Zitro is a fictional Alimon from the fanfiction series, A Sharptooth's Heart belonging to A Sharptooth's Heart creator, Sora W.T.K..

Physical description

Zitro is a black teen Alimon with white skin from under his lower jaw down his neck, chest, stomach and underside of his tail. His feathers are white along with white horizontal stripes from his back where the feathers end down to his tail.

His eyes and claws are grey.


Zitro is an easy-going, gentle Alimon. He's cautious around new faces and sometimes shy, but he soons opens up once he gets to know someone more. He has a deep care toward his friends and would do anything to help them, often jumping in and ending up with him the one in trouble.

Overall he's a kind Alimon, but can be quite a dangerous attacker as he is strong.


Zitro is part of the Rock Rangers' army of soldiers, but he's currently under training to become the next General after Donovan. His father disappeared during a battle against the Darkarians, no body was ever found.

He's best friends with Tanner, Kacie and Chelsey since their cubhood and they follow to have such a friendship. There're confirmed rumors that both and Kacie feel something for each other which they both repeatedly deny.

Zitro has abandoned his name and insists on being called "Ken'ichi". Reasons for this is currently unknown, but there are small clues that the reason may be traced back to the battle from when his father dissapeared.

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