This is about the people of Remnant watching lemon scenes of their favorite blonde knight.

Warning: This is rated A for lemon scenes, sexual content, and foul language.

Seating Arrangements

  • Seating area #1: Jaune and the girls from all schools.
  • Seating Area #2: The boys.
  • Seating Area #3: Team STRQ.
  • Seating Area #4: The parents.
  • Seating Area #5: The teachers.
  • Seating Area #6: Future Children.


The cast find themselves in seating areas and met the future kids. Ruby adored her kids.

Chapter 1: Jaune and Ruby

"Here is the origin of Blu and Red." said the sympathetic host.

(Our universe starts with Jaune sitting on the roof and depressed because he caught Pyrrha having sex with Cardin.)

Everyone felt bad for him because those two are said to be a couple. Pyrrha looks upset that she cheated on Jaune with that racist bully.

"I should've known that racist prick would do something like this." said a snarling Jasmine.

"So that's why Blu and Red hate me." said an upset Pyrrha. The siblings nodded and glared at her.

"At least the scene wasn't shown." said a relieved Oscar, with everyone agreeing. Even CRDL didn't want to see that. They may be bullies but they don't go that far.

(He then heard Pyrrha mocking him and claiming she was only using him. She even bragged that she's been doing it with the other bullies. She also exposed his fake transcripts.)

Everyone got worried, knowing that evidence could get him expelled.

"I'm sorry but fake transcripts?" asked a confused Blu. They informed him of what Jaune did and Blu just shrugged, "Whatever."

"You're not mad?" asked a shocked Winter.

"Even if he did, dad's still a good person and just wants to help." said a serious Blu.

(However, the students of Beacon stood up for him and Ruby was the most angriest because she had a crush on Jaune since the first day but couldn't because she was older than him.)

"By the way, Ruby is older than Jaune. The ages were secret." said the host.

Ruby was blushing but smiling because it could be her turn. The other girls were disappointed.

(Pyrrha and CRDL were expelled from Beacon. CRDL transferred to Atlas and Pyrrha was transferred to Shade but NDGO hated Pyrrha for what she did and they beat her up.)

"That what's you get for cheating on my man." said a serious Nebula with her teammates agreeing. They were given an angry glare from Pyrrha.

"You tell her, girls." said an agreeing May.

(Every school respects Jaune Arc because of him saving his own bully from a Grimm, defending Velvet from Cardin, defeating NDGO in a spar, defeating Team BRNZ in the tournament, freeing Mercury, Emerald, and Neo from Cinder, and saving Beacon from falling.)

"He's such a strong man and yet that foolish girl ruined her chances with him." said a serious Raven. Sure, she was still mad at him but has an interest in him.

"Oh yeah, that's how Bun-Bun fell in love with Jaune. He defended her from Cardin and beat the everlasting shit out of that prick." said a smiling Coco. Velvet blushed and frowned at her.

"Oh yeah, he's the nice human who stood up for us." said a smiling Neon.

(However, he is on the urge of suicide because his other teammates have shunned him too. Ruby's team also betrayed him and didn't let him explain nor did they care.)

"That's why he didn't tell anyone. Because he feared you all wouldn't care for his reasons. Him and Ruby have good reasons to be in Beacon. They want to save people and they know that the will of a Huntsman is more important. Ren cares more about vengeance, Nora only follows him, Pyrrha only believes in destiny, Weiss wants to help her racist father's reputation, Blake is a hypocritical former terrorist, Yang only cares about her selfish mother, and Team CRDL are a bunch of racist bullies. Those are selfish reasons but Jaune and Ruby are the ones who have a good heart and a good reason. Why do think Ozpin wants Jaune here?" said the serious host.

Those who are called out look down in guilt and agree that they have no right to get mad.

"Well said, Mr. Host. Students, what he says is true. I saw potential in Jaune." said a smiling Ozpin.

(Not to mention, this happened before. Nebula only liked him because of a bet.)

Nebula look down in guilt and sadness. That was low of her to do that.

(Also, he once dated Winter but she too used him and was having an affair with Ironwood.)

Everyone glared at Winter, who didn't care.

"He didn't actually thought I was serious." said a smirking Winter, making Ironwood laugh.

They were more angry with this.

(Only Ruby and Team CFVY stood up for him and were the ones to call out Pyrrha for her selfishness and called her a disgrace to Beacon for turning on her ally.)

Jaune smiled sadly at this.

