The core volumes of Undocumented Features are the original stories written back in 1991.

Undocumented Features

The first story of Undocumented Features covers Gryphon's discovery of CLULESS, the creation of the Dirty Pair and the first clashes of the Wedge Rats with Largo's minions, leading to the first destruction of Worcester and the departure of the Wedge for deep space.

The Long Road

The Long Road covers the voyage to Zeta Cygni, the Wedge Rats first meeting with the eccentric Lord Fahrvergnugen and his gift of the SDF-17 Wayward Son. This immediately leads to the first major battle of the newly founded Wedge Defense Force against the equally new GENOM.

Out in the Cold

Out in the Cold details the second destruction of Worcester, the choices of many of the Wedge Rats to become Detians and lightly covers the Golden Age before the big finale of Sonfall and the collapse of the Wedge Defense Force over Musashi.


Picking up after the Exile era, Crossroads covers the return of Zoner and the Dirty Pair to Gryphon's reformed WDF and the later stages of the War of Corporate Occupation, including the Battle of Zeta Cygni and Gryphon's final duel with Largo. With their ancient adversary defeated, the Wedge Defenders can now look forward to Future Imperfect.

Core volumes on EPU website.

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