This about Jaune Arc and the people of Remnant watching his own multiverse.


  • Summer, Glynda, and Cinder are Jaune's aunts in this one, making Jaune the cousin of Ruby Rose (on Summer's side), Oscar Pine (adopted by the Rose/Xiao-Long Family), Cardin Winchester (on Glynda's side), and Neo (on Cinder's side).
  • Roman and Cinder are married while having Neo as their daughter.
  • Qrow and Summer are married too and Qrow is Ruby's father while they have adopted Oscar.
  • Whitley Schnne is now nicer and is in love with Penny.

Original Pairings

  • Ruby x Sage: (Ruby blushed at that and admits to crushing on him while Sage finds her cute)
  • Weiss x Neptune: (Weiss angrily refuses to date him again as Neptune was saddened)
  • Blake x Sun: (Blake and Sun blushed at this)
  • Yang x Scarlet: (Yang waves it off because she is bisexual and Scarlet claims he's gay)
  • Jaune x Pyrrha: (Jaune was happy and Pyrrha was excited)
  • Ren x Nora: (Ren smiled and Nora cheered)
  • CRDL x NDGO: (NDGO was nervous about meeting their exes)
  • Mercury x Emerald: (They blushed at this)
  • Roman x Cinder: (They happily reunited and started kissing)
  • Oscar x Neo: (Oscar blushed and Neo was excited)
  • Whitley x Penny: (Whitley admits that she's cute and Penny was excited)
  • Ironwood x Glynda: (Ironwood smirked but Glynda hates him)
  • Ozpin x Salem: (Ozpin and Salem blush at the mention of their former marriage)
  • Qrow x Summer: (They happily reunite)
  • Tai x Raven: (They separate from each other)

Prologue: Home Alone

In Jaune's room, he was upset because his friends are not believing in him, the bullying is getting worst, and Miss Goodwitch is only being more harder on him. Also, he's sick and tired of being insulted for not being strong. Pyrrha also revealed Jaune's transcripts to the students and teachers to protect him from Cardin's blackmail but that caused everyone to be mad at him, leaving him to feel betrayed. Only Ruby, Sun, Velvet, NDGO, and BRNZ are nice to him. However, he suddenly finds a note from someone to come to a multiversal theater. He believed in the multiverse and agreed to go.

In other places, the people of Remnant were minding their own business when some light appeared near them.

In RWBY's room, they were making plans to talk with Jaune Arc. They developed a crush on him and want to hang out with him. Ruby was upset with them for ignoring Jaune but they assured that he'll understand that they needed time to talk to him, much to her disappointment. However, a light appears and grabs them.

In NPR's room, they were worried about Jaune and felt bad for neglecting him. Ren sighed in disappointment at the girls for caring about their image more than their leader. A light appears and grabs them.

Sun, Velvet, NDGO, and BRNZ were approached too and agreed to join.

After bringing everyone to the theater, the host A appears and Jaune is strangely with him.

"Hello, my ladies, friends, enemies, and family. Welcome to the Arc theater." said a smiling Jaune. He had his black hoodie t-shirt on and some black sweat pants. He chose not to wear the fingerless gloves.

The girls liked his appearance.

"What is the meaning of this, Arc?" asked a demanding Glynda, hoping to scare him into answering.

"Yes, I would like to know also." said an agreeing Raven.

"Maybe you should shut up and let him tell you." said a sarcastic and annoyed Jaune, shocking the two women and angering them.

Everyone was shocked by this.

His friends were wondering what's happened to him.

Ozpin sighed at this, feeling like the ignoring issues are what's causing this but was happy that Jaune's standing up for himself.

"Thank you. Greetings, I am your host. Just call me A. Here we'll be traveling the multiverse and it will be about the most important character in your universe." said a serious A. He then activates the switch and the person is Jaune Arc, surprising everyone, "Now, don't underestimate him. There are universes where he's turned into an innocent child, one where he's a hilarious chibi, one where he's a funny superhero, one where he's a scary supervillain, one where he's a brave Jedi Knight, one where he's a Sith Lord, one where he's a British zombie survivalist, and a final one where he's a legal guardian to a child."

Weiss wasn't going to complain. After the dance, she developed a liking to Jaune and regretted rejecting him. Her and the team now have a crush on him. The other girls in this theater also have a crush on him.

However, Yang decided to make a rude joke.

"A as in assbag." said a laughing Yang, only to get spanked with a paddle.

After rubbing her sore butt, she sees an irritated Jaune right behind her and he teleports back to the stage.

"Miss Xiao-Long, this host is your superior and you need to show him some respect." said an irritated Jaune.

"Thank you, Mr. Arc. May you please sit with your sisters, sister-in-law, nephew, cousins, Team RWBY, and Team NDGO so they won't cause trouble?" asked a grateful A.

"Of course." said a smiling Jaune.

He then snapped his fingers and new seat appeared. He snapped his fingers again and sat down in his seat.

The mentioned females were offended by the accusation and Jaune agreeing with that.

"Wait, why are we watching him? We barely know him." said a confused Winter.

"He happens to be friends with your little sister." said a smiling A.

"What about us?" asked a confused Neon.

"Because your counterparts are friends with him." said a smiling A.

Then Ruby raises her hand and was given permission to speak.

"Can we watch the child one?" asked a happy Ruby.

The Arc Sisters nodded eagerly.

"Not yet." said the serious host. However, he remembers something, "Oh yeah, Arc family, please introduce yourselves."

"I'm John Arc, husband of Juniper Arc and father of the Arc Siblings." said a smiling John. Everyone was shocked to see he looks like a older Jaune with a blond beard and wears a knight armor with a blue cape and golden crown.

"I'm Juniper Arc, wife of John Arc and mother of the Arc Siblings." said a smiling Juniper. Everyone was also shocked to how beautiful she is and she looked like an older version of Yang but dressed as Hera from Clash Of The Titans.

"I'm Sapphron Arc, the eldest sister of Jaune Arc, wife of Terra, and mother of Adrian Arc." said a smiling Sapphron before she sits down and kisses her wife, earning catcalls from Neptune which annoyed them but Jaune shut him up by threatening him with his sword, which made the women smile. She looks just like what she looked like in the show's fourth volume.

"I'm Jasmine Arc, the sexiest older sister of that cute hottie Jaune Arc." said a smirking Jasmine as she posed in her skimpy clothes and gave a wink at her blushing little brother while the mature siblings gave her an annoyed look. Jaune waved at her back and she sat closely next to him. She is wearing a Hooters outfit just for Jaune to see and much to the family's disapproval but she denied ever working at that place, much to their relief.

"I'm Blanc Arc, the bored older sister of Jaune Arc." said a bored Blanc. She is like Blake and always acts bored but loves Jaune and is overprotective over him. She was dressed as Gwen from Total Drama but black dyed hair.

"I'm Jade Arc, the most athletic older sister of Jaune Arc." said an arrogant Jade, flexing her muscles. However, Jaune surprisingly glared at her in hatred and she flinched. She was wearing a baseball player outfit and with the black finger lines on her cheeks.

"I'm Jane Arc, the sweetest twin sister of Jaune Arc." said a smiling Jane as her and Jaune did a twin smile posing for Velvet's camera as the bunny girl giggled at them. She even wears the outfit as Jaune.

"I'm Verte Arc, the most smartest younger sister of Jaune Arc." said a grinning Verte, pushing up her glasses. Goodwitch liked her. She is wearing a sweater and glasses.

"I'm Rose Arc, the youngest of the siblings." said a nervous Rose. The girls found her adorable. She wore the blue dress from Alice in Wonderland.

"I'm Johann Arc, the cousin and adopted older brother of Jaune Arc." said a smiling Johann, making the girls blush. He looks like Jaune but is one year older, has a haircut, and wears the new outfit that Jaune wears in the future. However, he seems to wield some pistols.

"I'm Bianka Arc, the eldest sister of Johann Arc." said a stern Bianka. She is dressed in a business woman outfit.

"I'm Alice Arc, the youngest sister of Johann Arc." said a happy Alice.

"I'm Sierra Arc, the other cousin of Jaune Arc." said a smirking Sierra, who made Jaune, Johann, and the boys blush. She wears the Valkyrye uniform and wields a spear.

"I'm Lio Arc, the older brother of Sierra Arc." said a respectful Lio.

"I'm Bleu Arc, the youngest brother of Sierra Arc." said a shy Bleu, earning awes from his sister and the girls. He was an adorable child with black hair, a blue shirt, and blue pants.

Bleu went to sit with Sierra, who cuddles him.

Everyone was shocked.

"He has seven sisters?" asked a shocked Sun.

"Are any of them single?" asked a perverted Neptune.

"Do you wanna keep breathing, blue balls?" asked an irritated Jaune, pulling out a pen that he turns into his sword.

Johann took out his pistol and Sierra took out her spear.

Neptune and any other pervert gulped nervously, stopping their comment.

The girls were happy by this.

The villains arrived but Cinder, Roman, and Neo went up and hugged Jaune. Summer did the same.

"Oh my gosh, look how big you've grown." said a gushing Summer.

"Hello Aunt Summer." said a smiling Jaune, shedding a few tears at seeing her.

"Mommy." said a happy Ruby.

"Ruby." said a happy Summer.

They hug each other before Ruby also hugs Jaune and he hugs back.

Yang realizes what's going on and also hugs Jaune, calling him little cousin.

Tai smiles to see his look-a-like being his nephew.

Raven was shocked that Jaune is her nephew but smiles and hugs him too.

"Wait a minute, Jaune's an uncle?" asked a shocked Pyrrha.

"Yep, say hi to your nephew." said a smiling Jaune.

Adrian goes to Pyrrha and hugs her, calling her "Aunt Pyrrha."

Pyrrha smiles and hugs him back.

"Wait, no offense and all but I barely know the guy." said a confused Mercury.

"It's because you and Emerald are working for his aunt." said a smiling A.

"It's true, he's my nephew." said a nodding Cinder.

"Also, here's the reason why he was irritated." said a sad A.

(One explanation later.)

Everyone was either sympathetic, angered, or disappointed.

Miss Nikos was disappointed in Pyrrha for ratting Jaune out.

Tai was disappointed in Yang for not defending Jaune.

Ghira, Kali, and Willow were the same way with Blake and Weiss.

Ozpin was very upset by this.

Raven now understood and has forgiven Jaune for his outburst.

Sienna and Ilia felt bad for him.

Jaune's family were angry at Pyrrha and Cardin.

(The prologue starts with a 8-year-old Jaune Arc innocently having a mac and cheese dinner on a winter holiday.)

The girls and women cooed over him.

The Arc Family smiled at the sight of the boy as a young child.

Summer, Glynda, and Cinder smiled at the sight of him as a young child.

"Awe Jaune, you look so adorable." said a gushing Ruby.

Emerald, Neo, and The Twins also cooed at him.

Even the males agreed with the girls.

(After he was finished, he noticed a van pulling up and recognizes them as bandits. However, he just smiles at this and checked his map of all the traps he set.)

The Heroes and Villains were curious about those traps.

Salem, Cinder, Glynda, and the Arc Family gulped, knowing what's going to happen.

"Oh please, as if he can do anything." said an arrogant Neptune, earning glares from the audience, mostly Johann, Bianka, Alice, Sierra, Lio, Bleu, Pyrrha, Nora, Ren, NDGO, Ruby, and Sun.

"Dude, not cool." said an upset Sun, not liking Neptune's comment.

"You better watch your mouth, water boy. You're on thin ice for flirting with NDGO right in front of Weiss." said a glaring A, not liking the guy at all.

When they were shown that, Weiss glared at her now ex-boyfriend, who was shivering. The glare was not only for flirting but for that arrogant comment.

(The van consisted of two burglars: a creepy looking middle aged male human with a snow cap on and his partner is a 20 something year old female cat faunas who is beautiful and looks friendly for children. They were Harvey and Mary, the Wet Bandits.)

Yang was laughing at the name of their team, still happy that her and Jaune are family.

(The reason why Jaune is home alone is because he got in a fight with Yang since she doesn't stop messing with him and her mother Raven took her side instead of listening to Jaune's side of the story. Yang has secretly been picking on Jaune for being younger than her and does everything to get him in trouble.)

The family felt bad for how they treated him.

Yang looked down, remembering how she always got him in trouble.

(When no one defended him, he angrily wished for them to disappear and the next morning, he found them gone because his alarm clock wasn't working and they went to the airport without him.)

Everyone glared at them for being irresponsible.

(At first, he had fun but then started to miss them and blamed himself for the reason why they're not there anymore.)

They hug him.

"Don't worry, we're family." said a smiling Ruby.

(The bandits go to the front door of the house but Jaune has a bb gun.)

"Why does Jaune have a gun?" asked a worried Summer.

"Relax, it's not real." said a serious A.

"Then what is it?" asked a confused Raven.

"A bb gun." said a smiling A.

(They pretend to be nice but Jaune shoots Harvey in the balls.)

Jaune, Johann, and the girls laugh at this and the guys winced.

"Good Jaune, always aim for there." said a smirking Raven and Sierra.

"Auntie Raven and Cousin Sierra, please don't." said an annoyed Jaune but is still amused by what he did.

(Mary poked her head into the dog door but saw Jaune and smiled innocently.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hello."

(He softly shot her in the face but she gratefully faked it and pretended to meowed in pain while wanting to laugh at her partner's situation.)

Blake and Kali smiled at Jaune being nice to cats.

Jaune noticed and rubbed Blake's cat ear, earning a purr from her.

RWY and NDGO laughed fondly at the antics.

Sun noticed and smiled, happy for them but jealous that he doesn't have the ears. He didn't want Jaune to pet them but wanted females to pet them.

Neon pouted at not having any cat ears.

"Anyway, looks like those two don't get along." said a observing Flynt, comforting his teammate.

"Yeah, most villains don't." said an agreeing Mercury since it's the same with Emerald but it's more of a sibling relationship.

(They both split up but keep underestimating the kid because Harvey got the top of his hair burned off while Mary only has a red shoe print on her face.)

Everyone was impressed.

"Jaune Arc is really incredible." said an amused Ozpin, liking what he's doing to the burglars.

(Mary decided to use the window but stepped on some broken ornaments and it hurt because she was barefooted.)

Everyone winced at that.

"Why isn't she wearing any shoes?" asked a confused Mercury.

"Because the basement stairs was covered in green slimy glue." said a shrugging A.

"Still though, I feel bad for causing that to happen." said a remorseful Jaune.

(Finally, the two burglars reunited but were confused.)

  • Harvey: (confused) "Why the hell aren't you wearing any shoes?"
  • Mary: (also confused) "Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken?"

(He growls at her as she just smirks, clearly enjoying his misery.)

Everyone laughs because Harvey is dressed like a chicken.

"How did that happened?" asked a laughing Emerald.

"There was just some feathers and a fan." said a laughing A.

Chapter 1: Child Jaune

(Our story starts with everyone recovering from the battle of Beacon. Everyone was worried for Jaune because he saved their lives. Before the battle, Pyrrha kissed Jaune but tried to lock him in a locker to protect him. However, he saw her trickery and put her in it. He sent her to the evacuation zone and went to fight Cinder.)

"Pyrrha, don't get mad at Jaune. He had every right to do that because you did the same to him. That just showed you don't have faith in him. This is his fight so stay out of it. When this happens, let him help instead of getting him out of the way. Because if you do that to him, then you will be killed by Cinder." said the serious host.

Pyrrha did want to scold Jaune for that but thought about it and decided to not get mad.

(He traveled up the top of the tower and found Cinder defeating Ozpin. Then he watched in horror as Cinder kills Ozpin by burning him to ashes, causing Jaune to shout "NO!")

Everyone was saddened by the death of Ozpin. Cinder cheers at having killed him and Salem is a little bit heartbroken.

(Angered by this, he fought Cinder but was getting wounded. Salem arrived but Cinder betrays her by taking her power and mortally wounding her.)

Salem glares at Cinder, who cowered.

(However, Salem gave her heroic powers to Jaune and healed him. She smiled and said that Jaune looked just like his father. When Jaune questioned her, Salem said she remembered her and Ozpin holding their daughter Juniper and have faith that their grandchild would be a hero, meaning that Jaune Arc is the grandson of Ozpin and Salem.)

Everyone was shocked by this but Salem was shocked to see Juniper.

"Juniper, is that you?" asked a crying Salem.

"Yes, it's me." said a serious Juniper.

Cinder smiled because she recognizes Jaune as her little nephew during childhood.

Ozpin was shocked that he is the grandfather of Jaune, Ruby, and Neo.

(Shocked and saddened, Jaune hugged his grandmother one last time before she disappeared, being free from immortality and becoming redeemed. With his grandmother's powers, he stands against Cinder, who he angrily calls a monster.)

"You're right, she's a monster and has been declared pure evil." said a serious A, who also hates Cinder.

(However, he managed to defeat her but was engulfed in a bright light as Cinder angrily screamed and vanished.)

Everyone cheered for Jaune. His family were proud of him, his team cheered for him, the girls cheered for their crush, and Cinder didn't mind.

(He was transformed into something small but somehow adorable and innocent.)

They are wondering what he got turned into.

(The girls were worried because Jaune has become popular with them. Unknown to the guys, Jaune had gotten a harem, meaning he had s*x with all the girls but didn't treat it like a one night stand. He couldn't say no because he never breaks a girl's heart.)

All the girls smile at this because he cared about them. The girls' parents approved of him but Tai and Raven didn't approve of him and think he's too weak. Tai was smart enough not to say anything but Raven did the opposite.

"As if Yang and Ruby would be with a weakling like him. She should be with a strong man, not some weak mother's boy. I bet his parents are disappointed in him." said a cold hearted Raven. She was given glares for that until Qrow finally said something.

"Says the bitch who barely cares for family and is a tomboy." said a glaring Qrow. Everyone was shocked and Raven glared at him for insulting her but he continued, "Ruby is not your daughter and she is old enough to have a boyfriend. If she loves Jaune, then let her. Jaune is a good person and he has a good family. They mentioned that he saved our lives and nearly got killed for that. You don't care about innocent people, you care about your tribe's point of view. You believing in the strong surviving and the weak dying. You're just a cold-hearted, selfish, heartless, and judgmental bitch who should learn to sit down and shut the fuck up."

Raven was enraged that her own brother would say that to her but was shocked when everyone clapped for him. She does sit down but is still angry and swears to get revenge for this humiliation.

(Even Weiss loves him because she found out that after the match between SSSN and NDGO, Jaune berated Neptune for being a womanizing pervert towards NDGO and flirting with them right in front of Weiss, who was not happy to see what Neptune did. He punished Neptune by kicking him in the groin and locking him in a closet full of gay porn.)

Weiss smiled at how he respects her and stood up for her.

NDGO also were happy.

"Awe, he beat that pervert for us." said a happy Nebula.

"Yeah, the girls at Beacon are so lucky to have him." said an agreeing Dove.

"That's what Neptune gets for flirting with us." said a smirking Gwen.

"That'll teach him." said a smiling Octavia.

"Yeah, Neptune is disliked because he flirts with other girls in front of Weiss when he's dating her." said an annoyed A.

"Is that so?" said an angry Whitley. Then he looks at Jaune, "What's Jaune's relationship with my sister?"

"He loves her but doesn't care about her title and hates her father." said a serious A.

'He doesn't want me for my title?' thought a regretful Weiss.

(As a reward, NDGO took him out for lunch and found it adorable how he tried to not embarrasses himself and them.)

"Aw, how sweet." said a blushing Nebula. She remembers the good times with him and still loves him.

"You know, I'm always sweet." said a smiling Jaune. He missed her too.

They went to each other and hugged.

(Anyway, his relationship with RWBY is like this: Ruby is always sweet to him and hangs out with him, Weiss just ignores him and doesn't believe in him, Blake just dominates him and acts as his boss, and Yang just beats him and jokingly calls him Vomit Boy, much to his annoyance.)

Jasmine went over to Yang and grabbed her before taking her to another room and when they came back, Yang was covered in bruises and didn't tell anyone what happened.

(Blake was sitting near them and was jealous but couldn't say anything because she never talked to him and was always anti-social to him.)

Blake pouted at not getting the chance to be with him.

(He knew about her being a Faunas and didn't cast her out for it because he had his own secret.)

Everyone who didn't hear Pyrrha's announcement was curious about it.

Ruby, Whitley, CFVY, Sun, Jasmine, Ozpin, and Goodwitch were nervous because they know about it and glare at Pyrrha for ratting him out. The others know about it and are still angry at him. Ironwood and Winter were suspicious.

"I wonder what's got Vomit Boy so scared." said a curious Yang. However, Jaune groaned in annoyance at the nickname and he explained his annoyance.

"Yang keeps calling me that nickname ever since I accidentally vomited on her shoes due to motion sickness." said an annoyed Jaune. When given disgusted looks, he asked, "How many of you have motion sickness?"

There were some hands raised up.

"But seriously, what did Pyrrha announced?" asked a curious Miss Nikos.

(She didn't know his secret but could tell he's too scared to reveal it. However, she heard that Ruby knows but also won't tell it because she can't betray him.)

"How does Ruby know?" asked an annoyed Yang. Eventhough she insults Jaune, she feels betrayed that he won't tell her.

"She overheard me and Pyrrha talk about it on the rooftop. She listened to my reason and kept her promise of keeping the whole thing a secret." said a serious Jaune, still wishing that he never told Pyrrha about it.

(Jaune's older sister Jasmine also knows and even Weiss' younger brother Whitley knows.)

Weiss was angry that Whitley knows so was Winter. The Arc sisters are jealous that Jasmine knows.

"Well, Jasmine is the most closest to Jaune and allows him to be a Huntsman. She is a basically a second mother to him." said a serious A while secretly winking at Jaune and Jasmine, which they get the message and were thankful to him.

(She didn't care what he did, he's a good person. Especially when it started during one lunch break, Jaune was eating with them until they heard Cardin Winchester and his team laughing at a sad Velvet.)

The students glare at the mention of that racist prick while the teachers sigh in disappointment. How is that guy still in Beacon?

"Oh great, it's that bastard." said an angry Sun.

"Why do they have to mention him?" asked an also angry Velvet.

"I'm sorry but who the hell is Cardin Winchester?" asked a confused Qrow.

"He is a student at a Beacon." said an annoyed Ozpin, not happy to see his least favorite student.

"A trouble maker." said an also annoyed Glynda, having dealt with that brat's antics.

"A racist bully who beats up Jaune and tortures Bun-Bun here." said an angry A. He too is familiar with the racist prick who beats up innocent people and Faunas.

"I really hate that guy even more than other villains." said a serious Jaune, annoyed at the antics of that guy.

"Amen, Jaune, amen." said an agreeing Velvet.

However, everyone felt anger from Jasmine.

"Is that so?" said an angry Jasmine, ready to find the prick who abused her baby brother.

Johann and Sierra wanted to harm that bully.

Cinder also was not happy to hear that Jaune is bullied and wants to send Cardin to Hell.

(At first, Jaune was convinced not to help but only to get angry when Cardin started pulling on Velvet's Faunas ears.)

Everyone got angry at this.

"Oh hell fucking no!" yelled an angry Coco.

The teachers were disappointed in Cardin for his behavior.

Glynda was the most disappointed in him.

(He was irritated that the others are just letting this happen. He got out of Pyrrha's grip, took his tray, went to Cardin, and hit him in the face with it, knocking him out with some teeth and blond coming out.)

  • Jaune: (annoyed) "That's more where that came from, asshole. (then he turn to the other bullies) Wanna be next? (they ran off like cowards) Chickens. (he dropped the tray and checked on Velvet) Are you okay?"
  • Velvet: (smiling) "Yes, thanks to you, my hero."

(She hugged him and he hugged her back. They went to her team and she ran to them.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Is she your teammate?"
  • Coco: (nodding) "Yes, thank you."
  • Jaune: (snickering) "No problem."

(He then went back to the others. Ruby was the only one praising him for saving that girl.)

Everyone clapped at him for saving Velvet.

(One time, he caught Team CRDL trying to r**e Blake but he stood up for her by brutally beating them up and getting Blake out of there.)

All the teachers were disappointed in those four and all the students were angry at what Cardin did. Blake went to Jaune and hugged him, which he returned.

"Blake, did he ever do that to you?" asked a serious Jaune. Blake nodded and Jaune was angry, "He's dead when I get back."

"Count me in. That guy is worst than scum." said an enraged Ghira.

"Let me have some of that action, no hurts my baby girl." said a growling Kali.

"I want some of that action. No one beats my baby brother and r***s his friend." said a vengeful Jasmine.

Even Mercury, Emerald, and Neo were angry. They might be villains but they're not r*****s.

"Sign me up. I will kick him so far, his spine will break." said an angry Mercury.

"I'm gonna kill him." said an agreeing Emerald.

(Anyway, Cardin went too far by exposing Jaune's transcripts, which happened to be fake.)

Everyone was shocked.

The Arc Family sighed at this.

Ironwood and Winter were angered by this, Yang wanted to hurt Jaune, and Weiss wanted to insult him but the host stopped them.

"Don't criticize him. Yang and Weiss, in another universe you two acted like jerks who didn't care about Jaune's reason and never bothered to hear it. You were hated by me for that. I think you two are hypocrites. Yang, you only care about the thrill and finding your deadbeat mother. Weiss, your family's company enslaves Faunas. Blake was a member of the White Fang but yet you forgive her and not Jaune? That's hypocritical. Ironwood and Winter, you two are no better. You don't care about anyone but your own selves. You plan to launch Atlas into the sky and leaving people in Mantle to die. You're both no better and are considered traitors. If I controlled your kingdom, I would want you arrested for treason and endangering people. Also, Ozpin knew about those transcripts but allowed Jaune to stay because the boy earned his spot. Now shut up and hear his reason." said an angry A.