(Ruby also called out Blake for being a hypocrite and reminded her that she was a former terrorist who also faked her way in. The Faunas girl realized her mistake and made a vow to make it up to Jaune. However, Weiss and Yang disagreed and claims it's because Blake had years of practice to be a Huntress but Ruby called them out and refuses to talk to them. She also broke up with Weiss for her snobbish girl attitude and not giving Jaune a chance to explain his reasons.)

"I agree with Ruby. You guys didn't give him a chance to explain himself." said the serious host.

(Luckily, Ruby has visited him and comforted him. He felt warm. Before dating Pyrrha, Jaune had a crush on Ruby because she was the first to forgive him for his transcripts and she stood up for him. Just like Jaune, Ruby was also cheated on. She caught Weiss cheating on her with Yang.)

Ruby glared at Weiss and Yang, who flinched at this.

(Jaune comforted her and cussed the two girls out for what they did. Weiss tried to talk to Ruby but she wouldn't forgive her and put a restraining order on them. Blake was also mad and ignored them. She gave the two time alone.)

Jaune and Ruby gave Blake a hug and she returned it. Just like the girls, she loves Jaune. Sun notices this but is happy for Blake.

(Right now, Jaune and Ruby were still grieving for what happened.)

  • Jaune: (crying) "I can't believe she was using me this whole time. I thought she loved me."
  • Ruby: (agreeing) "How could they do this to us?"
  • Jaune: (sighing) "I guess no one wants us. I'm just a failure."
  • Ruby: (serious) "You're not a failure, Jaune. Pyrrha was such a bitch for doing that to you. If she doesn't how great you are, then that's her loss."

(Jaune smiled at that.)

"Thanks Ruby." said a smiling Jaune.

"No problem." said a smiling Ruby.

(Then Jaune hugs her.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Ruby. Before I dated Pyrrha, I had a crush on you because you stood up for me when Weiss insulted during the time that she loved Neptune more than me. You treat me way better than her and Pyrrha do."
  • Ruby: (also smiling) "Jaune, I love you too. (then she smirks) Do you wanna get revenge on the cheaters?"
  • Jaune: (also smirking) "Hell yeah."

(Ruby giggled and he carried her bridal style to Ruby's room. Blake heard what's happening and brought a camera with a smirk.)

Blake smirked while Jaune and Ruby blushed. The girls groan because they know what's happening.

"Oh no." said an irritated Qrow while Summer pulled her hood over her eyes. Tai and Raven were angry but were held back. However, Jasmine pulled out a camera and gave a thumbs up to the girls because they are gonna see Jaune's little friend which is not so little.


"It means that they're having sex." said the serious host.

(Ruby and Jaune get on the bed and she takes her shirt and bra off to reveal she has big boobs.)

Jaune blushes and has a nose bleed at this.

(Then Jaune's pants is unzipped and out comes his 4-inch cock.)

All the girls were eye-wide and blushing. Even Raven was blushing at this.

All the guys got angry and jealous. Mostly Tai and Neptune. However, they respect his privacy and turned away from seeing that monster.

Jaune's sisters were blushing at this and Jasmine grinned at seeing that again, meaning that she saw it before. When given looks, she gave everyone a look not to ask.

Jaune's father cheers for him but didn't want to see it. However, they luckily gave him a blindfold. Jaune's mother is also given one as well.

Qrow and Summer were also given blindfolds so they can't watch their little Ruby have sex.

(Ruby was shocked but Jaune chuckled.)

  • Jaune: (chuckling) "This is why I go to Jasmine's room when she's feeling lonely."
  • Ruby: (shocked) "Wait, you're not a virgin?"

(Jaune looked nervous to answer but then nodded.)

John, Juniper, and Sapphron glare at Jasmine, who paled at the glares, Blanc was laughing, and Jade looked disgusted.

"Jasmine Arc, you had s*x with your brother?" said an angry John.

"Relax, calm down. He was only 11 years old." said a surprised Jasmine, not having seen her parents get angry. However, this didn't help her case because she just confess to incest and having sexual relations with a child.

"11 years old? You were a 16-year-old who had s*x with a child." said an annoyed Juniper.

"What?! He had s*x with his hot sister?! That's bullshit! I should milk those melons." said a perverted Neptune but is stopped when a dagger is thrown near his crotch by an angry Jaune.

"Say that again and I won't miss." said an angry Jaune.

"Thanks little bro." said a smiling Jasmine as she kissed him on the lips but this was stopped by an irritated Sapphron.

"Jaune and Jasmine, we will talk about this later." said an irritated Sapphron.

"Oh come on, Jaune became a real man." said a laughing Blanc, earning a glare from Sapphron and the Arc couple.

"Shut up Blanc, this isn't funny." said an extremely irritated Sapphron.

