Super Mario Bros. Z: resRXion/Ultra-Z Character

Vinny Griffin
(ヴィニー・グリフィン, Vinī Gurifin)

Vinny wearing his Z-Ring equipped with the Z-Crest of Light
Age 7 (49 in dog years)
Family Leo (previous owner)
Peter Griffin (current owner)
Lois Griffin (current owner)
Meg Griffin (current owner)
Chris Griffin (current owner)
Z-Crest of Knowledge.svgStewie Griffin (current owner and best friend)
Z-Crest of Hope.svgBrian Griffin (big brother)
Coco (father, deceased)
Josie (mother)
Trait Z-Crest of Light.svg
Light (光, Hikari)
Nationality Italian-American
Occupation Family Dog
Chosen One
The Eighth Hero
Legendary Hero
Pokémon Partner Bagon
Creator Seth MacFarlane
Voice Romi Park (Japanese)
Jimmy Campbell (English)

Vinny Griffin (ヴィニー・グリフィン, Vinī Gurifin) is a main protagonist of Super Mario Bros. Z: resRXion and Super Mario Bros. Ultra-Z. He is one of the Chosen Ones to protect, save and defend the Pocket Universe from enemy Pokémon. His partner Pokémon is Bagon, and he bears the Z-Crest of Light. He was discovered to be the "Eighth Hero", whom Pheromosa was looking for, and had planned to kill before the other seven Chosen Ones found him.

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