Zorndrek in his energy form

Zorndrek is the true main antagonist of Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World and the 3rd leader of the Guild of Super Evil.


Born on Moon Valley, on the Moon, in the Tracyverse (Dick Tracy universe), Zorndrek is a Lunarian scientist who became obsessed with observing the origins of the universe itself, despite an ancient legend that said discovering that secret would cause a great calamity. Zorndrek constructs a machine that pierces the temporal barrier and views the beginnings of time itself. Zorndrek catches a glimpse of the hand of creation depositing the speck that would become the entire cosmos. His machine explodes at that instant, and the once single multiverse is shattered causing the creation of the Omniverse as multiverse replicates into a number of twelve parallel multiverses. At this same moment, the Anti-Matter Multiverse is created, unleashing evil into the Multiverse; thus, the Guardian of the Omniverse and the Anti-Guardian are born. As punishment for this act, Zorndrek is transformed into pure energy by his fellow Oans and is sent to forever wander the Omniverse. However he reconstituted himself in the Anti-Matter Universe-Two in the Antimatter Multiverse and returned.


Resembles Krona from Green Lantern: Emerald Knights but composed of blue energy and has abnormally large eyes & giraffe-like horns on his forehead like all other Lunarians


The same powers as any Lunarian, superhuman intelligence, strength, durability and healing, immortality, energy manipulation, psionic powers, etc.

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