Xenogear Divinity Grand Saint Bushoujo Senshi Neo Sailor Moon Imperial Shooting Majestic Zodiac Star Millennium Galaxy Storm: Rise Of The True Queen Of The Moon Kingdom & The True Rulers Of The Solar System--Divine Guardians Of The Infinite Galaxies is a fan fictional series remake of Sailor Moon.

The Moon Kingdom still exists, Queen Selenity is still alive.

The Neo Soldiers, Infinity Soldiers, Zodiac Soldiers, Celestial Soldiers, & The Deity Soldiers are Serena's body guards.

They weren't sent to Earth, Serena was sent to Earth as a baby.

Sailor Galaxia is not evil because she did not seal Chaos inside her. Chaos is Queen Selenity's husband & King of The Moon Kingdom. He is also Serena's father.

The Neo Soldiers all wield Longinuses containing the spirits of The God Slaying Divine Beast Kings.


Serena though she was living a normal life with her family on Earth, but she did not know she is the long lost heir of The Moon Kingdom. She has to adjust to her new lifestyle and take her mother's place as The New Queen of The Moon Kingdom. but, there are evil forces that do not want her to take the throne.

Moon Kingdom

Neo Soldiers

Infinity Soldiers

Deity Soldiers

Celestial Soldiers

Zodiac Soldiers


  • Serena strive to be a good queen like Queen Selenity, or perhaps a better queen than her.
  • Serean has can transform into Princess Neo Sailor Moon during the final battle with Queen Metalia.
  • Serena is intelligent & a true leader in this story, she is also responsible and hardly gets in trouble.
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