This is a video game for Crackers or Wackers. It is the only known video game for that show.


Beth couldn't remember the lyrics to the song she was going to sing, and the concert starts in 3 hours! Play as Beth on a quest to sing her songs.


Beth (Playable)
Katie (Unplayable)
Sadie (Unplayable)
Owen (Unplayable)
Justin (Unplayable)
Ezekiel (Unplayable)
Bessie (Unplayable)
Portia (Unplayable)
Penny (Unplayable)
Phineas (Unplayable)
Ferb (Unplayable)
Jeremy (Unplayable)
Candace (Unplayable)
Stacy (Unplayable)
Isabella (Unplayable)
SpongeBob (Unplayable)
Patrick (Unplayable)
Dexter (Unplayable)


All songs. One song in each level.

Level 1

I How Know You

Level 2

That Doesn't Even Make Any Sense!

Level 3

I Can't Do That, I'm Way Too Nervous!

Level 4

The Juice Makes Me Out Of Control

Level 5

Dead Beat Joke

Level 6

Finn's Taking A Trip To The Dumpster

Level 7

Big Official Musical

Level 8

We Can All Make Things Happen

Level 9



  • This video game was released three days before The Final Concert, the final episode of Crackers or Wackers, aired.
    • That episode was also the first and only episode to feature Goodbye, meaning that the video game provides a sneak peek at the song, in a way.
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