Fan Fiction

This is about a young child getting a yandere harem.


(Our starts with our main character as a 2-year-old. He is sleeping in his crib peacefully while his 7-year-old sister Wanda is sleeping in a bed next to the crib. However outside the house, four thieves are gonna rob the place. The brown mask is named Fred, the purple mask is named Bonnie, the yellow mask is named Chica, and the red mask is named Foxy. Fred is the middle-aged leader and is in his 40's, Bonnie is a buzzcut sociopath and is in his 50's, Chica is a beautiful pedophile and is in her 30's, and Foxy is a new guy and is in his 20's.)

  • Fred: (stern) "You all know the deal. Kill the parents, take the kids, grab some expensive shit, and own this house."
  • Bonnie: (laughing) "Can't wait to do this shit. Fuck yeah."
  • Chica: (moaning) "Can't wait to have the kids."
  • Foxy: (confused) "What's so special about them?"
  • Fred: (shrugging) "I don't know. It's just the best place to go to."

(They put on their mask: Fred wears a brown ski mask, Bonnie wore a purple balaclava, Chica wore a yellow bandana over her nose and mouth, and Foxy wears a red mask over his eyes. They then go to the door and start hacking it. Inside the house, the 28-year-old father Cole is reading a book in the living room when the robbers got in and Fred held him at gunpoint.)

  • Cole: (angry) "Hey, get the hell out of my house."
  • Fred: (stern) "Hold it right there, asshole. Keep your hands where I can see them."

(Cole keeps his hands up. Bonnie goes to the parents' room. In the parents' room, the 27-year-old mother Emma is sleeping peacefully in the bed but Bonnie handcuffs her hands behind her back and tapes her mouth shut, causing her to only mumble. In the kids' room, Chica hand gags the struggling Wanda while Foxy goes to pick up the sleeping (Y/N).)

  • Chica: (smiling) "Aw, isn't he adorable?"
  • Foxy: (stern) "You touch him and you get a shock collar."

(Chica is getting annoyed by the struggling Wanda and gets angry at her.)

  • Chica: (angry) "Shut up, you little brat. (Wanda just angrily whines. Chica puts her in a high chair and tapes her to it. (Y/N) wakes up and is scared but Chica kindly pets his hair) Don't worry kiddo, I won't hurt you, I promise."

(She then starts tickling him. Wanda gets upset.)

  • Wanda: (upset) "Let him go."
  • Chica: (angry) "Shut up. (she then slaps Wanda. She then gags Wanda with a cleave. Foxy then puts (Y/N) on the bed but the 2-year-old accidentally makes Foxy trip on a toy and causes a crossbow to shoot Foxy in the head. Chica is impressed by this) Nice job kid. You know what, I want to be your new mommy."

(She then kisses his cheek and cuddles him. (Y/N) starts struggling but Chica restrains him and starts rubbing his hair. Wanda wants to save her brother but she then finds a knife. She cuts the tape and removes her gag. She then goes up behind Chica and slits her throat. She manages to catch her brother and comforts him.)

  • Wanda: (smiling) "Don't worry, she's gone now. She won't hurt you again."

(She then kisses her brother on the forehead and carries him on her back. They go to their parents' room and find Bonnie distracted while their mother is on the floor. They go to her and she was relieved.)

  • Wanda: (relieved) "Mom, are you alright?"
  • Emma: (nodding) "Mm-hm. (Wanda unties her and they knock Bonnie to the ground. Carol grabs a shotgun and aims it at Bonnie's face while she scowls at him) Stop thief."

(She pulls the trigger and Bonnie's face is blown into pieces. In the living room, Fred hears the sound but this causes Taro to attack him. Fred is then knocked to the ground and is at gun point. The whole family is together and are deciding what to do with their enemy but Cole gives a smirk.)

  • Cole: (smirking) "I got something even better. (they drag him into the back yard, tie him up, and put him in a coffin. Their neighbors help them. Emma douses Fred with gasoline and Cole takes out a matchstick) Time for a real barbecue, motherfucker."

(He then flicks it onto Fred and the family watches as Fred burns to death for his crimes. Cole then puts the coffin lid on the coffin and locks it.)

Chapter 1[]

(10 years later, the now 12-year-old main child character (Y/N) (L/N) is sleeping in his bed with his comfortable blanket and he seems to be smiling as he's sleeping. However, he is woken up when someone is knocking on his door. That person is his 17-year-old sister Wanda. She is a popular girl. She always picks on him but she secretly loves him)

  • Wanda: (upset) "Come on, brat. Time for school. I don't want to be late because of you."

((Y/N) got dressed and saw his sister.)

  • (Y/N): (feeling bad) "I'm sorry big sis, I was working up late. Can you please forgive me?"
  • Wanda: (sighs) "Fine but don't get late again, got it?"

(He nods and walks downstairs to get breakfast, unaware of his sister smiling.)

  • Wanda (thought): (blushing) 'That's (Y/N) for you. He's always so innocent.'