"Yes it is, little bro was blowing big sis. Blowing. Blowing." said a laughing Blanc, finding this whole thing funny. The adults looked annoyed at her.

"Jasmine Arc, if I still was babysitting, you would be grounded for life for having s*x with a minor. This is child abuse." said a scolding Goodwitch as she and Ozpin glare at her. They then glare at Blanc, "And Blanc Arc, stop this laughing this instant, this isn't funny."

"Sorry for ratting that secret out, big sis." said a sheepish Jaune.

"It's alright, it was bound to be revealed anyway." said a smiling Jasmine, not at all mad at her brother for letting that out in the open.

"Really? You're not mad at me at all?" asked a shocked Jaune.

"Of course not, I still love you. The secret was really getting annoying and I just want to have sex with you again." said a smiling Jasmine.

"I love you too and I'm glad that your my guardian." said a smiling Jaune.

"The hell she is." said an angry Sapphire.

"Can we please stop talking about my older sister molesting my younger brother?" asked a disgusted Jade.

"Indeed." said an agreeing Opzin, not wanting to hear his grandchildren having incest with each other.

"Come on, how many people done this before?" asked an annoyed Jasmine, making Ruby and Weiss raise their hands.

"Ruby Rose, you had s*x with Oscar?" asked a shocked Summer.

"Weiss Schnee, how dare you to do that to your brother?" asked an angry Willow, earning a flinch from Weiss.

(She then bounces on it and starts liking it. Then she goes fast and keeps saying the f word while doing it before making out a yell when he cums. She then lays down on him and smiles.)

  • Ruby: (smiling) "I love you, my little Arc."
  • Jaune: (also smiling) "I love you too, my big Rose."

(Then they kissed and fall asleep. (Lemon scene's over) A blushing Blake grins as she presses a button on her camera and sends the video to Pornhub. She then sighs.)

  • Blake: (grinning) "Ruby is so lucky. However, Jaune is like a little brother to me and I'm proud of him."

(She then goes to sleep with a grin on her face.)

Blake nods at that and hugs Jaune, who hugs back.

(The next morning, Jaune and Ruby wake up and get dressed but they are given smiles from guys and girls. The girls giggle at Jaune. Then they see the video and went eye-wide before they glare at a grinning Blake.)

  • Blake: (grinning) "What do you expect? I love porn."

(Jaune groans and lays his head on the table. At Atlas Academy, Winter was blushing at the video but trying not to show it because of her hatred towards Jaune Arc.)

Everyone smirks at an angry Winter.

(At Haven Academy, the girls there were cheering on Jaune and Ruby. At Shade Academy, NDGO and May wouldn't stop watching the video and enjoyed it.)

NDGO agreed and enjoyed it.

(Pyrrha got upset at this and ran to her dorm crying about it being unfair, much to their amusement.)

Pyrrha angrily grumbled about not getting to date Jaune.

(At the Arc home, Jaune's six sisters were blushing at their brother. The father cheered him on.)

  • John: (cheering) "That's my boy."

(The mother face palmed.)

Jaune shows a fond smile at his family.

(However, when Jasmine's name was revealed, she got a glare from her mother.)

  • Juniper: (stern) "We're talking about this later, young lady."
  • Jasmine: (nervous) "Yes mother. (however, she was loving the video and sweating up a storm) Baby brother is so good."

(Sapphire and Blanc roll their eyes at their sister's antics.)

Jaune blushed at his sister's pervertedness.

(Their other sibling Jade was disgusted by the video and got grounded for calling Ruby a sexist word.)

Jaune and his sisters roll their eyes at this.

(At the Arc/Branwen House, Qrow and Summer face palmed at what Ruby is doing)

  • Qrow: (annoyed) "Ruby, we're seriously talking with you when you get home."
  • Summer: (also annoyed) "And you're taking that boy with you."

(Then they decide to have a drink.)

Ruby rolled her eyes at them.

(At an apartment, Emerald and Neo were blushing at this while Mercury was smirking at this, proud of the blonde knight.)

The two girls rolled their eyes at Mercury's reaction.

(A few years later, Ruby gave birth to an older girl named Red Rose and a younger boy named Blu Arc. Yang heard about this but loved her niece and nephew. Red was always protective of her little brother and would always cuddle with him. She is only happy around him and their parents. Red wielded the scythe and Blu wielded the sword. Yang was forgiven for the whole Weiss thing and broke up with her after catching her in bed with Neptune.)

Yang glared at Neptune, who cowers in fear.

(Ren and Nora also loved their nephew and took care of him but was afraid of Red.)

Ren and Nora agreed.