Yang and Weiss apologized for their reaction and sat down but Ironwood and Winter were still angry.

However, Neo blushed at what he did and held up a sign that says she didn't know he was such a rebel.

(Yang and Weiss bullied him but Ruby and Blake protected him and he explained his reason. He wanted to be a hero like his father and their ancestors. He was just never good enough and because his aura wasn't unlocked.)

Now everyone understands and the two mentioned girls now felt bad for how they reacted.

"We're sorry for how we reacted." said a regretful Yang.

"Yeah, we just are upset that he kept this from us." said an agreeing Weiss.

"But you two don't seem to be nice. Yang, you always call him Vomit Boy. Weiss, you always insult him and only take flirts from a womanizing pervert called Neptune." said a serious A.

They look down in guilt.

"Jaune Arc, we apologize for how we reacted." said a sheepish Flynt, who was mad about them.

"It's okay. I shouldn't have done it in the first place. Besides, it's a one time thing." said a forgiving Jaune.

"However, Jaune's transcripts are revealed in your world and it was surprisingly Pyrrha who revealed it." said a disappointed A.

Jaune's true friends and family glare at Pyrrha.

"I did it to protect him." said a defensive Pyrrha.

"But you were wrong. You ruined his life." said an angry Ruby.

"Pyrrha, you're suspended from the team until you could be trusted." said a disappointed Jaune.

(When Yang and Weiss heard his reason, they apologized and the whole school didn't blame him. When Cardin was revealed to have lied about saving Jaune from a Grimm and a video of him confessing his crimes was shown, Ozpin was not happy.)

  • Ozpin: (glaring) "Winchester, I can't believe you lied. Not only that but we're hearing about what you did to Mr. Arc, Miss Scarlatina, and Miss Rose. We also heard rumors that you have also committed blackmail and racist graffiti. I thought you could be redeemed but it seems not. You're expelled. Pack up your stuff and get out of my school."

(Cardin angrily stormed out of the school, packed his stuff, and left in disgrace.)

Everyone cheered.

(However, the Vale police arrived. Cardin tried to run away but was knocked to the ground by Jaune, who punched him.)

  • Jaune: (angry) "That's for all the atrocities you've committed, you bastard."

(The police picked Cardin up and handcuffed him.)

  • Vale Police Officer: (stern) "You're under arrest for the murder and r**e of a dozen Faunas."

(Before Cardin was taken away, he blames Jaune.)

  • Cardin: (angry) "I'll get you Arc and your little animals too."
  • Jaune: (smirking) "How about you tell it to the judge and go to Hell."

(He gave him the double bird.)

Everyone wonders where he learned that.

(Yeah, Jaune has suicidal emotions because he felt like his team and the sister team don't have faith in him. He also once overheard RWBY only liking him because of a bet and Weiss even insulted him when she's confronted for only allowing Neptune to compliment her.)

"Oh yeah, I did overhear them. So they shouldn't be surprised as to why I rejected them." said a sad Jaune.

The adults were ashamed of them doing that.

(Jaune revealed that the betting happened before but unlike RWBY, it was a rude and mean girl named Winter.)

"He dated Winter?" asked a surprised Weiss.

(She pretended to love him but abused him. When he went to break things off with her, he found her having an affair with his uncle Ironwood and she was mockingly claiming that she can't believe he thought she was serious, making Ironwood laugh. So Jaune ran home crying and slow dancing with Glynda, who comforted him.)

Everyone felt bad for him and glared at Ironwood and Winter.

"I can't believe I'm related to someone like you." said an angry Weiss.

"Yeah, you're such a bitch." said an agreeing Whitley.

"This is all true and he vowed to only date someone who truly cares for him. Someone who shows actual pure love but until then, he developed a fear of rejection." said a sad Glynda.

"Oh man, that's sad." said a sympathetic Sun. Then he realized something, "Wait, what's your relationship with him?"

"I'm his aunt from his mother's side." said a serious Glynda.

"And you are Cardin's secret mother." said a sympathetic A.

"Yeah, me and Cardin are cousins but me and Glynda have disowned him because he's racist. He gets it from his father." said an annoyed Jaune.

"Ozpin, the James that you knew is gone. He had changed into a monster and had secretly abused Jaune during childhood. He was not a good uncle to him." said a sad A.

(Also, he had a relationship with NDGO but it didn't work out: Nebula was only dating him because of a bet, Dew abused him, Gwen cheated on him, and Octavia neglected him. Nebula was the only girl who felt bad and tried to be with him.)

  • Nebula: (crying) "No, stop now, come back. I love you."
  • Nebula: (shocked) "But you loved them."
  • Jaune: (angry) "OCTAVIA CARES MORE AOBUT WORK THAN ME! GWEN WAS FUCKING THAT HORNDOG BRAWNZ! AND DEW IS A PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTER WHO BULLIES ME! (then he calms down) I'm changing academies and you're staying away from me."

(Then he packed up and left as Nebula kneels down crying.)

'But I do love you.' thought a crying Nebula.

'I should've been a good girlfriend to you.' thought a guilty Dew.

'It was not what it looked like.' thought a panicking Gwen.

'I didn't want to ignore you.' thought a regretful Octavia.

(However, he found out that she felt bad for the bet and that she started to love him back but her teammates' mistreatment towards him had gotten to him. She even was excited to hear him try to propose to her.)

Everyone was shocked and saddened that this was ruined because of a stupid bet.

(Back to the present, the doctors said that Jaune was alive but asked the girls to control themselves. They went in and found a sleeping blonde child.)

All the girls went awe at the cute child but they also understood now.

"Oh, he got turned into a child." said an understanding Sun.

"Aww, he looks so adorable." said a smiling Sapphron.

"Reminds me of what he looked like. I even have a baby book." said a smirking Juniper, making Jaune gulp.

(The girls found him cute and were even adored when he played with Zwei.)

Zwei barked happily. He too likes Jaune and sees him as the right boy for Ruby and Yang. Jaune noticed him and smiled.

"Hey Zwei." said a smiling Jaune as Zwei ran to Jaune and cuddled towards him.

(Everyone took turns raising him but he would run away when they got mad at him for accidents and called him an annoyance.)

All the girls flinch at that because that sounds really low.

(However, Velvet and Coco would find him and comfort him. They were mad at the others for their hurtful words. The ones who weren't mad at him were Ruby, Blake, Ren, Nora, Velvet, Coco, Fox, Yatsu, Mercury, Emerald, Neo, and May. May and Nebula were the only Vacuo members who weren't mad at Jaune and understood that accidents happened but May's teammates and Nebula's teammates got mad at him. They refused to talk to them until they apologized for what they said. As a matter of fact, when he accidentally destroyed their stuff, he was scared that they would abandon him but they forgave him and realize that his older sisters were probably mad at him during his childhood. He confessed that he tried to apologize but Jade kicked him out and yelled at him for being bad luck.)

His parents glared at the girls, who flinched. Terra and Adrian were shocked that Sapphron would do such a thing. The said girls were crying.

(Jasmine was the only one who stood up for him and grounded Jade for being a sore loser because this whole bad luck lie happened when Jade lost a game and blamed Jaune for it, despite that she threatened Jaune into coming with her sports tool.)

The Arc parents were angered to hear this and planned to punish Jade for it. Everyone was disappointed in her for not taking responsibility for her own fault.

(At first, Jaune used this lie just to get away from his sisters but Sapphron, Blanc, and Jade took it too far by boarding up his room and kicking him out. However, Jasmine knew his lie and forgave him but Sapphron and Blanc used this as a way to teach him a lesson until their parents came home and were angry to hear what the girls did. Sapphron and Blanc were grounded for neglecting their younger brother and not choosing to send him to his room.)

"That's just wrong. Kicking your own little brother out for making a lie just to get some time to himself. That is child neglect." said a disappointed Sun.

"I may be an assassin but I would never leave little siblings out in the cold because of a lie." said an agreeing Mercury.

"At least, you have a good excuse for what you do. When the Arc Family gets home, I hope they punish those girls for doing such a stupid thing." said an angry Emerald.

Sapphron and Blanc regret what they did.

(Jasmine wasn't at home because she was at work but had enough morals to not tell her brother and younger sisters what her work place is about.)

"A, where does she work?" asked a curious Ruby.

"You don't wanna know!" yelled a worried A, Jasmine, Jaune, Johann, and Sierra.

(Luckily, the police got involved and arrested the neglecters. Sapphron and Blanc were sent to prison for two weeks due to showing regret and Jade got sentenced to two months in juvie for attempting to assault an officer that called her out for being a sore loser.)

"Justice served." said an annoyed Jasmine.

"And really? That's her reason for assaulting an officer?" asked an annoyed Jane.

(Realizing that no older girl had ever treated him right, they took care of him until he was turned back to normal but he was afraid of returning to Beacon because of how he was treated. However, a dorm room was made for them and they slept in it.)

May and Nebula got excited to see that.

(They were happy because a threesome was made in it they still have baby pictures of him, much to his embarrassment.)

The girls laughed and Jaune blushed.

(Eventually, the girls who were mad at him were forgiven after they realized their mistake and apologized to him. He got married to all the girls and had a big family. They lived happily ever after, The End!)

The story ended and everyone clapped.

(Then another scene appeared and it showed pictures of a younger Jaune in girl outfits, a bunny onesie, and being with a younger Ren.)

All the girls got nosebleeds and smiles. Blake was giving a sly grin. Velvet was aroused to see him in a bunny onesie and got a nosebleed. However, everyone recognized Ren.

"Dude, that was you? I thought you were a girl." said a shocked Jaune.

"I thought you were a girl. Man, small world." said a fondly smiling Ren.

(Then the last one showed him wearing a bunny girl outfit at Junior's club for an Easter surprise party.)

Now the guys went eye-wide and Junior laughed.

"Oh my gosh, you looked like a girl." said a laughing Junior.

Jaune groaned in embarrassment at the secret being revealed.

Meanwhile with the headmasters, there reactions are different: the new headmistress Glynda is keeping Jaune, Ironwood puts out a hit on him so he won't be a threat, Lionheart wants Jaune captured alive for the White Fang, and Theodore requests a bounty on Jaune with a total of 500 grand for him dead and a million alive so he can teach him some manners first for fucking his students.

Chapter 2: Chibi Jaune

(This universe starts with a chibi Jaune sitting in his dorm, close to a microphone.)

  • Jaune: (softly) "Hello there, my name is Jaune Arc. Today, I'll be doing an ASMR video. Now, some of you are wondering, "What is ASMR?" Well, let's just say it's a way to get that fluffy, tingling feeling in the back of your neck. Like when you get a haircut. Or when that special girl you like says, "Hi" in the hallway."

(He says all this with sly smiles.)

Everyone liked his chibi self.

"Oh cool, he sounds like him." said an excited Nora.

"Wow, little brother is being a youtuber. I'm so proud of him." said a smiling Jasmine. Of course, she is the most closest to him and always happy to see different versions of him.

"Yeah, me and Jaune do that when I started living at his house." said a smiling Johann.

"Wait, don't you live with your family?" asked a confused Pyrrha.

However, Johann froze and flinched, never having told anyone about his childhood.

Winter surprisingly came to his rescue.

"It might be a sore subject for him." said a serious Winter, knowing about his childhood and wanting to comfort him.

The Arc Family, Ren, Ruby, Sun, Velvet, NDGO, BRNZ, Ozpin, Glynda, and Whitley nod in agreement, being well aware of Johann's past and to say how messed up it is would be an understatement.

(Right on cue, Pyrrha heard from the hallway and waves cheerfully at him.)

  • Pyrrha: (smiling) "Hello!"
  • Jaune: (surprised) "Pyrrha, get out of the shot!"
  • Pyrrha: (sad) "Sorry!"

(She walks off sad.)

Everyone groaned in disappointment at him and he facepalmed himself.

Jasmine nodded in agreement, she wants her away from her little brother.

She doesn't like Pyrrha because of how she controls Jaune's life.

(He turns back to the microphone.)

  • Jaune: (frowning) "Sorry about that. (then he smiles) So, let's get started. Heh-I haven't done this before. Uh, what do we have here? Got some clippers, here. (picks up some clippers) Uh, gotta turn these on. (turns on the clippers; they start buzzing) Look at that. It's uh, buzzing. N-eat. Hmm, uh, okay, what's next? (puts the clippers down and picks up an empty bag of potato chips) The next item is this... bag. Now obviously I ate the chips, salt and vinegar. They were delicious, in case you were wondering. There we go. There we go. This uh, this do anything for you? Okay, now I'll come over here, to your right ear..."

(Nora sneaks up behind Jaune while he is speaking.)

Jaune groans, obviously knowing what's going to happen.

Nora snickers but is given scary stares from Jasmine.

(She begins breathing in, getting ready to make a huge noise.)

  • Nora: (calmly) "Hey."
  • Jaune: (shocked) "AUGHH!"

(He jumps up from shock and falls down.)

Nora laughs while Jaune looks annoyed at her. However, Jasmine walked up to her and grabbed the back of her shirt.

"You ever do that again and I'll replace your pancakes with waffles, got it?" said a threatening Jasmine, making Nora nod in fear. She might like pancakes but she can't stand waffles. She drops her and Nora hides behind Ren, who is also scared.

(The next scene starts with a fragile-looking Velvet Scarlatina on the ground, looking up at Roman Torchwick.)

"Velvet!" said a worried Coco, while Fox and Yatsu are glaring at Torchwick.

(He looms over her, laughing.)

  • Torchwick: (smirking) "Where do you think you're going, Bunny?"
  • Velvet: (scared) "Please, I don't want any trouble."

(Behind Torchwick stand Neopolitan, Mercury Black, and Emerald Sustrai. Torchwick scoffs at Velvet and laughs evily. A spotlight with Pumpkin Pete silhouetted in it shines on the wall.)

Everyone recognizes that symbol.

"Haven't we seen that on Jaune's hoodie?" asked a curious Velvet.

Everyone laughed at that reminder but got shut up by glares from the Arc Sisters.

(Offscreen, a falsely deep voice is heard.)

  • Jaune: (off-screen) "You've threatened your last bunny, villain."
  • Torchwick: (gasping) "What? Who said that?"

(Jaune swings down from the sky, carrying Magnhild, while wearing a mask, Ruby's cape, and Ember Cecila. The villains take a step back and Jaune lands between them and Velvet.)

"My hero." said a blushing Velvet.

"Go get them, Jauney." said a cheering Coco.

(As Jaune give his introduction, a masked Zwei walks in from behind Velvet.)

  • Jaune: (deep voice) "It is I, the crime fighter known as the HuntsMan! And his heroic sidekick, Wonder Zwei."

(Zwei barks twice and Neo holds up a sign reading "HOW MYSTERIOUS!".)

Ruby and Yang cheered when Zwei appeared as a superhero. Blake hissed at the sight of that dog.

"Aw, Zwei looks so cute and heroic." said a smiling Ruby.

"That's our little superhero." said an agreeing Yang.

"Mutt." said a snarling Blake.

"Blake, stop being the stereotype." said a sighing Blanc.

(Mercury wasn't impressed.)

  • Mercury: (not impressed) "What? HuntsMan? Are you just a Huntsman? Because we already have those and they're basically superheroes."

(Jaune knock Mercury into the air with Magnhild.)

  • Jaune: "Hammer of Silence!"

(Mercury does not come back down.)

"Curse you, HuntsMan!" said an angry Mercury, waving a fist.

(Tossing Magnhild aside onto the street, Jaune looks up at his victory, satisfied and striking a hero pose. Torchwick and Neo were amazed.)

  • Torchwick: (amazed) "Egads! We're clearly no match for this mysterious new hero and his plucky sidekick."
  • Emerald: (annoyed) "What are you talking about? It's just that goofy Jaune guy who's always falling over stuff."
  • Jaune: "Gauntlets of Shut Up!"

(Jaune blasts Emerald with Ember Celica and she is knocked offscreen.)

All the girls cheer for this hero.

(Neo, Torchwick, and Velvet all look on open-mouthed. Emerald can be heard crashing.)

  • Emerald: (off-screen) "Ow!"
  • Jaune: (smirking) "Be gone, evildoers. This city is under out protection. Right, Wonder Zwei?"

(Zwei barks twice.)

  • Torchwick: (making a noise of frustration) "We'll meet again, HuntsMan. (Neo waves her fist in anger) And next time, I'll be ready for you! And your stylish outfit."

(Neo holds up a sign that reads "CUTE PUPPY" before both she and Torchwick run off.)

Zwei smiles and comes over to Neo, who pets him.

(Velvet smiles up at him.)

  • Velvet: (smiling) "Thank you for saving me, HuntsMan! (then she looks worried) But weren't you scared?"
  • Jaune: (smirking) "Ha, ha-ha! The HuntsMan and Wonder Zwei fear no one, simple civilian."

(Zwei smiles in agreement.)

"Good job Jaune and Zwei." said a smiling Ruby.

"Way to go, little bro." said a smiling Sapphron.

(However, the spotlight turns off and Ruby is heard screeching offscreen.)

  • Ruby: (upset) "Hey! Who took my cape?!"

(Jaune's go white.)

  • Yang: (sarcastically) "I know someone 'didn't' touch my gauntlets..."

(Then they swirl.)

  • Nora: (enraged) "Where. Is. My. Hammer?!"

(Then Jaune looks scared.)

  • Jaune: (scared) "Oh, except for them. We fear them. Gotta go, bye!"

(He runs away, Zwei at his heels, leaving both Velvet and Magnhild on the ground.)

  • Velvet: (confused) "But..."

(This was to no avail and she is left wondering who her hero was.)

Jaune is currently running from Ruby, Yang, and Nora but is saved by Velvet and they restrain them.

Velvet then hugs Jaune.

"Thank you my hero." said a smiling Velvet.

"No problem, bun bun." said a smiling Jaune.

Jaune rubbed her bunny ears, much to her happiness.

(The next scene starts with Team JNPR gathering outside the dorm rooms, about to go to practice, when Jaune compares all their weapons, finding his own lackluster as it's just a plain sword.)

  • Nora: "Time for Practice!"

(Jaune hesitates, feeling like his weapon isn't as impressive.)

  • Jaune: "Uh, you guys go ahead. I'm gonna grab something from the room."

(As the team leave, Jaune sneaks into team RWBY's room.)

Everyone felt bad that he only had a classic weapon instead of one made out of technology.

"Don't worry, he modified it and sent a copy of it to me." said a proud John, glad that to have been given a weapon.

(Upon noticing their weapons left laying around, he gasps in awe and drops his sword before looking around and thinking up a devilish idea.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "I mean, it's not like they're using them..."

(Jaune smirks devilishly.)

They give him warning looks.

(Back in team RWBY's room, we see Jaune messing around with their weapons like an excited child. Firstly, he plays with Ruby's scythe.)

  • Jaune: "Wha-Cha! (he takes a few swings before spinning with it. However, the weapon is clearly too heavy for him and he spins off screen with a short scream. He jumps back in with Yang's gauntlets) Left Hook! Upper-CUUUT! Oh? What's that? You want some of that? (after taking a few punches, he accidentally triggers a round, flying off screen. He then returns with Blake's gunblade. With a surprising amount of skill, he throws the weapon into the air and performs a front roll, catching the blade perfectly by the time he stands) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jaune! (He looks at the camera, somewhat smug that he didn't mess up) Now THIS is a katana! (however, while trying throw part of the weapon forward, he ends up tossing the entire thing off screen. Disappointed, he follows it. He hops back into screen with Weiss' Rapier, acting somewhat feminine. He moves slightly with the blade, but then just resorts to wiggling his rump toward the camera. A cough makes him turn around. All of team RWBY is there, each reacting differently to the sight before them. Jaune smirks, striking a pose) Don't be jealous."

(Weiss sighs, Blake is shocked, Ruby is impressed, and Yang is amused.)

Team RWBY found it funny and laughed.

"The next ones might focus on others." said a serious A.

(The next one shows Cinder in a seat wearing glasses and holding a job application paper.)

  • Cinder: (smirking) "Now tell me Karen, why do you want to join our evil organization?"

(The screen zooms out to reveal that she's talking to Cardin.)

The students glare at the racist bully and the teachers are disappointed.

"Wow, not only is he a bully but he's also a villain." said an upset Sun.

"Ozpin, we have to do something about Cardin's behavior." said an annoyed Glynda.

"Agreed." said a disappointed Ozpin.

(Cardin corrects her.)

  • Cardin: (smiling) "It's Cardin, actually."
  • Cinder: (annoyed) "What is?"
  • Cardin: (smiling) "Uh, my name. It's Cardin, not- (however, Cinder burns the paper to intimidate him with a glare) It's fine! Let's go with Karen."

(He looked too scared to even correct her.)

Everyone laughed at his cowardice.

Cinder smirked at scaring the little bastard who bullied Jaune.

(Cinder faked a cough while pulling out a pen and paper.)

  • Cinder: (smirking) "What are your qualifications?"
  • Cardin: (smirking) "Let's see... I'm always beating up Jaune and his loser friends at school!"

(He chuckles evily at that.)

Everyone glared at Cardin for mentioning that and feeling happy about it.

The teachers were disappointed.

Johann and Sierra glared at the bully in hatred.

(Cinder restrained herself from killing this bully for doing that and just reluctantly nodded to it.)

  • Cinder: (nodding) "Hm, hm, okay, that's a good start." (in her mind) 'Sorry Jaune.'
  • Cardin: (smirking) "Oh! I- I once put pepper in Professor Port's mustache! He was sneezing for a week!"

(He laughs at that memory.)

"HE DID WHAT?!" yelled an angry Port, remembering that. He will have a talk with that brat when he sees him again.

"He doesn't even respect school staff." said a disgusted Johaan, ashamed of Cardin's behavior.

All adults were not happy to hear this.

(Cinder secretly found that funny.)

  • Cinder: (grinning) "Oh good one! I should write that down."
  • Cardin: (smirking) "I also never pet dogs. Not even really. Cute. Puppies."

(That's not surprising.)

All dog lovers were angered by him for that.

"It's not surprising. He does hate Faunas and animals." said a glaring A.

(Cinder has to admit that all of that stuff are more of traits for a bully but has to admit that Cardin is still a villain since he's choosing to join the villains.)

  • Cinder: (sarcastically) "Ignoring puppies is definitely evil. (she then went serious) Unfortunately, we don't have any openings at the moment."

(She throws the clipboard away as Cardin looks upset.)

Everyone chuckled.

"Rejected." said a laughing Yang.

(However, they hear an angry person coming.)

  • Mercury (off-screen): (angry) "Cinder!"

(He kicks open the door and it hits Cardin in the face while carrying the Kitten Killer 9000.)

Everyone laughs at that.

Jaune, Velvet, and Blake laugh the most because of their hatred for Cardin.

Mercury seems proud of that.

(He is angry because of not being paid.)

  • Mercury: (angry) "I'm tired of always doing the dirty work around here and being treated like a peon! (he then angrily throws the Kitten Killer 9000 to the ground) I demand a raise! Also, I want a fancy hate like Torchwick!"

(He shouldn't have said that.)

Mercury paled because he could tell that he shouldn't have said that.

Cinder's eye twitches.

(Cinder is controlling her anger at his behavior but thought of something.)

  • Cinder: (smirking) "Mmm, let me propose a counter offer."

(She fires a small flame from her fingertip to the top of Mercury's head, which then spreads all over his body. Mercury runs around the room screaming.)

  • Mercury: (screaming) "I'm melting!"

(Mercury then hits a button on the wall which opens up a trap door that he falls through.)

Mercury makes a mental note to never complain to Cinder.

(Cardin is taken aback at what he just witnessed.)

  • Cinder: (smirking) "Congratulations, Karen, it seems we have an opening."

(She holds out her hand for Cardin to shake but he gets up from his seat and slowly steps back.)

  • Cardin: (nervous) "Yeah, y'know what? Lemme get back to you."

(Cardin quickly dashes out the door.)

Everyone laughs at the cowardice again.

(Despite being glad that she didn't hire him, Cinder is still annoyed at not finding help.)

  • Cinder: (annoyed) "Why is it so hard to find good help? (then she smiles) Oh! That's right. I keep melting them."

(She happily leans on the table.)

Everyone chooses not to work for Cinder.

(Cardin walks up to a bunch of rocks in a forest clearing with The Executioner in hand. He kicks one rock into the air and strikes it with his mace. A pained squeak is heard as the rock hits a squirrel.)

  • Cardin: (smirking) "Hah! Take that, squirrel! (he walks over to another rock and strikes it like a golf ball. A pained chirp is heard and several feathers fall to the ground) Bye-bye, birdie. (he tosses a third rock and hits it. An annoyed squeak is heard in the distance) Hah! Nailed you, crow! (he chuckles at his behavior) Animals are so stupid."

(He then scratches his head with his mace and picks earwax out of his ear, oblivious to the sound of someone running up to him.)

Everyone glared at what he did.

However, Qrow recognized that annoyed sound and was annoyed but then smirked.

(The "crow" he hit turns out to be a different "Qrow" entirely, who punches Cardin in the head. Cardin slumps over unconscious as the images of crows circle over his head.)

Ruby and Yang cheered Qrow on for knocking Cardin's ass out.

(Night falls. Qrow is gone and Cardin remains unconscious but the crow images are gone.)

Everyone smiled at Cardin's karma.

Chapter 3: Spider-Man vs. Darth Maul

Adam and the White Fang were dropped off and they were informed about what's happening. Adam decides to sit down and is smart enough not to do anything.

They were given an explanation and they a little bit felt bad for Jaune but Adam thinks that Jaune should've left Cardin to die.

(Our video starts with a ship heading towards Remnant. We then see inside the ship and see Adam Taurus, wearing some red and black tattoo make-up, flying it)

Blake and the Faunas gasp, recognizing him.

