Young Queen of The Moon Kingdom & Great High Empress of The Silver Millennium & The True Queens of The Solar System-- Pretty Guardian Neo Sailor Moon Solar Crystal Kingdom & Infinite Celestial Zodiac Warlord Titan Deity Revolutionary Aeon Genesis Storm is a retelling of Sailor Moon Crystal.

This story takes place during the age of The Silver Millennium.

Queen Serenity is killed because she gave her life to defend The Moon Kingdom.

Serenity is The Second Queen of The Moon Kingdom & Grand High Empress of The Silver Millennium after the death of her late mother.

Serenity has The Neo Soldiers and her 4 sisters to help her fight Queen Beryl and The Dark Kingdom.

This story is also a remake of the original anime.

This is a multicrossover series.

The canon Sailor Scouts are Queen Beryl's servants, they hold intense hatred of The Neo Soldiers because they get everything they want because they are princesses.


Queen Serenity I died defending her kingdom from the threat of Queen Beryl and the Negaverse, now The Moon Kingdom has no hope. The people's only chance for salvation is if her daughter, Queen Serenity II , her sisters and the Neo Soldiers could defeat the evil witch and her demon army once and for all.

Silver Millennium



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