The security guard forbidding Ren and Stimpy entrance into the Magic Kingdom.

Unhappiest place on Earth is the seventh episode of The New Adventures of Ren and Stimpy.


Ren and Stimpy take a vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida and want to get in the Magic Kingdom amusment park, but the guards won't let them through on account of the rule, "No Chihuahuas or Cats allowed". So Ren and Stimpy try to formulate plans to get through the guards and get in the Magic Kingdom. Will they succed?

Sneak peek of the episode

Ren is seen with a shovel and Stimpy is watching as they plan to dig their way into the magic kingdom.

Ren: You ready, Stimpy?

Stimpy: Ready when you are, Ren.

Ren starts digging a hole.

Ren: What are you waiting for? Get in there.

Stimpy dives in and Ren follows. But Stimpy's butt is in the way. They pop out of a hole.

Ren: Great job, Stimpy. Your enormous butt made me lose track of where we're going. Look where we are.

Kenya Africa. A baboon taps ren on the shoulder. Ren turns around.

Ren: BABOON!!!

The baboon starts beating up Ren.

Stimpy: I think he likes you, Ren.


This episode is an homage to Walt Disney World.

Mickey Mouse makes a cameo at the end of this episode.

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