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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Zyuohger (宇宙戦隊キュウレンジャーVSジュウオウジャー, Uchū Sentai Kyūrenjā Bāsasu Jūōjā) is the sentai V-Cinext film between Uchu Sentai Kyuranger and Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.


When a Jark Matter Karo manages to steal a very special Kyutama(the Cubetama) from Rebellion HQ, the Kyurangers give chase. But out of nowhere, a portal appears to suck the Karo and the Kyurangers back into the Main Super Sentai Universe, this time it was done by the remnants of the bloodthirsty aliens, the Deathgaliens, who wish to eradicate both worlds to avenge their former leader, Ginis. Hope seems lost, until the Kyurangers come across the Zyuohgers, who have fought the Deathgaliens in the past. Now the two teams must band together to defeat this new evil for the safety of both universes. The battle in 2018 is about to begin...



Shishi Red Lucky
Sasori Orange Stinger
Ookami Blue Garu
Tenbin Gold Balance
Oushi Black Champ
Hebitsukai Silver Naga Ray
Chameleon Green Hammie
Washi Pink Raptor 283
Kajiki Yellow Spada
Ryu Commander Shou Ronpo
Koguma Skyblue Kotaro Sakuma
Houou Soldier Tsurugi Ohtori


Zyuoh Eagle
Zyuoh Gorilla
Zyuoh Whale
Yamato Kazakiri
Zyuoh Shark Sela
Zyuoh Lion Leo
Zyuoh Elephant Tusk
Zyuoh Tiger Amu
Zyuoh The World
Misao Mondou
Zyuoh Bird Bud

And Introducing the Lupinrangers and Patrangers

Lupin Red Kairi Yano
Lupin Blue Tooma Yoimachi
Lupin Yellow Umika Hayami]
Patren 1gou Keiichiro Asaka
Patren 2gou Sakuya Hikawa
Patren 3gou Tsukasa Myoujin


  • Space Shogunate Jack Matter
    • Jack Matter Karo
  • Deathgalien
    • Naria
    • Quval
    • Azald


This is just a prediction of what the crossover movie might have in its content. A few or none of this prediction may come true later on.

Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger VS Jyuohger: Connecting the Galaxy [Maybe change] Possibility for after intro:

1. Whoever the enemies are, Jyuohgers/KyuuRangers had trouble dealing against them. Then KyuuRangers/Jyuohgers came, displaying their powers to fight against the enemies and repel them.


2. KyuuRangers mistaken Jyuohger as allies of Jark Matter and fight them. They got separated when the real enemies come in.

Lucky and Yamato

Yamato: I am Kazakiri Yamato

Lucky: I'm Lucky, the luckiest guy in the galaxy

Yamato: Lucky? Luckiest guy in the galaxy? Aren't you just making up that fact on being the luckiest?

Lucky: Maybe but I will trust my luck, no matter what. Alright, Lucky!

Stinger, Leo, Amu, Hammie, Champ

Leo: Are you a Jyuman? How did you turn human without the Mark of the Kings?

Stinger: I'm not. I'm a humans of Scorpius systems. Beware of my poisons. (Swing tail)

Champ: You… look like the loud and brute type. Want to duel with me in shouting?

Leo: Nice. Let's do this.

Champ and Leo: 1, 2, 3…

Champ: MOOO!


Hame: I am Hame. How did you have a human face?

Amu: I'm Amu. We had human face because of Mark of the Kings.

Hame: Kitakore (Awesome/Here it comes?). That's so cool.

[Note: I had no idea what conversation would occur with the girls]

Sela, Raptor, Spada, and Tusk

Spada: Si, Have a bite.

Sela: I do not eat meal that uses fish.

Raptor: Don't worry. Spada's cooking is the best.

Tusk: You're an android but eat food that human eats? How is that possible?

Raptor: That's a mystery

Spada: Anyway, try it.

Sela: Even though it is fish, it's delicious.

Tusk: It is good. You really had it all through.

Spada: I am aiming to be the greatest chef. I can't just ignore anyone that is hungry.

Balance, Naaga, Shou, Garou and Misao

Misao goes in a corner of woe when he noticed Garou and Shou resembled like the Wolf and Alligator Jyuman respectively. Why? Because he felt guilty that those three Jyuman died because of him.

Then Balance joins him by drawing something on the ground using a stick. Why? Because all the members of KyuuRangers had their constellation based on animals and he is the only one who is not. He is scale-theme when transformed.

Cameo of Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger and Kaitou Sentai LupinRanger.

Since Kotaro and Tsurugi are extra rangers, it is best to assume they do not mix early with the Jyuohger and probably witness the KyuuRangers' successors, Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger when the enemies send reinforcements, just like Bado when he noticed the KyuuRangers first appearance in Jyuohger vs Ninninger. The successor's appearance may not have witnesses at all from the Sentai's allies, just like in Gokaiger vs Gavan, Kyouryuuger vs Go-Busters, and ToQger vs Kyouryuuger. Jyuohger doing the KyuuTama dancing with KyuuRangers.


  • They Should Also Add An Ending Song, Which Is Combined With Let’s Zyuoh Dance And Let’s Kyutama Dancing.
  • A Jark Matter Karo from the Zyuohger's universe makes his move but in the process of his evil scheme brings 2 Sentai Teams from 2 different universes together to stop them! Better Not Underestimate The Ultimate Saviors! Here's who I'd have for their buddy system:
    • Lucky-Yamato-Tsurugi
    • Stinger-Tusk-Champ
    • Garu-Leo-Balance
    • Naga-Misao-Shou
    • Hammie-Amu-Kotaro
    • Raptor-Sela-Spada!
  • Keep in mind, this is just what I think, how the story would've officially gone is left for interpretation. As for which rangers team up with which. Here's what I think:
    • Shishi Red and Houou Soldier with Zyuoh Eagle (because Red, no big surprise)
    • Chameleon Green and Washi Pink with Zyuoh Shark and Zyuoh Tiger (because female rangers, no big surprise)
    • Kajiki Yellow and Ookami Blue with Zyuoh Lion
    • Sasori Orange and Koguma SkyBlue with Zyuoh Elephant
    • Tenbin Gold, Oushi Black, and Hebitsukai Silver with Zyuoh TheWorld (ZAWARDO!)
    • Ryu Commander with Zyuoh Bird


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