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ZECT is a gear technology company in Kamen Rider: Beetleborg. ZECT is a company that including ZECTroopers & Riders. The ZECTroopers' job is killing the worms without the help of ZECT Riders. The most notable ZECTroopers are:

The leaders of Shadow are known to be the ones chosen by the Hornix Zecter & are in charge of an elite group of ZECTroopers known as Shadow Troopers. Rookie ZECTroopers are known as Bright Troopers sporting a white helmet & armor, although there are times that elite troopers are mixed in to them for infiltration purposes.

ZECT Riders

The Zecters personally chooses the partner that they will work with. The person's attitude, seriousness, physical strength, & fitness are some variables that could affect the Zecters' preferences.

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