(As (Y/N) is eating breakfast, his mom Emma was smiling at him. Wanda sat next to her brother and began eating her breakfast. He smiled at her and she smiled back at him with a wink. Of course, he's too innocent to understand what she did. She just smiled at her brother's innocence.)

  • Wanda: (smirking) "Hey brother, have you heard of a biki- Mph!"

(She was interrupted when an annoyed Emma hand gagged her. She rolled her eyes at her. After being done with breakfast, (Y/N) gets to school. He goes to his locker but finds his crush Clair staring at him and holding a phone.)

  • Clair: (stern) "Isn't this your phone?"
  • (Y/N): (nervous) "Uh yeah."
  • Clair: (smirking) "You shouldn't leave your belongings behind. (she gives him the phone) Here you go."
  • (Y/N): (smiling) "Thanks Clair-Chan."

(He walks away, unaware that she's blushing. He goes to class and sits between the popular rich twins Tori and Trina. He is nervous because she is popular while he's unpopular. Their teacher comes in and it's a beautiful woman named Nemuri. He is unaware that she is blushing at him. The school is an all girls school but he managed to get a male uniform. When the bell rings, he is called back to the class and Nemuri wants a talk with him.)

  • Nemuri: (worried) "(Y/N), what's with your grades?"
  • (Y/N): (sad) "I want to pass your class but I don't want to burden anyone with having to help me."
  • Nemuri: (sighs) "Come on Senpai. I know you can pass my class. Just try harder."

(He leaves the class. He is in the cafeteria and is eating alone. His food was made by the student chef Ella, who is sweet, innocent, and nice. She wouldn't mind cooking for the kid everyday. When he was done eating, he went outside for some air but then was grabbed by female bully Jo. He was surprisingly the only one who knew her real name is Mary Josephine but he agreed to call her Jo.)

  • Jo: (glaring) "Where's my money?"
  • (Y/N): (nervous) "I didn't bring any with me. Sorry."
  • Jo: (scoffs) "Whatever, get lost."

(She then roughly pushes him and he goes to the nurse's office. However, she blushes at him. In the nurse's office, the school nurse Cat was checking on him and she was sweet to him.)

  • Cat: (smiling) "There all done, come visit me anytime."

(He left her office, unaware that she's also blushing. He made it to second class and was sitting next to the pretty goth leader Gwen. At the end of class, (Y/N) went to do some cleaning as the popular girls were relaxing. They smirked at him.)

  • Tori: (smirking) "Make sure to get it nice and clean.)

(He did do that and they were impressed by him. When he was going home, they read his diary to Clair, who laughed at being crushed on. He walked away. At the school, Clair was upset that (Y/N) went home and wanted to find out where he lived. She talked to Wanda but was glared at.)

  • Wanda: (glaring) "Why do you care?"
  • Clair: (worried) "I beg your pardon?"
  • Wanda: (glaring) "I saw how you reacted to his note. You hurt him. You don't know what he went through. He actually loves you and thought you turned him down. Stay away from him."

(Clair was left shocked and heartbroken about this. Outside the school, Wanda is grabbed by some goons. They taped her wrists together behind her back and taped her mouth shut. The leader is her ex-boyfriend Jack, who smirked at her.)

  • Jack: (smirking) "Hey babe, time for a make out session."

(She mumbled angrily at him and tried to cuss at him. They put her in a closet and she starts struggling.)

  • Wanda: (struggling) "Mph. Mph. Mph! Mph! MPH! MPH! MMMPPPHHH!"

(She stopped when she saw (Y/N) found her and she was relieved.)

  • (Y/N): (worried) "Are you okay?"
  • Wanda: (nodding) "Mm-hm."

(He took her gag off and untied her. She smiled and hugged him.)

  • (Y/N): (confused) "Why are you hugging me?"
  • Wanda: (smiling) "Because your my hero."

(She shared a kiss with him and he kissed back. They go to confront Jack. He tried to fight them but was then defeated by (Y/N) and stabbed in the chest.)

  • (Y/N): (smiling) "Care to do the honors big sis?"
  • Wanda: (smirking) "With pleasure baby brother."

(She stabbed Jack in the back, finally killing him. Wanda smirked at this but felt pain until she was carried bridal style by (Y/N), making her smile.)

  • (Y/N): (smiling) "Wanna be carried home?"

(She nodded and hugged her brother as they go home. At home, they went to his room and she was sat on his bed. She took her clothes off and blushed when he was taking care of her. When he was done, she laid into his bed and cuddled him. He smiled at her and she decided to show her feelings.)

  • Wanda: (smiling) "Now little brother, do you trust me?"
  • (Y/N): (nodding) "Yes I do."
  • Wanda: (smirking) "Oh little brother, you are so innocent."

(She kisses him on the mouth. He was stunned but he returns the kiss. They let go but he was nervous.)

  • (Y/N): (nervous) "Are you sure that we won't get into trouble?"
  • Wanda: (giggling) "Of course not sweetie. I'm gonna be with you all night. I was always in love with you. I liked it when you always tied me up and always saw me naked."

