Vampiric Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon Infinity Celestial Zodiac Titan Deity Revolutionary Great Millennial Intergalactic Supernatural Aeon Kingdom Maximum Ancient Guardian Storm: Legacy of The Ancient Universal Sailor Goddesses is a fan fictional series based on Sailor Moon.

This is also a remake of the anime series with mix of the supernatural world & intergalactic entities.

The Sailor Soldier Civilization was created by Sailor Chaos, Sailor Order, and Sailor Void; also known as The Divine 3.

The story involves more information about the history of the Silver Millennium

Sailor Soldier Civilization

Divine 3 / Universal Divine Sailor Entities

Original Sailors / Sailor Primes

Neo Soldiers

Infinity Scouts / Grand Council

Zodiac Sailors

Celestial Sailors

Deity Sailors

Sailor Titans / Iron Heart Generals

Intergalactic Sailors

Sailor Animates

Elite Guard

Divine Sailors / Imperial Sailor Guardian Entities

Legendary Sailors / Supreme Cosmic Sailor Entities


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