Jaune got worried.

"Is that Adam Tauras?" asked a worried Jaune.

"Yes, he is the second in command to Sierra Kahn and a pure evil terrorist." said the serious host.

"Why am I hated by you and others?" asked a curious Adam.

"Because you turned the White Fang into a terrorist group and terrorized innocent humans. In the future, you cut off Yang's arm and murdered Sienna Khan." said the serious host.

He shows them proof and Sienna was angry at him for his betrayal.

Tai and Raven were angry to hear what Adam did.

(He then gets a call and it's from a hooded Jacques.)

  • Jacques: "Once you have taken the symbiote from the Spider-Man, bring it back to me."

(He then evily laughs as Adam doesn't show any emotion but obeys him. He then talks and shows that his teeth are yellow and look rotten)

  • Adam: (no emotion) "Yes, my master."

(He then prepares to land on Remnant.)

"Who is that?" asked Yang, referring to the hooded figure.

"That's Jacques Schnee, my father." said an angry Weiss with venom at the word father.

"He's a racist man with no redeemable qualities." said an angry Whitley at the sight of their father.

"Also, Adam needs to brush his teeth." said a disgusted Coco pointing out the yellow teeth.

"Is that all your concerned about?" asked an annoyed Jaune.

(Then we see the city of Remnant where Jaune is on the rooftop in his Spider-suit and playing a game on his scroll.)

"Is that Jaune?" asked a confused Ruby.

"Yep, he's a hero known as Spider-Man. He started out as an outcast orphan who was bulled by Cardin Thompson but was raised by his uncle Port and aunt Glynda. However, he was bitten by a radioactive spider and given spider abilities. He made his own webshooters and costume. At first, he used his powers to get money but later became pure good when his uncle was shot and killed by a criminal that he let get away. Before his uncle died, the man told him that with great power comes great responsibility." said the smiling host.

Everyone showed sympathy for this hero for losing his loved ones but smiled when they saw something showing him doing heroic things.

"Wow, I like him." said a smiling Jaune.

(Then he gets a call from Pyrrha Nekos.)

"What's my relationship with him?" asked a curious Pyrrha.

"You're his girlfriend or wife." said the shrugging host, earning a smile from Pyrrha and Jaune blushed.

(He answers it.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hey Pyrrha, how's it going?"

(In an empty part of an apartment, Pyrrha is chained up and gagged with a bandanna.)

"Pyrrha!" said a worried Jaune.

(The scroll flown towards her and she muffles to him for help but the phone is flown towards Adam, who is using the force.)

  • Adam: (scowling) "Bring me the symbiote or she dies."

(He then uses the force to break the phone.)

"How's he doing that?" asked a confused Glynda, who might have that ability.

"Him and other characters with his own kind of weapon use something called the force. It is an invisible ability for Jedi and Sith." said the serious host.

(Back to Jaune, he was worried.)

  • Jaune: (worried) "Who the heck was that?"

(Back to Adam, he takes his hood off and shows his appearance, he is bald, his whole head is covered in red and black, and he has horns on his head.)

Everyone was intimidated by him.

"Scary looking guy, isn't he?" said a terrified Qrow.

"What's his villain name?" asked a curious Ruby.

"Darth Maul. This version of Adam is an assassin and his goal is to be part of a future war with his master Jacques Schnee, who goes by Darth Sidious. They are part of an evil group called the Sith. They use hatred and fear to become stronger and they have killed innocent people and abused slaves. Also, this is the second time that this Adam has fought a different version of Jaune. This will most likely be his revenge on him." said the serious host. Everyone was wondering how the two opponents know each other.

(He then growls and goes to hide. Jaune then goes to the rescue.)

  • Jaune: (serious) "Time to get serious."

(He then swings across the city.)

"That is so awesome." said an excited Ruby.

(At the abandoned apartment, Pyrrha is waiting for her hero but unknown to her, an upside-down Jaune is lowering himself down. Then she spots him and was surprised but glad to see her hero.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hey Pyrrha, how's it going? Are you okay? (she mumbled a yes and he then lands on the floor to get her free) You look great. (she mumbled in annoyance but he shushed her) Just stay calm and I'll have you out of here in no time."

(He finally freed her.)

"My hero." said a smiling Pyrrha but was teased about looking great tied up.

"I didn't know that Jaune was into that." said a teasing Yang.

"Oh yeah, when I was tied up on my bed for fun, he would always peek and like it." said a smirking Jasmine.

"Jasmine, don't say weird stuff like that." said an embarrassed Jaune.

The girls look like they plan showing him pictures of them being tied up and wearing some outfits that kids shouldn't see.

"Jasmine, please don't embarrass your brother and stop flirting with him." said a stern John.

"What's Jasmine's obsession with him?" asked a creeped out Lio.

"Sorry about her, she's got little brother complex." said an embarrassed Juniper.

They all nod in understanding.

(However, Pyrrha is force choked by Adam, who had returned and scowls at the worried Jaune.)

  • Adam: (scowling) "Give me the symbiote, boy. You do not know it's true power."
  • Jaune: (pretending to be sheepish) "Oh symbiote, was I supposed to bring that for you?"
  • Adam: (scowling) "I sense a dark presence about you."
  • Jaune: (joking) "Oh, that's because I ate some fish tacos earlier, and they are not sitting well. I would suggest you do not go to Kirby's crab shack."
  • Adam: (impatient) "This is not a game!"

(He strengthens the force choke and this made Jaune now finally give in.)

  • Jaune: (panicking) "Okay, okay, okay, I hear ya. (he then takes out a canister of black liquid) I think you're looking for this. (Adam's expression confirms this) Ah, that's what I thought. I'll trade you this for the girl. Okay? On the count of three. You have numbers where your from, right? Where are you from? (Adam's scowl makes him really how serious this is) Okay, I've upset you. Nevermind. Here we go. (he counts down the numbers and throws the canister) Catch. (Adam lets go of Pyrrha and goes to catch the symbiote with force but Jaune jumps over and catches it with his web) Too slow. (he then lands in front of Pyrrha and looks at her) Pyrrha, run. (she runs and Jaune looks at Adam) Oh boy."

(Adam takes out a double ended metal device and activates it, causing red beams to come out.)

"WOAH, WHAT IS THAT THING?!" yelled an excited Ruby.

"That's a lightsaber. It's used for fighting and cutting through everything. However, it can't cut through a Zillo Beast. Also, only the Sith uses the red sabers." said the smiling host. Jaune takes an extreme liking to the weapon and wonders if it comes in blue.

(Jaune looks at it in fear.)

  • Jaune: (terrified) "That looks dangerous. (he then starts dodging it a bunch of times until he lands on a wall) I know, you're from Asgard, right?"

(Adam scowls at him and keeps attacking him as Jaune continues guessing where this guy is from but still fights. However during the battle, Jaune gets scratch gets burnt scar on his left arm, making him wince in pain.)

Everyone winced in sympathy for Jaune, that looks like it hurts.

(However, he manages to trip Adam onto the floor and try to slam punch him but Adam dodges and Jaune ends up punching the floor. Below them, an familiar elderly man with a white mustache and sunglasses was reading the Daily Bugle but heard the noise and was annoyed by it.)

  • Old Man: (annoyed) "Hey you crazy kids, keep it down. You wouldn't make me angry, would you?"

(He then went back to his newspaper.)

Everyone got excited to see Stan Lee. Even they heard of him.

"It's Stan Lee." said an excited Jaune.

"Oh my gosh, he wrote about the Black Panther. Such great respect for Faunas." said a smiling Blake.

(Back upstairs, they fought until Jaune managed to get the guy's weapon and tried to use it but didn't work because he doesn't have the force.)

"He can't use it because he doesn't have the force and doesn't have the evilness to use it." said the host.

(Realizing that it won't work on him, he smashes it in half with his knee.)

  • Jaune: (smug) "Now let's see how you can do without your little flashlight thingy."

(Adam doesn't seem bothered that his weapon is broken.)

"Awe, you destroyed a good weapon, Jaune." said a sad Ruby.

(He just uses the force and destroys the web shooters. Jaune is then thrown out the window and lands on the ground but not dead or injured.)

"How is he alive from that?" asked a shocked Weiss.

"Because he has a healing power. Although it doesn't heal his cuts or shot wounds but he can still fight." said the smiling host.

(Adam then took off his robed shirt and reveals his whole body is covered in red skin and black tattoos.)

"That red stuff is his skin and the black stuff are just tattoos. He's from the plant Dathomir and is the son of the planet's ruler Mother Talzin, who happens to be Salem. She gave him to Sidious so he won't be a slave. However, Sidious abused Adam into becoming his assassin and plans to betray him." said the disgusted host who was showing his hatred for Jacques Schnee.

(Jaune comments on this.)

  • Jaune: (shocked) "That is the worst sunburn I've ever seen."

(Adam was most likely offended by that joke. He then used the force to repeatedly slam Jaune onto ground a bunch of times.)

Everyone got worried.

(However, the canister broke and the symbiote surrounds Jaune's body, turning his suit black. Adam looks at him and sees the suit is now black with white eyes and a white spider symbol. However, Jaune seems more aggressive.)

  • Jaune: (scary) "This ends now."

(Adam scowled back and activated his lightsaber.)

Everyone was surprised by the suit but got worried for Jaune.

"Why the heck do I sound scary?" asked a worried Jaune.

"Because a symbiote affects your personality and makes you act like a jerk." said the nervous host already knowing what's going to happen.

(Jaune wasn't scared.)

  • Jaune: (glaring) "Bring it."

(Then Adam charges at him and tries to kill him but Jaune swings over him and decapitates him with his own lightsaber. He then watches coldly as Adam collapses to the ground dead.)

Everyone got scared at how Jaune killed Adam and doesn't show remorse.

"I killed him." said a shocked Jaune.

"Let us never have him around a symbiote." said a scared Pyrrha.

Adam was shocked that a mere human defeated him.

"Okay, here's his own video game." said the serious host.

After everyone watched it, the girls wouldn't stop seeing him in his underwear, mostly Jasmine. Blake wasn't surprised that Adam was a bad guy but everyone was surprised when Ozpin was the bad guy. They also got sad at the end about the aunt dying.

Chapter 4: Why So Serious?

Team CRDL appears and got scary glares from the others. They decided to shut up.

One explanation later and even the bullies were shocked that Pyrrha ratted Jaune out.

"Now everybody, you think Jaune Arc can't be a villain but he can be." said the serious host.

(The video starts with a office building being shattered by two clowns. One of them fires a cable across the street, and once the lines is secured, the two slide across and land on lower roof across the street.)

"They're planning a heist." said a smirking Torchwick.

(The screen then cuts to a man standing on the corner with his back to the audience, holding another clown mask.)

"Hey, that guy looks familiar." said a curious Jaune, because that guy also has some blonde hair.

(A car pulls up and the man gets in, putting on his mask as he enters. Inside the car, two more men are wearing masks. The driver tells the crew in a familiar, yet annoying voice.)

  • Cardin: "Three of a kind, let's go."

(The second Clown looks up from loading his automatic weapon and realizes something.)

  • Russel: (annoyed) "That's it? Three guys?"
  • Cardin: (reassuring him) "There's two on the roof. Every guy is an extra share. Five shares: plenty."
  • Russel: (reminding him) "Six shares. Don't forget the guy who planned the job."
  • Cardin: (scoffs) "Yeah? He thinks he can sit it out and still take a slice. Heh, now I get why they call him the Joker."

(He cocks his weapon. The third clown pulls the car over in front of the Vale's First National Bank.)

"Hey boys, sounds like we're robbing a bank." said a smirking Cardin.

"It appears so, Mister Winchester." said a disappointed Ozpin.

"Wait, their boss is the Joker?" asked a shocked Jaune. He heard of the Joker and that man is a dangerous person to work for.

(Back on the roof, Dove pries open an access panel.)

  • Dove: (confused) "So why do they call him the Joker?"
  • Sky: (replying) "I heard he wears make-up."
  • Dove: (shocked) "Make-up?"
  • Sky: (explaining) "Yeah, to scare people. You know, like war paint."

(He pulls out some thick cables and gets to work.)

"So it is the Joker." said a scared Jaune.

"Who's the Joker?" asked a confused Emerald, having not read comics.

"He's the Batman's arch-enemy and a homicidal monster that dresses as a clown. One of his origins claim that he got turned into a clown by falling into chemicals. His true identity remained unknown. Not even he knows who he is." said a serious Jaune.

(Cut to inside, we see Cardin, Russel, and the third still unidentified clown get out of the car and march into the bank with guns.)

"That's some serious heat they're packing." said an observing Mercury. Roman nods.

(Inside, one of the security guards look up, just as Cardin fired his weapon into the ceiling. Customers scream and Russel hits one of the security guards in the head. As Cardin and the third guy rounds up the hostages, one of the tellers presses the silent alarm button beneath her window before being yanked from her station by the unknown clown.)

"Seriously, who is this guy?" asked a suspicious Nora.

"I don't know but he seems important." said a curious Ren.

"Those poor people." said a sad Velvet.

(Back to the roof, Sky watches the alarm ping on his scroll.)

  • Sky: "Here comes the silent alarm. (touches a button) And there it goes. (then he notices something strange) Huh, that's funny. It didn't dial the phone, it was trying to reach a private number."
  • Dove: "Is that a problem?"
  • Sky: (shaking his head) "Nah, I'm done."

(A silenced bang is heard and Sky slumps to the ground, revealing Dove holding a silenced pistol.)

Everyone flinched at seeing Dove kill his own partner.

"What? I'm no longer needed?" asked an annoyed Sky, not actually being mad that his partner just betrayed him.

"I guess we don't have honor." said a shrugging Dove.

"You four never had honor before joining Beacon. Let's see what you guys did." said the serious host before summoning walls and revealing pictures of Team CRDL murdering, r****g, and torturing Faunas, including women and children. Everyone was horrified and the host glares at Ozpin, "That's what you let into Beacon. Murderers, r*****s, and racists. They never got arrested because Ironwood supported it and convinced the council to drop charges but don't worry, I hired someone to kill the council. Innocent people in Atlas are spared and taken to Vale. Atlas has been destroyed but Mantle has been spared. General Ironwood is no longer trusted because of his future actions and they are mad at him for choosing to abandon them. When this is over, he will be captured and executed by Adam. As for CRDL, I will let Jaune kill them."

All the Faunas thank him for this.

Ironwood glares at this man for ruining such a good plan and wants him arrested but is glared at by Ozpin and Glynda.

Jaune is glaring at Cardin in hatred.

"I should've let you died, Cardin." said a glaring Jaune.

"Cardin, you are no son of mine." said a disgusted Glynda.

"Cardin Winchester, you are hereby expelled from Beacon for racism, murder, r**e, bullying, and torture." said an angry Ozpin.

(Dove picks up his bag and opens the roof access door and speeds down the stairs, to the basement. He opens the door and comes face to face with a huge vault.)

"That's one huge vault they have." said an impressed Ozpin.

(The unknown clown and Cardin move down the line of hostages and they start handing each hostage a grenade.)

The heroes were disgusted.

(The screen temporarily enters the bank manager's office. Cardin talk to the hostages while the other two are pulling the pins out.)

  • Cardin: (smug) "Ok, so obviously we don't want you doing anything with your hands, except maybe holding on for dear life."

(The manager takes something out from under his desk showing his face to the audience.)

Mercury was shocked to see himself working in a bank.

(*BLAM* A shot rang out as Russel is blown away and showing Mercury with a shotgun in his hands, anger clear on his face.)

Russel was upset at his own death and his teammates flinched at it.

(Cardin and the other guy dove for cover and Mercury steps out of his office, gun in hand. The hostages scream, still holding on to their grenades for dear life. In the vault room, Dove is shown putting a drill to the vault. He spins the bit and slides into the metal door but a massive electric shock rips through the drill, launching his body back.)

A couple of people laugh at this and Dove curses that vault for electrocuting him.

"Wait, that bank seems to guard a lot of money to have a lot of electricity." said a suspicious Jaune.

(In the lobby, Cardin and the other guy are seen cowering and moving to other places to hide as Mercury continues to fire.)

  • Mercury: (angry) "Dead! You have any idea who you're stealing from? You and your friends are dead!"
  • Cardin: (curious) "He's out right?"

(The guy looks up for a moment and then nods back. Cardin jumps out of cover to fire but Mercury has the quicker trigger finger and shoot first. Cardin grunts as a buckshot clips his shoulder and falls back down on his ass. Mercury pumps his weapon but it gets jammed. The clown gets up and shoots him in the legs, causing him to collapse.)

Mercury groans at getting his legs shot.

(Cardin gets back up while feeling his new injury.)

  • Cardin: (irritated) "Where'd you learn how to count?!"

(The clown just looks at him and doesn't answer.)

A few people laugh and Cardin glared at the guy that got him shot.

"Fuck that worthless piece of shit." said a glaring Cardin.

(We now see Dove at the vault door again, this time barefoot, and turning the tumblers with his hands stuffed into his shoes.)

All villains facepalmed at not having tried that.

(Cardin walks in and Dove remarks on the safety features.)

  • Dove: "They wired this thing up with like 5,000 volts. What kind of bank does that?"
  • Cardin: "A mob bank. Guess the Joker's as crazy as they say."

(Dove shrugs, then grabs the wheel and spins it, signifying his job's completion.)

Dove fist bumps at a job well done.

(Cardin looks around.)

  • Cardin: (confused) "Where's the alarm guy?"
  • Dove: (shrugging) "Boss told me when the guy was done I should take him out. One less share, right?"
  • Cardin: (coldly) "Funny, he told me something similar."

(His sentence caused Dove to freeze up in realization.)

  • Dove: (panicking) "Wait n-"

(*BANG* Dove collapsed dead and Cardin steps over his corpse and into the vault.)

Everyone flinched at another betrayal.

(Inside the vault, we see veritable mountains of lien.)

Torchwick went star eyed at that amount of lien.

(Cardin walks in and starts taking all that he could carry. Cardin then comes back to the lobby, straining under several duffel bags filled to the brim with cash. He dumps them into the growing pile at the floor near the main entrance. Cardin is slightly winded from the workout he received.)

  • Cardin: "You know, if this guy was so smart he would have had us bring a bigger car. (he then points a gun at the remaining clown's back) I'm betting the Joker told you to kill me as soon as we loaded the cash."

(As he said this, his arm visibly shakes a bit.)

Everyone got worried for this mysterious guy.

(The clown shakes his head and sighs as he starts moving to the side.)

  • Jaune: (sighing) "No, no, no, no. I kill the bus driver."

(His voice identifies who he is.)

Everyone was shocked and confused by this. Neo was smiling at her cousin doing her favorite thing.

(Cardin just looks confused even through the mask.)

  • Cardin: (confused) "Bus driver? What bus dri-"

(*SMASH* The tail end of a school bus bursts through the entrance and slamming Cardin into the money pile.)

All the Faunas cheer at the death of the racist bully, who glared at not being able to kill Jaune.

(Jaune picks up Cardin's weapon, he won't be needing it anymore. Another clown opens the rear door of the bus.)

  • Tai: "School's out, time to go. (he looks at the corpse of Cardin and chuckles a bit) Guy's not getting back up, is he? (his amused tone is recognized by the audience. He helps the last clown put in the lien into the bus) That's a lot of money. (Once the last of them are in, Tai looks around confused) Hey man, where's the rest of the crew?"

(Jaune in response shoots him in the chest. He died instantly.)

"NOO!" yelled Yang and Raven as they glared at Jaune.

(The last clown looks around, sees the last bag of money, and drags it towards the bus.)

"I'm gonna murder Jaune for this!" yelled an angry Yang, obviously blaming Jaune for what his counterpart did.

Jaune got nervous but Glynda saves him.

"Miss Xiao Long!" yelled a scolding Glynda, making Jaune sigh in relief.

"You do that and your body will never be found." said a glaring Jasmine, not liking how her brother was blamed for this.

(He then loads it inside, all while Mercury watches him. In the distance sirens are heard.)

Jaune groans at possibly setting off the alarm and Neo does a scolding hand motion but then Jaune realizes something.

"Wait, what if I want the police to come?" asked a curious Jaune.

(Mercury coughs for a bit then starts talking to Jaune.)

  • Mercury: (mocking him) "Think you're smart, huh? The guy who hired you is just going to do the same. You know that, right? (Jaune, after putting the last bag inside, slowly walks back towards the injured man) Oh, criminals in this town used to believe in things... Honor. Respect. Look at you... what do you believe, huh? What do you believe in?!"

(Jaune crouches over him and slides a grenade into Mercury's mouth as he yelled the last word.)

  • Jaune: "I believe what doesn't kill you simply makes you... (He pulls off his mask and Mercury, as well as the audience finally sees what he looks like. His mouth is scarred in a permanent, nightmarish smile while wearing white clown make up over most of his face, with black surrounding his eyes. His hair is dyed green but with a few strands showing his original hair color, and when he smiled, his teeth are a yellow color) ...Stranger."

(This is the Joker.)

Everyone gasped in shocked and horror at seeing Jaune as a villain. This version of him doesn't seem to care about human life.

"His eyes show nothing but madness." said a sad Ozpin.

The Arc family were saddened to see what happened to their baby boy/brother.

His friends are refusing to believe this.

His crushes were crying at seeing their crush become a monster.

The villains took a liking to this guy.

Tyrian sees him as a son he never had and is so proud of him.

Neo had a bigger crush on Jaune now.

(Mercury's eyes wide at seeing what laid behind the mask. The Joker gets back up, and strolls towards the bus, a purple thread is seen attached to his jacket. He climbs into the bus and shuts the rear door, trapping the string. The camera pans back to the injured bank manager and the audience sees the other end of the string is attached to the grenade pin, causing many eyes to widen. The bus then begins to move out the lobby.)

"Wait, how is he going to escape in that?" asked a curious Emerald, many of the criminals nodding at her question, not knowing what the answer was.

(As the bus pulls out, the pin is pulled, and Mercury's eyes (here and the audience) became wide and was shaking in fear as to what would undoubtably happen next. However, much to their shock the grenade didn't explode, but instead just spewed yellow smoke, showing it to be a gas grenade. Mercury, fully realizing what happened, fully collapsed, unconscious.)

Mercury sighed in relief that he was spared but still fears the Joker.

(The bus pulls out into the open, showing a long line of other school buses.)

"Oh that's how." said a nodding Emerald.

(The School Bus slides into the line of identical buses heading away from the bank, all the while cop cars are seen racing down the street.)

The screen ends and everyone was shocked at how he managed as a villain. He planned this all along and was successful. He got the money but had his own crew killed. The villains cheered at a bad guy winning in the end. Tyrian was proud of him and Neo was flustered at such an evil mastermind.

They saw that the hero of this world was Whitley Schnee and he goes by the name Batman. He defeated the Joker and put him in Arkham but there's an alternate ending where Joker successfully had all criminals be let go and became a popular villain in the whole world.

"A, what happened to this Jaune to make him this way?" asked a concerned Ozpin.

"Sorry Ozpin but he tells different backstories. No one, and not even me, knows how he got this way. His real name and past are unknown. However, he is only entertained by chaos and madness." said a sympathetic A.

All heroes agree that they rather have Jaune as a hero because he is good at being the bad guy.

They were sad that this Jaune is pure evil.

Chapter 5: Jaune Knight

"Here's that universe where he's a Jedi." said the smiling host, "But first, a guest."

A portal drops off Oscar Pine along with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, Yoda, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Rex, Fives, Echo, Padme, and Bail. They are caught up on what's happening.

(Our video starts with Jaune, Ren, and some people reaching towards two doors but they open to reveal Adam as Darth Maul again and he is staring at them.)

  • Ren: (serious) "We'll handle this."
  • Ruby: (agreeing) "We'll take the long way."

(Her and the guards leave to the other side as Jaune and Ren stay to face this monster.)

The heroes betted on Jaune and Ren to win while the villains wanted Adam to win.

(They take off their hooded robes and face each other. Adam takes out his weapon first and activates it, revealing his double-ended red blade. Jaune takes out his blue blade and Ren takes out his green blade.)

Jaune likes his color and Ren nods at his color but is curious.

"What's my relationship with him?" asked a curious Ren.

"You're his master." said the serious host, making Ren smile.

Anakin and Obi-Wan smiled at the color.

(They then fight and the scene changes to their continued fight where they go inside a place with bridges, beams, and a bottomless pit. (Sorry but there's gonna be a timeskip because I don't know how to describe the fight but I think everyone knows the fight so we're skipping to the shield scene) Jaune goes to help his master but shields come up and block all of them, temporarily putting the fight to a stop. Adam tries to hit it to no avail. He turns off his weapon and all of them take a brake.)

Everyone was annoyed at that but also waited.

(A few minutes skip ahead and we can see what they're doing: Jaune is just standing there, Ren is mediating, and Adam is walking around impatiently.)

"How long until that shield is deactivated?" asked an annoyed Mercury.

(Luckily, the shield deactivated and Ren continues the fight with Adam but the shields activate again and block Jaune, who ends up watching the fight.)

They're glad that the fight continued but are annoyed that Jaune got blocked.

(Ren and Adam then start fighting hard until Adam distracts Ren by hitting him in the face with the handle and uses this distraction to stab him in the heart.)

"REN!" yelled a horrified Nora as Jaune and Pyrrha also were horrified at the sight of their teammate being mortally wounded.

The teachers were saddened that one of their students had been defeated and is most likely gonna die.

Obi-Wan and Plo Koon understood what it's like to lose a master.

Fisto looked down.

(Jaune shared the same reaction.)

  • Jaune: (horrified) "NO!!!"

