I'm MizzKeyes aka United Planets. I'm a 27 year old gamer/writer with an affinity for science fiction or political based writing. I first started on Conworld Wikia, writing about a variety of fictional worlds and countries. I then found Fan Fiction Wikia. I have added my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan-fiction here some years ago. I also plan to add a smaller Doctor Who fan-fiction as well.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction

Doctor Who Fan Fiction

  • Doctor Who: An American Companion - the fan-fic
  • Doctor Who: AAC Episodes - The Fan-Fic episodes (F1-F14)
  • Alyssa Madison Davies - new companion
  • Dalek Killer - gunpowder based ammunition designed for use in human firearms to penetrate Dalek/Cyberman armor
  • AIPHX - (A)dministration for the (I)nterdiction of (PH)enomenon of E(X)traterrestrial Origin (AIPHX). U.S. equivalent of Torchwood Institute
  • UNIT-14 Pulse Carbine - weapon reverse engineered from Dalek technology used by UNIT & AIPHX
  • Pook - an Adipose baby that Alyssa finds wandering aboard the TARDIS following the events of F14-The Good Dalek. Named Pook (because it repeatedly says the word) and kept as a pet by Alyssa.
  • Rusty - The "good" Dalek from Series 8 Episode 2, becomes a recurring character as it reappears in F14-The Good Dalek and two more times during Series 9.
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