(Blu killed Salem and Red killed Cinder, making them the heroes of Remnant. They eventually got married and made a legacy of their own.)

"That's my boy and girl." said a smiling Jaune. Ruby was also proud of them.

"That's it." said the smiling host.

Chapter 2: Jaune and Weiss

(The next universe starts with Jaune serving detention for cussing.)

"Oh for gods sake." said an annoyed Juniper.

"What did my son do?" asked an irritated John.

"But Jaune is like the most clean mouth person ever." said a worried Sapphire.

"Someone must've pissed him off." said a shrugging Jasmine.

(It all started when he was in the cafeteria and eating his dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets with a fork,)

"His favorite food of all time." said a fondly Velvet.

"His first favorite with his second favorite being mashed potatoes." added a fondly Coco

"Why does he eat the nuggets with a fork?" asked a confused Neo.

"Don't ask, he never answers." said a serious Weiss.

"Also, you girls seem to know a lot about him." said a suspicious Jasmine, giving a warning that they have to find a way to get her approval.

(when Neptune walked in and had his annoying grin on.)

Weiss groaned at her ex-boyfriend. Whitley glared at the blue haired prick who mistreated his big sister.

Even Sun is not happy to see his so-called best-friend after the guy was caught flirting with other girls.

(He sat down next to her while she's drinking her favorite caffeine and asked if he can fuck her in front of everyone.)

Weiss was offended by that, Jaune was angry, Ruby was horrified, Blake was mortified, and Yang was enraged.

"Woah dude, not cool." said a disgusted Sun.

"Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?" asked an irritated Flynt.

"But it's to show everyone that she's my woman." said a perverted Neptune.

Jaune and Whitley looked at each other before nodding. Whitley grabbed Neptune by the arms and Jaune kicked Neptune between the legs, causing the blue-haired pervert to moan in pain.

"Say that again and we're chopping it off." said an angry Jaune.

"Agreed." said an agreeing Whitley.

"Yes, thank you two for doing that." said a grateful Weiss.

(However, Jaune stood up for her and cussed him out like this.)

  • Jaune: (angry) "Woah man, you don't talk to her like that, you fucking piece of shit asshole douchebag cunt."

(Everyone was surprised that he said the c-word that he hates.)

Team RWBY were shocked and scared.

"Woah dude, chill." said a shocked Yang.

"Jaune, please stop, you're scaring me." said a scared Ruby.

"Dude, what the fuck?" said a stunned Weiss.

"Jaune, I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." said a disappointed Blake.

"However, I thank him for cussing Neptune out." said a smiling Whitley.

"Whitley, I think Jaune and Weiss would make a great couple." said a smiling Oscar, also not liking that pervert Neptune.

"Oh yes, thank you Mr. Arc." said a grateful Willow.

(He also splashed Neptune with the water and it caused the blue-haired pervert to start screaming like a little bitch.)

"Oh yeah, he is afraid of water." said a laughing Jaune.

Everyone laughs at this and Neptune glares.

(However, Goodwitch heard the whole thing and sent Jaune to the office. He got a week detention for that and his teacher would be his Aunt Glynda, much to his fear.)

Everyone felt bad for him but Goodwitch got offended.

"Don't act like that, Mr. Arc. I'm never harm my students." said an offended Goodwitch.

(Detention was over but he now has a injured red ass.)

Team STRQ winced at that and Goodwitch blushes.

"I do not spank my students." said a blushing Goodwitch.

"Well, I did it once because he put ice down my panties." said an annoyed Jasmine, who gives a glare at her sheepish brother.

"You said your pussy was getting too hot." said a sheepish Jaune.

"Not like that, you little shit." said an annoyed Jasmine.

(He swears that woman is a pedophile but crossed that thought out since she seems to hate him for unknown reasons.)

Ozpin gave her a disappointed glance.

Glynda denies this.

(Weiss found him like that and took him to her room where he was given ice to sit on as thanks for defending her from Neptune.)

Weiss nodded at that.

(Jaune was confused since he thought that she hated him but she assured him that she was only annoyed by his crush on her because he was bad at flirting.)

Weiss was sad at the mention of how she treats him. He's a great guy and she let him down. Whitley frowned at this because he prefers Jaune over Neptune.

(Weiss then asks why does Jaune love her and he explains that when she sarcastically mentioned him as a cute boy on the first day, he didn't catch the sarcasm and didn't realize that he was scaring her but when she accepted Neptune's flirt and insulted Jaune, he got the message that she was being sarcastic.)

Weiss was crying at what she did.

(Weiss felt bad now and realized that she was horrible towards him. She then hugs him.)