(He continues this yell as Adam takes out the blade and Ren collapses to the floor in pain and defeat. Jaune stops this yell and gives a sad look at his fallen master before glaring at a remorseless Adam in hatred.)

All students and teachers glare at this monster for what he did.

Anakin and Obi-Wan also glare because this monster reminds them of Maul.

(The next scene shows Jaune and Adam glaring at each other as they wait to fight. The shields deactivate and they continue their fight. Jaune starts to get upperhand when he cuts the double-ended saber into two but Adam still uses one of them to easily fight him until he force pushes him into the pit but Jaune hangs onto something.)

"JAUNE!" yelled a worried Jasmine while Adam is smirking in victory.

(Adam evily smirked and kicked Jaune's weapon down the pit, leaving the hero defenseless.)

Ruby glared at Adam for destroying a good weapon.

(The scene changes to Adam hitting the floor to make Jaune fall but the hero still holds on. However, he notices that Ren's weapon is still there and gets an idea.)

Jaune notices this and secretly smiles while Adam frowns, remembering what the host said earlier about the force.

The Jedi and Clones also secretly smirk.

(He then concentrates and the weapon starts to move.)

They get confused by this but Jasmine smirks, also remembering what was said earlier about the force.

(Adam looks confused but it's too late as Jaune jumps over him and finally manages to get the blade. With the blade in his hand, he lands behind Adam and as soon as his opponent turns around, he slashes the lower half of Adam's body, earning a gasp of pain from the assassin. He then smirks at him and watches in victory as Adam falls to his presumed death in the pit.)

All the heroes cheer and win the bet while the villains groan in defeat and Adam glares at another defeat.

The Jedi were impressed by this.

The Clones saluted him.

(He then deactivates the blade and runs to the injured Ren.)

Then the heroes stop cheering and are worried now.

The Jedi and Clones sigh in sadness, knowing what's going to happen.

(Jaune holds Ren's body and checks on him.)

  • Ren: (dying) "It's... it's too late... it's..."
  • Jaune: (sad) "No."
  • Ren: (dying) "Jaune... promise... promise me you'll train the boy."
  • Jaune: (sad) "Yes master."
  • Ren: (dying) "He... is the chosen one... he... will bring balance... train him."

(Then he closes his eyes and passes away as Jaune cradles his body in sadness.)

Nora cries over the death of her beloved as Ren comforts her. Jaune also cried at the death of his brother but Jasmine luckily comforted him as she too is sad to see their own adopted brother die.

"I'm sorry that was shown but don't worry, Jaune trains the chosen one. The chosen one was played by Oscar Pine but grew up to look like Jaune Arc." said a sympathetic A as he too mourns the death of an honorable warrior.

(The next clip shows an 18 to 19 year old Jaune reaching a bandit camp and it's Raven's tribe.)

"Why is he at my camp?" asked a frowning Raven.

"Your tribe kidnapped his mother and he's there to save her." said a sad A, knowing what's going to happen.

Anakin also looked sad because he also knows what will happen.

The Jedi and Clones were curious to what Anakin did at the camp.

(He manages to sneak past them and reaches the tent where his mother is. He activates his blue blade and cuts a hole in the tent while the bandits don't seem to hear him.)

Raven groans at her bandits for not investigating.

Despite knowing the sad part, Anakin wanted to chuckle at the bandits' stupidity.

(When he enters, he finds his mother tied to a branch and severely injured.)

"MOM!" yelled the Arc siblings as their father also looks worried.

The Jedi and Clones looked saddened.

However, Windu just sighed, thinking the boy had too many attachments but does still show sympathy.

(He untied his mother and holds her. She sees him and remarks that he looks handsome. He is sadly happy to see her but she is dying. She tells him how proud of him she is but before she can say that she loves him, she succumbed to her wounds and passed away. (I'm sorry for not writing their last conversation but it is too heartbreaking and the hero has my condolences for the loss of his own mother))

Jaune cried at the death of his own mother as his friends and teachers show sympathy.

The Bandit Tribe show remorse for what they did.

John Arc also cried at the death of his wife.

Anakin and Obi-Wan bowed in respect for the fallen.

Yoda closed his eyes in sadness, knowing how Anakin's mother died.

(Jaune cries over his mother's death but then becomes enraged with vengeance.)

Everyone got worried when they saw that look.

Ozpin got fearful because those eyes show nothing but vengeance.

The Jedi shivered, knowing those are the eyes of the Sith.

(Outside, kids are playing but then them and the adults hear a lightsaber activating. We then see Jaune angrily decapitate two bandits.)

Everyone flinched because Jaune just murdered them without self-defense.

Anakin flinched, remembering what he did to the Tusken Raiders.

(The kids and women go to their tents as the bandits charge towards him but Jaune kills another one and the screen goes black before we can find out the casualties.)

They were glad that's over but now realize that Jaune can be very vengeful when his loved ones are killed.

The Arc Family sigh in sadness at what Jaune did but don't blame him.

The Bandit Tribe are not mad at him because they had that coming but Raven was angry that someone killed her tribe just because someone lost his mother. She didn't show sympathy for him at all.

"Dark, his actions were but justified, they were." said a sad Yoda, showing sympathy.

"I a little bit agree. It was not okay and he had too many attachments but they are thieves and murderers." said a somewhat understanding Mace.

"Her tribe has this terrible motto called the strong survive and the weak die. That's why I start hating her." said a disgusted A, not liking that motive.

(The next video shows Jaune and Ren on an enemy ship and in a room where Jacques Schnee is held captive in a chair.)

"In this video, Jaune and Ren are sent to save Chancellor Jacques Schnee but are unaware that he is the leader of the villains and is just using Jaune to make a future Empire." said an angry A, hating Jacques with every fiber of his being.

"Who's Jacques Schnee?" asked a confused Oscar.

"A racist and selfish monster who's rich but uses Faunas like slaves and doesn't have any redeeming qualities." said a disgusted A, making Oscar angry at the man.

The Jedi and Clones are disgusted with Jacques' actions.

The Senators are suspicious, since they are reminded of Palpatine.

(They approach him.)

  • Ren: (serious) "Chancellor."
  • Jaune: (worried) "Are you alright?"
  • Jacques: (emotionless) "Count Ironwood."

(They then see the said Sith lord appearing. He is indeed James Ironwood but is wearing black clothing with a cape and his hair is white along with having a white goatee, showing that he's old.)

The Arc Family gasped in horror and anger at seeing their abusive family member.

John growled at the sight of his estranged brother-in-law.

Jaune and his sisters glare at the sight of their evil former uncle.

"What's wrong?" asked a worried Qrow.

"In your world, he is the ex-husband of Glynda Goodwitch and the former uncle of Jaune Arc. In this world, Count Ironwood was once a Jedi but after losing his Padawan to Adam, he turned to the dark side and became a Sith Lord. Unlike the Sith, he doesn't have yellow eyes but he uses Sith lightning. He is Jacques' new apprentice and second-in-command of their Separatist Alliance. There at war with the peaceful Galactic Republic where Jacques disguises himself as the leader of. However, nothing excuses James' actions as he has become unlikeable." said the serious host.

They agree and glare at the guy for betraying them.

"Wait, Miss Goodwitch was married to him?" asked a shocked Oscar.

"Yes but I divorced him after he started harming Jaune." said a glaring Glynda, still hating her ex-husband.

The Jedi, Clones, and Senators were disgusted by Ironwood's actions.

(He jumps over the railing and landed safely as he takes out his weapon.)

  • Chancellor: (faking worry) "Get help, you're no match for him. He's a Sith Lord."
  • Ren: (smiling) "Chancellor Schnee, Sith Lords are our specialty. (Jaune and Ren prepare to fight but Ren warns Jaune) This time, we'll do it together."
  • Jaune: (smirking) "I was about to say that."

(Ren looks at him annoyed but focused on the fight.)

"Have we fought him before?" asked a curious Jaune.

"Yes but you both were defeated. Ren got cuts on his left arm and leg while you lost a right arm." said the serious host, making everyone wince in sympathy and glare in anger.

"That bastard!" said an angry Yang.

"How could he cut his own nephew's arm off?!" asked a disgusted Weiss.

Anakin clutched his prosthetic arm in phantom pain.

(Ironwood approaches them and smirks.)

  • Ironwood: (smirking) "Your swords please. You don't want to make a mess in front of the chancellor."
  • Ren: (frowning) "You won't get away this time, William."

(Ren activates a blue blade and Jaune activates his blue blade while Ironwood activates a red blade.)

The Heroes cheer for Jaune and Ren.

Ironwood disliked the color red.

(They then fight but stop to admire the fight.)

  • Ironwood: (smirking) "I've been looking forward to this."
  • Jaune: (serious) "My powers have doubled since the last time we met, Count."
  • Ironwood: (smirking) "Good. Twice the pride, double the fall."

(They continue the fight until Ironwood force-pushes Ren away, leaving him to fight Jaune. As Ren tries to catch up to Jaune, Super Battle Droids shoot at Ren but one shot is deflected back at one of them and the other is struck down with a lightsaber.)

Nora cheers Ren on.

(Jacques fake cheers. Ren joins the fight but is pushed away under an ledge and Ironwood forces the structure down on him to subdue him.)

Nora pouts at Ren's defeat but reminds herself that he didn't die.

(Jaune is now the one to fight Ironwood and they jump off the upper floor to continue their fight before they get into a saber lock but Ironwood taunts him.)

  • Ironwood: (scowling) "I sense great fear in you, Arc. You have anger. You have hate. But you don't use them."

(They get out of the lock and continue their fight until Jaune cuts off Ironwood's hands, much to the man's pain and shock.)

The heroes cheer for Jaune.

The Arc Family smiled in pride and Jasmine hugged her baby brother.

However, Mace had heard what Ironwood said and could also see anger in Jaune.

(Jaune grabs Ironwood's saber and puts the saber together into a scissor form to subdue Ironwood, who kneels in defeat. Jacques chuckles at this.)

  • Jacques: (chuckling) "Good, Jaune, good. Kill him, kill him now."

(Ironwood looks at him in heartbreak and betrayal.)

Jaune's friends and family hope he doesn't do it.

Raven and Cinder nod in agreement that once the pawn is no longer needed, dispose of them.

Ironwood was angered by this, vowing to kill Jacques for this.

The Jedi sighed in annoyance, knowing the Sith turned on each other.

(Jaune didn't want to.)

  • Jaune: (serious) "I shouldn't."

(Ironwood looks at him in gratitude.)

Ironwood prayed a thank you for the mercy.

(However, Jacques sternly glared at him.)

  • Jacques: (stern) "Do it!"

(William begs him not to but Jaune remorsefully does it via decapitation as William's body collapses to floor and his head rolls away.)

The heroes flinch at this and the Arc Family sigh in sadness at what Jaune did.

The teachers shake their heads in disappointment but don't blame him since he followed orders.

The White Fang were satisfied with the death of that monster.

(Jaune deactivates the blades in sadness and Jacques smiled at him.)

  • Jacques: (smiling) "You did well, Jaune. He was too dangerous to be kept alive."
  • Jaune: (sad) "Yes but he was an unarmed prisoner. (he releases the shackles on the chancellor) I shouldn't have done that. It's not the Jedi way."
  • Jacques: (sighing) "It is unnatural. After all, you wanted revenge. Remember what you told me about your mother and the sand people? (Jaune flinched at that reminder but didn't argue with him) Now we must leave before more security droids arrive. (however, Jaune checks on Ren and was relieved to see him still alive) Jaune, there's no time. We must get off this ship before it's too late."
  • Jaune: (serious) "He seems to be alright."
  • Jacques: (stern) "Leave him or we'll never make it."
  • Jaune: (arguing) "His fate is the same as ours."

(That stopped the argument and they agree to take him with them.)

The screen ended and everyone were glad to hear that Jaune regretted what he did.

(On another scene, a cyborg general was talking with the corrupt Atlas council. This general is General Grimm, the new leader of an army of battle droids.)

  • Grimm: (scary voice) "It won't be long until the army of the kingdoms track us here. I'm sending you to the Mustafar system in the outer rim."

(The council looks scared at that.)

Everyone shivered at this new general.

"Who's this new monster?" asked a scared Salem.

"That is General Grimm, his counterpart's name is White." said a serious A, also intimidated by this guy.

"He takes after General Ironwood, that's for sure." said a shocked Jaune, seeing that unlike Ironwood, General Grimm doesn't seem to be human to start with.

"Try General Grievous." said a nervous Anakin, noticing the similarity.

"Wait, his name is General Grimm?" asked a confused Cinder.

"Yes, he's named after the Grimm." said a nodding B, also being intimidated by this guy.

"Also, what's Mustafar?" asked a worried Roman.

"A volcanic planet that is claimed to be what Hell looks like." said a nervous C.

A showed them a picture and they were horrified.

"I do believe that's Hell." said a scared Ironwood.

"Wait a minute, General White? That man's responsible for killing faunas and humans which consisted of women and children." said a scared Blake, shocking everyone of his actions.

"That's horrible." said a horrified Summer.

"Fortunately, he's dead." said a serious Ironwood, even he hated that man.

"Yeah but his counterpart was resurrected as an evil general, despite Salem's disgust towards him." said an upset D, not liking that corrupt general at all.

(Somewhere else, a hooded man is riding on a giant lizard to the enemy's hideout.)

"Is that Jaune?" asked a shocked Pyrrha.

"Yeah, he's gone back to being Kenobi." said a smiling A.

(In the meeting room, the general continued talking.)

  • Grimm: (serious) "It is a volcanic planet. You will be safe there."
  • Jacques: (rudely) "Safe. Chancellor Salem had escaped your grip, general. Without Count Ironwood, I have the ability to keep everyone safe."
  • Grimm: (threatening) "Be thankful Schnee, you have not found yourself in my grip."

(Jaune pets his giant lizard before he takes off his hood and seems to be good with the goatee.)

All females blushed at his goatee.

"Still, it's sweet of him to pet his giant lizard." said a smiling Ruby.

Obi-Wan smiles because he recognizes that future lizard of his but had a short sad look, knowing what happened to it.

Anakin comforted him.

Cody noticed this and flinched in guilt for ordering the blast that might've killed the pet.

"That's a Varactyl and she is very loyal." said a smiling A, despite also being sad by what happened to her.

(Jaune then starts thinking his plan out.)

  • Grimm: (serious) "Your ship is waiting."

(Jaune was done planning and takes off his brown robe to reveal he's wearing Jedi clothing. He then jumps down and gives an amusing grin.)

  • Jaune: (grinning) "Hello there."

(This is got the droids' attention.)

Despite being annoyed by that, everyone still found it funny.

"Gotta give him this, he knows how to make an entrance." said a chuckling Ozpin.

(The Magnaguards activate their staffs as Grimm turns around to greet him.)

Chapter 6: Darth Jaune

They start the next video but are warned that it's sad and tragic.

Mace Windu noticed the title and shook his head in disappointment.

(The video starts with Jaune looking remorseful because his wife Pyrrha was dying and he wanted to save her but he reluctantly turned against his friends and has joined the Dark Side.)

All of his friends and family gasped in horror that he joined the other side.

Ozpin looks down because he realizes which side he chose.

The Jedi looked down.

(His new master Empress Salem has congratulated him for taking down Ozpin's order and has reported that she has dealt with him.)

Ozpin sighs in sadness because he has failed Jaune.

(However, she assures him that his parents and siblings are safe. He reports that he has taken care of Cinder and the others for betraying her. The other reason for this is because Ironwood found out about Jaune's fake transcripts and wanted him eliminated. He also lied about Ozpin ordering it, making the assassination attempt illegal.)

Everyone glared at Ironwood, who flinched.

(This is because the Arc Family have supported the White Fang and don't hate them.)

The White Fang were shocked that Jaune's family supported them.

(Team FNKI was sent to kill them but Jaune's grandfather Sterling managed to find out and fought them by killing three members of that team before going to fight the leader. Jaune heard the battle from outside and got worried for his grandparents. His parents and sisters also saw this and investigated. They found his grandmother on the floor but she was alive and fine. However, Jaune got worried for his grandfather and went to help him. He saw Flynt about to kill Sterling but he fought the guy in self-defense and killed him by stabbing him and throwing him through a window to his death.)

Everyone bowed their heads down in respect for the team.

(Jaune was remorseful.)

  • Jaune: (remorseful) "What have I done?"

(He sits down and cries at what he has done.)

Everyone felt bad for him, knowing that he did it out of instincts.

'What have I done?' thought a guilt-ridden Ironwood, now realizing that his actions caused all this.

"You were merely protecting your family, Jaune. Like any clan member would." said a proud Raven. She might not be blood related but she still is his aunt and she's proud of him for protecting the clan.

Everyone agreed.

"No hard feelings." said an assuring Flynt.

(He then heard a call from the transmitter and it was Salem, who Jaune bowed to.)

  • Jaune: (bowing) "Hello grandmother."
  • Salem: (worried) "My dear Jaune, are you alright?"
  • Jaune: (nodding) "Yes, I am. There was a deliberate attempt on our lives."
  • Salem: (sad) "That's because you've been betrayed. Our whole family has been betrayed."
  • Jaune: (angry) "By who?"
  • Salem: (sighs) "By the Huntsmen. One of your assassins mentioned that Ozpin and Ironwood ordered this."

(Jaune looked heartbroken and betrayed. He has the feeling that even his friends will be traitors now.)

Everyone was saddened that he feels betrayed.

"We would never betray you." said a crying Yang, not wanting her new family to turn evil.

"Neither would we." said an also crying Ahsoka, she also liked Jaune and didn't want him to turn against them.

(He then submitted to Salem.)

  • Jaune: (serious) "I hereby summit loyalty to you."
  • Salem: (smirking) "Good. Every single Huntsman and Huntress, including your team and sister team, is now an enemy of the clan. Do what must be done. Do not hesitate and show no mercy."
  • Jaune: (bowing) "It'll be done, my lady."
  • Salem: (continuing) "After you're finished, go to my kingdom and wipe out General Ironwood. He has taken over it and corrupting it."
  • Jaune: (serious) "I will wipe him out for his betrayal."
  • Salem: (smirking) "You will be known as Elder Vader."
  • Jaune: (nodding) "Thank you, my lady."

(Her transmission turns off and Jaune prepares for the family's revenge.)

Everyone was saddened by this.

(Jaune leads his army across the whole world of Remnant and are killing other Huntsmen and Huntresses. He then found Nora and NDGO.)

  • Nora: (scared) "Fearless leader, there's too many of them, what're we going to do?"

(However, Jaune's eyes shed tears as he activates his saber, causing Nora and NDGO to understand but also shed tears.)

Nora cried at what her big brother did but doesn't hate him.

NDGO also cried because they love Jaune.

(He then also went to Salem's castle and took out General William.)

Everyone gasped, recognizing the corrupt general.

"WHAT?!" yelled a shocked John.

"How is he still alive?" asked a shocked Juniper.

"What's wrong? Who's William?" asked a worried Anakin.

"My evil great uncle who hates weakness and is willing to kill his own family for being weak." said a scowling Jaune.

(That bastard William was selling them out to save his own skin and had framed Ozpin and Ironwood for the assassination, making Jaune and Salem angry at him but also remorseful for believing that Jaune would be betrayed by his own friends.)

Everyone was angered by this.

"This is all his fault." said a glaring Nora.

(While he was killing the corrupt leaders, Jaune did look at the audience and showed them his red Sith eyes.)

Everyone shivered at that.

(When he is about to kill Gregory Arc, the cowardly abuser begs for mercy.)

  • Gregory: (begging) "Please, I'm an Arc too. You can't kill me."
  • Jaune: (scowling) "Consider yourself disowned."

(Gregory then screamed as Jaune killed him off-screen.)

Johann smirked at this, hating Gregory for all of eternity.

Jaune smirked too.

(White tried to leave on his bullhead but Jaune used his lightning to crash it, killing William and avenging innocent lives.)

"At least the true bad guy is dead." said a relieved Oscar.

"But Oscar, there might be more." said a sad Whitley, having a feeling that this won't stop Jaune.

(However, Ren and Ozpin had found the destroyed Beacon and was saddened to find dead students and soldiers. Ren was the most depressed to find Nora dead but her death looked quick and she didn't seem to be in pain.)

Nora cried in relief that Jaune gave her mercy.

"Thank you brother." said a crying Nora.

(They later find out that Jaune did this and were saddened that he joined Salem. Ozpin goes to confront Salem while Ren goes to fight Jaune but he first informs Pyrrha of this and finds out that she's pregnant.)

  • Ren: (sad) "Jaune's the father, isn't he? (Pyrrha tearfully nods) I'm so sorry."

(He leaves to prepare their ship and Pyrrha cries at what Jaune has done. At Salem's castle, a hooded Jaune watches the shattered moon but sheds tears of remorse for his actions and for killing his own friends.)

Everyone felt bad for Jaune because he shows remorse for his actions.

They also cry because he was gonna be a father.

Pyrrha cries at what has happened to her beloved.

(Ren and Pyrrha decide to go see Jaune and have located him. At Salem's castle, Jaune was done reporting his success and felt tired. He then went to sleep on a chair and had a dream.)

They wonder what was the dream.

(In a flashback, it shows 11-year-old version of him looking depressed because 12-year-old Cardin beat him up and bullied him again.)

The girls were saddened by this tragic past.

(However, three kids Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, and Nora Valkyrie saw what happened and they were gonna defend him. They went to him and comforted him. They met four girls named Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona, and Yang Xiao-Long.)

  • Pyrrha (flashback): (worried) "Are you okay?"
  • Jaune (flashback): (crying) "Yeah but it hurts."
  • Yang (flashback): (sympathetic) "Everything will be alright, little cousin."
  • Jaune (flashback): (angry) "I hate him."

(They angrily agree. They told the principal and he was not very pleased as well. He expelled Cardin and called Jaune's parents. They comforted their son.)

  • John (flashback): (sad) "Jaune, I'm sick and tired of Cardin picking on you."
  • Juniper (flashback): (agreeing) "Me too but don't worry, he's been expelled."
  • Jaune (flashback): (sighing) "I just wish for a chance to prove myself."

(He then made a promise with the others to always be together. In the present, he wakes up and was saddened by this because when he saved Cardin from a Ursa, the ungrateful bully exposed the transcripts and started turning others against Jaune. However, his team and sister team didn't betray him but they were barely there for him and became distant. He was about to talk with them until he heard a distress call from his home and had to go save his family, which led to the events of this disaster.)

The said teams cried at this and cursed Cardin.

(He then hears a beeping noise on one of the screens and it detects a bullhead coming. He was expecting this and goes to see his two remaining teammates.)

They were in anticipation.

(Outside the castle, Pyrrha came to Jaune, who sighed sadly.)

  • Pyrrha: (crying) "Jaune, I heard terrible things that you did. That you joined Salem and killed Nora."
  • Jaune: (sad) "Pyrrha, I didn't want to but I had to. There was an assassination attempt on my family's life and we felt betrayed. Please, I don't want to lose you like we lost Nora. I now want to defend Remnant by ruling it."
  • Pyrrha: (crying) "Ren was right, you've changed. I don't know you anymore. You're breaking my heart."
  • Jaune: (upset) "No Pyrrha, please don't turn against me."

(He was crying now because the woman he loves is now afraid of him. He doesn't want to hurt her.)

Pyrrha cries because Jaune has indeed changed.

(However, he notices Ren coming out and he now feels betrayed by Pyrrha. She notices and panics.)

  • Pyrrha: (panicking) "Stop now, come back, I love you."
  • Jaune: (angry) "LIAR!"
  • Pyrrha: (worried) "No."

(Blind with rage, he accidentally force chokes her but Ren stops him.)

  • Ren: (worried) "Let her go, Jaune. Let. Her. Go."

(Jaune realizes what he's doing and let's go, making Pyrrha collapse to the floor unconscious. Jaune looks remorseful over this but then glares at Ren.)

  • Jaune: (angry) "You turned her against me."
  • Ren: (stern) "You have done that yourself."
  • Jaune: (glaring) "You will not take her from me."

(Then take off their robe hoodies.)

  • Ren: (stern) "Your arrogance and lust for power have already done that. You've allowed Salem to twist your mind until you have become the very thing that you swore to destroy."
  • Jaune: (glaring) "Don't lecture me, Ren. I've seen through the lies of the Huntsmen and Huntresses. I do not feel darkness as you do. (Ren checked Pyrrha and much to his relief, she is still alive. Jaune then turns his back on them and announces his vision) I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire."
  • Ren: (shocked) "Your new Empire?"
  • Jaune: (worried) "Please Ren, don't make me kill you."
  • Ren: (stern) "Jaune, my alliegiance is to the Huntsman and to Huntress."
  • Jaune: (sighs) "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy."
  • Ren: (guilt-ridden) "You leave me no choice Jaune. I'll do as I must."

(Ren takes out a new weapon of his own. He modified it to be a lightsaber.)

Everyone was realizing what was gonna happen.

Nora begged for her brothers not to fight.

(Jaune was saddened to do this but he knows what must be done.)

  • Jaune: (sad) "You will try."

(Ren activates a green blade and Jaune activates his red blade before they then start fighting in a lightsaber fight. They really know how to fight each other and Jaune kicks Ren towards the entrance.)

Pyrrha and Nora were crying at seeing them fight and didn't want them to.

"Please, don't fight." said a crying Ruby.

Outside the theater, all of Remnant and other realities are seeing the fight and are saddened by it, begging the boys not to fight.

((I'm not gonna describe the long fight because it'll be too long to describe but most of it is like the Anakin vs. Obi-Wan fight except for the ending) The two brothers are fighting on a piece of metal on lava until Ren jumps on a high ground and gets ready to stop Jaune.)

