We Will Be The Movies (カリフォルニア州で到着!フードむかつく!Arrival in California! Disgusting Food!) is the first episode of Hollywood World.


Everyone that has appeared in Crackers or Wackers have all moved to Hollywood for starring in movies. Diego and Dawn have their relationship still going strong. Beth says that her band has retired, and wanted to take what she does to a whole new level. Isabella is angry at Greg, which he doesn't notice. Chris Mclean and Chef Hatchet appear to make life in Hollywood have a little more drama, when Chef gives everyone the disgusting-est food in the book! Can everyone face Chef and get rid of the disgusting food?


Owen (Debut)
Gwen (Debut)
Heather (Debut)
Duncan (Debut)
LeShawna (Debut)
Geoff (Debut)
Izzy (Debut)
DJ (Debut)
Lindsay (Debut)
Bridgette (Debut)
Trent (Debut)
Eva (Debut)
Harold (Debut)
Courtney (Debut)
Sadie (Debut)
Beth (Debut)
Cody (Debut)
Tyler (Debut)
Katie (Debut)
Justin (Debut)
Noah (Debut)
Ezekiel (Debut)
Teresa (Debut)
Alejandro (Debut)
Sierra (Debut)
Phineas (Debut)
Ferb (Debut)
Isabella (Debut)
Candace (Debut)
Stacy (Debut)
Jeremy (Debut)
Vanessa (Debut)
Baljeet (Debut)
Doof (Debut)
Buford (Debut)
Bessie (Debut)
Penny (Debut)
Portia (Debut)
Gwen (Debut)
Ben (Debut)
Ash (Debut)
Dawn (Debut)
Sandy (Debut)
SpongeBob (Debut)
Patrick (Debut)
Dexter (Debut)
Rocko (Debut)
Cosmo (Debut)
Timmy (Debut)
Wanda (Debut)
Poof (Debut)
Fanboy (Debut)
Chum Chum (Debut)
Yo (Debut)
Boog (Debut)
Lenny (Debut)
Miley (Debut)
Lilly (Debut)
Chowder (Debut)
Panini (Debut)
Mr. Fugu (Debut)
Mung (Debut)
Schnitzel (Debut)
Truffles (Debut)
Diego (Debut)
Flapjack (Debut)
Knuckles (Debut)
Bubby (Debut)
Carly (Debut)
Sam (Debut)
Freddie (Debut)
Spencer (Debut)
Gibby (Debut)
Charlotte (Debut)
Vendetta (Debut)
Marvin (Debut)
Marion (Debut)
Finn (Debut)
Jake (Debut)
Peter (Debut)
Lois (Debut)
Meg (Debut)
Chris (Debut)
Stewie (Debut)
Brian (Debut)
Numbuh One (Debut)
Numbuh Two (Debut)
Numbuh Three (Debut)
Numbuh Four (Debut)
Numbuh Five (Debut)
Greg (Debut)
Rowley (Debut)
Rodrick (Debut)
Manny (Debut)
Chris Mclean (Debut)
Chef Hatchet (Debut)


Pikachu (Ash's; debut)
Piplup (Dawn's; debut)


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