Hi, welcome to my profile page. I am the creator of Nicktoons Academy(which as of the writing of this is now on hiatus) and Nabriho'ulbon's World(currently finishing up the sub stories of its substory, SNGTJ). I spent a long time working on SNGTJ so it might take a while for me to update them.

My works

Nicktoons Academy

Current Status: On hiatus

Nabriho'ulbon's World

Sub Stories

Sub-Sub Stories:

Current Status: Ongoing

Bio Pages

Nabriho'ulbon's World




The 3-Year Crusade

Chapter 1(Work in progress)

Current Status: Cancelled(will be willing to give the job of finishing to another user. If you want the offer, just request on my talk page).


Gwen Falls For a Merman in Prison(Camp Camp x Attar the Merman[rated:18+]) Status: coming soon.

Secret Mission in Gotham Ski Resort(Hitman x Batman[rated:18+]) Status: coming soon.

I've gotta feeling we're gonna make love together(American Dad x All Dogs Go To Heaven[rated:18+]) Status: coming soon.

Red mercenary in Animal Town(The Evillious Chronicles x Animal Crossing[rated:18+]) Status: coming soon.

A Lesbian Fairytale(Thumbelina x Disenchantment[rated:18+]) Status: coming soon.

Good Luck Jillian(Erfworld x Good Luck Ninomiya-Kun[rated:18+]) Status: coming soon.

Moneypenny's investigation(James Bond[rated:18+]) Status: coming soon.


Vast Error: Ours(Vast Error x Bokurano[Rated:16+]) Status: coming soon.

H3LP! DR4GON3TS 4R3 1NV4D1NG 4LT3RN14!!!(Homestuck x Narutaru[Rated:17+]) Status: coming soon.

Beta Sburbia Evangelion[Rated:16+]) Status: coming soon.

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