United Brodcasting Company
United States

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Founded by
James Foley
Key people
James Foley, Janet Foley, Phillip Tyler (1999)
Launch Date
April 17, 1999
September 18, 2004

United Brodcasting Company (UBC) was a television network that was broadcast in over 200 markets in the United States from 1999 to 2004. UBC was originally owned by Sydney, which produced most of the network's series. Its first night of broadcasting was on April 17, 1999. UBC shut down on September 18, 2004, and merged with The Right Stuf Network, and divided by WebNetwork.




The network was launched on April 17, 1999.


The network was in decline during the turn of the millennium. On January 27 2006, it was announced that they were to create a new broadcast network, WebNetwork which launched in 2007.

Executive management



Sydney All-Stars

This block ran on Sundays at 7pm to 11pm starting in the spring of 2000.


Besides the original programming on the channel, UBC recycled programming originally from other stations.

Television movies

There were two New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog movies.

  • Sonic Chaos - When Professor Caninestein's Japanese cousin, Professor InuKagaku-sha, gets threatened by Dr. Robotnik (as did Caninestein in the original show before), he gets word that the doctor has hijacked his inventions and reprogrammed them for evil to terrorize the city. Sonic and friends make their way to stop Robotnik, but little do they know that he's secretly planning to unleash his updated Silver Sonic, using the city's tower to charge it up, as well as hiring another intern (who is a character bearing similarities to Rouge the Bat), who isn't a robot this time, to help him get his hands on a Chaos Emerald.
  • Sonic and Felix's Twisted Adventure - a crossover with The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat. Sonic the Hedgehog and Felix the Cat meet in this adventure. Plus, Rosco gets a bump on the head and becomes a genius. Peking Duck teams up with Robotnik to catch the hedgehog and the cat's magic bag. And Amy seeks out advice from Candy Kitty in getting Sonic to notice her. Cameo made by Poindexter, but no appearance or mention of the professor.
(the story is still being written, so info subject to change)

Shows that almost aired on UBC

  • Sonic X - The show was originally going to be sold to UBC, and would keep the video game voice actor's roles intact. As soon as the plans fell through, 4Kids Entertainment acquired it and used their in-house voice actors for the dub.

Station standardization

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