(She took a bath and invited her brother to join her. She washed him and smiled when he blushed at her body. They changed into pajamas: she wore some skimpy ones and he wore some adorable ones. She complimented him for it and they slept with each other all night. She cuddled him as they slept.)

Chapter 2[]

(The next morning, they both woke up smiling and kissing each other. They went to get breakfast but noticed that their mother isn't there. They didn't like seeing the news about Mayor Copplepot viewing them as criminals and Jack's father Chancellor Lucifer is devastated by Jack's death. He is their abusive uncle and is also the cousin of Oswald Copplepot. However, he is not blood related because he only married their aunt Nemuri, who was not happy at all. He wouldn't stop eating junk food, doesn't brush his teeth, doesn't say thank you, and doesn't say excuse me. The corrupt mayor has a son named Spurg, who is a big bully. They know that Nemuri is not Spurg's mother and she hates him for his behavior. They went to school and went about their day but (Y/N) decided to put an end to the corrupt mayor. However, he found his mother has been kidnapped. He just witnessed her being grabbed and gagged before being dragged into a large van. He followed them to a secret hideout. His mother was forced to wear that slave outfit from Star Wars. She is also gagged with a scarf, hand cuffed, and her feet were chained. He took out the goons and checked on her.)

  • (Y/N): (worried) "You okay, mother."
  • Emma: (nodding) "Mm-hm. (he took her gag off) Good job, I'm so proud of you."

(He untied her. She kissed him and he returned it. They go to confront the mayor, who was eating a large chicken drumstick.)

  • Copplepot: (glaring) "You think you can waltz in here and take me down. You're mistaken."
  • Emma: (glaring) "Fuck you, you fat bastard."

(She then bit his nose off, making him shout in pain. She tries to attack him with a baseball bat but she misses and it breaks.)

  • Copplepot: (smirking) "Without your bat, you're just a dancer. Eat lead. (he shoots rockets out of his umbrella. The mother and son jump away and start hiding. The corrupt mayor tries to find them) I knew those robbers should've killed you 10 years ago."
  • Emma: (smirking) "Yeah, they really blew it. (the mayor sees thought he saw them but it was some standings. He sighed in relief but Emma goes behind him and stabs him under the chin with a broken baseball bat. The dying mayor collapses to his knees and Carol smiles sweetly at her son) Hey kiddo, thank you for saving me."
  • (Y/N): (smiling) "You're welcome, mommy."

(Emma takes the bat out and watches as the corrupt mayor bleeds out before collapsing to the floor dead. The mother and son went home and she cuddled him as they fell asleep.)

Chapter 3[]

(The mother and son both wake up and get changed before going to see the news. When he went to school, his aunt Nemuri was happy that her abusive husband was gone and hugged him in thanks. Clair saw this and was jealous. In class, (Y/N) sat next to Clair and she was happy that he was not mad at her. She then took pictures of herself in underwear or a swimsuit before posting them to a blushing (Y/N). However, Nemuri was kidnapped in Salem's lair and (Y/N) decided to save her. He found her tied up but he untied her before they were happy to be reunited.)

  • Nemuri: (smiling) "Thanks, that ball was making me drool."
  • (Y/N): (nervous) "I hope you're talking about the gag and not something else"

(She bonked him on the head and called him a baka. They defeat Salem and wonder what to do with her.)

  • Salem: (begging) "Please, I'll do anything you want. I don't even like Lucifer. I promise to be at your service."
  • (Y/N): (serious) "But you hurt my auntie. I can't forgive you."
  • Salem: (begging) "I promise not to do it again. I don't even hate children. Please, I know that you're a good kid and wouldn't hurt me."
  • Nemuri: (glaring) "I will. (then she smirked) I got a better idea."

(Salem gulps nervously. (Y/N) restrains her hands as Nemuri cuts Salem's tongue off. Salem muffles in pain but still begs for mercy. They mummify her and left her eyes uncovered. They put her in a tomb and bring in a bucket full of Egyptian beetles. Salem struggles and muffles a protest but Nemuri pours them on her as she screams in horror. They close the tomb on her as she suffocates and is eaten by the Beetles. They bury her. The aunt and nephew return home and cuddle with each other.)

Chapter 4[]

(The next morning, (Y/N) saw Clair being abused by her step-father Howard Dent, older brother of Harvey Dent. This has happened ever since her father died. Her mother Felicia didn't love Howard and wanted him gone but he manipulates her. He is a corrupt district attorney. At school, Clair stays with (Y/N) and asks for his help.)

  • Clair: (crying) "My mom Felicia is actually being held hostage by him. You have to help me."
  • (Y/N): (nodding) "Don't worry, I'll save her."
  • Clair: (smiling) "Thank you."

(She hugs him before he goes to save Felicia. At Howard's office, he is holding Felicia hostage after finding her stealing from him. However, (Y/N) arrives and unties her.)