X-Spirit Blade Infinity Zero Genesis Meteor Storm: Rise of The New Age of Legends, Legacy & Ascension of The Great & Ancient Legends of The Past, Rising of A New Future for The Vast Infinite Universe--Great Leaders of The New Millennium Age of Providence is a mult-universal semi crossover series based on anime, cartoons, movies, & video games.

This story follows all the stories of all those listed below.

Thist story follows the storyline of Kingdom Hearts & The main focus is on The Keybalde War.


Sailor Senshi Civilization

Founding Members Of Sailor Senshi / Sailor Senshi Grand Council / Infinity Soldiers

  • Sailor Galaxia
  • Sailor Singularity
  • Sailor Comet
  • Sailor Polarius
  • Sailor Nebula
  • Sailor Nova Proxima
  • Sailor Diamond Dust
  • Sailor Kinmoku
  • Sailor Selenium
  • Sailor Rainbow Prism
  • Sailor Celestia
  • Sailor Andromeda

Neo Sailor Soldier High Council of The Solar System / True Heiressess of The Solar System

  • Neo Sailor Moon
  • Neo Sailor Sun
  • Neo Sailor Solar
  • Neo Sailor Earth
  • Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Neo Sailor Mars
  • Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Neo Sailor Venus
  • Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Neo Sailor Charon
  • Neo Sailor Nemesis

Asteroid Senshi

  • Sailor Ceres
  • Sailor Pallas
  • Sailor Juno
  • Sailor Vesta

Moon Kingdom Elite Guard

Kinmoku Senshi

  • Sailor Kakyuu
  • Sailor Star Fighter
  • Sailor Star Healer
  • Sailor Star Maker

Sailor Senshi Outside The Solar System

Sailor Animates

Zodiac Senshi

Legendary Senshi

Deity Soldiers

Celestial Soldiers


Primes / Prime Leaders






The 9



Cybertron Elite Guard




  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Uriel

Fallen Angels



Seven Great Satans

Holy Knights

Battle Brawlers

Time-Space Administration Bureau


Chosen Digidestined

  • Tai Kamiya & Agumon
  • Matt Ishida & Gabumon
  • Sora Takenouchi & Biyomon
  • Izzy Izumi & Tentomon
  • Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon
  • Joe Kido & Gomamon
  • TK Takaishi & Patamon
  • Kari Kamiya & Gatomon
  • Shiro Takaishi & Dracomon
  • Rei Saiba & Lunamon


Legendary Warriors

Winx Club

Sonic Heroes

Keyblade Order Of Light



Tv Shows


Video Games


  • Princess Serenity & The other princesses survived the Fall of the Silver Millenium because they were escorted to Kinmoku by Sailors Rainbow Prism. they were then trained to be a Sailor Soldier by Senshi Prime Sailor Galaxia & The Sailor Soldier High Council.
  • Serenity even changed her hairstyle to match The first Queen of The Moon & The First Of her bloodline: The Moon Goddess, Selene.
  • Serenity has a connection to her ancient heiritage, she & The others will be able to transform without a broach & use The Imperium Silver Crystal & The other Sailor Crystals to their full potentail & beyond after 10,000 years of Trainning.
  • The Sailor Senshi Civilization is an alliance with the Time-Space Administration Bureau to protect multiple dimensions from evil.
  • Princess Terra is Prince Endymoin's older sibling & crown heiress of Earth & Elysian.
  • Princess Solaria & Princess Apolla are Princess Serenity's sisters & heirs of The Sun Kingdom.
  • The Sailor Senshi Civilization are apart of The Angelic Hierarchy & serve absolute loyality to God.
  • The Sailor Senshi Civilization are allies to The Angels, Serenity weilds the strongest Holy Sword of Arthurian Legends: Excalibur.
  • This is a multi-crossover series with other anime, cartoons, movies, & video games.
  • The 10 Chosen Children's digimon will be able to digivolve to mega level when they fight The Seven Demon Lords.
  • These are The !0 Chosen Mega Digimon:
    • WarGreymon: 
    • MetalGarurumon
    • Examon
    • Dianamon
    • Phoenixmon
    • HerculesKabuterimon
    • Rosemon
    • Plesiomon
    • Seraphimon
    • Magnadramon
  • Tai, Matt,Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, TK, Kari, Shiro, & Rei will have to provoke The Crest Armors during the battle with Apocalymon. The Digidestined can use the armors freely after the battle.
  • Sailor Galaxia serves as The Supreme Commander of The Sailor Senshi Civilization otherwise known as Senshi Prime. She does not have Chaos sealed inside her, making her evil.
  • Shiro Takaishi is Matt's & T.K.'s adoptive brother because his parents were killed in Digimon incident in Highton View Terrance 4 years ago. Their parents adopted him into their family.
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