, after repairing it, Tyler learns the Bloody Rose holds the desires of his father, placing in it his own desire to assume Flight-Style.


Vampire Belt

Main article: Vampire Belt

The Vampire Belt is Kamen Rider Vampire King's means of transforming. To summon & use the belt, Batholomew III says "Let's Vampire Up!" as Scott catches him in his right hand & then Batholomew bites Scott's free hand, causing his Fangire nature to surface as the belt materializes out of several ghostly chains. Scott then perches Batholomew upside down on the Power Roost of the belt's Vabuckle to complete the transformation, separating from the belt when certain conditions demand for it like Fuestle-blowing or attacking the Fangire on his own. The Vampire Belt also has six Fueslots to hold the six Fuestles.


Vampire King accesses his arsenal through whistles on his belt called Fuestles, which he gives to Batholomew to blow into to evoke a power-up. Three of the Fuestles serve to summon an allied Arms Monster from Castle Doran, who allows for Vampire King to Form Change & turns into a weapon. These three Fuestles' powers can be evoked immediately before Scott transforms, enabling him to transform to the respective form directly without going through Vampire King Form.

  • Vampire King's Wake Up Fuestle: This Fuestle allow Vampire King to perform his Darkness Moon Break attack.
  • Garuru Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Garuru from Castle Doran.
  • Basshaa Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Basshaa from Castle Doran.
  • Dogga Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Dogga from Castle Doran.
  • Doran Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Castle Doran.
  • Buroon Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Buroon from Castle Doran & turns the Machine Vampira into the Buroon Booster.
  • Tatsulot Fuestle: This Fuestle summons Tatsulot from Castle Doran. It is different from Vampire King's other fuestles in that it is red instead of transparent & does not appear to be stored on Vampire King's belt.
  • The Zanvat Sword's Wake Up Fuestle: A Fuestle carried by the Zanvat Sword like a mask used for the Final Zanvat Slash attack.

Machine Vampira

Machine Vampira

Main article: Machine Vampira
  • Length: 2510mm
  • Width: 940mm
  • Height: 1090mm
  • Curb weight: 220kg
  • Top speed: 520km/h (323 mph) (0 to 400m/s in 3.2s)
  • Maximum output: 367.5kw/8500rpm

The Machine Vampira is Vampire King's motorcycle given by Batholomew and is said to have been made by Motobat the 16th, master craftsman of the Vampire Bat Race. The Vampira is a living motorcycle, possessing the brain of a horse monster in its upper cowl. When running at high speed, it generates the Shadow Veil to hide itself from plain sight. The Vampira can be powered up through the use of the Buroon Fuestle. The Machine Vampira is based on the Honda Shadow.

Buroon Booster

  • Length: 4360mm
  • Width: 1225mm
  • Height: 1090mm
  • Curb weight: 760kg
  • Top speed: 1550km/h (963 mph) (0 to 400m/s in 1.2s)
  • Maximum output: 4263.5kw/12000rpm

The Super-Attaching Combination Buroon Booster is what happens when Buroon envelopes the Vampira, allowing it to perform wheelies & reach greater speeds. When running at high speed, it generates the Air Break Field with the Shadow Veil & reduces air resistance to almost 0.

Garuru Saber

The Demon-Beast Sword Garuru Saber is a weapon that Garuru assumes for Vampire King to change into Garuru Form. Though in a statuette form when summoned, the Garuru Saber assumes a Kris form once in Vampire King's hand. One of its abilities is to fire a shockwave named Howling Shock from the hilt. The Garuru Saber can be use for the finishing attack Garuru Howling Slash. This is done by first having Batholomew perform a Garuru Bite on the blade of the Garuru Saber after which Vampire King holsters, by way of "biting", the weapon in his mouth as he charges at the Fangire, jumping in the air to slash the Fangire into two as he lands in front of it.

Basshaa Magnum

The Demon Sea Gun Basshaa Magnum is a gun-like weapon that Basshaa assumes for Vampire King to change into Basshaa Form. The Basshaa Magnum's turbine spins to generate bullets made of high pressure water. The finishing attack is Basshaa Aqua Tornado. This is done by first having Batholomew perform a Basshaa Bite on the hammer of the Basshaa Magnum. From there, the gun's turbines spin, surrounding Vampire King with water as the weapon creates a pressurized ball of water that can home on to enemies upon firing, leaving the Fangire in an extremely fragile state where even the slightest touch can shatter them.

Dogga Hammer

The Demon Iron Hammer Dogga Hammer is a fist-like war hammer that Dogga assumes for Vampire King to change into Dogga Form. The finishing attack is the Dogga Thunder Slap, before which Batholomew must perform a Dogga Bite on the shaft of the hammer. The ball of the hammer opens up like a hand to reveal the True Eye in the palm, which can pinpoint a Fangire's exact location or release a shockwave that weakens the opponent Fangire's glass skin, rendering it immobile. Then the head of the hammer produces a giant energy duplicate of itself called the Phantom Hand, which follows Vampire King's swings & crushes the enemy with massive collateral damage.


  • Height: 2020mm
  • Weight: 540kg
  • Maximum flight speed: 650km/h (403 mph)

The Demon Statue Buroon is a Golem made of Lucifer Gold which is a tool made by the Fangire. It can merge with the Machine Vampira & become the Buroon Booster.


Main article: Tatsulot

Zanvat Sword

The Demon Imperial Sword Zanvat Sword was a sword of great power crafted & used by the previous King until he tossed the weapon into Castle Doran's wall. By the present year, after sensing the power of Scott as he evokes Vampire King's Flight Style, the sword forced itself out of Castle Doran's walls.

The Zanvat Sword is soon after modified with a living hilt named Zanvat, who was created from the Life Energies of the Arms Monsters to control the unstable powers of the blade from evoking Scott's Fangire blood. Though Scott is accepted as an ideal user, he has yet to fully master the Zanvat Sword's true power.

When used by Vampire King in Emperor form, its finishing attack is the Final Zanvat Slash where Vampire King's power is focused into the Imperial Blade. The attack is powerful enough to destroy giant monsters such as Sabbats & even a Mother Viparc.

Castle Doran

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Main article: Shoodoran
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