  • Weiss: (crying) "The truth is that I love you too but didn't reveal it because my father threatened me and doesn't want me dating you."

(Jaune rolls up Weiss' sleeve and finds scars and bruises on her arm.)

Jaune got mad and punched Jacques in the face.

"You ever touch her again and I'm gonna kill you." said an angry Jaune.

(Jaune hugs her and forgives her. They share a kiss and go to Weiss' room.)

Weiss blushes and knows what's going on.


Jacques and Winter don't approve of this but were given death glares from Weiss and Whitley.

(Weiss removes her dress but was disappointed in her breast size.)

Weiss gave her little brother a blindfold, earning a thumbs up from him. Willow also wore one too.

(Then she saw Jaune's big dick and sucked on it. Then she started going faster and he cummed into her mouth, making her belly big. (Lemon scene over) She smiled and they fell asleep.)

Weiss smiled and thought about it. She confirms it and loves Jaune.

'I will make it up to you, Jaune. I promise.' thought a determined Weiss.

(The next morning, Weiss finally told everyone about the abuse and Jacques was arrested for child abuse. Winter was upset and tried to blackmail Weiss into dumping Jaune but the blonde knight already knew her plan and exposed it. Winter was dishonorably court-martialed for attempted blackmail.)

Weiss smiled at Jaune, who smiled back.

(Pyrrha was not happy to hear about the relationship and tried to frame Weiss of cheating on Jaune but Ren and Nora heard this plan and informed the couple about it. Neptune was in on the plan but was also exposed and kicked out of Team SSSN for his selfishness and committing a panty raid in Weiss' room.)

"HE WHAT?!" yelled an angry Weiss as Jaune and Whitley scowl at Neptune, who cowers.

(When Jaune heard about this, he beat the everlasting shit out of Neptune with the help of Whitley. When they were done, Weiss hugged them and they had lunch together. Weiss' teammates were mad because they didn't get fucked by Jaune but much to their dismay, the couple never break up. At Schnee Dust company, they fucked on Jacques' desk)

"THEY WHAT?!" yelled an angry Jacques while Qrow laughs at this and is proud of Jaune. All Faunas laughed at this since they hated Jacques for his racism.

(Jacques was mad and tried to kill the Faunas workers out of anger but was stopped by Whitley, who murdered him. The next day, Jacques Schnee was found stabbed, throat slit, gutted, and hanged from the Atlas Academy statue.)

All Faunas smile at the death of that dictator.

(A few years later, they had two daughters named Anna and Elsa but they were not named after the two sisters from that horrible Disney movie.)

"I hear ya. That song Let It Go was really horrible." said the agreeing host.

Chapter 3: Jaune and Blake

(Jaune was in his room and was cutting his wrists because he caught Blake and Sun making out in her room.)

Jaune got saddened at that and Blake felt guilty for that.

"Blake Belladona, how could you?" asked an angry Kali.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't hurt you." said an angry Jasmine.

(They found out that he knows and they're trying to talk to him but he locked himself in his room and has become suicidal.)

Blake cried because of what she did to him.

"What have I done?" asked a horrified Sun.

(He kept doing this until Blake finally got in and noticed the scars. She then hugged him and cried into him.)

  • Blake: (crying) "I'm sorry Jaune. Please forgive me. We were only doing a sex tape. I wasn't trying to cheat on you. Please, I want the happy Jaune back."

(Jaune rolled over and cuddled into her until she put a collar on him and grinned, making him nervous.)

  • Jaune: (nervous) "What're you going to do to me?"
  • Blake: (grinning) "I'm gonna make you mine again. I made the mistake of doing that in front of you and I've decided that you have to dominate me in order to outsmart your mistress."

(Another thing about their relationship is that she dominates him and she treats him like a pet but loves him.)

Blake smirked at this.


Blake's parents were blindfolded so they won't watch it.

(Blake undresses herself and stick her butt out to him. He then nervously takes out his cock and she grins at it. She begs him to put it in and he does. Then they start making noise and Blake is enjoying it.)

  • Jaune: (smirking) "You like that, huh bitch."
  • Blake: (moaning) "Yes master."

(Then he takes it out and she cuddles into him. (Lemon Scene Over) He smirks.)

  • Jaune: (smirking) "Who's your daddy?"
  • Blake: (grinning) "You are."
  • Jaune: (smirking) "That's right bitch."

(They both fell asleep.)

Blake was having a nose bleed.

(The next morning, Jaune woke up first and saw Blake's ass. He slapped it waking her up.)

  • Blake: (glaring) "You...little...bastard."
  • Jaune: (smiling) "But I'm your bastard."

