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Kamen Rider: Ace Warrior is an American adaption of the Japanese tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Blade, the fourteenth installment of the Kamen Rider Series.


After Xaviax defeat on ventara. Earth lived in harmony and peace with the mirror world.but there is a new evil the undead king aka captain daeron as the reincarnation of xaviax son has awaken to bring havoc to both worlds len and kit establish a task force for both human and ventara rider called RIDER FORCE when the worlds needed kit the most he died... and len has quit and gone into a deep depression... now enter the new Kamen Riders to stop the undead king to protect humanity and save the world



Blade Logo.png
Kamen Rider: Ace Warrior
Number 3
Number of episodes: 64
First episode: A New Hero Rises
Last episode: The Eternal Joker
Intro: Kamen Rider: Ace Warrior theme
Adapted from: Kamen Rider Blade
Original airing: August 8, 2019-December 6, 2020
Producer: Adness Entertainment
Toei Company
Production Order


| style="width: 20px; background-color: darkblue; "|Kamen Rider Ace Warrior ♠ |Jared Mccormick |- | style="width: 20px; background-color: maroon; "|Kamen Rider Diamond Paladin ♦ |Len |- | style="width: 20px; background-color: black; "|Kamen Rider Heart Archer  ♥ |Terry Hakamashi |- | style="width: 20px; background-color: Green; "|Kamen Rider Clover Lancer ♣ |Aaron Tenor |- | style="width: 20px; background-color:#CFB53B; " |Kamen Rider Sword Ace |Terrance Mccormick |- | style="width: 20px; background-color: red; " |Kamen Rider Crossbow Ace |Penny Eastman |- | style="width: 20px; background-color: green; " |Kamen Rider Spear Ace |Jamie Easton |}