  • Ren: (confident) "It's over Jaune, I have the high ground."
  • Jaune: (glaring) "You underestimate the power of the dark side."
  • Ren: (worried) "Don't try it."

(Jaune then jumps and Ren tries to disarm him but Jaune manages to jump over Ren and impales him from behind. Ren collapses to the ground and Jaune looks down at him in remorse.)

  • Jaune: (remorseful) "Goodbye brother."

(Ren gives him one last look of forgiveness before passing away. Jaune tearfully kicks him down near the lava and takes Ren's weapon with him before leaving.)

All heroes look down in sadness at seeing Ren lost but still respect him for fighting hard.

Jaune gives an apologetic look to Ren but is forgiven and they shake hands in respect for the fight.

Nora cried at Ren's death but didn't blame Jaune.

The Jedi sighed in sadness.

(Jaune had became the new emperor when Salem has defeated Ozpin because she is dying as well. Once she passed away, she crowns Jaune Arc as the emperor but he decides to give people hope. He then freed the slaves and made a speech.)

  • Jaune (on video): (serious) "I realized the humans haven't deserved it but I'm asking for your trust. Trust in me and in the future, we're not enemies but brothers. Today, let's put aside our differences and together, we can be free. UNITE OR FALL!"

(They cheered for him and shouted long live the empire.)

Despite him being a Sith, everyone felt honored by his speech.

White Fang bowed to him.

The clones saluted him. Yes, he might be a Sith but his speech inspires them.

(Pyrrha had sadly died of childbirth, which Jaune was depressed about and had an angry breakdown.)

Everyone was sad that he didn't get to save the one he loved.

(However, she managed to give birth to his kids Anakin Arc and Padme Arc. The younger twin Anakin looked like his father and has the goofy personality while the older twin Padme looked like Pyrrha and was protective of her brother. To make sure they don't get hated by any enemies, Jaune has them live with Team RWBY, who agree to take care of them. Ruby and Weiss adopted Anakin while Blake and Yang adopted Padme. They were spared because they knew they can't fight Jaune and they had found out why he turned against the Huntsman and Huntresses. Sadly, Jaune later passed away from a broken heart in his sleep but Ruby remained control of the empire until Padme will be old enough to control it. Anakin chooses to be a Huntsman like his father before him and the people of Remnant are at peace again because Jaune's actions had actually ended the war with Grimm and he has brought peace. He was remembered as a loving hero, son, brother, husband, and father.)

Despite his actions, the heroes loved that he was remembered.

RWBY were happy to have survived.

Pyrrha tearfully smiled at seeing her children.

Anakin and Padme were glad to be the children's namesakes.

Even Mace admits that he has a chance of redemption and died a hero.

(His children found out about him but didn't hate him and understood his reasons. They still loved him, no matter what.)

Jaune smiled tearfully.

(However, people still wonder who the real hero or villain was.)

Despite this question, the heroes still accepted this ending and the villains cheered at Jaune's success.

"Will the Jedi, Clones, and Senators want to go back to their world?" asked a smiling A.

They nodded kindly.

Anakin gets up and shakes hands with Jaune.

"Remember Anakin, choose the right side." said a serious Jaune.

"I will." said a nodding Anakin.

They get sent back to their world.

Chapter 7: Jaune Of The Dead

After the last viewing, the White Fang stopped being radical and have respect for the Arc Family.

The said family were saddened by Jaune's actions but understood and were proud of him for restoring their honor.

(The video starts with Jaune waking up in the morning and acting like a zombie until he's fully awake. He seems to look 29 years old and have a haircut and a goatee.)

The female adults blushed at him looking all grown-up.

"Dang, Jaune Arc looks good." said a blushing Kali, much to her daughter's agreement and her husband's annoyance.

"Kali, stay away from my son." said an annoyed Juniper, with her husband and older daughters agreeing.

(We then see his couch and also see an older Ren on it. He's gain a few pounds and playing video games while smoking a joint.)

Ren was grossed out by his appearance so was the others.

"Oh yeah, Ren has become immature and doesn't have a job." said a laughing A.

(Jaune sits down to play with him but is reminded that he's got work. He exits the game and goes to get ready.)

"He's got a job?" asked a stunned Weiss. She doesn't doubt it but was stunned to see him have one.

(He then goes to the bathroom, pees in the toilet, brushes his teeth, puts on his work clothes, and his nametag says he's a sales advisor.)

"What a nice job that Jaune has." said a smiling Velvet.

"You should be happy because you're dating him in this universe." said a smiling A.

Velvet was so happy and Coco congratulated her.

Jaune smiled because Velvet is one of the girls he loves and Jasmine was happy for him.

"Velvet, welcome to the family." said a smiling Jasmine.

"What?" asked a blushing Velvet.

"It's for each girl that wins my approval." said a serious Jasmine.

(He fixes his tie before closing to mirror door but spots Cardin behind him, who complains about the front door being left open last night.)

Everyone groans at the sight of that bully. They explained to Oscar about him and he was not happy.

(Then Jaune puts jelly on toast, makes some chocolate milk, and puts the milk away before talking with Cardin. The bully surprisingly is not blaming Jaune for it but only to blame Ren for it.)

"Hey! Don't blame Renny for it." said an angry Nora, not liking how the bully is insulting her boyfriend.

(They have an argument about Ren living with them: Jaune defends him but Cardin wants Ren out of the house.)

"What is Cardin's problem?" asked an angry Pyrrha.

"Cardin surprisingly works as a businessman. I don't know the company he works for but he's still arrogant and is very abusive towards the two boys." said an annoyed A.

(Cardin did admit that he sold weed once in college.)

Everyone turns to Cardin, who got nervous and it's confirmed to be true.

"Mr. Winchester, I would have you suspended for 4 months for dealing drugs with minors and students." said a scolding Ozpin.

(They go over to Ren but Jaune couldn't bring himself to kick his best friend out.)

Ren smiles at Jaune and they fist bump.

(Cardin asks for Ren to answer the answering machine and not his own, which the latter agreed to. When Cardin turns around, he is unaware that Ren put the words "I. Am. A. Prick." in four different paper sheets on the back of his jacket.)

The students laugh at this and Ren got high fives from everyone else while also having been entertained by this.

Cardin grumbles about stupid brats and the teachers shake their heads in annoyance.

"REN!" yelled a scolding Juniper.

"Don't worry Mrs. Arc, this hasn't happened yet and I'm probably gonna be punished for that." said a chuckling Ren.

The Arc Matriarch was still disappointed but let it go for now.

(Jaune looked at Ren, who chuckled and thought it was hilarious. Jaune walked to the door annoyed but then Ren apologized and Jaune forgave him. However, Ren wasn't talking about that and Jaune was disgusted when he smelled something.)

The girls were disgusted while the guys laughed.

(He then hears the answering machine ringing and Ren won't get it. Jaune turns it on but leaves to go to work and is unaware of Velvet calling him for a restaurant reservation to celebrate their anniversary.)

The video ended and A told them about this counterpart: Jaune loves his mother Glynda (which she smiled at), doesn't get along with his step-father James (earning rolled eyes from the general), is disrespected by his colleagues (much to the adults' sympathy), his relationship with Velvet is reaching to an end because he forgot to make a restaurant reservation (much to the Faunas girl's sadness), and a zombie apocalypse happens (making everyone scared). Then things happened: Cardin got zombified (making everyone worried), he gets in fights with Neptune because of the latter lusting for Velvet (disgusting her as she hates that womanizer), he made amends with James before the latter died of the virus (Jaune and James did feel a little bittersweet), Neptune tried to kill a zombified Glynda (making everyone glare in disgust), Jaune put her out of his misery but was sad about it (making everyone cry and show him sympathy), Neptune didn't show remorse and starts fights with Jaune (making Velvet have enough and slap Neptune), Weiss calls out Neptune for his cruelty (making Jaune and Velvet thank her), Neptune gets a well-deserved but gruesome death from the zombies (making everyone groan and flinch), Weiss left the group out of angst (the said girl understood since she just saw her so-called boyfriend get killed), Ren got bit by Cardin (Nora screamed in horror at that), Jaune shot Cardin (Blake and Velvet cheered at that while Jaune gave a satisfied smirk), Ren is zombified (much to Nora's sadness), the military saves the day (making everyone cheer), and the zombies including Ren are turned into harmless people (making everyone smile at how they are given a second chance).

Chapter 8: Papa Jaune

A young cat Faunas named Caira appeared and she went to Jaune, who was happy to see her.

"DADDY!" yelled a happy Caira and Jaune picked her up.

"How're you doing, sweetie?" asked a smiling Jaune.

"I'm fine, daddy." said a smiling Caira. Then she saw Nebula, "Mommy."

"Hi sweetie." said a smiling Nebula. Caira went to her and got hugged.

John and Juniper were happy to be grandparents.

(The video starts with Jaune on a school assignment with his team. They are accompanied by RWBY and two second year students Coco and Velvet. Him and the two second years were collecting dust from the forest but are carefully making sure not to spill some on themselves. He talked with them and blushed when Coco informed him that she caught Velvet watching a video of Jaune and Coco in the changing room.)

They blushed at this while Velvet looked guilty.

(However, Jaune is not working with the others because he's mad at them for easily forgiving Blake but not Jaune about the fake transcripts. They claim that she is making up for what she did but Jaune calls them out and claims that they only cared about strength. They tried to talk to him but he refused to acknowledge them to show how he felt.)

"Wow, that is kinda hypocritical." said an annoyed Nebula, she didn't care about those transcripts and understood why Jaune wanted to be a Huntsman.

"Meanies are always judging daddy." said an upset Caira.

(What's worst is that Pyrrha slapped him for the fake transcripts and refused to allow him in the dorms but then he stood up to her and broke up with her for her selfishness.)

Pyrrha facepalmed at her counterpart for her selfishness and stupidity.

(Velvet and Coco were also mad at them for being hypocrites. Ruby is not hated by them but is not trusted either because she didn't stand up for him.)

Ruby look down in guilt for never defending him from Yang.

(Ren and Nora didn't show anger but didn't defend him.)

They cried at this.

(Weiss' behavior wasn't surprising since she hated Jaune for flirting with her, even though he sincerely loved her for who she is. That destroyed his crush on her and realized that she's just a cold-hearted bitch just like her sister Winter.)

Weiss and Winter felt offended but Weiss didn't deny it.

'I guess I could be.' thought a guilty Weiss.

'That was so uncalled for.' thought an offended Winter.

Qrow laughs at that, earning a glare from Winter.

(Blake is very hypocritical since she's a former terrorist and also has fake transcripts.)

Everyone agreed that was hypocritical.

Blake now felt bad for ignoring Jaune back at Beacon since she is a faker herself.

(Yang only goes by her bitch mother's code: the strong survive and the weak die. Yep, she's a bimbo bitch like her mother.)

Yang was angry and Raven was enraged.

'Who's that little shit calling a bimbo?' thought an angry Yang. When she has him, she's gonna be more harsh on him.

'THAT LITTLE BASTARD! HOW THE FUCK DARE HE?! I WILL SHOW HIS LITTLE WEAK ASS WHO'S A LITTLE BITCH!' thought an enraged Raven as she plans to be more harsh on him when she kidnaps him. Maybe involving a whip.

Qrow laughed at that nickname for Raven, earning a glare from said woman.

"Wow, he's got a lot of balls." said an impressed Sierra.

"Yeah, I doubt anyone has ever said that and lived to tell the tale." said an agreeing Johann.

(When Jaune finally defeated Cardin, the others were impressed but he ignored them because he feels like they only care about his strength. He lived in Team CFVY's dorm and they felt bad for what he went through.)

Pyrrha, Ren, Nora, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are sad that Jaune feels that way. They're keeping their promises of making it up to him.

(However, they heard a child crying and it was coming from a cat Faunas.)

A few people found her adorable.

(She turned to Jaune and asked if he was her daddy. Not wanting to leave the child alone, he claims he is and picked her up.)

Everyone smiled at Jaune for helping her.

(Velvet and Coco loved the child. They found a note and are angry that a human couple abandoned their daughter for being a Faunas.)

Everyone was also angered. Caira was crying but Nebula comforted her.

"It's okay sweetie, you have me and Jaune now, okay?" said a smiling Nebula, making Caira happy.

"Yeah, that couple were scumbags for what they did. You have us now." said a smiling Jaune.

(However, they named her Caira. They head back to Beacon, talked with Ozpin, and Jaune was now the father of Caira. Her and the dog Zwei liked each other and played around.)

Zwei barked happily.

Caira came to him and they liked each other.

(At the park, they meet a woman named Nebula and Jaune fell in love with her, which was returned. When Caira asked if Nebula was her mommy, Nebula was more than happy to adopt her too.)

Jaune and Nebula smile at each other.

(At lunch, he had Zwei take care of her but trouble was caused by Team CRDL, who were pulling on Caira's ears and laughed when she cried.)

Everyone was disgusted that Cardin is picking on a child.

"What kind of monster picks on children?" asked an angry Yang.

The Arc Family were mad to see this and wanted to harm the bully.

"What is wrong with him?" asked a horrified Nebula, who was comforting a crying Caira.

"Everything." said a glaring Jaune, wanting to hurt that prick.

(The witnesses were mad at this but Jaune saw this and was pissed.)

Everyone cheered for Jaune.

"Go get him, tiger!" said a cheering Coco.

"Big supporter vs racist pricks fight coming up." said a smiling Velvet.

The Arc Family gave headphones to the children, including Oscar due to him being 13.

(He then super speed and got Caira out of there. He found Nebula and asked her to hold onto Caira. She agreed to and gave the girl headphones. Then Jaune glared at Team CRDL and brought out some knucklebusters.)

  • Jaune: (angry) "You think it's funny picking on Faunas but you pick on a child? You sick motherfucker, I OUTGHA GO OVER THERE AND BASH YOUR FUCKING BALLS IN!"
  • Cardin: (scoffs) "So what, she's just a freak?"
  • Jaune: (angry) "She's my child and you're gonna get hurt for what you did."

(He then punched Sky in the chin, causing him to fly up into his namesake.)

"Well, that was a clear sky." said a joking Yang, earning a groan from Jaune, Johann, and Sierra.

"You gotta make a better joke." said a groaning Jaune.

"You're such a critic." said an annoyed Yang.

"No, I'm not. I just hate bad jokes." said a serious Jaune.

(He then bitch slaps Dove into the wall with his head stuck in it as he struggles to get out by wiggling his legs.)

Everyone laughed at it.

Even his teammates laugh at that.

Dove grumbles in embarrassment.

(He then did the splits and punched Russel's nuts, causing him to scream like a little bitch and earning painful moans from the males and satisfied laughs from the females.)

All the males cover their private parts.

"Dude, why?" asked a horrified Mercury.

"That was a low blow." said an also horrified Roman.

Jaune, Johann, and the girls laugh at this.

"Breaking nuts is way better than breaking legs." said a laughing Nora.

"Amen, sister, amen." said an agreeing Sierra.

Even the mature females were laughing at this.

"It's hilarious to punch a mean guy in the balls." said a laughing Jaune.

"Amen, brother, amen." said an agreeing Johann.

(As Russel collapses to the floor and moans in pain, Jaune then head butted Cardin and launched his knee in his face four times. He then picked up Cardin and spun him around before throwing him out the window.)

Caira smiled at how her daddy defended her.

Everyone clapped.

"That's my boy." said a smiling John.

"Nobody hurts the Arc Family and gets away with it." said a smirking Juniper.

(He checked on Caira.)

  • Jaune: (worried) "Are you okay, Caira?"
  • Caira: (crying) "Yeah but it hurt. I was scared."
  • Jaune: (comforting) "Don't worry, you were still brave and I'm proud of you."

(Caira smiled and hugged him, which he returned.)

"Thank you daddy." said a smiling Caira.

(Three members of Team CRDL were being taken away by Glynda but she was confused.)

  • Glynda: (confused) "Hey wait, where is-"

(She was cut off when Sky falls back down and lands on his team's table, saying a soft ow and passing out as Glynda sighs in annoyance at this and carries him away.)

Despite not liking him, they all winced at that.

"That's gotta hurt." said a wincing Octavia.

"Yeah, I shouldn't have hit him too hard." said an agreeing Jaune, feeling short pity for the unlucky bully.

(The students respected Jaune for what he did and they helped pay for the ruined food. Jaune and the school were getting irritated by that racist prick.)

"Amen." said the agreeing audience, also annoyed at such behavior.

(The students testified against Cardin and even showed security cameras catching Cardin bullying students. He's in detention for 8 months.)

"That's what they deserved." said an annoyed Ruby.

The students nod in annoyed agreement.

The teachers were disappointed in that Team's behaviors.

(The Faunas have heard about what happened and cheered the hero on. Meanwhile, Jaune and Nebula both started dating and became parents to Caira.)

Caira hugs them.

(Of course, WBY and Pyrrha didn't accept it but Ruby did. Ruby, Ren, and Nora visited him to give their congratulations but the others tagged along, much to their annoyance.)

  • Ruby: (happy) "I heard you had a child."
  • Jaune: (annoyed) "So?"
  • Ruby: (happy) "Congrats."
  • Ren: (agreeing) "I knew you can be a dad."
  • Nora: (also agreeing) "Yeah, I always wanted to be a aunt."
  • Jaune: (smiles) "Thanks guys. You're my only true friends. I even name you an aunt to the adorable little girl."
  • Ruby: (happy) "Thanks Jaune. (then she saw Caira) Hey Caira."
  • Caira: (happy) "Aunty Ruby."

(They hugged. Ruby is the only one of the others who loves Caira and forgives Jaune. Ren and Nora felt bad for how they treated him and cursed themselves for abandoning him.)

Jaune and Nebula smiled at them.

(However, the others were not so happy.)

  • Weiss: (arrogant) "Give that child to us and we could take care of it better than you."
  • Blake: (serious) "Jaune, don't take this the wrong way and I still love you but that child needs protection."
  • Yang: (angry) "She doesn't need a weak fraud like you."
  • Pyrrha: (jealous) "Jaune, this is too much responsibility."

(Ruby, Ren, and Nora look at them and you could tell that they didn't plan for them to say that. They basically revealed that they only care about semblance and aura instead of how Jaune feels about his child being taken away.)

The real versions of them facepalm at that while Mercury, Emerald, Neo, Nebula, Ruby, and Whitley got worried.

"Oh shit." said all of them.

(Indeed, Jaune was pissed off.)

  • Jaune: (pissed off) "No. I will never give her to hypocrites like you."
  • Pyrrha: (stunned) "How are we hypocrites?"
  • Jaune: (annoyed) "Weiss hates Faunas for a petty reason, Blake is a former terrorist whose done a lot worst, Yang is a angry bimbo bully who trashed someone's bar, and Pyrrha only cares about destiny. (they were stunned) Ruby, you have a chance to make it up to me because you don't really hate me while Ren and Nora also have a chance but the others are no longer my friends. They ruined it by abandoning me and choosing a terrorist over me. I trusted all of you with my secret but your turn your backs on me. However, you forgive Blake over me. I hate all of you. Go and stay away from my family. Pyrrha is hereby kicked off of the team for betraying her leader. I'm glad that I'm picking Nebula over her because Nebula loves me for who I am and I was wrong to leave her over a misunderstanding."

(Nebula smiles at this and Jaune slams the door in their faces. They are mad but Ruby cries.)

  • Ruby: (crying) "What have I done? He was my first friend and he cared about me but all I did was not defend him from you guys. I'm sorry Jaune."
  • Weiss: (shocked) "What? But he lied to us and never apologized. He doesn't deserve to be in Beacon. His family would be ashamed of him."

(However, Ruby snaps and slaps her while Ren and Nora looks pissed at Weiss.)


(Blake was crying in regret for what she did and the others are trying to convince her but she glares at them and walks away.)

Weiss and Yang look down in regret for how they treated Jaune. Ruby's right, they're hypocrites.

Blake was crying in regret. She has no right to get mad at Jaune since she committed way worst things than him.

"See? She's right. Jaune only did one thing wrong and won't do it again but the rest of you have done worst and should apologize to him for your selfishness." said a glaring A.

They nod.

(Pyrrha glares at Ruby for talking like that towards her.)

  • Pyrrha: (angry) "Who do you think you are, you little shit?"
  • Ruby: (glaring) "I'm Ruby fucking Rose, you red haired fame hungry bitch. Fuck you."

(Pyrrha angrily left, most likely hating her.)

Pyrrha rolls her eyes at her counterpart.

(Jaune and Nebula heard everything that Ruby said and they will give her a second chance.)

Ruby smiled at this.

(They opened the door and Jaune smiles.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Thanks Ruby."
  • Ruby: (also smiling) "No problem. I'm sorry about them. Me, Ren, and Nora wanted to go alone but they kept following us."
  • Nebula: (smiling) "Don't worry, it's okay. Come in."

(She came in and had a fun time with the child.)

The screen ended and the parents were happy to be with their little girl.

The ones who were mean to Jaune apologized for their selfishness.

Chapter 9: Jackass

Before they watch the next scene, they are given a warning about not doing the stunts in this movie. They are also informed that Neptune and CRDL's counterparts are good guys in this one.

(Our video starts with a foggy neighborhood street with a few cars on the side of the street. Suddenly from the fog, 11 figures seemed to come into view and it's revealed to be none other than Jaune, Ren, Mercury, SSSN, and CRDL running at the camera in slow motion.)

The said boys were shocked to see each other together and not fighting.

"What are they running from?" asked a worried Octavia.

(When the smoke cleared out of the way, they are being chased by a giant stampede of bulls.)

Everyone went wide eyed.

"What the hell?" asked a eye-wide NDGO.

"Are those a bunch of bulls?" asked a terrified Salem.

"What in the world are they doing!?" asked a worried Juniper.

"Oh my god Jaune." said a scared Pyrrha.

(While they are running, they are running down the street of a neighborhood. There was no slow mow anymore and they could be heard screaming in terror while yelling out profanity words.)

The children's ears were covered.

(As they are running, Mercury stopped next to a car and opened the door to jump inside the empty car, barely missing a charging bull as it tore off the open door.)

  • Mercury: (shocked) "Holy shit!"

(He was left in shock of almost getting rammed.)

Emerald sighed in relief.

(As the rest of the guys ran ahead, the camera was now on Cardin, who tried to jump over a fence, and failed miserably, ending up getting rammed in the back by two oncoming bulls as he tripped.)

Everyone winced at his pain, mostly Nebula.

(As the remaining guys ran through the yards of random houses, the bulls seemed to get closer and closer as they trample everything in sight. Sun tried to take cover by going near a group of trash cans in between two cars, and hide inside, only for a bull to notice him and to come charging at him.)

  • Sun: (scared) "Nonononono!"

(As Sun yelled out for mercy, the bulls' responses was to charge right into the bin with Sun inside, knock him over, giving him a possible concussion, and covering him in garbage.)

Blake got worried for him but Yang laughed.

"Aw man, he just got trashed." said a laughing Yang, earning some groans and glares from the others for not only the joke being bad but very mean and rude.

"That's not funny." said a glaring Blake and Sun.

"Sun could have a concussion from that." said a glaring Jaune.

(The camera then showed Russell and Dove running away, looking back as two bulls both aimed their rears, and rammed them.)

  • Russell: "Oh Fuck!"
  • Dove: "Goddammit!"

(The bulls, instead of moving on, decided to mess around and knock the boys around while they were on the ground, emitting groans and winces of pain.)

"Well, they seem to be having a fun time." said a chuckling Salem.

Dew and Gwen felt a little bad for them.

(The camera then showed Sage and Scarlet running into a fence as the cows chase them, knocking it down and tripping in the process, and being covered in bits of debris as the cows trample over them.)

  • Sage: (wincing) "Oh shit!"
  • Scarlett: (groaning) "Owww!"

(They are then most likely are unconscious from being rammed.)

"I hope they're okay." said a worried Ruby, hoping Sage is okay.

"I'm sure they're fine." said a serious Yang, although she's worried for Scarlet.

(Next was Neptune and Sky as they ran from a bull, looking back as they did, and not noticing the inflatable pool in front of them.)

"Neptune lookout!" said a worried Sun and Weiss, remembering his fear of water.

(It was too late.)

  • Neptune: (scared) "Oh Fuck!"
  • Sky: (eye-wide) "Shit!"

(As if on cue, both boy tripped and found themselves submerged under the waters of the pool, and the bull behind them jumped in and managed to step on them a bit. When the two returned to the surface, Sky clutched his side and leaned on the side of the pool, while Neptune dashed out of the pool as he could due to this fear of the water.)

"Oh Neptune why?" asked a sympathetic Sun and Weiss, feeling sorry for him, while Octavia winced at Sky's pain.

"What's wrong with Neptune?" asked a worried Summer.

"He's afraid of water." said a laughing Jaune.

"What's so funny?" asked an irritated Neptune.

"Dude, your namesake is the god of the sea." said a shrugging Jaune.

(As everyone seemed to be getting trampled and pushed around by the cows and bulls, Jaune and Ren were still fine and screaming in fear as they ran into an open house.)

"Jaune-Jaune and Renny are all that's left." said a worried Nora.

(As the two teammates ran towards the back of the house, Ren saw an opportunity to escape, and jumped through the window on the side of the wall, which was next to a larger window on the back wall.)

"And my fearless Renny makes his dashing escape from the beef army unharmed." said a smiling Nora.

"If he doesn't get cut from the glass that is." said a wincing A, knowing how painful broken glass is.

(After Ren jumped out of the room, Jaune stopped midway in the room and looked at the camera while shaking in place.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hi I'm Jaune Arc and welcome to Jackass."

(As Jaune finished talking, a bull came and rammed him in his side, and pushed him out the larger window to his side, with the rest of the horde following behind.)

"Oh no Jauney-boo! Is he okay?" asked a worried Nebula before glaring at the ones who were snickering about the nickname, causing them to shut up.

