Here was what Bubbles8218 wants to have.

  • Amy as Knuckles's girlfriend.
  • Sally Acorn as Sonic's girlfriend .
  • Tikal as Shadow's girlfriend.
  • Cosmo as Tails' girlfriend.
  • Cream as Charmy Bee's girlfriend.
  • Melody as Mowgli's girlfriend.
  • Shanti as Diego's girlfriend.
  • Dot Warner as Rocky J Squirrel's girlfriend
  • Fox as Skunk's girlfriend. (Trust me, you should know that Skunkette is not a real character).
  • Aqua as Terra's girlfriend.
  • Elsa as Jack Frost's girlfriend.
  • Minnie Mouse as Danny's girlfriend.
  • Floral Rugg as Boo Boo Bear's girlfriend.
  • Isabelle as Roo's girlfriend. (Trust me, Isabelle was a cat).
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