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Japanese logo for X-Mammals.

X-Mammals (突然変異艦隊Xマーモル, Totsuzenheni Kantai Ekkusu-Māmoru, or Mutation Squad X-Mammal) is an Anime spin-off of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa by LDEJRuff, based on the T&P episodes "Monster Massachusetts" and "Mook Island". It deals with a group of mutant animals created by Dr. Cagliostro and Dr. Screwloose, who save the world from evil mutants who want to take over the world.



  • Armadillamingkat Berkowitz (アルマジキャット・バーコウィッツ, Arumajikyatto Bākouittsu, or "Armadikat Berkowitz") is the leader of the team, created from Timon Berkowitz's mutated DNA, left over from the episode "Monster Massachusetts". He has pink fur like a flamingo's feathers, a green tail and head crest of a rooster, a magenta cat's nose, an armadillo-like back, a rooster's legs, and a meerkat's stance. He has the ability to change into any animal, machine, object, or a human at any time.
  • Meersnakeskin Berkowitz (スネイキャット・バーコウィッツ, Suneikyatto Bākouittsu, or "Snakat Berkowitz") is Armadillamingkat's twin sister, created from Tatiana's then-mutated DNA, plucked off of Tatiana's fur. She has the head, arms, claws and tail of a meerkat and the body of a snake. Her ability is to become visible and invisible at will.


  • Team Celestial (テンタイ団, Tentai-dan) is a duo of angelic mutant animals who can fly like angels.
    • Barkangel (バークエンジェル, Bākuenjeru) is a blind angelic humanoid dog in a loincloth and a blindfold. He and his feline friend Seraphimanx were exposed to radiation from a meteorite, giving them the ability to fly. However, the meteorite's radiation cost him his sight. He sports a haloed cross tatoo on his left arm and carries a spear. He may be blind, but his hearing can guide him through.
    • Seraphimanx (セラフィマンクス, Serafimankusu) is an angelic humanoid manx cat, and friend of Barkangel. She lost her tail after being exposed to the meteorite's radiation, but gained the ability to fly.