"He's alright, they're professionals." said a serious A, making her sigh in relief.

(As the screen went to black once more, a text appeared in bright white letters and it said "JACKASS". Then there were scenes and videos of them performing dangerous stunts and some funny weird stuff.)

Everyone was laughing at the stunts and weird stuff.

"What do those boys think they are doing?" asked an irritated Glynda.

"Well it appears they made some sort of stunt film." said a laughing Blake.

Chapter 10: Jaune 10

Another portal opens and out comes Sterling Arc and Elizabeth Arc, Jaune's grandparents.

"Grandpa and grandma." said a happy Jaune as he went over and hugged them.

"Hello Jaune." said a smiling Sterling.

John smiled and hugged his parents, who hugged back.

(Outside of Beacon, Jaune was sad because his transcripts were revealed and his friends won't talk to him.)

"You didn't betray him but he's afraid that you might hate him because you just pretend he doesn't exist." said a serious A.

Sterling and Elizabeth were told of Jaune's transcripts but weren't mad because they know that John did the same thing.

(However, Ren and the two boys from CFVY still talked to him and were disappointed in the girls for avoiding him.)

Jaune smiled at them for being true friends.

Sterling and Elizabeth smiled because they remember Ren.

(Then he sees a meteorite coming from space and runs away in time as it crash lands. He checks it out and was shocked to see a gauntlet from outer space. He goes to take it but it latches onto his right hand and calms him down.)

Ozpin was interested.

"Before you all ask, that is the Ultimatrix. A copy of another device called the Omnitrix. They both can turn you into alien forms." said a serious A.

(The gauntlet's A.I. Hologram appears and Jaune has to admit she's beautiful.)

Pyrrha glares in jealousy as Nora snickers at it.

Weiss was jealous of that girl's body.

(She notices and giggles.)

  • Scarlett: (giggles) "Like what you see? (Jaune blushes) I'm the Ultimatrix but call me Scarlett. You can use me to transform into any alien but only use the Alien Force ones."

(However, they hear an attack from the Highbreed and Jaune decides to go hero. He activates the Ultimatrix and finds a perfect alien. He then presses the button and transforms into a plant-like alien.)

  • Swampfire: (yelling) "SWAMPFIRE!"

(Also, the symbol is on his chest.)

Everyone was amazed by it.

(The enemies shoot his arm off but it reattaches itself back on, making him smirk.)

  • Swampfire: (smirking) "Big mistake."

(He then summons some fireballs and throws them at the enemies, defeating them. He then sees more and gets an idea. He presses the symbol and turns into Ultimate mode.)

  • Ultimate Swampfire: (yelling) "ULTIMATE SWAMPFIRE!"

(He then manages to defeat the enemies and destroys the evil Highbreed leader. The DNAliens are turned back into human and Jaune changes back. He realizes that the possessed aliens are his family and he becomes concerned for them.)

  • Jaune: (concerned) "Mom, dad, and sisters, are you alright?"
  • John: (nodding) "I'm fine kiddo."
  • Juniper: (smiling) "I'm so proud of you."

(Jaune then has his family return home but then gets a kiss from Jasmine for saving them, leaving him blushing. Scarlett was jealous of this.)

  • Scarlett: (jealous) "That Hooters girl better keep her hands off you."
  • Jaune: (chuckles) "Relax, she's my older sister. Those other girls are my sisters too."
  • Scarlett: (amazed) "You have 7 sisters? You're so lucky."
  • Jaune: (nodding) "Thanks but I don't know about being lucky. Also, she had to kiss me in order to be paid by her boss."
  • Scarlett: (confused) "Where does she work?"
  • Jaune: (shrugging) "Brazzers."

(She went eye-wide and gave a 'WTF' face.)

Everyone also went eye-wide and couldn't believe a young girl works at a porn site.

"Hey Jaune, do you have her phone number?" asked a perverted Neptune.

"Do you wanna keep breathing?" asked a glaring Jaune as he pulled his sword out and it stopped the pervert.

"THANK YOU!" yelled the grateful females.

Sterling facepalmed at what his granddaughter does.

(After a while, she snapped out of it and went to the dorm with Jaune. Knowing Ozpin, he probably saw the whole thing on video. In his dorm, his team was waiting for him. They wanted to talk to him but are sad that he feels ignored by them. They actually did try to talk to him but couldn't find the right time. They saw him coming but he goes in his room without a word, making them sad. In his room, Scarlett blushes.)

  • Scarlett: (blushing) "I kind of got a crush on you."
  • Jaune: (smiling) "It's okay Scarlett, I love you too."

(They smile at each other and start kissing. Unknown to them, the others saw this. Pyrrha, Velvet, Coco and RWBY look heartbroken.)

They were actually jealous.

(The next day, Jaune got Scarlett into Beacon and they spent time together. At lunch, they are usually seen eating chili fries and a smoothie. Eventually, the teams tried to talk to him but Scarlett stood up for him.)

  • Scarlett: (angry) "So you only couldn't talk to him because you didn't have the right time? That is pathetic and selfish. You have plenty of time to talk to him. You just care about your stupid record and image more than your friend. You guys make me sick."

(She then saw that Jaune saw the whole thing but he hugged her.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Thanks for telling them off. I was getting sick and tired of them avoiding me and you're right about that excuse being selfish and pathetic. If they were my true friends then they would drop their records and image to be there for me."

(She smiled at him and they walked away from the shocked teams as Ren, Fox, and Yatsu clap and cheer.)

  • Ren: (smirking) "You bitches got served."

(The boys hi-fived him and the girls glare at him.)

They also hi-five at that.

(They then heard laughter outside and laughed at finding Team CRDL hanging by their underwear on a tree.)

Everyone laughs too.

(In the future, they got married and named their children John and Juniper.)

The said parents were happy about their namesakes.

Chapter 11: Pickles/Sailor Mouth/Something Smells

"As for the next one, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" asked a happy A.

"Spongebob Squarepants!" shouted a happy Jaune and Nora.

(The theme song happens.)

Everyone loved it.

The kids clapped to it, making the older females coo.

(The first part starts with Qrow waiting impatiently for Brawnz to order.)

"Oh man, I hate it when that happens." said an annoyed Qrow.

"Sorry, Mr. Branwen sir." said a sheepish Brawnz.

"What's dad's job there?" asked a confused Ruby.

"He's a cashier." said a sheepish A.

"Oh great." said an irritated Qrow.

(Qrow finally snapped.)

  • Qrow: (annoyed) "Are you planning on ordering today sir?"
  • Brawnz: (thinkin) "I'll have uh... (then he smiles) Krabby Patty."
  • Qrow: (sarcastically) "How original."
  • Brawnz: (adding) "And with extra onions."
  • Qrow: (sarcastically) "Daring today, aren't we? (he then writes the order and gives it to the fry cook) One Krabby Patty with extra onions."

(Jaune takes the order and he is shown wearing a white t-shirt, a red tie, and brown shorts with a black belt.)

The girls found him adorable in that outfit.

Nora was excited.

"Yay, Lil Jauney's cooking. He's an excellent cook." said a grinning Nora.

"I wouldn't say that." said a nervous Jaune.

"How many of you like Jaune's cooking?" asked a serious Ruby.

All heroes and villains raised their hands. Even Team CRDL liked the cooking and decided to not get Jaune expelled because he's an excellent cook.

"Even we enjoyed the food he cooked." said a smiling Cardin.

"Jaune, can you cook for them after this show?" asked a smiling A.

"Of course." said a nodding Jaune.

(He read the order and got to work. He place the ingredients together and gave his signature smile.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "One crying Johnny, up."
  • Qrow: (annoyed) "Whatever."

(He gave the food to the satisfied customer.)

"What's his problem?" asked a concerned Ruby.

"He hates his job because their boss is very cheap and he is annoyed by Jaune's happy attitude but still works at the Krusty Krab because it's the only job that he'll ever get due to others disliking Qrow for his snobbish jokes and bad talent at the clarinet." said a serious A.

He gives them a sound recording of the clarinet and everyone winced.

"Wow, I can see why I have no talent." said a wincing Qrow.

"Also, that burger is a Krabby Patty." said a smiling A.

They all took a taste test and they all loved it.

(Then Mercury comes and orders his food. Qrow tells the order.)

  • Qrow: (serious) "Twelve Krabby Patties on the Wheat Bun!"

(Then Jaune quickly creates them and puts them on the tray as he says the ingredients at super speed.)

  • Jaune: (happily) "One dozen cows on the farm, up!"

(He gives the food to Qrow.)

Everyone was impressed.

Both hero and villain girls want him as a house husband.

"Girls, I think you only want Jaune to be a house husband." said a suspicious Juniper.

"But mom, he begged for it. This was before he decided to become a Huntsman." said a defensive Jasmine.

"Then why did you let him go to Beacon?" asked a curious Sun.

"We didn't. He claimed to have given up but we didn't know he was lying." said a stern Sapphire, glaring at Jaune.

(Qrow takes the tray but is not amused.)

  • Qrow: (sarcastic) "Thanks Farmer Brown. (he gives the tray to Mercury) It's been a thrill serving you."
  • Mercury: (smiling) "Can I get some extra salt?"
  • Qrow: (frowning) "We're all out."
  • Mercury: (nervous) "Could you check?"
  • Qrow: (grumpy) "No."

(Mercury glares at him before leaving.)

"Dad." said an annoyed Ruby.

"Sorry but I don't like being a cashier." said a defensive Qrow.

(The next customer was an obese fish faunas like human with glasses, an orange tank top, and orange shorts.)

Everyone looked disgusted at the sight while Jaune and Nora glare at the guy in hatred.

"Oh my god." said a disgusted Nebula.

"Ugly fat bastard, isn't he?" said an agreeing Qrow.

"Who or what is he?" asked a disgusted Weiss.

"That's Bubble Bass, the most disgusting and greedy fat asshole in Bikini Bottom." said an also disgusted A.

"Yeah, more like Bubble Ass." said a joking Jaune, making everyone laugh at that joke and Yang was happy.

Even his parents and grandparents join in and don't scold him for his language.

"Nice one little cousin. I love you." said a happy Yang, glad to see another jokester.

Jaune blushed at what she said and Yang chuckled but does love him romantically and is upset that Pyrrha or Nebula don't share.

Elizabeth was excited about having great grandchildren.

(Qrow makes a quip at the obesity.)

  • Qrow: (trying to not smile) "Let me guess Tiny, a small salad."
  • Bubble Bass: (saying non sense) "I'll take a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a raft, four by four, animal-style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim."

(Qrow gave up writing all of that down.)

Everyone was confused.

"Don't ask." said a bored Jaune.

"He does this all the time and it's annoying." said an annoyed Nora.

"I can see why." said an irritated Qrow.

"Oh man, I hate picky eaters." said an angry Tai.

(Qrow lightened the mood up.)

  • Qrow: (sarcastically) "We serve food here, sir."

(The customers smiled at that and said "Ooh" because of Bubble Bass wasting their time as the said fat bastard glared at him.)

All students went "Ooh snap burn" and the adults laughed at that.

Even Winter, Raven, the more serious adults, and villains laughed at this.

Summer just hugged her husband and Tai patted his bestfriend on the back.

"Nice one, Uncle Qrow." said a laughing Yang as she was holding onto a laughing Ruby and Blake.

"Thanks Firecracker." said a smirking Qrow as he received a low-five for once from his sister.

"Get rekt fatso." said a smirking Tai.

"That's my man!" yelled a happy Summer.

"Good job, daddy." said a smiling Oscar, a little too nervous to call him that.

"Thanks son." said a smiling Qrow.

Oscar smiled at having a family.

(Jaune comes out the window and holding a Krabby Patty.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "I got it already, Qrow."

(Not really but it's justified since the order is too long and hard to make so the customer has to order a regular patty.)

Everyone nods, accepting that.

The host even showed them a pic and they saw how hard it was to make.

(Jaune then notices Bubble Bass and angrily gasps, recognizing him.)

  • Jaune: (angry) "Bubble Bass."

(He seems to know him and not in a friendly way.)

"I extremely hate him for being picky, horrible table manners, and his foul odor." said a cringing Jaune.

(Bubble Bass also recognizes him and rudely throws Qrow out of the way.)

Everyone frowned at that.

"That's just rude." said a frowning Summer.

(Bubble Bass glares at Jaune.)

  • Bubble Bass: (glaring) "Arc. I hear talk that you make a mean Krabby Patty."
  • Jaune: (also glaring) "Yeah. I hear talk that you're kinda picky."
  • Bubble Bass: (growling) "Yeah."

(Their rivalry is so intense that lightning is seen between them.)

"Me and Jaune hate that guy." said an angry Nora.

"It's a deep, deep hatred." said an agreeing Jaune.

(Then Jaune gave a happy face and gave him his food.)

  • Jaune: (happy) "Well, here you go."

(Bubble Bass looked surprised but just evily smirked and snatched the Patty without saying thank you.)

Nora glared at him suspiciously.

"Wow, he doesn't even know the words thank you." said an annoyed Flynt.

(He goes to sit down but the table and chair breaks as everyone laughed at him because of what he did earlier. (That didn't happened but I wanted him to go through that because he is really hated by fans, including me, for his selfishness, greediness, and horrible table manners.))

Everyone laughed at that.

Jaune and Nora laughed full force at this.

The White Fang also laughed at this.

(Growling at them, he pulled out the register's boat and used it as a table to support his weight. He then started eating with his mouth open, which disgusted others.)

Everyone was disgusted by this.

"Uh Jaune honey, does Bubble Bass even have table manners?" asked a disgusted Summer.

"Hell no, his manners are horrible and you'd be surprised." said a smiling Jaune.

(After he finished chewing, he gives a rude burp to everyone and doesn't say excuse me. (I know he didn't do that in this episode but it's to describe his horrible manners.))

Everyone was disgusted.

"You're right sweetie, I am surprised." said a disgusted Summer.

"Excuse him." said an also disgusted Raven.

"Don't bother. Bubble Bass is happy with his horrible life as a lazy slouch." said a disgusted A, not liking how Bubble Bass doesn't mature.

(Jaune ignored the horrible table manners and looked smug at him.)

  • Jaune: (smugly smiling) "Well Bubble Bass, what do you think?"

(Nora, NDGO, and the Arc Sisters also smugly smiled.)

"Yeah, you fat bastard?" asked a smug Nora.

(Then Bubble Bass evily smirks.)

  • Bubble Bass: (smirking evily) "This is delightful but only one thing: (Jaune was interested) You forgot the pickles!"

(He then shows that there are no pickles.)

Everyone was shocked.

"I call bullshit!" yelled an angry Nora.

"Yeah, there is no way that Jaune messed up!" yelled an agreeing NDGO.

"Cooking is one of the good things that even Arc is good at." said an also agreeing Cardin, who for once is defending Jaune Arc.

(Jaune looked mentally broken.)

  • Jaune: (horrified) "NO!"
  • Bubble Bass: (smirking evily) "The best there is? I don't think so. You. Lose!"

(He then evily laughs at him as the customers glare at him for rubbing victory in someone's face.)

Everyone also glared at him for that. Even CRDL disliked him.

"Wow and I thought I was a jerk." said a disgusted Cardin.

"And if I dislike him, then he must be horrible." said an agreeing Cinder.

"Don't worry, everyone hates Bubble Bass." said a smiling A.

"I can see why." said a glaring Yang, wanting to punch that fat bastard's teeth in.

(Mercury, Emerald, and Neo tried to kill him but surprisingly Cinder, Hazel, and Roman respectively held them back and calmed them down, despite wanting to kill the fat bastard for tormenting someone that cooks for them.)

The villains admit that they see Jaune as a house husband and don't like how he was treated by some fat sore winner.

(Jaune then broke down mentally into tears as the customers felt bad for him and his team gave a sympathetic hug.)

They did the same.

Everyone felt bad for him.

"Don't worry Jaune, you're much more better than that fat bastard." said a sympathetic Yang, who felt bad for her little cousin.

(Neo tried to search for pickles but sadly couldn't find any. As Ozpin, Glynda, and Ren were sympathetic, Bubble Bass walked to them and rudely threw Ren out of the way, where Ren is heard crashing into something.)

Nora glared at this and threatened to break that fat bastard's legs.

Ren rubbed his head in phantom pain but also glared.

Jaune and Pyrrha wanted to harm that fat pig.

"Has he heard of saying excuse me?" asked an irritated Sun, not liking Bubble Bass' lack of manners.

(He holds his hand out.)

  • Bubble Bass: (rudely) "You owe me two bucks."
  • Glynda: (shocked) "Two bucks?"
  • Bubble Bass: (pointing) "Your guarantee."

(He points at the menu and the camera zooms into to see a short and hidden message about money-back guarantee.)

Ozpin frowns at a sheepish Glynda, so does the students.

"Change that now or it's coming out of your paycheck." said a stern Ozpin, making Glynda look nervous.

(Ozpin frowns at a sheepish Glynda, who nervously gave her money to the fat bastard.)

  • Glynda: (nervous) "Can we talk about this?"
  • Bubble Bass: (frowning) "No."

(Glynda tried to make a deal with him but fails and he leaves as she bellows in agony over losing her money as Ozpin shakes his head in disappointment at her.)

Everyone did the same.

(Jaune is still upset and a sympathetic Ozpin looks concerned.)

  • Jaune: (sad) "Mr. Ozpin, I'm so confused."
  • Ozpin: (sympathetic) "Why don't you take the day off and get some rest?"
  • Jaune: (concerned) "Oh no sir, who will take the jobs?"
  • Ozpin: (smiling) "Your four older sisters."

(They saluted and Jaune nodded at that. Nora took him home and Ren to a hospital while Summer did the same with Qrow because Ren and Qrow got headaches from being thrown to the side.)

The Arc Sisters winced, getting Ozpin's attention.

"Has this happen before?" asked a worried Ozpin.

"Yes it has and it took us five days to help him out." said a wincing Sapphire Arc.

"FIVE DAYS?!" yelled the shocked audience.

"Yep and it wasn't pretty." said a flinching Roman, remembering what happened to his nephew.

"The poor boy wasn't himself." said a sad Cinder, feeling bad for her nephew.

(Glynda looked unimpressed.)

  • Glynda: (unimpressed) "What about Cardin?"

(Ozpin looked at her as if she was crazy, remembering what happened last time. A flashback shows Cardin fry cooking but messed up and using a fire extinguisher.)

  • Cardin (flashback): (wincing) "A lot of krabby patties up."

(Ozpin is shown looking at them and sighed in disappointment because the patties were burnt. He then heard complaining from Russel, Dove, and Sky.)

  • Sky (flashback): (upset) "Hey, he burnt my krabby patty."
  • Dove (flashback): (also upset) "He burnt my fries."

(Russel is trying to drink his shake but spits it out in disgust because the cup is burnt.)

  • Russel (flashback): (disgusted) "He burnt my shake."

(They leave in anger as Ozpin groaned.)

"How the hell did he burn a shake?" asked a confused Yang.

"You don't want to know." said a cringing Russel.

(The next day, Ozpin was proud of the progress but got worried for Jaune and decided to visit him because his vacation is taking too long.)

"Must be a bad condition." said a worried Penny.

"You have no idea." said a cringing Jasmine.

(Ozpin visited Jaune and saw how the whole thing was a problem. He starts training him for five days and finally Jaune recovered.)

Everyone got excited.

"Yes, it only takes five days to help me out." said a sad Jaune.

(Jaune returned to the restaurant and his sisters left as a way to show they understood. He went to the kitchen and Mercury saw him.)

  • Mercury: (smiling) "Hey, Jaune's back."

(Everyone heard him and went in to celebrate. Jaune heard him and smiled at his reflection in the spatula.)

"Yeah Jaune, this is who you are, embrace it." said a happy Nora.

Jaune flinched at this because he almost thought that Nora doesn't want him to be a huntsman but then shook that thought away.

Sun noticed and got worried for him.

Blake also noticed this and was worried too since it did sound painful.

They both have to talk to Nora about how she says that better.

(Then Bubble Bass appears with a glare on his face.)

  • Bubble Bass: (glaring) "I hear Arc is back."

(Due to his previous behavior, he is glared at by everyone.)

Everyone glares hatefully at the guy.

"I hope Jaune knocks him down a peg." said a glaring Rose.

(Jaune enters in having a glare on his face too.)

  • Jaune: (glaring) "I'm right here Bubble Bass."
  • Bubble Bass: (also glaring) "I thought I ran you out of town."

(He spits in a bucket.)

  • Jaune: (serious) "This is where I belong."

(He blows a bubble.)

They chuckle at that.

(Bubble Bass tries to intimidate him.)

  • Bubble Bass: (glaring) "I eat pieces of trash like you for breakfast."
  • Jaune: (snickering) "You eat pieces of trash for breakfast?"

(Bubble Bass went wide eye as the customers laugh and say "oh.")

The students said "Oh." and the adults laughed.

The villains couldn't resist laughing.

Even Team CRDL were on the floor laughing.

"Yeah, take that, you fat bastard." said a laughing Nora.

"Get rekt, fatty." said a laughing Ren.

"That's my man." said a cheering Pyrrha.

"Oh man little cousin, you are reaching number 1 on my top 10 list of favorite relatives." said a laughing Yang, loving her little cousin even more.

"This is why I never hate him." said a laughing Sienna, who was holding onto a laughing Adam.

(The challenge starts now.)

  • Bubble Bass: (rudely) "Give me the regular. And this time, don't forget the pickles."

(Jaune already cooks it.)

  • Jaune: (smugly) "I didn't."

(He glares at him before going to sit down but his chair breaks again, causing more laughter.)

They all laugh again.

"Maybe if he didn't have such a bubble ass, it wouldn't break." said a laughing Jaune, increasing the laughter.

"Oh man, I really do love you." said a happy Yang, who now sees Jaune as number 1 on her top 10 relatives list.

"Love you too, big cousin." said a smiling Jaune.

Yang went to him and hugged him before kissing him on the head.

(Growling again, he just decides to stand up and eat. He takes a bite and eats with his mouth open, earning disgusted looks.)

"Will he please eat with his mouth closed?" asked a disgusted Weiss.

"Nope." said an annoyed Jaune.

(When he finishes eating, he evily smirks.)

  • Bubble Bass: (smirking) "Still no pickles."

(Jaune and the others look surprised.)

Jaune and his sisters look surprised but also get suspicious.

Nora is too.

(Bubble Bass decided to show proof.)

  • Bubble Bass: (smirking) "See?"

(He then sticks his tongue out with chewed up food on it.)

Everyone groans in disgust.

"I did not need to see that." said a disgusted John.

"Me neither." said a agreeing Juniper.

"Oh my god, that was fucking disgusting." said a disgusted Tai.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." said a disgusted Qrow.

"What is wrong with him?" asked a disgusted Sapphron as she covered Adrian's eyes, much to his relief.

"Everything." said an annoyed Jaune, having already been disgusted by Bubble Bass.

(Everyone had the same reaction.)

  • Bubble Bass: (smirking) "You failed again, Jaune loser bark."

(He then evily laughs again as everyone glares at him for being a jerk about it and insulting the kid's family name.)

Everyone glares at him for being a sore winner.

"Oh my god, will he shut up already?" asked an irritated Whitley, not approving of such bad sportsmanship.

"My calculations claim that he has no morales or standards, only caring about himself or winning." said a disappointed Penny.

"Also, there is no way Jaune messed up a second time." said a glaring Roman.

"Yes, he managed to get it right the second time." said an agreeing Cinder.

(However, Jaune is confident in himself this time and gets a close up on Bubble Bass' mouth before finding out what's going on.)

Jaune then went eye-wide and got angry.

"That cheating fat pig." said an angry Jaune, making everyone worry.

(Jaune angrily confronts him over this.)

  • Jaune: (glaring) "Wait a minute! (he punches his fist into Bubble Bass' mouth and pulls out the jerk's tongue before lifting it up and showing pickles underneath, which he points at) Look! He's been hiding the pickles under his tongue the whole time!"

(The screen zooms in to confirm it.)

Everyone gasped and got angry, mostly the Arc family was pissed.

"That fat bastard!" yelled an angry RWBY.

"He lied and cheated just to ruin Jaune's reputation and mental health?" asked a pissed off Pyrrha.

"Not cool." said a disgusted Sun.

'We're gonna kill him.' thought the vengeful Arc family.

"I knew it! He was evily smirking earlier at the beginning of the first challenge!" yelled an enraged Nora.

"Good observation, Miss Valkyrye." said a smiling Ozpin.

"Yes, this has been a dirty trick that people use to win." said a disgusted Roman. He might do the same but not to ruin someone's mental health.

"Bubble Bass has a superior complex and feels threatened when someone's better than him so he uses very selfish and greedy needs to unfairly win a challenge that he gives." said an angry A.

"I think he's only like this because he sees people as inferior to him." said an annoyed B.

"Well, he's got no excuse to do what he does." said a disgusted Sun.

(Everyone glares at a now nervous Bubble Bass.)

  • Ozpin: (glaring) "And there's the pickles from last time too."
  • Raven: (also glaring) "And there's my tribe keys."

(Bubble Bass is then confronted by everyone and tries to get away.)

  • Bubble Bass: (cowardly) "And there's my ride."

(He then pathetically runs away and tries to escape on a flying chair.)

"No, he's getting away." said a worried Nora.

"Don't worry, he ain't coming back." said a smirking A.

(However, Oscar was appalled by this and takes out his pitchfork to stab one of the rockets.)

  • Oscar: (frowning) "Not so fast, Bubble Ass."

(The rocket malfunctions and sends Bubble Bass flying to Menagerine in defeat but he still swears revenge.)

  • Bubble Bass: (glaring) "We'll meet again, Arc."