(She chuckled fondly and kissed his head affectionately.)

"Yeah, you are." said a grinning Blake as she kisses his cheek.

(A few years later, they had twin sons nicknamed Red Hood and Black Cat. The twins became assassins but have honor.)

"I like them." said a smirking Mercury.

(They trained under Mercury and defeated Adam Taurus for his hypocritical tyranny.)

The White Fang were confused by Adam being called a hypocrite.

"Adam claims to hate humans because his people being mistreated but sides with human criminals to eliminate humanity, becoming a hypocritical monster in the process." said the serious host, which the Faunas agreed to since their so-called leader has become a monster.

Chapter 4: Jaune and Yang

(Jaune locked himself in his room and is nursing his bruised eye after being abused by his worst bully Yang Xiao-Long.)

Ruby was shocked by this and Yang was nervous because she does bully him.

"Miss Xiao-Long, have you been bullying Mr. Arc?" asked a stern Ozpin.

Yang hesitated for a bit but then shamefully nodded, earning gasps.

"When we get back, I'm having a talk with you." said an angry Jasmine.

(This is all started when his 4 older sisters lied about him being bad and turned girls against him as a evil joke. Ever since his parents died, they blamed him and joined in on the bullying until he developed a hatred for them but his younger sisters Rose and Verte along with his twin sister Jane didn't hate him and protected him.)

Jaune had tears at this. Jasmine hugged him and assured him that she loved him.

(At Beacon, Ruby and Velvet were the only girls that befriended him but the other girls made fun of him. However, Team CRDL stopped being bullies and defended him but the leader was in on the bullying. Sadly, Ruby and Velvet were forced into hating him and it's causing him to want to die.)

Yang and the girls are ashamed of themselves. The truth is that they did mistreat him but they didn't know it was worst. Nebula and May were crying and didn't want Jaune to die.

(He stopped trusting girls and avoided them like the plague. Even the girls from the other schools are avoided, despite their attempts to befriend him. Worst of all, the Headmaster and teachers ignored it and didn't care but Professor Peach was sympathetic and protected him. His teammate Lie Ren also helped him out and made a squad to protect him.)

Jaune smiled at Ren, who smiled back. He then hugs him and Ren hugged back.

"It's okay, they won't hurt you anymore." said a sympathetic Ren.

(Sadly, even Pyrrha and Nora made fun of him.)

The two girls were ashamed.

(Right now, Jaune is attempting to commit suicide and has a gun with him.)

All the girls got scared.

(Meanwhile, Yang was looking for Jaune but he's hiding from her. The truth is that she loves him but was jealous that other girls were giving attention. When Lie Ren called them out for what the girls did, Yang just waved it off and thinks that Jaune can handle it. She was going to his room but heard a gun clicking. Fearing that she went too far, she punched down the door and yelled at Jaune to stop. Jaune looked distracted by this but accidentally shot his hip and went unconscious. Fearing for his life, Yang took him to the hospital and informed everyone about it.)

Yang was crying at what she's done.

(After getting him to the infirmary, she was crying and apologizing for what she did. However, Ruby heard her and angrily punched her. She claims that she hates her for what she did to Jaune. Weiss tries to calm Ruby down but is dumped by Ruby for forcing her to hate Jaune. Velvet also dumped Coco for also encouraging this. However, the boys scolded all of the girls for this and revealed that Jaune's sisters lied because they hated him for no reason. The girls then bow their heads in shame and cry at what they did. However, Yang finally confesses that she didn't want to bully him but her mother hated him and would threaten her into hurting him. She then reveals a coffee burn on her neck made by Raven and it's also revealed that Raven r***d her. Lie Ren forgave her and called the police.)

Yang went to Jaune and hugged him.

"Jaune, I'm sorry for bullying you. I love you but I was jealous because the other girls love you and you never tell them no. Please don't leave me." said a crying Yang.

"It's alright, I forgive you." said a sympathetic Jaune. He then checks her neck and was angered to see that she wasn't lying. He showed it to the others and they were angry.

(Jaune recovered but is still hiding in his room. However, the girls now start being nice to him. His sisters were punished for abusing him but his twin sister and two younger sisters were let off the hook for standing up for him. Raven was arrested for child abuse and r**e. When Jaune heard about this, he felt bad for Yang and forgives her.)

Yang smiled and won't let him go.

(When Yang entered his room, he hugged her and she hugged back.)

  • Yang: (crying) "Please don't leave me. I love you."
  • Jaune: (serious) "I won't and I love you too. Before being bullied by you, I had always loved you."

