Water Raiders are a group of Mermaids that serve as a free lance force. It later turned into a part of the Royal Guards.


The Water Raiders were first formed to track treasures lost in the sea and make Mermaid culites more expaned to the sea, but later became a team that defend Atlantis.


  • Spike the Mer-Porcupine - Spike displays a sense of cockiness and a large ego. Underneath this exterior, he is an overly excited fan boy about heroes, striving to be just like them. Spike possesses a degree of super speed and can perform a maneuver similar to the Spin Attack where he spins around like a tornado with his arms out to attack with powerful punches. He has an orange Mermaid tail.
  • Sonar Inoue - Daughter of Mitsuyoshi Inoue and Hikari Inoue. Princess of Atlantis. She wants to become as strong as her parents. Sonar is an agile strike attacker and excellent hand-to-hand combatant, easily subduing an Egg Soldier with one chop to the neck. Aside from physical combat, she possesses ultrasonic hearing and high reflexes, being able to jump down from tall heights and landing safely on her feet. She can also uses her parents powers as well. She has a black mermaid tail with green fins at the end and pink seashell bra.
  • Trevor Burrow - While not the brightest, Trevor still cares for everyone and is willing to join a mission when given a chance. Trevor is an excellent digger and can burrow underground at an incredible rate. Combining this with his own strength, he can land powerful blows on his enemies or surprise them from underneath. He has a purple mermaid tail.

Background Information

  • In the Archie Sonic comics, the Water Raiders may be the first completely new group of Freedom Fighters introduced in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, as the Avalon Freedom Fighters are believed to be rewritten versions of their Mercia counterparts from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.
  • According to the fun facts meau in Super Hero Wars Z, 3 of the Water Raiders are based on Sonic (Spike), Tails (Sonar), and Knuckles (Trevor).
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