(He then lands at his destination with his chair blowing up as everyone cheers.)

Everyone also cheers and congratulated Oscar.

"Thank you, thank you very much, thank you." said a bowing Oscar in a funny tone.

"That's our little bro." said a happy RWBY.

"Very good Mr. Pine." said a proud Ozpin.

(They give cheers to Jaune for exposing Bubble Bass' treachery and to Oscar Pine for getting rid of the villain, ending with Whitley saying that his best friend rocks.)

Everyone clapped for the episode and had learn some morals about not tricking people into having a problem that doesn't exist, don't rub an honest mistake in someone's face, and always have faith in yourself when you make an honest mistake.

(In the epilogue, Bubble Bass was found by White Fang guards and is being arrested for illegal cheating, scamming, and nearly destroying someone's mental health. Turns out he's been pulling this scam in all kingdoms but thanks to Jaune and Oscar, he can be brought to justice.)

  • Sienna: (stern) "So, you took advantage of a faunas supporter's mental health for your sick game, huh? Take him away."

(Bubble Bass was dragged to a police van and thrown inside before they close the doors and drive him away.)

Everyone cheers for Bubble Bass getting what's coming to him.

(The next episode starts at night with Glynda looking sad.)

  • Glynda: (sad) "Well, it's the worst time of the day once again. (she then dramatically gasps and switches to the open sign to closed) Closing time!"

(She then dramatically cries.)

Everyone rolled their eyes, not feeling any sympathy for her.

"Oh come on guys, I barely get paid." said an upset Glynda. She then gave a pouty face to Jaune, "Come on Jaune, help your auntie out."

"Nope I'm with them on this, stop being cheap. And stop pouting, it's creepy." said an annoyed Jaune.

Glynda grumbles about ungrateful nephews, making Jaune and the family sweatdrop.

(Jaune walked past her with a smiling face, surprising her.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "See you in the A.M., auntie."

(However, Glynda grabs him and brings him back in.)

  • Glynda: (stern) "Hold on there, you little rascal. Take that pile of filth out with ya."

(She points at a cocky Winter, who was holding a bag of trash, but Jaune played innocent and dumb.)

  • Jaune: (innocently) "Auntie Glynda, you shouldn't talk about Miss Schnee like that."

(Glynda and Qrow laughed and shouted "Ooh Burn!" as Winter went eye wide in shock.)

The students went "Ooh" and the teachers laughed.

Qrow and Adam laughed the most because they both hated her.

The Arc sisters were proud of their brother.

Glynda was hugging Jaune and Cinder gave a proud cheer.

"Get rekt, bitch." said a smirking Glynda.

"That's our boy." said a proud Cinder.

(The next scene shows Jaune carrying the bag but Winter is in it because Glynda fired her for having an affair with Ironwood. After he throws the bag in, he checks out some dumpster writing. He sees something about how Yang and Cinder smells. He then adds hot.)

Cinder blushed but smiled at her nephew.

Yang huffed in happiness at what her little cousin wrote.

(Then he notices one about Glynda.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Glynda is a- Hmm? (then he looks confused) Glynda is a..."

(Then he says an unheard word that is blocked by a dolphin noise and Winter is heard gasping in horror at what he said.)

The adults gasped in horror but the students and children were confused.

"Oh my goodness, where did you hear a word like that?" asked a worried Elizabeth.

"I wanna know that as well." said a stern Juniper.

(A flashback shows where he learned that word. It shows him as a 4-year-old toddler.)

All the girls found him adorable.

"He's so adorable." said a smiling Ruby.

"I just want to adopt him." said an agreeing Pyrrha.

"He's like a little brother that a girl can ever ask for." said an also agreeing NDGO.

The Arc Family smile at this.

(He sees Tai working as a garbage man.)

  • Jaune (flashback): (smiling) "Morning Uncle Tai."
  • Tai (flashback): (also smiling) "Good morning Jaune."

(Jaune holds out a juice box.)

  • Jaune (flashback): (smiling) "Here's some more trash for you to throw away."
  • Tai (flashback): (also smiling) "Thanks kiddo."

(He took the juice box and patted him on the head.)

The girls were proud of him.

"Good job, Jaune." said a smiling Sapphron.

(However, Tai is heard dropping the trash can and yells in pain, making Jaune and the audience wince.)

  • Qrow (flashback): (worried) "What happened Tai?"
  • Tai (flashback): (yelling) "I drop the (dolphin noise) trash can on my (dolphin noise) foot!"
  • Jaune (flashback): (innocently) "Must be special garbage talk."

(He went back to the daycare that him and the other toddlers are living at.)

The adults and students glare at a sheepish Tai.

"Tai, watch what you say around children." said a scolding Qrow.

"I forgot he was there." said a defensive Tai.

"Still doesn't excuse you for cursing around a daycare." said a glaring Summer.

"Tai, we are gonna be talking about this later." said an annoyed Raven.

(The garbage man Hazel scolds him for that language as he takes the struggling Winter away.)

  • Hazel: (stern) "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"
  • Jaune: (confused) "Sometimes but not recently."

(Hazel shrugs and takes the garbage with him as Nora arrives.)

  • Nora: (waving) "Hi garbage man. (he waves at her before leaving) Hi Jaune."
  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hi Nora. Hey Nora, do you know what this word means?"

(She looks at the writing and only reads Glynda's name.)

  • Nora: (reading) "Glynda. (she scratches her head) Isn't that the blonde BDSM teacher you work for?"

(Jaune laughs at what Glynda was just called.)

Jaune, Johann, Sierra, and Nora laugh as Glynda was offended by that nickname and glared at the student.

"Detention Miss Valkyrye." said a stern Glynda.

"Worth it." said a shrugging Nora.

Cinder also laughed at that nickname.

"You're in a multiverse theater, you can't give her detention." said a laughing A, also being amused by that nickname.

(After calming down, Jaune shook his head.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Nuh uh, not that word. That word."

(Nora looks closer and says the censored word before getting an idea.)

  • Nora: (smiling) "I got it. It's one of those sentence enhancers."
  • Jaune: (confused) "Sentence enhancers?"
  • Nora: (smiling) "You know, you sprinkle it over anything you say and wham o, you got yourself a spicy sentence sandwich."

(Jaune smiled at this and they start having fun with their new word.)

"This won't end well." said a sighing Summer.

"No, it won't." said an agreeing Raven.

(The next day, Jaune appeared and smiled at the customers.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hello customers, nice (dolphin noise) day we're having, huh?"

(The customers stopped eating and looked horrified. Tai and Qrow recognized that word.)

  • Qrow: (horrified) "Did he just say-"
  • Tai: (ashamed) "Yes, he did."

(They feel ashamed of teaching him that word. Jaune walks past a disapproving Professor Port's table and his team's table.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hey Nora, how the (dolphin noise) are ya?"

(Pyrrha put a hand to her mouth in shock and Ren puts his hand on face in embarrassment but Nora smiles and waves back.)

  • Nora: (grinning) "Pretty (dolphin noise) good, Jaune."

(They gave her looks for encouraging him.)

The adults face palmed at having to hear him cuss at work.

"Nora, don't encourage him." said an annoyed Pyrrha.

"But me and him don't know what's the problem." said a defensive Nora.

(Sterling and Elizabeth were not approving of the foul language.)

  • Sterling: (frowning) "I thought this was a restaurant, not a gutter mouth convention."

(Elizabeth wanted to wash Jaune and Nora's mouths out with very strong soap.)

They nodded, already planning on doing that.

(Jaune turned on the intercom and said the word through it. Adults were shocked but children and teens were laughing at this.)

  • Roman: (worried) "I don't understand, Jaune's talented. He doesn't have to work blue."
  • Cinder: (appalled) "Let's go somewhere more family oriented."

(They are starting to angrily leave but they are blocked by an emergency gate. Glynda is on the toilet and reading Jaune's baby book but the bottom part of her body is not seen due to censorship issues.)

Jaune scooted away from his aunt, who rolled her eyes.

"Jaune, I assure you that I have no romantic interest in you at all." said an annoyed Glynda.

"What about my shower times during childhood?" asked a confused Jaune.

The Arc family looked at her.

"Glynda, what is he talking about?" asked a suspicious Juniper.

"Nothing." said a nervous Glynda.

Cinder sweated nervously at this because she also did the same.

Johann shivered because his mother Alicia did that to him but decided not to reveal it.

(On the left other side of the stall, Bubble Bass is eating a Krabby Patty with his mouth open and reading a comic book.)

Everyone went eye-wide at the return of the fat bastard but A then went horrified.

"Oh god, everyone cover the children's eyes now." said a horrified A, earning confused looks. Then he becomes stern, "Just do it."

They did, much to said children's annoyance.

(The screen zoomed out to reveal that he's taking a dump while doing this.)

Everyone groan in disgust.

"Like what my dad said, I did not need to see that." said a disgusted Jaune.

"Amen honey, amen." said an agreeing Pyrrha.

"Oh my god, who eats their meal while taking a shit on the toilet? That's fucking disgusting." said a disgusted Yang.

"Don't worry, I'm erasing that memory from your minds and deleting that image." said a disgusted A, feeling bad for having to show that. He actually was gonna erase that. He then looked apologetic, "Sorry about that, I forgot about that. I was gonna destroy that image."

"Please do, I nearly threw up from that." said a disgusted Johann.

"Me too." said an agreeing Sierra.

(On the right other side of the stall, Port is sleeping on the toilet with a girls magazine on his chest.)

Everyone burst out laughing at that one while Port groaned in embarrassment with his hands on his face.

"Really?" asked an embarrassed Port.

"It's your own fault for sleeping on the job." said a laughing A.

"Wait, is that a girls magazine?" asked a confused Oscar.

"Well, he did wink at Yang during the first day of class." said a shrugging Jaune.

"WHAT?!" yelled an angry Tai and Raven as they glared at a nervous Port.

"Yeah, I was starting to think that Port's a pedophile." said a deadpanned A.

(However, Glynda heard an alarm and brought down binoculars before seeing what's going and gasping in horror. After putting the book away and pulling up her pants, she investigates what's wrong.)

  • Glynda: (concerned) "Cinder, why are you and the others leaving?"
  • Cinder: (glaring) "Apparently, the two barnacle mouth kids just learned a new word and Jaune just said it out of the intercom."
  • Glynda: (impatient) "Well what was it, what did he say?"
  • Roman: (nervous) "Well, he said... he said..."

(He went up to Glynda and whispered it. She looked confused and he whispered it again, making her gasp in anger and horror.)

  • Glynda: (angry) "Jaune Arc and Nora Valkyrie, front and center. (they run to her and she yells at them) I OUTTA WASH YOUR MOUTHS OUT WITH SOAP FOR USING SUCH LANGUAGE! (they looked afraid of her) I'm very disappointed in you two, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Jaune, where did you learn such a horrible word? (she was told about it and she glared at a sheepish Tai before she gives a scolding look towards Jaune) That's bad word number 11. In fact, there are 13 bad words that you should never use. (she then grabs them) Time to take out the trash."

(She takes them outside to punish them.)

The adults nod and the students get worried.

"What's gonna happen to us?" asked a worried Nora.

"We'll probably get 40 spankings." said a scared Jaune.

"Oh no." said an also scared Nora.

They imagined it and got scared.

Glynda admits that spanking would be a good punishment.

(She dropped them off on the sidewalk and went back inside to get their punishment. Jaune and Nore were worried about their punishment and felt bad for the things they said.)

  • Jaune: (ashamed) "I'm sorry Nora. Aunt Glynda's right, there's no need for words like that."
  • Nora: (also ashamed) "I'm sorry too, Jaune."
  • Jaune: (smiling) "Let's make a vow, Nora. From this day forward, the following bad words shall never pass our lips, we will be good citizens just like good old Aunt Glynda."
  • Nora: (also smiling) "Agreed."

(They hug it out as the adults were proud of them for stopping this cussing.)

Everyone cheered at that.

(Then Glynda came out, holding paint buckets and a ladder.)

  • Glynda: (stern) "Alright you two foul mouths. As punishment for fouling the air in the restaurant with your foul words, you're gonna give it a new fresh coat of paint from top to bottom."

(The adults agreed with this punishment.)

The adults agreed and complimented it.

"Good, if they talk like sailors, then they work like sailors." said an agreeing Raven.

(However, she hits her foot on a rock and yells in pain.)

  • Glynda: (yelling in pain) "MY (dolphin noise) FOOT! WHAT (dolphin noise) GENIUS PUT A (dolphin noise) ROCK IN MY (dolphin noise) PATH?! CAN'T YOU SEE I GOT A (boat horn) FOOT HERE?!"

(Jaune and Nora laugh at this before Velvet counts how many cuss words that Glynda is saying.)

The students were laughing at this and the adults were glaring at a sheepish Glynda.

"Oh man, that is hilarious." said a laughing Jaune.

"I know right, she just hit her foot on a rock and is swearing like a sailor." said an agreeing Nora.

"Oh my, such language." said a teasing Johann.

"She should've watched where she was going." said a laughing Sierra.

"Glynda, watch your language." said a scolding Ozpin.

"But sir, I hit my foot on a rock." said a defensive Glynda.

(Glynda continues cussing.)

  • Glynda: (cussing) "...A WHOLE LOTTA (old-style foghorn) AND WITH A SIDE OF (dolphin chirp), A HEAPIN' HELPIN OF (ship's bell) AND A BOATLOAD OF (boat horn)! OOH (seal bark, seagull squak) CRABBIN' (a new-style foghorn)! OOH-HOO-UH!"

(She then cries in pain as Velvet announced that Glynda used all 13 words a bunch of times. Jaune and Nora ran to Salem's house to tell on Glynda and Salem looked like a normal grandmother.)

  • Salem: (smiling) "Why hello there Jaune and Miss Valkyrie. (they tell her what Glynda said as Glynda tried to stop them but Salem was horrified by what they said and clutched her chest) Oh dear, my poor old heart."

(She faints but Glynda catches her)

  • Glynda: (sad) "Oh sweet mother, what have these foul mouth heathens done to you? (she secretly steals a dollar before she glared at a guilt-ridden Jaune and Nora) You two should be ashamed, making an old lady faint with your sailor talk."
  • Salem: (glaring) "You all should be ashamed. (she took her dollar back) And if you're gonna talk like sailors, then you're gonna work like sailors."

(They looked down in shame.)

They also did the same as Salem glared at them for foul language.

(A couple of minutes later, the three of them are seen painting Salem's house as Cinder supervises them. Salem comes out to give them lemonade but also hit her foot on a rock and yelled in pain.)

  • Salem: (yelling in pain) "MY (car horn) FOOT!"

(They gasped at her.)

  • Cinder: (surprised) "Mother!"
  • Salem: (confused) "What? (then she realizes what they meant and defends herself) It's just Old Man Jenkins and his jalopey."

(The said old man is seen driving his vehicle and greeting them as Jaune, Nora, Glynda, Cinder, and Salem laugh at this.)

Everyone also laughs at this.

Salem shook her head in amusement.

"Oh man, that was so funny." said a laughing Jaune.

"My favorite part is when Professor Goodwitch hit her foot on a rock and swore like a sailor." said an also laughing Nora.

"Miss Valkyrie, it wasn't that funny." said an embarrassed Glynda.

(In the epilogue, they finished the chore and made a vow to never use swear words again. Glynda apologized for being hypocritical and they apologized for being tattletales. They hugged it out and still promised to never swear again.)

Everyone loved this episode because it taught them to never use swear words at home, school, or work.

(The next episode starts with Jaune Arc waking up in his cute footie pajamas on a Sunday.)

"Awe, he still wears the pajamas we gave him." said a smiling Sapphron.

The boys laugh at this but the girls gave them glares.

"Why are you guys laughing? Those pajamas look cute on him." said a gushing Nebula.

All girls found him adorable.

Neo even put up a sign that said she wanted to keep him.

(For breakfast, he's making a Sundae. However, he's out of the ingredients and decided to put in ketchup, onions, and a dying peanut plant.)

Everyone nearly vomited at the sight of it.

"Who would eat that?" asked a disgusted Blanc.

"I would!" yelled an excited Jade.

"You do that and you're getting your stomach pumped." said a stern Juniper.

(He then starts eating it and likes it. After finishing, he comes out of the kitchen with a rancid breath so bad that Zwei gets knocked out from it.)

Blake plans on giving reward cuddles to Jaune for dealing with that mutt. You know what, she just went to him and just cuddled up to him while saying thank you.

"You've been a good boy Jaune, lot's of cuddles for 20 weeks." said a grinning Blake.

Jaune felt bad for Zwei but then turned to Ghira and Kali, who were both amused by their daughter's behavior.

"Is she always like this?" asked a confused Jaune.

"Pretty much." said an amused Ghira and Kali.

Ruby and Yang felt worried for Zwei.

"Is it really that bad?" asked a worried Pyrrha.

A and B wear gas masks before they unleash the bad breath.

Everyone couldn't stand the smell and started coughing, except for Jade.

"Oh man, I feel bad for whoever smells that." said a cringing Yang, waving the smell away.

"Girls, if Jaune ever eats that, we are brushing his teeth." said a serious Nebula.

The girls agree.

(He went outside and checked his list of things to do but they were all about going to school. Then he takes out another list and it says to say hi to everyone in town.)

"Oh no." said the worried audience.

(He sees Jasmine, who saw him and kindly waved to him.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hi Jasmine."
  • Jasmine: (smirking) "Hey little bro- (then she stops and sniffs the foul breath. She then gags but tries to be polite) I'm sorry Jaune but I got to get inside. Love ya."

(She runs inside very quickly, making him worried since he can't smell the foul breath.)

"Why can't he smell it?" asked a worried Neon.

"It's because you can't always smell your own breath." said a serious A, who knows about the inability to smell your own breath.

"That's bad news." said a shivering Roman.

"Everyone's gonna be smelling that." said an agreeing Cinder.

(Jaune walking downtown and saw Ren getting mail from the mailbox.)

  • Jaune: (waving) "Hi Ren."
  • Ren: (smiling) "Hey Jau- (however, he smells the foul breath and gags) GAAAHHH! OH MY-! AHHHHHHHHHH!"

(He runs inside his house and locks the door, which Jaune shrugged at.)

  • Jaune: (shrugging) "Guess some people are late one Sundays."

(He then continues his late-morning stroll.)

"I hope someone finds out about the smell and warns him." said a worried Reese.

"Due to how they react around him, that's highly unlikely." said an annoyed A, he gets the smell is awful but they don't have to be wimps about it.

(He then notices Willow as a crossing guard.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Hi, Miss Schnee."

(Willow waves back but smells the bad breath and was disgusted.)

  • Willow: (disgusted) "Mother of mercy!"

(She runs away as the children on the other side are walking on the street but hear a car coming and Jaune looks away, thinking they might've gotten hit.)

The adults got worried and Willow scolds herself for leaving them unattended.

(However, he hears music and looks in relief to see the children are not harmed but instead it's a marching band parade.)

Everyone sighed in relief.

(Jaune starts saying hello to them and while he was doing that, a hippie looking didgeridoo player was somehow sitting on the street near the parade band and playing his didgeridoo.)

Everyone was confused by this.

"Where did he come from?" asked a confused Bolin.

"I don't even know." said a shrugging A, who was also confused like them.

"It's probably best to not question logic." said a reasonable Nadir, making his friend nod.

(Jaune was too busy saying hello to focus on the mysterious man and when he was done, a giant cannonball made out of the foul breath flies towards band and blasts them away, making them scatter around but the mysterious man was surprisingly not in pain. They all ran away in disgust and pain while the mysterious man just disappeared.)

Everyone winced at that but they were also surprised by how the mysterious player wasn't hurt and had disappeared.

"I think he could be just a dimensional traveler." said a thinking Arslan.

"We still haven't found information on him. He just randomly appeared there." said a sighing A.

(Jaune was wondering why everyone was running away from him but then saw a pile of sports stuff on a bench and was confused. However, it's just his older sister Jade, who was sleeping there for unknown reasons. He told her his problems.)

  • Jaune: (confused) "I just don't get it."

(Jade gets hit with the breath but it comes out her ears and she is unaffected by it.)

Everyone was shocked.

"How is she immune?" asked a confused May.

"They will explain." said a serious A.

(Due to being an athlete, she has been around bad smells all the time because of sweat and being covered in dirt, she's immune to it.)

They nodded in understanding but get worried.

"That could be a problem." said a worried Jasmine.

"Yes indeed, she can't warn him." said an agreeing Summer.

(Jade accidentally claims that Jaune could be ugly and it makes him start suffering some mental problems from that theory.)

"Jade, that theory is a problem." said a worried Sapphron.

(At the Arc House, the family are away because they can't stand that smell and are unable to tell Jaune about it.)

"Seriously?" asked an annoyed A.

"Guys!" said an annoyed Jade.

(Jade is the only one with Jaune and tries helping him out. She found him dressed as the Phantom of the Opera and playing the song on a piano.)

Everyone was impressed.

"That is such beautiful talent." said an impressed Willow.

"At least it helps him out." said a sympathetic Nora.

(Jade tried to comfort him by telling him the story of a ugly boy but made the ending worst and for Jaune to be more upset.)

Everyone got annoyed with her.

"That didn't help at all." said a scolding Sapphron.

"Sorry." said a sheepish Jane.

(Jade felt bad and comforted him but then got an idea.)

  • Jade: (smiling) "Just do what I do when I have problems. (then she yells) SCREAM!"

(Jaune went eye wide at that.)

Everyone jumped at that.

"Damn, that was loud." said a wincing Sage.

(She then grabs his arm and makes him come with her to the balcony. On the balcony, Jaune was nervous but Jade was encouraging him and being there for him.)

  • Jade: (stern) "Jaune, you're never gonna feel better until you get this thing off your chest."

(Jaune is shown to somehow have a small cute toad faunas named Toad on his chest.)

  • Jaune: (nervous) "I know."

(He took the faunas off his chest and gave it to Jane, who pets her faunas.

"Is that Toad?" asked a shocked Jasmine.

"Yeah, what's he doing here?" asked a confused Sapphron.

"I don't know." said a shrugging A.

Jade pets her little protege fondly, which earned a smile from him and makes him comfortable in his mistress' arms.

"Wait, what about Jerry?" asked a concerned Jasmine.

"Taken care of." said a smiling A.

Jasmine was given Jerry and she hugged him.

Jerry was a cute mouse faunas boy who listened to Jasmine's commands.

Blake gave him a predatory stare but actually liked him and thought of him as sweet prey.

(They went back to the exercise.)

  • Jane: (stern) "Say it."
  • Jaune: (nervous) "I'm ugly."
  • Jane: (serious) "You're ugly and what?"
  • Jaune: (confused) "Blonde?"
  • Jane: (shaking her head) "No. Proud."
  • Jaune: (brave) "I'm ugly and I'm proud."

(Jane encourages him to be louder and he starts yelling it without hesitation, which Blake heard and smiled at but wonders why he's shouting that.)

Jane nodded at that and the faunas felt inspired by that.

"That was great of him to shout that out." said a smiling Dew.

(Jane was proud of Jaune and patted him on the head.)

  • Jane: (proud) "I'm so proud of you. Now, want to go see a movie?"

(He nodded. They get dressed up in a suit and dress.)

Everyone smiled at them for their outfits, mostly Coco.

(At the Bass Vegas movie theater, they were annoyed that they have to go there and see the original version of Total Drama Action the movie.)

Everyone groaned in disgust.

"Oh god no, not the original version." said a disgusted A.

"Why would they make a movie out of it?" asked an annoyed B.

"Wait, Bass Vegas?" asked a confused Jaune.

"Owned by Bubble Bass." said an annoyed A.

"Mistress Jasmine, please don't take me there." said a scared Jerry.

"It's alright, Jerry sweetie." said a sympathetic Jasmine, comforting him.

(However, it's either this or Boku no Pico the movie.)

Everyone was horrified at that.

"What kind of horrible movies does he have?" asked a horrified Winter.

"Jersey Shore, Boku no Pico, Allen Gregory, Not So Good Dinosaur, Five Nights At Sesame Street, Tales From The Hood 1&2, the Uncut Version of Scream Queens, and Original Version of Total Drama Action. Every evil film where the villain is the main character." said a disgusted A, not liking that theater.

(In the theater room, the audience were annoyed by the movie and wishes to be somewhere else other than this place but the other movie theater with the good movies is closed because that idiot Bubble Bass stunk the place up with his farts and they are waiting for the place to freshen out.)

Everyone glared at this.

"Why is he ruining everything?" asked an annoyed Gwen.

"Because he thinks he can." said an angry A.

(Speaking of him, he is rudely sitting on two seats and two familiar gods are annoyed by him for sitting on them. He is also rudely laughing at some very offensive jokes and offensively joking at some very disturbing scenes, which is angering the audience.)

Everyone was disgusted with his behavior and the two gods were not happy.

"He is being so rude." said a frowning Summer.

"And annoying." said a glaring Raven.

(Even worse, his bowtie and suit was very horrible. It hasn't been washed in a long time because he doesn't do his own laundry.)

Everyone cringed in disgust.

"If I have every lien for every fashion crime he's breaking right now, I'd make Jacques Schnee look dirt poor." said a disgusted Coco.

"More like make the brothers dirt poor." said an agreeing Salem.

"Well, he does live in his mother's basement, doesn't have a job, doesn't do the chores in the house, is not married, and is not even 23 anymore." said an annoyed A.

Everyone was disgusted by this and images of home life are shown.

"And this is why he isn't married." said an annoyed Jaune.

(However, Jaune and Jade arrive with "free" snacks but the register guy actually smelled the bad breath and ran out of the theater.)

They laugh at this.

(They start getting Bubble Bass to stop.)

