Vicky As She Appears Vicky Had Long Dark Orange Hair Which Was In An Ponytail Vicky Is Light Tan Skinned Vicky Has Black Eyelashes And Black Eyebrows Vicky Wore White Lenses Vicky Had Light Pink Irises Vicky Had An Pointy Nose Vicky Has An Mouth W/Light Pink Lipstick Vicky Wore An Light Green T-Shirt Showing Her Light Tan Hourglass Shaped Stomach Vicky Wore Black Leather Pants And Black Shoes Vicky Has An Gold Earring On Her Right Ear

Adult Vicky's Life Story

Vicky Now 18 Becomes Good Using Her Unique Powers Given To Her Vicky Shows Kindness Towards Her Closest Allies Vicky Even Teaches Lisa Her Signature Technique The Pink Beam Of Destruction

Appearances In Comics

This Version Of Vicky Has Appeared In Numerous Comics Outside The Fairly Oddparents Timeline And In It Vicky's Earliest Appearance Was In Vicky's Destiny Issue #1 (1998-99) Vicky Who Is Now 18 Discovered That Dimmsdale Was Completely Obliterated With Everyone Dead Vicky Wonders If She Would've Been Dead In The Explosion Vicky Flied Off To Find The Culprit Behind This