Fan Fiction

Yakov Sverdlov is the main protagonist of Tata's Encounter with Yakov Sverdlov. She is the girlfriend of Tata, the prince of BT21. She is also a feminist figure, due to her creation of a female congress in the story.

Despite her heroic role in the story, she was also villainous and sarcastic in real-life. Even her name was compared to the devil by the many in the story. Nevertheless, she was a sympathetic character in Tata's Encounter with Yakov Sverdlov.

In real life, Yakov Sverdlov was a Jewish-Russian feminist revolutionary who helped the evil Lenin in the murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family and died at a young age of 33 due to a pandemic.

And Why is Sverdlov a female character?[]

There's the belief that Sverdlov is a feminist and a powerful woman, despite her "Male identity" on wikipedia, so I made this beautiful story about her as an enchanting woman. After all, in real life, Inessa Armand, Klavdiya Nikolayeva, and Alexandra Kollontai worked with Yakov Sverdlov to create the first congress of women in Soviet Russia. It doesn't matter if she was born male, but anyways, she has female power coming out of her brain. Also, if she told everyone she is a powerful, independent woman, maybe some guy would love her?