Yin-Yang Queen Of The Moon Kingdom & Supreme Empress Of Light & Darkness--Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon Crystal Divinity Star Galaxy / Imperial Cosmic Universal Infinite True Dragon God Empress Millennium Stormis a fan fictional series remake of Sailor Moon.

The Moon Kingdom still exists. Earth is apart of The Silver Millennium.

The Moon Kingdom is at war against The Negeverse.

Queen Selenity is alive. Queen Metalia is her sister, Beryl is also Serena's cousin.

Serena was sent to Earth as a baby.

The Neo Soldiers are Serena's bodyguards & the true princesses of The Solar System, The canon Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets.


Serena thought she was living a normal life with her mother, father, & little brother. Until she gets a shocking discovery that she id The Crown Princess Of The Moon Kingdom and Legacy of The Most Powerful God-Slaying Dragon King in Existence: King Bahamut. now now must get accustomed to her new life and take her mother's place as the New Queen Of The Moon Kingdom before her aunt Queen Metalia destroys the universe.

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