Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Next Level - Nameless Rhapsody (遊☆戯☆王ジーエクス ネクスレーベル・名も無きラブソディ, ยูกิโอะ จีเอ๊กซ์ เน็กซ์ เลเวล - นาโมนาคิ แรปโซดี้) is a spin-off fiction to the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Next Level series, focusing on the background of Fay Sorano. This project is created by DARK APPLE and the illustrations are by Amu and Ikumi_hi. Nameless Rhapsody will begin on early February, 2010. Besides of intense duelings, it has dramatic tastes bearing several events and some secrets of main characters as well throughout the story.

Plot and Overview

One year before a story arc in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Next Level (2007), Fay Sorano who lived in Tokyo, enters a tournament hosted by G-3, called Tokyo Duel Championship. Duelists from all over Japan and also some near countries come to duel each other to become the winner.

Tokyo Duel Championship 2007 Contestants

  • Fay Sorano (空野 フェイ, Sorano Fay, โซราโนะ เฟย์)
  • Esper Hideki
  • Hinokami Chigusa (千種 日の神, Chigusa Hinokami, จิงุสะ ฮิโนะคามิ): The American duelist champion.
  • Sohee (소희, โซฮี): The South Korean left-handed duelist champion who come from Pusan (부산 광역시, Busan Metropolitan City, มหานครปูซาน). She enjoys reading a book in the majority of her apperances, usually of the travel guided book to Chiang Mai, the second capital city of Kingdom of Thailand. A very quiet girl who does not show much emotion and always speak in as few words as possible. Sohee is often mistaken for being cold but she is actually very kind at heart and discloses concern for her friends, Fay in particular. Her real name, Park Shin Hyae (박신혜, ปาร์ค ชิน เฮย์), is revealed in the episode 3 of the story arc.
  • Ya-Mi-Oh! Rei
  • Masamune Mitsuru
  • Insect Master BEE
  • Miraculous Anthony

Other Characters

  • G-Force
  • Majestic Demon

List of Nameless Rhapsody episodes

Nameless Rhapsody contains ten episodes officially. All of the episode names, named for fictional Spell or Trap cards from the series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Next Level, those associated with music or stage performance.

Episode 1
Pray of Innocence
By Kaiba Corporation's declaration, Fay is announced to Tokyo citizen as the first official 2007 Tokyo Duel Championship. The first half of the episode reveals her holiday's life while the second half composed of strong duelings between Fay, Chigusa, and Anthony against current Metagame Decks-using resident duelists.

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