Hey guys, I'm planning to create another American Kamen Rider fanfic called Hopperman, which is based on Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue. However, before I can, there's one major situation I could use your help with: who should be the human form of Hopperman?

At first, I suggested that Hopperman should be an Earthling named Kenneth Verity who, like his Japanese counterpart, is also the son of a doctor. He became Hopperman when he was given the DNA of a grasshopper. I was also thinking that I might add the Strengthened Form of Doras from Kamen Rider ZO as another arch-nemesis of Hopperman.

But... that's when another question came up: What if King Lexian (Dex's grandfather from Saban's Masked Rider) was Hopperman instead; you know, back when he was young? One reason is that it can be proven that he was also a Masked Rider years ago before Dregon & Dex even became Masked Riders. Lexian may have transformed into Hopperman when his ability to transform into a Masked Rider had a violent side-effect, causing him to mutate. I also suggested that years later, Lexian's DNA would be passed down to his son Dregon, who would assume a black grasshopper-like form (called Batta Man in Kamen Rider Black) before being cured when he becomes a Masked Rider in The First Masked Rider.

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