(Yang smiled and put a collar on him.)

  • Yang: (smiling) "This will make sure that you don't leave me."
  • Jaune: (blushing) "Yes mistress."

(She smirked and put him in a dress.)

The girls found him adorable.

(However, he was getting nervous and panicked but she comforted him. She swore to kill those four brats for hurting him and called them sickos for what they did.)

"Wait, they cross dressed you?" asked a shocked Yang. He nodded sadly and Yang was angry at this, "When we get out of here, I'm gonna kill them."

John and Juniper were stunned to hear this. They thought the girls were having fun but it seems not.

Sapphire was shocked that Jaune didn't like what they were doing, Jasmine looked down in guilt, Blanc looked nervous at what she did, and Jade refused to admit that they mistreated Jaune.

(He then cuddled into her and she smirked at him.)

Yang got excited.


Yang blindfolded Ruby.

(Yang takes off her clothes and puts a fake penis on. She then has Jaune stick his butt out and she puts it in. She then starts going faster and he keeps moaning. When she was done, she takes it off and puts Jaune's penis in her ass. She then compliments him since he's getting good at it.)

Yang was getting a nose bleed from this.

(When he starts going faster, she tells him to hole on but he cums anyway.)

Yang came at that part but hid it from everyone.

((Lemon Scene Over) She pets Jaune's hair as he sleeps and kisses him goodnight. She was happy to have her little knight with her. The next morning, Yang kept Jaune with her at all cost and manage to successfully beat up the four girls without getting in trouble. Pyrrha still bullied Jaune but Nora stood up to her and Pyrrha was expelled for refusing to apologize for her behavior. Weiss, Coco, and Cardin were also expelled for taking part in the bullying. The other bullies were forgiven after making it up to Jaune and the two friendly girls were reunited with their friend.)

Ruby and Velvet fist bumped. Nora smiled at what she did to the red-haired bitch who hurt her leader.

(Pretty much, all the girls from the other schools finally befriended him and treated him like a little brother.)

The girls smile at this.

(A few years later, they had two kids: an eldest son named Bang and a youngest daughter named Lang. Bang got Yang's gauntlets and is a successful comedian at Shade Academy.)

"That's my boy." said a happy Yang.

When a picture was shown, all the girls blushed at him.

(He had a large sense of humor and laughed when his archenemy Junkrat's real name was Eric Porkbutt.)

Everyone laughed too.

"Wait a minute, Junkrat the bandit?" asked a nervous Brawnz.

"Oh yeah, that guy is hated in Vacou." said a nodding Jaune.

(He made some funny jokes and fucked NDGO and May.)

The mentioned girls blushed at being fucked by him.

(He eventually killed Junkrat and saved Vacou.)

Everyone cheered

(However, he also became a mercenary who kills his enemies since Vacou seems to have students killing bad guys.)

"Wait, you guys kill bad guys?" asked a shocked Jaune.

"Why do you think May has a sniper rifle?" asked a eye raised Brawnz.

Chapter 5: Jaune and Pyrrha

(Jaune was in his room crying because Weiss rejected him again but this time, she said something harsh.)

"Not again." said an annoyed Nora.

(It all started when Jaune finally asked her to go to the dance with him but she coldly rejected him and went as far as to insult him in front of everyone. She even claimed that Pyrrha only liked him because she felt pity for him and even went as far as to claim that his family must be disappointed in having a son like him.)

Everyone gasped, that was a low blow.

"Oh my god, I didn't think that she would go that far." said a shocked Weiss.

"Wow, what a bitch." said a disgusted Yang.

(However, an angry Jaune cussed her out and stormed away while not talking to anybody. When he was gone, all the witnesses were mad at Weiss for her hurtful words and Jaune's team were pissed. Pyrrha slapped her and called her out on her cold-hearted behavior. She even said that she loves Jaune because he didn't recognize her on their first meeting and saw her as a normal person. Ren is holding Nora back from attacking her but was also angry.)

"Good thing you didn't say those words. Sometimes words hurt people. You were about to say those hurtful words until I brought you and them here." said the serious host.

"Wait, you were gonna say those words? Weiss, that's a low blow and could hurt him emotionally." said a disappointed Ruby.

Weiss look down in guilt and vows to not say those words.

(Weiss' team were disappointed in her and Neptune rejected her for being harsh. She now realizes that she broke Jaune's heart and feels bad for what she did. Jaune kept himself locked in his room and his team were sad to see him this way. The whole school were mad at Weiss for her comments and she was given detention for what she said.)

Weiss felt like she deserved it.

(Finally, Pyrrha manage to get to Jaune and comforted him.)

