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Undocumented Features, originally by Benjamin Hutchins, MegaZone and Rob Mandeville, is the largest and most diverse fanfiction by Eyrie Productions Unlimited. It would be fair to say that it is less a fanfiction than a universe of fanfiction with characters, groups, themes, planets, and situations taken from many different pieces of fiction. The first volume of Undocumented Features was written in 1991 and the most recent story (Project Pheonix Issue 3: The Eye of Harmony) was released in May, 2010.

The original story charted the adventurers of a band of college students turned galactic adventurers, initially battling the evil corporate empire of GENOM, a war that reached its climax in the fourth volume of Undocumented Features: Crossroads. Outside of the four core volumes, stories are grouped by era: The Golden Age falls before the Sonset Incident of 2288, Exile stories cover events from 2288 through to the defeat of Largo in 2388 and the Future Imperfect era takes place following the Battle of Zeta Cygni. By far the largest collection of stories in the Future Imperfect era are the Symphony of the Sword stories, which follow the next generation.


Worcester Polytechnical Institute[]

The setting for the first, and some of the second, core story is the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. This is the only "real" setting in the entire UF universe as it is an actual school of higher learning. Almost all of the details given in the story exist with the exception of the Wedge's sci-fi features.

SDF-17 Wayward Son[]

The SDF-17 Wayward Son is a Super Dimensional Fortress based on the designs of the SDF-1 from the Robotech/Macross anime. It was built at the Planitia shipyards under the supervision of Lord Fahrvergnugen. It is used as the setting for most of the second and third core stories as well as various stories set within the Golden Age.

New Avalon[]

One of the major setting locations for the later stories of Undocumented Features is the city of New Avalon, located inside the Zeta Cygni dyson sphere. Designed by Gryphon, New Avalon is his home and that of many of his allies and friends.

Worcester Preparatory Institute[]

The Worcester Preparatory Institute is based in the Worcester, MA of the 2400s. It is very similar to the original Worcester Polytechnical Institute in campus layout and building design, as it was built to be exactly like the original WPI when Worcester was rebuilt for the second time, but is a high-school level boarding school instead of a technical college. The Worcester Preparatory Institute is the setting for most of the stories within Symphony No. 1: Das Lied von der Erde of the Symphony of the Sword storyline.


List of Undocumented Features Characters

Major Characters[]

The following are only a handful of the huge number of characters involved in the Undocumented Features universe.


Benjamin 'Gryphon' Hutchins Gryphon is one of the founders of the Wedge Defense Force and served as second-in-command of the SDF-17 and commander of the Eight Ball fighter squadron for most of the Golden Age. His exile from the WDF in 2288 heralded the collapse of the organisation and he led its recreation almost a century later, leaving the Force a few years later to found the International Police Organisation. He has five children: Kaitlyn, Corwin, Leonard, Guy and Priss.

Megazone Megazone was the first leader of the WDF, commanding it until 2288 when he resigned, unable to deal with the apparent crimes of Gryphon. Although he returned to command in 2388, he left the force after the Twilight Incident when he was possessed by Loki and has become an agent of chaos. He is responsible for the Babylon Foundation, an international diplomatic organisation centered upon the Babylon Station.

Utena Tenjou Utena is the Prince of Cephiro (the Tenth World, located between the celestial and mortal planes) through her victory in the Grand Tournament when she was fourteen. Hurled out of Cephiro through the machinations of Akio Ohtori, she was rescued by Zoner and became Kaitlyn Hutchins' roommate at Worcester Preparatory Insitute. Subsequently she has become a Captain (and sometimes Commodore) in the International Police Space Force, returned to Cephiro to defeat Akio (not permanently, unfortunately) and married (twice) - to mention only a few of her achievements.

Corwin Ravenhair The son of Gryphon with Skuld Ravenhair, Corwin is the only male Valkyrie, the Norse God of Mecha and the Pillar of Cephiro. In all of these capacities he has been a staunch ally and dear friend to Utena, leading to their marriage. Many of the giant robots used by the IPO and associated organisations are his workmanship, and he takes the field himself in the Rune God Orihalcon (which he more commonly refers to simply as "Big O").

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Akio Ohtori Akio began 'life' as an undead remnant of Utena's predecessor Prince, Dios, and spent years attempting to regain the power of that life. To this end he manipulated the Grand Tournament to select the next Prince and usurped the office of Priest. His plans were foiled and he was presumed dead, having been flung from Cephiro's Duelling Platform, however he has reappeared as a Duke of Hell, master of Oriphos (his own dark reflection of Cephiro) and as an enemy of Utena and all of her allies.

Largo An accidental creation of the CLULESS program, Maximillian Largo is the android mastermind behind the GENOM corporation and their rise to power. Over centuries he fought the WDF directly and indirectly, until (and in fact even after) his death during the War of Corporate Occupation when he very nearly managed to conquer the entire Federation.


List of Undocumented Features Sources

The Undocumented Features universe contains references from many different fictional works and the real world. Some of the major ones include Robotech, Star Wars, Star Trek, Bubblegum Crisis, Norse Mythology, and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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