  • Jaune: (annoyed) "Hey, show some respect."
  • Jade: (agreeing) "Yeah, it's not funny and get off those two guys."

(Bubble Bass just smirked and started squishing the two guys purposefully to make them miserable.)

Everyone was getting angered.

"He should be banned from movie theaters for life." said an angry Octavia.

(However, he smelled the bad breath and blew up like a balloon until he exploded, killing him.)

Everyone cheered at this.

"No more of that fat bastard." said a cheering Qrow.

"Amen." said an agreeing Tai.

(The audience were happy by this and the godly brothers were relieved by this but still didn't like the theater and left into the sky, not because of Jaune's bad breath.)

  • Jade: (smiling) "I guess people respect self-esteem and good deeds."

(She was proud of her little brother for getting rid of Bubble Bass. They sat on the two empty seats but decide to ignore the movie to talk with others. However, Emerald burns up from the foul breath and Mercury runs away in disgust, much to Jade's annoyance.)

  • Jade: (annoyed) "Don't worry about them, Jaune. They are just being- (however, she heard her brother crying and got worried) Jaune, what's wrong?"
  • Jaune: (crying) "I can't do this, Jane. I've tried and I've tried but they never accept for my looks. They just run and hide."

(Jane sympathetically comforted her brother.)

Everyone felt bad for avoiding him.

"Okay, we're being jerks for doing this." said a remorseful Yang.

"But we can't stand that smell." said a defensive Pyrrha.

(The audience felt bad for avoiding him and can see that he's got the wrong idea but can't tell him because they can't stand that smell.)

"Wow, what a bunch of wimps." said a disgusted Jade.

(Jane then gets angry about how her brother's being treated and stands up for him.)

  • Jane: (angry) "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! (making everyone pay attention to her with a surprised look) AFRAID TO LOOK AT HIM IN THE FACE?!"

(She then lifts her brother up and keeps telling the audience to look at him until the bad breath really spreads that fast that they all run out of the theater in disgust, leaving Jaune and Jane alone.)

  • Jaune: (sad) "They all ran away, Jane."
  • Jade: (smiling) "I bet there's a line at the snack bar."

(At the snack bar, there's no one there. The whole theater is empty.)

  • Jade: (sighs) "They must be on break."

(Jaune thinks of something and pulls out a piece of the sundae.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "I have this leftover sundae we can share."
  • Jade: (happy) "That looks great. (she then sucked her brother's hand to eat the sundae. She was done eating it and now has bad breath but then her stomach starts making noise and she holds it) Excuse me, I have to go use the restroom."

(She runs to the restroom.)

"Oh no, she has it too." said a worried Sapphire.

"And she can't smell bad smells." said an also worried Jasmine, while she was holding on to her young assistant child as if acting like a mother to him.

"Also, she sucked her brother's hand." said a disgusted Weiss.

"Oh well, they do lots of stuff with me." said a shrugging Jaune.

(In the bathroom, Jaune got worried for Jade so he went in there but was confused when Team NDGO was walking out of there with their hands on their noses. However, they noticed Jaune and he was worried.)

  • Jaune: (worried) "What's wrong?"

(However, Nebula sniffed the bad breath but told him what's really wrong.)

  • Nebula: (annoyed) "Jaune, you and that girl in there aren't ugly. Your breaths stink. Really bad."

(Jaune then goes eye widen at now realizing this and pulled out his leftover sundae.)

  • Jaune: (shocked) "So I wasn't ugly this whole time?"
  • Dew: (shaking her head) "No, you aren't, sweetie. Why would you and her get an idea like that?"
  • Jaune: (sad) "Because everyone was running away from me."

(He told them everything and the girls were annoyed at the wimps for not telling him anything because they are well aware that he can't smell his own breath.)

  • Gwen: (annoyed) "Jaune, you need to learn to brush your teeth."
  • Jaune: (nodding) "Agreed. Also, did this girl happen to have black chalk finger marks on her face cheeks?"
  • Octavia: (nodding) "Yeah, do you know her?"
  • Jaune: (surprised) "That's my sister. I need to see her."

(They nodded and Jaune goes in there.)

"Thank you." said a smiling A.

"No problem." said a nodding Nebula.

(They find her in the stall and told her everything.)

  • Jade: (relieved) "What a relief?"

(However, Jaune smells the bad breath for the first time and is disgusted. He pinches his nose, just like NDGO.)

  • Jaune: (disgusted) "Oh man Jade, what did you eat?"
  • Jade: (thinking) "Some roast beef, chicken, or pizza."
  • Jaune: (annoyed) "No, I meant this morning."
  • Jade: (still thinking) "Some roast beef, chicken, or pizza."
  • Jaune: (sighing) "What else?"
  • Jade: (shrugging) "I don't know. Must been a bad Sunday meal."
  • Jaune: (eye-wide) "Wait, Sunday?"

(He then takes out the leftover Rancid Sundae and this made NDGO nearly gag in disgust. Jaune sniffed it and was disgusted. He puts it in the trash and burns it but it causes a fire, making them go eye-wide in horror.)

  • Nebula: (horrified) "Oh no."
  • Dew: (also horrified) "Let's get out of here."
  • Jaune: (serious) "Alright, stay right on my tail, it's going to get hot and dangerous."

(They went to the entrance and Jaune kicked the doors open. They then run until they stop a few feet away and and collapse to the ground. This catches the attention of the students and teachers, who come to their aid. They then watch the horrible theater collapse to the ground in flames as Mercury calls 911.)

Everyone was shocked by this.

"Oh my god." said a shocked Pyrrha.

"I burnt down a theater?" asked a horrified Jaune.

However, Cinder watched with a proud look and liked watching that terrible place burn.

"Remember kids, fire is a tool, not a toy. Those six teens were very fortunate to have escaped that and now have to wait for the proper authorities to handle the situation." said a serious A.

(A few moments later, the fire is being put out. At an ambulance, Jaune, Jade, and NDGO were wrapped in a blanket together.)

NDGO sighed with blushes at seeing that.

(The all female team are wearing surgical masks as they brush Jaune and Jade's teeth. Nebula and Dew are brushing Jaune's teeth while Gwen and Octavia are brushing Jade's teeth. After they were done, a paramedic takes out a small cup.)

  • Paramedic: (serious) "Alright, go ahead and rinse."

(Jaune and Jade spit in the cup and their teeth were clean. NDGO took off their masks and cuddled with Jaune as Jade watches on in amusement.)

Everyone sighed in relief that the bad breath is gone.

(A police officer just questioned them.)

  • Officer: (confused) "What happened?"
  • Jaune: (smiling) "We just stank."

(Jade chuckled at her little brother's comment as they all laugh, confusing the officer and ending the episode.)

Everyone laughed as well.

This episode taught them to check your hygiene (in this case, your breath) before you leave your house or else you will unintentionally drive people away, never assume the worst about yourself without proper evidence backing it up, and there's power in pride.

(In the epilogue, Jaune confessed to what happened but only to find out that the theater was condemned and slated for demolition for months. Also, he really didn't meant to cause a fire. However, him and the other teens were fortunate enough to survive that fire but Jaune still managed to get them out of there. Jaune found the rest of the rancid sundae and took it to a fireplace after learning that a burning trash can would lead to a burning building. Jaune and Jade promised to check their hygiene everyday. Everyone apologized to Jaune for not telling him about what was happening and he apologized too for unintentionally starting a fire.)

Everyone liked the epilogue.

Chapter 12: Jaune the Sheep

After some time, A puts in the new universe.

Shay D. Mann and Tock the crocodile faunas appears.

Maria glares at the one who took her eyes.

(The theme song plays and Jaune is now a cute sheep faunas that sadly only talks like a sheep.)

The girls found him cute.

Blake, Velvet, Sienna, and Illa wanted him as their pet.

A smirked, making Jaune pale.

"Oh no." said a pale Jaune.

A snapped his fingers and Jaune got turned into a 15-year-old sheep faunas.

The Faunas girls picked him up and had him sit with them.

"Now, let's watch, my little pet." said a grinning Sienna.

Jaune got nervous as they cuddled him.

However, everyone did wince when Ren got the door slammed opened on him.

Ozpin apologized to Ren, who waved it off.

(Jaune and his fellow sheep were being escorted out of their barn house by Ren the dog.)

Ren was shocked to see that he's now a dog.

Blake hissed at him, making the other three girls sigh at her hatred for dogs.

Then another snap is heard and Ren is now a dog.

Nora put him on a leash and petted him.

(Ren was checking off every sheep on the list and Jaune was eating grass until he bumped into something. He looked up and it was Hazel the Bull, who just gave a muffled growl.)

Everyone went eye wide.

"Why am I not the bull?" asked a confused Adam since he's a bull himself.

"Your character will be for another time." said a reassuring A.

"Still, that's a bull?" asked a scared Sun, still wincing at his counterpart's pain in the bull stampede from the Jackass universe.

"Yep, very dangerous and scary." said a nervous A, who also would never want to anger a bull.

"What's it doing on the sheep side?" asked a worried Summer, not wanting her nephew to get hurt.

(Jaune spits grass at him in shock but then goes sheepish and starts cleaning his face with a red napkin.)

Jaune and A both went eye wide in worry.

"Uh-oh, this is gonna hurt." said a worried Jaune, earning cooes from the faunas girls because of how cute he is.

"Big time." said an agreeing A, understanding what Jaune said.

(Hazel gets angry as Jaune cleans faster but then stops and realizes Hazel's glaring at his napkin. He then waves it around and Hazel keeps moving his head to glare at it.)

They chuckle at seeing this.

(Jaune stops and Hazel gives a loud angry growl, getting the attention of the sheep and the pigs Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury.)

Everyone laughed at what Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury look like.

The three said villains growled.

(Ren is seen sitting on a tree reading Ninjas of Love and listening to his headphones, oblivious to what's going on.)

Everyone, even Jaune and Nora, gave deadpan stares to Ren.

"Really, Renny?" asked a deadpanned Nora.

"Oops." said a sheepish Ren.

Jaune and Pyrrha facepalmed.

(Then Jaune is heard getting hit as the sheep all wince and watch him fly into the pig's territory. Mercury winced from Jaune's landing but him and the two villainesses laughed at this.)

"Of course." said a glaring Roman.

Neo also glared at them for laughing.

They felt ashamed for laughing at that instead of wondering if he's alright.

"Yeah, those three are jerks." said an annoyed A.

"And complete pricks." said an agreeing B.

"Every pig in this one are jerks but there's a younger one who's nice." said a neutral C.

"Who?" asked a curious Penny.

"A pig child named Paxton." said a shrugging D.

(They then lift Jaune but just drop him on the mud, which splatters over the sheep.)

The Faunas glare at them for that.

(Jaune then got up and rolled up his imaginary sleeves before going towards Hazel.)

"I wonder what he's going to do." said an amused Blake, having fun with teasing Jaune.

(Hazel was ripping the napkin in anger but only to see Jaune coming to him. Jaune made sheep noises as he's scolding Hazel for his behavior, only to be growled at. The growl was so loud that Jaune's wool came off and left him in red underwear.)

Everyone laughed at that.

Jaune pouted but the girls blushed at him and comforted their little pet.

"Don't worry, our little Jaune." said a sympathetic Velvet.

However, Jaune went scared because he saw the color.

This time, Qrow and Raven also saw it and became worried.

"Uh oh, that is not good." said a worried Qrow.

"Indeed it isn't." said an agreeing Raven.

(He then smiles sheepishly and covers his underwear before slowing going to go pick up his wool. Hazel then noticed the underwear color and charged towards him again, causing the pigs and the sheep to wince again.)

"What the hell was that for?" asked an irritated Yang.

"Maybe it's for the scolding." said a suggesting Ruby.

"No, think about it, what color were that napkin and underwear?" asked a serious Weiss, still blushing about Jaune's underwear.

"RED!" yelled the gasping audience.

"My other self hates the color red?" asked a confused Hazel.

"Because bulls hate red." said a nervous A.

(Jaune then lands roughly on the pig's side again while having his wool back on, causing them to laugh again and to throw Jaune over the wall again.)

Neo pouted at how badly Jaune is treated.

The Faunas once again glare at that part.

"How did he get his wool back on?" asked a confused Sun.

(Ren was still doing his thing until he looked at the time on his watch and turned off his music. He then took the headphones off but was shocked to see the sheep covered in dirt and mud as Mercury and Cinder laugh.)

Everyone rolled their eyes because he chose to ignore the bull.

(Ren shook his head in annoyance before he went to the sheep bath entrance and blew his whistle for them to go there.)

"When this is done, we are giving Jaune a bath." said a smirking Illa.

Jaune got scared but was calmed down by Blake.

(As the sheep are walking, Mercury and Cinder were laughing but Emerald gets their attention and devises a plan to throw a bucket of red paint into the sheep bath. They both grin and Cinder nods at that plan before Mercury goes to help Emerald with the plan.)

Everyone paled, having a good idea what the scheme is.

"If any prankster did that in Beacon, they will be expelled." said a stern Glynda.

(Jaune is the first to take a bath as Ren goes outside the bath to wait on them. Cinder watches them and gives the signal to Mercury, who jumps on the plank and gets the red paint successfully flying due to his metal legs.)

Yang glared at an uncaring Mercury.

(However, Jaune finishes his bath by the time that the paint can falls in, leaving him unaffected.)

Everyone sighed in relief.

"Oh thank gosh." said a relieved Cinder.

(The other sheep weren't so lucky and the pigs laugh at such misfortune, not caring that they missed Jaune.)

"Our counterparts are pretty ignorant." said an annoyed Cinder.

"And really stupid." said an agreeing Salem, not liking stupidity.

(Ren was outside of it before he checked his time and whistled for the sheep to leave. As they do, he noticed the red wool and scratched his head in confusion.)

Everyone laughed at his reaction.

(As they go back to eating the grass, the bull noticed their new color and charged towards them.)

Everyone gasped in fear and worry.

(They noticed and gasped in fear. Ren noticed too and warning alarms went off in his head as the red sheep can be seen pooping in fear.)

They also groan in disgust.

"Well, I can smell a bad smell from Neptune's pants." said a disgusted Sun.

They looked at Neptune in disgust.

"Dude, go change your pants." said an annoyed Nolan.

(Ren ran to the sheep and blew his whistle, stopping the bull.)

They sighed in relief.

(Ren took out his note pad and wrote something down. He then put it away and pulled out a yellow card, the bull doesn't react. Then Ren takes out a red card and the bull roars at him, causing a scared Ren to run away.)

They face palmed at his cowardice.

(Ren stands next to Jaune and holds his left hand as he points at the bull, who is chasing the sheep. Then they realized the holding hands thing and let go in embarrassment.)

They laugh at this.

"Not a damn word." said a glaring Jaune, earning glares from owners for cussing.

"Especially you, Nora." said an agreeing Ren.

"Jaune, language." said a scolding Jasmine.

"Jazz, my language is English." said a grinning Jaune.

Everyone laughed at the smart ass remark.

Jasmine rolled her eyes at the nickname and the remark.

(Jaune puts a hand on his chin before getting an idea and takes out a magazine. He then turns 4 pages before pointing at a picture of a bed with a red blanket.)

They smile at his idea.

"Nice idea, our little genius." said a praising Sienna.

"That will work." said an agreeing Ilia.

(Ren nods in agreement and takes out his mobile phone. He then dials the number for a store with that kind of blanket and orders it before stopping when they still see the bull chasing the sheep.)

"Does he really think that company will understand what he says?" asked an arrogant Cardin.

(Hazel then chases them around a tree before stopping to see them running around it.)

They snicker at the sight.

(Jaune and Ren are waiting for the delivery until they hear a car beep and the package appears.)

Cardin was dumbfounded as the others laugh at his stupidity.

(Hazel was still watching the sheep run until he hears Jaune whistle for him and Jaune holds out the blanket while waving it. Jaune's eyes then clenched and so did Hazel, who prepares to charge him. Jaune waves it again and Hazel lets out a growl as he then charges at Jaune but the young sheep dodges him and moves the blanket over his head.)

They all start cheering him on.

"Yeah, go Jaune." said a cheering Blake.

"Show that mean bull who's boss." said an also cheering Velvet.

(Ren is with the sheep and he claps for Jaune while the sheep nod in approval. Hazel skids to a stop and is now irritated by this he charges again but Jaune does the same trick again. The pigs were still laughing but noticed Hazel coming and they duck for cover. Hazel goes eye wide in worry and tries to stop but only to crash into the wall, making Ren and the sheep wince. The pigs a little bit fly in the air and fall down as Hazel crashes into their property. Jaune checks on them and finds them all knocked out: Cinder on the ground with her tongue sticking out, Mercury is into the ground with his legs sticking out, Emerald is sitting on the wall holding her head in pain, and Hazel is stuck in the shed with some bricks falling on him.)

They winced at this.

(Jaune hears clapping and it's coming from Ren and the sheep, were applauding him for saving their lives.)

"Good plan. You get extra cuddles later." said a proud Blake, earning a blush from Jaune.

(The farmer Ozpin retuned in his truck and a little bit noticed Jaune washing the red paint off the sheep but stopped at that. A nervous Ren blew his whistle and they turned around to their white side. Ozpin drove back to check it out and was confused to find the sheep aren't red. Ren saluted him and Ozpin let this go for now.)

"Am I not aware of their behavior?" asked a confused Ozpin.

"They prefer it if you don't know." said a shrugging A.

(Jaune chuckles at this as the episode ends. In the epilogue, the pigs were punished for their behavior: Cinder had to clean the sheep's wool, Emerald had to change the sheep's bath water, and Mercury had to rebuild the wall. They then got replaced by Roman Torchwick, Neopolitan Torchwick, and Tock.)

"Good punishment for them." said a nodding Summer.

"Wait, who's Tock?" asked a confused Ruby.

"The one who took Maria's eyes." said a nervous A, knowing how Maria would react.

Maria glares at the smirking Tock.

(In the next episode, Ren was just listening to music as Ozpin came up in his truck and honked on his horn for Ren's attention as the sheep watch curiously. However, Ren is too busy with his headphones.)

"And that is why headphones are not allowed in class." said an annoyed A.

"Amen." said the agreeing teachers.

The students look sheepish.

(Ozpin honks his horn a few more times but Ren is still listening to his music. Eventually, Ozpin throws a chewed up apple at him, finally getting his attention.)

"I actually want to do that but I think it would be illegal." said a nervous Qrow, remembering how his students were the same with their headphones.

"It's alright, we're all thinking it." said a reassuring Glynda.

(Ren jumps in the back of the truck with his tongue hanging out like an actual dog as Jaune waves a friendly goodbye to them. They then go into town.)

"I wonder where we're going." said a curious Ozpin.

(The sheep are shown having fun: Johann was reading a comic book, Scarlet is rubbing suntan lotion on Sage's back, and Sun is playing frisbee with Neptune.)

"Like cousin, like cousin." said an amused Weiss.

(Jaune is relaxing on a beach chair but then hears the new pigs laughing and then finds them picking apples from a tree.)

Sun shrugs, he's only into bananas.

(Sun and Neptune both also wanted to see it and they look at Jaune, who looks back.)

"Jaune and the sheep want some apples, don't they?" asked a curious Neon.

"Yeah but knowing the pigs, they won't share." said an annoyed Rolin.

(Jaune came to the pigs pen with a basket in his mouth and walked over to the pigs. Neo is holding the ladder and Tock is eating with his mouth open.)

Everyone was disgusted by Tock's lack of manners.

(They notice Jaune and glare at him. Jaune sets the basket down and asks for the apples. Roman has a whisper talk with the pigs and they look back at Jaune for a bit until they whisper talk again and Neo picks up Jaune's basket but secretly snickers.)

Jaune gets suspicious.

Neo knows what's happening and feels guilty.

(Sun and Neptune lick their respective lips in hunger. Neo comes back with the basket and watches as Jaune carries it but it's mysteriously heavy as Neo nods her head at the other pigs to come watch.)

Roman and Neo start to feel more guilt because they recognized that kind of message.

(The other sheep including Adrian and Sapphire start to rubbed their bellies in excitement as they wear napkins on their necks.)

All females coo at seeing Adrian as a baby sheep.

Adrian turns into one and Sapphire cuddles him.

(The pigs peek at them and Tock starts snickering but Roman shushes her.)

Salem facepalms at Tock's stupidity.

(Jaune is about to pour the apples but keeps getting distracted by Tock's snickering, much to Roman and Neo's annoyance. Jaune then pours the apples but it's only just dirt, much to their disgust.)

The bad people laugh at this.

"That was so mean." said a disapproving Summer.

(Jaune then sees the pigs boasting about it: Tock chews with her mouth open, Roman waves his apples around, and Neo kisses her apples.)

Neo blushes at her boasting as if she was blowing Jaune a kiss.

(Jaune looks down in sadness and then gets bonked in the head with a chewed up apple as he glares at the laughing pigs until they go back to their pen. Jaune then thinks of a plan to get the apples.)

"Let's see his plan." said an excited Nora.

(The scene changes to the sheep enjoying the grass until Jaune surprises them by walking with stilts.)

"Are those stilts?" asked a confused Sun.

"Yeah." said a nodding A.

(Jaune is trying to keep his balance in check. Neo was looking at a apple in happiness but Jaune scares her by making it to the pigs pen. Roman and Tock were inspecting their apples but get scared when they see Jaune on his stilts.)

Nora cheered for her fearless leader's strategy.

(However, a chainsaw noise is heard and they turn to see Neo wearing a construction worker vest, a yellow construction worker hat, goggles, earmuffs, and wielding a chainsaw.)

"Where did the pigs get a chainsaw?" asked a worried Summer.

"I don't know." said a shrugging A.

(Jaune's stilts are sawed off-screen. He tries to escape but they drag him back and throw him over the place before kicking him out as he lands in the grass and they throw the basket onto his head.)

Everyone winced at that.

"Time for plan B." said a sad Jaune.

(The scene switched to Jaune disguising himself as a fake hay block before he starts sneaking to the apple tree but he is found out and the same results happen.)

Everyone facepalmed at that.

"Time for plan C." said an annoyed Jaune.

(Jaune then uses grappling arrow to zip-line across but ends up stopping and looks down to see Roman sleeping with Neo also sleeping on his right shoulder.)

Everyone took pictures of this.

Cinder took pictures of this for the book.

(However, Roman wakes up and nudges Neo to wake up as well before they start glaring at Jaune. They then pull him down and fling him into the air. Fortunately, he saves himself by opening the umbrella and landing safely with a sheepish grin on his face. After he lands, he closes the umbrella but gets hit with a chewed up apple, much to his annoyance.)

"Time for plan D." said an irritated Jaune, getting tired of this.

(The pig trio are now getting annoyed so they start whispering to each other. They then start digging their own dirt, putting in pillows as a fort, Roman puts on a food drainer as a helmet, they grab a pitch fork, Neo sniffs a dirty cup for any bad smell, and take a paddle. Tock wears a frying pan as a helmet and wields a potato masher as a weapon, Neo wears the cup as a helmet and wields the paddle as a weapon, and Roman has his drainer helmet on and wields the pitch fork as a weapon. They start guarding the apples.)

"They're taking this seriously." said an annoyed Jaune.

(Jaune starts sneaking around the wall and distracts them with a rock before crossing the gate to avoid being seen.)

The criminals were impressed.

(The pigs were distracted and hops on top of a tractor before throwing a tied hook on the tree. He ties the hook to the tractor and jumps down into it. He then turns it on and drives it forward, causing the apple tree to bend down. The pigs hear this and Tock points at the tree in warning. Jaune starts collecting the apple but the pigs see him and they left Tock to the rope where she starts biting on it until it snaps, causing the tree to fling the apples into the air.)

Roman and Neo facepalm at Tock's stupidity.

Salem angrily slaps Tock's head for her stupidity.

(Roman is lifted on Tock and Neo's shoulders as they laugh at Jaune but Roman is the first to notice the apples flying and taps Tock's helmet to show it. The two girls also see it and they run to the apples while hilariously squealing in fear.)

Everyone laughs at their reactions to their apples being gone.

(Jaune then looks at the tree to see no apples and then looks at the sheep's yard. The pigs look at the sheep's yard and the apples land in it, much to the flock's happiness.)

All of Jaune's friends and family cheer at his victory.

"Jaune, I'm joining in on cuddling you." said a proud Velvet, earning another blush from Jaune.

(The pigs were horrified: Tock covers her eyes in self-shame, Roman does the Home Alone pose, and Neo holds her pig ears down in horror.)

Everyone liked Roman's reaction.

(They see Jaune walk by and glare at him, swearing revenge on him. Roman does scold Tock for her stupidity and Neo starts climbing to teach Jaune a lesson but then a truck horn and Roman stops Neo. Ozpin and Ren have came back. Ren enters the sheep's yard and the pigs go back to their pen in defeat. Jaune greets Ren and throws him an apple, which he rubs on his chest and eats.)

They fist bump at that.

"That was so polite of him." said a proud Summer.

(At the pigs pen, they were sitting in front of their food tub in sadness as Ozpin comes by and gives them rotten food. Neo sniffs it and puts her hands to her mouth in disgust. Roman miserably digs through the rotten food before pulling out the skeleton of a dead fish as Tock clutches her stomach and Neo cheeks bulge up, both of them about to throw up.)

Despite them being jerks, everyone felt bad for them.

"Who would eat that?" asked a disgusted Nebula.

(In the epilogue, Jaune felt bad for the pigs and had offered them apples. In return, they apologized for their greediness and have became his friends.)

The girls said awe to his kindness.

(A new theme song starts and this time, Cardin and his fellow pigs Russel and Dove laugh at Ren's pain.)

Every student glares and the teachers sigh in disappointment.

"Are we really jerks that much?" asked a shocked Cardin.

"Yeah, you are." said a glaring A.

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