  • Pyrrha: (worried) "Jaune, are you okay?"
  • Jaune: (depressed) "No, I'm not. She has every right to hate me. All I do is bother her. My sisters were right, I'll never find love."

(Pyrrha was sad to hear him say that.)

Weiss flinched and blamed herself for doing this to him.

(Pyrrha then notices cuts on his arms.)

  • Pyrrha: (serious) "Jaune, have you been cutting yourself?"
  • Jaune: (nodding) "I've done it since childhood. I don't want my parents to find out that their daughters are monsters. Jade hates me and cross dresses me to have another sister. Why do you like me anyway? All I do is slow you down."
  • Pyrrha: (kindly) "Jaune, I love you because you saw me as an actual person instead of a celebrity. I hate my fame and you understood it. Please, be happy again for me."

(Jaune was shocked by this but smiled and kissed her, which was returned.)

Pyrrha smiled because she was next.


Petra was blindfolded so she won't see this.

(They go to Pyrrha's room and take off their clothes. They start making out and Pyrrha was enjoying her time with Jaune. She was jumping on his cock and moaning about it.)

  • Pyrrha: (moaning) "Oh yeah, fuck me Jaune."

(This went on until he cummed into her and she collapsed on the bed with him. They fell asleep with smiles on their faces.)

Pyrrha enjoyed that scene.

((Lemon Scene Over) The next morning, they woke up and found Ren and Nora next to them but they didn't mind and relaxed.)

Team JNPR grinned and high fived.

(Weiss was forgiven by Jaune but he still avoided her and she started dating Neptune. A few years later, Jaune and Pyrrha gave birth to a daughter named Athena Nekos while Ren and Nora gave birth to Perseus Ren.)

When they saw the pictures, the team were happy to see their kids.

(Athena wielded the spear and Perseus wielded his father's weapons. The kids attended Beacon and were on a team with Spring Rose and Theseus Xiao-Long. They were called Team HATS, lead by Athena.)

Jaune and Pyrrha were proud of their daughter.

Ruby and Sage loved their daughter while Yang and Scarlet smirked proudly at their son.

(Theseus was much more nicer than his namesake and never took the credit for anyone's accomplishments but he didn't get along with Yang. He wielded Sage's weapon while Spring wielded a scythe. Together, they became heroes and best-friends.)

Everyone clapped for the story.

Chapter 6: Jaune and Nora

(Jaune and Nora were sad because they caught Pyrrha and Ren sleeping together.)

Nora felt betrayed by Ren, who felt guilty.

(The two found out and tried to ask for forgiveness but Jaune and Nora avoided them. They were on the roof and were upset.)

  • Nora: (upset) "I thought Ren loved me but I guess I was wrong."
  • Jaune: (nodding) "Yeah, Pyrrha didn't care about what I would think."
  • Nora: (angry) "We don't need them."
  • Jaune: (smiling) "We have each other."

(Nora smiles and they hold hands.)

Nora realizes it's her turn and decides to see this.


Nora didn't cover Ren's eyes and wanted him to see her body.

(They laid on the bed and Nora had a wonderful body.)

Ren had a nosebleed from this and held a happy Nora's hand.

(They were feeling great from their sexual intercourse and wouldn't stop until Jaune cums. They both fell asleep and kept each other safe all night.)

Nora couldn't help but blush at what she did with her friend.

((Lemon Scene Over) The next morning, they became a couple and kept each other safe. Pyrrha and Ren heard about this and were saddened but Ren was happy for them and successfully apologized for what he did. Him and Nora were on good terms and Jaune forgave him. A few years later, Jaune and Nora got a son named Mitchell Valkyrie but he decided to not become a Huntsman after he lost his arm on a military mission.)

A picture is shown and Nora loved her son but flinched when she saw the prosthetic. Yang has a sudden phantom pain at the thought of losing an arm.

(He befriended Rose Ren but was sad to hear that Pyrrha neglected Rose until she was arrested for cutting Rose's leg off.)

A picture is shown and Pyrrha winced at what she did.

(Ren saved Rose but is paralyzed from the waist down and is in a wheelchair. However, Mitchell and Rose happily got married and had a family together.)

Jaune and Nora smiled at this.

Chapter 7: Jaune and Coco

(Coco took Jaune shopping with her because he lost a bet with her. She said that if she won then she would take him shopping but if he won then she would help him train. The bet was something called the spank war.)

Jaune and Coco blushed at that event.

(When Coco was changing, Jaune accidentally walked in on her but she wasn't mad and decided to seduce him. He got nervous but she reassured him that she allows it and she unzips his pants.)

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