Young High Queen Of The Magnificent Moon Kingdom & True Heirs Of The Solar System--Bishoujo Senshi Neo Sailor Moon Divine Crystal Star Infinite Galaxy Meteor Storm: The Legacy Of The Strongest & Most Powerful Legendary Divine Bestial Entities is a fan fictional series remake of Sailor Moon.

The Moon Kingdom still exists, Queen Selenity is alive.

The Neo Soldiers are Serena's bodyguards and the true heirs of The Solar System, the canon Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets.

Earth & Nemesis are apart of The Silver Millennium, Queen Metalia is Queen Selenity's sister and Serena's aunt.

This is a massive crossover series.

Serena was sent to Earth as a baby.


Neo Soldiers

True Heirs Of the Solar System / Legacy Of The Divine Beast Kings

  • Queen Serenity / Neo Sailor Moon
  • Princess Solaria / Neo Sailor Sun
  • Princess Tierra / Neo Sailor Earth
  • Princess Elizabeth / Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Princess Hikari / Neo Sailor Mars
  • Princess Juno / Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Princess Freya / Neo Sailor Venus
  • Princess Margaret / Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Princess Kalani / Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Princess Amphitrite / Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Princess Gothel / Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Princess Nyx / Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Queen Ariastra / Neo Sailor Star
  • Queen Kida / Neo Sailor Atlantis
  • Queen Erza / Neo Sailor Titania


TV Series


Video Games


  • Serena is the new Queen Of The Moon Kingdom after Queen Selenity steps down from the throne & gives her crown to her.
  • Erza Scarlet is the ruler of her homewordl Firoenia, she is their Neo Soldier, Neo Sailor Titania.
  • Queen Ariastra is the ruler of Her & Hyperion's homeworld.
  • Queen Kida is the older sibling of Attuma & the true ruler of Atlantis.
  • The Neo Soldiers have a new ability called Berserkers Unleashed, which allows them to summon the power of the Beast Kings.
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