Violent Holy Demonic Queen of The Moon Kingdom & The True Princesses of The Silver Millennium--The Legacy of The Supreme Holy Dragon King & The Primordial Beast Gods / Intergalactic Maximum War Zone & Supernatural Revolutionary Xi-Storm is a fan fiction multi crossover series.

This ia also a retelling of the Sailor Moon anime with a crossover with Devil May Cry.

This is also a multi-crossover series with other forms of media.

The Silver Millennium fell becuase of The Sailor Wars. Usagi si the child of The Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda. Usagi can wield the powers of The Light & Dark.


Sailor Soldiers

Divine 3 / Universal Sailor Entities

Watcher Sailor Titans

Iron Heart Council

Sailor Primes

Neo Soldiers

Infinity Scouts / Grand Council

Zodiac Sailors

Kinmoku Sailors

Celstial Sailors

Intergalactic Sailors

Sailor Animates

Deity Sailors / Elite Guard

Legendary Sailor Titans / Royal Guardains of The Universal Sailor Entities


Primes / Prime Leaders





Aerialbots / Superion

Protectobots / Defensor



Cybertron Elite Guard

Holy Knights


Time-Space Administration Bureau


Television Shows


Video Games


  • The Neo Soldiers wield the Lost Hight-Teir Longinuses containing the spirits of The Legendary God Slayers.
  • Sailor Order, Sailor Chaos, & Sailor Void are the founders of The Sailor Soldier Universe, they are the ones who created The 12 Original Sailor Primes & The Legendary Sailor Titans.
  • The canon Sailor Scouts are from noble families, they formed The Dark Scouts, who are the evil counterparts to The Neo Soldiers. Dark Sailor Sun is their leader
  • The Dark Scouts are the ones who started the Sailor Wars.
  • The Dark Scouts are the students of The Old Gods. Neo Sailor Moon & Dark Sailor Sun are the only 2 Sailors who have the power to defeat the Old Gods.
  • Neo Sailor Moon is revealed to be one of The 12 Original Sailor Primes along with Sailor Galaxia, her aunt Neo Sailor Charon and her older sister Sailor Universe.
  • Sailor Universe is Neo Sailor Moon's older sister & co-leader of The Infinity Scouts.
  • Motoko Kusanagi, Major of Sector 9 is a Neo Soldier named Neo Sailor Charon. She is also the niece of Neo Sailor Moon & Sailor Universe. She also wields the fourth talisman: The Rainbow Magnum.
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