Tsumugi's Vanilluxe

Vanilluxe, as a Vanillite is Tsumugi's second Pokémon she caught during the Festival Reunion, she was later confirmed female after Azusa had Delcatty to use Attract and failed to work on her, confirming her gender to be female, she even helps Tsumugi with the tea and cakes.

As a Vanillite

As a Vanillite, she is kindhearted, and really affectionate and very sweet and shares Mugi's traits. She evolved into a Vanillish in Thawing the Icy Vanillish! when Tsumugi was attacked by Team Rocket multiple times, this angered Vanillite and caused her to evolve into Vanillish. As a Vanillish, She is still kindhearted despite her evolution into Vanillish. She has a sharing personality, but sometimes gets angry if anyone tries to threaten Tsumugi and may attack without warning.

As a Vanillish

She was used again in Chilling The Twin Trouble trying to shield the Light Music Club, but she was knocked out in the process, as the angry wild Gabite was about to attack them, Vanillish learned Flash Cannon and unfortunately Gabite dodged it, but endured a Dragon Pulse. Tsumugi tells her not to give up and encouraged her to do its best for her and the Light Music Club, hearing this made Vanillish evolve into her final form, Vanilluxe. She learned a new move called Freeze-Dry and drives Gabite away, but Ritsu decides to catch it because of its spirit and she and Tsumugi agreed, Ritsu successfully catches the Gabite who later turned nice, Vanilluxe has a motherly like personality and is very sweet, but gets angry if any bad guys try to attack the group. In "What's In a Nickname?", she was officially nicknamed Van-Lily by Tsumugi which she briefly mentioned, and even nicknamed the other Pokemon she has.

Vanilluxe's known moves are: Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Hail, Freeze-Dry and her ability is Ice Body.

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