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It is I, CastleFalcon!

Hi, I'm CastleFalcon, and I love to write fan-fictions. I will be writing about anime shows, such as Naruto. Sometimes, I might go nickolodean, such as my sloppy-fan-fiction; the iCarly gangers. I hope on writing an original fanfic, hopefully when I'm done with the Naruto series, unless I want to make my Naruto fan-fics a trilogy.

Aside from this, I'm in 8th Grade. I am also an honor roll student, and hopefully it stays like that. The only time I want this to change is when I get straight A's! Sadly, I'm an only child. The good thing is that I have step brothers, though I barley get to see them (once every two weeks).

I really like my house. It's kind of spacey, and I like the fact that my room feels cozy....the office to (the office is where I write my fan-fics!). I am 13 years of age, and I rather not say my name...

But you may refer to me as CastleFalcon.....falcons are my favorite birds!

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First FanFictions[]

iCarly Gangers Series

Second & Third FanFictions[]

Naruto: Senior Year

Naruto: College Freshmen

Fourth FanFictions[]

Alrighty; here are the three main characters. I sketched them myself!

Fith FanFictions[]

Naruto: Family

Special Support[]

Special shout-out to my friend, Gabriela Guzman, who really enjoys the Naruto Series! Other readers are: Angelie Guzman, Naomi Paz, Alejandro Marquez (he read iCarly, and some of Naruto Highschool), along with his brother, Gabriel Marquez.

The Falcon.... Has Arrived...

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Naruto: Senior Year, Naruto: College Freshmen, Naruto: Family[]

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