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WebNetwork is a channel where many user-created shows and internet shorts are aired.

Current Shows[]

Upcoming Shows[]

If you do not want your ideas or projects put on the list, please leave a message on the Discussion page or the "founders'" talk page.

Former Shows[]



Secret Stash[]

  • The Secret Stash is a name given by the United States cable television channel Webnetwork, inspired by Comedy Central's late-night block of the same name, to its mostly-uncensored early Sunday morning (late Saturday night) programming which generally consists of R-rated films or MA-rated shows. Examples include Random Klips, more suggestive segments of Youtube Poop Madness, Angry Little Girls, Bad Grandma's Kisses and Sonic Underground Remake, among others.
  • The mostly-uncensored material includes the retention of words that would normally be censored on cable. Nudity is left out, as well as some drug references.
  • Some animated programs were sometimes shown at this time, with some nudity uncensored. Other nude scenes are still censored, with the additional caption "DVD only".
  • The Stash usually airs Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes Mondays at 1:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time).

Airing Schedule[]

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June 21, 2007

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