The title of my first movie, Clash of the Series.

Hi. I'm new here on Fanfiction Wiki, but I've created FanFics before and so I'm excited to combine some genres and build a huge universe out of all the things I love.

Stories and Movies I've Made

Life Story

  • Got stuck in an alternate dimension with a dozen supernatural beings and an evil alternate counterpart.
  • Spent a year in colonial America fighting in NYC.
  • Visited several alternate worlds that looked exaclty like certain video games.
  • Accidentally combined our universe with one that didn't have wars (it turned out well for a while)
  • Killed an evil king with an old clock and a scarf

Planned Stories and Movies

  • S.A.S.D.U.S.A.
  • The Magician's Jounral
  • Clash of the Series 2: The Lucubra's Revenge
  • Clash of the Series 3 and more sequels
  • C.S.A.: Children's Society of Alienology
  • Dr. When
  • The Griffin's Wings
  • D.U.D.E.
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